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My weekend :0) [30 May 2005|05:47pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | switch ]

alrite well this weekend was busyy even tho i didnt do much. Saturday woke up around 9 got ready and went to work for 11. It went by really slow tho. Got out at 3ish and went home 2 change eat n get ready. After a while i went to tha movies w/ Amanda, luv that gurl, to see Tha Longest Yard..awesome movie ryte thea plus nelly was hott!! After that i went home showered n chilled n watched Stepmom before i went to bed at leik one. Today i woke up around 10ish got readyand went to work for 12. I saw Katie, Joy and some other people.This one guy was soo friggen hoot and he talked to me leik more than my normal customers lol. Then i got home homee n ready now im at my grandparents and im goin 2 Kaylas later i think for a usual good time so i'll update 2morrow or something laterr

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Start of a loong weekend!! [27 May 2005|08:19pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | errtime ]

Todayy i woke up at leik 10ish got ready n went to my ortho appt i gott my braces changed to lavendar n purple..blahh no more clear o well every1 knew i had them neways and now they can cum off sooner!! Then i went to lunch w/ my grammy n Kaylas mom it was good then i gut 2 go drivin a bit that was fun! After that i came home hung out then got ready to go to tha movies. I met up w/ Kayla, Stacey, Mike and Danny. Tha movie was realli gay cas we cudnt get into tha longest yard (i realli hate leominster theaters!!) After tha movies me Kayla n Stacey went to tha end of Lukes baseball game n they did really good i guess. Haha these lil kids were thea n they were so cute they were leik hittin on us n askin us for money n then one of them told kayla 2 go 2 home depot and see tha midget cas shes afraid of midgets haha!! Afta that we brought Stace home n then went to Kaylas for a bitt now i just gut home n im gunna scan sum pics but im goin 2 bed by leik 12:30 cas i hav 2 get up early 2morrow :0(

wow this was a loong entryy im done tho..

*Rip Nick*

Still Make Me Cry Everynight*

tragic thursday :0( [26 May 2005|02:46pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Scars ]

Today at school was REALLY lonng i was really tired n it was pointless 2 go Kayla didnt even bring tha pics !!

My mom took me to Barb's house 2nite for leik 10 mins lol cas she hadda talk 2 her mom? o well i got 2 see my Barb its been soo long :0)

Tomorrows friday..yay!! I get to sleep late and im not goin 2 school either so thats a plus and then i dont have 2 work 2morrow nite so i get to do somethin fun haha!!

hmm theres nothing else 2 write or do for that matter i could be uploadin pics but of course i dont have them lol

*R.i.p Nick~always missed*

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i hate this weather!! [25 May 2005|05:31pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | commercials ]

School today went by sloow but ok except in biology we hadda disect a poor lil starfish eww!! After school i came home ate dindin got ready n made plans w/ Kayla. She picked me up and we went to Jcd for tha spring concert. The lil kids were so cute lol and luke did very good!haha Now they just dropped me back home and im boredd but im watchin Mrs Doubtfire good movie right thea lol. Hmm 2morrow im gettin tha pics from kayla so i'll prolly post them hea if their worth seeing well thats all peace

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Rainy days suck [25 May 2005|02:57pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | Wait (the whisper song) ]

Today wasnt that bad @ school but omg it was soo cold!!

Not doing nething 2nite but relaxin n maybe watchin some movies? thats good 4 rainy yukki days.

I realli hopee Kayla gets her ink 2nite so i can hav my copies of our X-rated pics ahha

speakin of her, i needa do m half of tha bio proj we have tonight ahh school hurry up and be over!!

Nothin else really to say, peace bitches :0)

Still Make Me Cry Everynight*

*I even miss our silly fights.. [24 May 2005|08:43pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | we belong 2gether remix ]

School today was weird...it went by slow and fast at tha same time haha i felt smart 2day tho b/c in english i got tha 2nd highest grade on a big test haha!

People change soo quicklyy its depressing..:0(

Im pumped for Starburst tho..should be a good time :)

Tonight i went to Kays for a bit didnt do much just relaxed.

Hmm im bored i'll update sometime soon

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i update wayy 2 much [22 May 2005|06:47pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Number one? ]

Sunday..end of tha weekend (very sad) This morn i woke up early and got some breakfast then got readyy n went to work. It was pretty busy and then sloow at tha end of tha afternoon but thats ok. After work i got picked up went home and chillaxed, made plans n got ready once again but this time 2 go to Kaylas. So i got there and we took some crazy R rated pictures haha that was great i dont even remember wat they were of tho lmao.Then we calmed down ordered pizza and went for a walk aka just standin ontop of tha hill screamin n jumpin haha were losers. Then we saw thha car soo we ran back 2 her house 2 meet up w/ tha guy and we got our pizza and ate it inside yummy! My mamma picked me up and now im home gunna shower in a bit n get ready for another week of school ahh!

