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Goodbye Summer,Hello Drama [31 Aug 2005|01:30am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Shake it off ]

o maann its been wayyy 2 long since i updated haha just thot id do a quick one so it doesnt get deleted.

Canada 05 was tha shiiiiit i was w/ Gabrielle like everyday cas i love her haha.Beached it w/ tha Leblanc cousins (good times) hungout w/ Caitlin my love n became close w/ Emilly n Jordan.Plus i went to bingo one nite n won $500 haha go me!!

Since i been back tha usual summer thing days been boorin nites been crazyy. Havent done as much as i wud have liked but def dont regret nethin this summer!!

Ok now gunna try 2 update haha
Yesterday me n Kayla finally hungoutt in like 4ever we went to tha mall n met up w/ Danny n Jflow.Funny times guys haha. I saw Elliot i miss him so much!!
Today got back to school shitt blahh n then did nothin even tho it was tha last nite of summer!!
I cant believe 2morro well 2day lookin at tha time is tha last day of summer im gunna miss it..

I got a new crush but im not sayin who cas its a secret one n i bet by tha time i update again i wont even remeber who im talkin about haha but omg is he sweet n he wants to hangout soon :0)

oo yea i got pink eye for tha first time in my life like a week ago wtf is that? ahh i hated it so much but its better noww i think lol

Alrite this update was pointless n prolly gunna be longer than i liked so yea updates wenever ? i guess.

Still Make Me Cry Everynight*

[19 Jul 2005|09:36pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Summer