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n i Almost had you.. [21 May 2005|07:34pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]
[ music | Dont phunk w/ my heart ]

Today was Kiss 108 concert dayy!! It was fun but it sucked at tha same time because 1. jesse my love wasnt there 2. all tha big names were at tha end n noo way were we stayin thea 4 12 hours and 3. um it was freezin! O well tha few performers i did see were good i liked Bowling for Soup,Akon and Bree Larson tha best. On tha way home me and Kayla made plans by phone so after i went to her house for a couple hours and helped her clean her room haha then we just chilled n took some pics and theres one i should be postin soon! After i got home i took tha warmest shower eever it woke me up cas i was soo cold and tired from 2day haha updates 2morrow kiddos.

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Home alone..ahh!! [20 May 2005|07:40pm]
[ mood | scared ]
[ music | almost ]

Its friday this week went by really fast and good :0)

After school i got home went online n then got ready and went to work. It was soo slow but i kept busy lol people really gotta start comin 2 see me tho!

Gabrielle imed me 2day for tha first time in leik a year haha i miss her summer cant come soon enough!

right now im home alone which sux cas my house is scary at night n i wanna go 2 sleep but imma baby n wont till my momma comes home haha o well i'll get over it.


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[16 May 2005|07:44pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Dun wanna try ]

Goood day..it went by really fast :0)

Gunna go look at cars in a bit..yay!!

m pumped i finished my religion essay today no more stressul projs/papers!!

Hmm updates later in tha week peace kiddos

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End of tha weekend..boo!! [15 May 2005|08:37pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | how could u ]

today i woke up n went to eat breakfast w/ my mom. Then we went to tha store 2 get a gift for tha twins(my moms cousins kids). After that we dropped it off at their house n wished them a happy 3rd bday their soo cute!! Then i went home n got ready quickly and picked up Kayla. We went to see tha house of wax <--> One of tha most messed up movies i have ever seen!!! Neways our grandpa picked us up that was funny n then he took us 2 Montys even more hilarious lets just say hes 70 and drunk haha. So that was a fun time n then we went to Kaylas house for a bit didnt stay long tho. Hm now im home n doin nothing o well maybe i'll go watch tv?or just stay online? who knooos?

*School tomorrow :0( o well its almost done!!
*I miss you (alot)..things would be with u around

Linzy0617: did u leik xxx
Break x Me oO: not really..haha we sound like we're talking about porn!
haha she kills me good times i miss u!!!

and of course this completes my entry..
HeRsHyKiSsEz481: Kayla Julia's Summer Goal: *to become a true slutt :0)

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busy day [14 May 2005|08:12pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | my new ringtones ]

Well today was pretty eventful afterall i just got home for tha first time n its 11..alrite heas wat went down, today I..
*Woke up @ 7:30 yuuck n got ready
*Went to my cousins graduation
*Went to do errands
*Went to her house for tha grad party(good time)
*went to tha mall to buy my new phone finally!!
*then finished tha nite goin 2 kaylas till just about now( great times)

u know tha drill: updates later

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TGIF!! [13 May 2005|07:00pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Hold u down ]

Well finally a veryy loong n stressful week is over!! Today at school was ok tho besides i hadda go 2 guidance 2 do a project n didnt take a lunch break heh. After school me n Kayla went to Dutch Kitchen w/ her dad 2 get stuff for her sisters graduation. After that i went home didnt do much n got ready. Went to my first day of work at friendlys :0) It was pretty easy and went by really fast. Now i just got home and im exhausted n hav nothin else 2 say so yea i'll update 2morrow.

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In school* [11 May 2005|09:24am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | everyone in bio typin ]

Im in biology right now w/ Kayla n were supp 2 be researchin ugly spiders but were boored!! Its only 2nd period..ahh!! :0( Hm today after school i have an ortho apt..yukki! well thats all updates 2morrow

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I wannabe tha reason u smile [10 May 2005|06:04pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | the tv ]

Monday - left school before lunch because i just didnt wannabe there im sick of drama n i was rly stressed about sum stuff so i went home n calmed down n rested.

Today (tuesday)- woke up went to school. today was acturally a good day atleast for tha most part. Then i went home went out 2 eat w/ my mom and then went home n got readii. I went w/ Kayla 2 Lukes baseball game but didnt watch it at all haha. we walked around tha field and when that failed we took a walk up tha hill n met up w/ some boys john and anthony they were cool kiddos. basketball = a lil one on one haha kay. then we just talked until Kayla got a call from her dad askin where we weere so we walked back to tha field n walked around there n watched tha end of tha game. Now im home n just talkin online n watchin lifetime :0)

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i suck at life. [08 May 2005|09:17am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Alicia Key's Karma ]

Yesterday i went to Gondola w/ tha gurls in tha fam w/ tha exception of Kayla n then went to my gramz house with them booring!! I called Kayla n we made plans 2 go to tha mall but when i asked her mom she couldnt grr! So i went home just chilled heh. Then i took a quick nap and when i got back online Kayla sed her mom changed her mind so we went to tha mall after i got ready n picked her up. We r fattys n had icecream at friendlys lol then we shopped a bit well she shopped alot i just got strawberry lipgloss lol. Um we saw some people thea i really dont leik but thats ok i wish i could have seen matt tho!! So yea we left around 7 and then i went home and chilled. Today i woke up at leik 11:30 and watched tv then came online n ow im bored. 2days mommys day so im prolly gunna have 2 do sumthin with her grr n then tha usual sunday nite which is me goin over Kaylas lol

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Yesterday was finally fridayyy [07 May 2005|10:43am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | oh ]

So yesterday I went to school (blah) After that went home, showered and got ready for tha movies. Me,Kayla n Mike went to tha movies and people there are gay so we couldnt get into House of Wax or basically any other R rated movie except Kingdom of Heaven so we went in n we hated it so we went into what we got tix for (xxx) and thea was absolutely noone in there!!! So me n Kayla were leik dancin n modelin in tha theater haha good times then i let her n mike have some fun n i watched tha movie haha. Kays mom brot us 2 her house n we chilled there till liek 11 and then i went home. Today woke up n my familys weird n their gunna celebrate mothers day 2day so im goin out laterr with them but i'll update after

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Dont feel like updatin but i had to post this [05 May 2005|03:56pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Gurlfight ]


if yer gunna be 2 faced*atleast make one side pretty!!

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Who likes mondays neways? [02 May 2005|07:26pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | lonely ]

Another week of school has begun..sike!!

Today was acturalli ok im not gunna lie it went by really fast except for tha fact some people are just really gaay and probably some of tha meanest people i know o well cant all be perfect lol.

I got a phone call from Friendlys today so i have an interview on wed i applied so many places i hope i dont get stuck havin 2 choose!

On a personal note..I have so much on my mind like stuff u probably cant imagine except kayla cas we read each others minds haha but yea n i just needa get it off my chest but u knoww theas leik noone i can trust these days so i keep it all bottled in and its beginnin to suck but whatever noone cares.

I probably wont update till friday or wed tha earliest because schools pretty much tha same evryday and i have no social life so i dont do anything worth mentioning afterschool

blahh this was a pointless entry..im gunna go call tha kinky kayla

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This Is How We Do [01 May 2005|01:42pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Slow down ]

Havent updated in awhile hmm. Fridaynite went to tha movies w/ Kayla n after missin half tha movie waitin for Mike to come for her he did so we went into alot like love and what i saw was good but kinda lame.Acturally some things in tha theater were funnier than tha actural movie haha kay. After tha movies i went to her house and we decided to do some stuff so i called my mom n told her i hadda sleepover so i did hehe :0) So yea tha nite was pretty much a usual Linzy n Kayla sleepover- long talks,fone calls, splittin up tha carebear gummies lol n well thats all i can say. Then while she was talking to Mike i went to bed and correction from kaylas journal..i DID not go to bed earlii it was tha latest we stayed up w/ any of our other sleepovers haha. Saturday mornin i woke up cas i got a fone call but then i just kinda layed in bed because i felt liek shit n then wen we both got up we LOOKED like shit haha sweeet life ryte kayla? So then we somehow stumbled downstairs n were forced to open our eyes n ate well i did kayla did so then my momma came n picked me up got yelled at for random stuff then got readyy n went to solomn w/ Kayla. I didnt get anything tho. Im gettin kinda sick of tha stores lol. After we brought her home my mom forced me to go to tha lunenburg play w/ her to see someone in it? idk i guess so. Got home around 10 from that went online chilled then went to bed at like 1 cas i was mad tired. Today i woke up at leik 12 went to do some errands n get more jobs apps haha i need one soo badly and now im gettin ready 2 go over kaaaaylas once again u know :0)

Updates later loosers =)

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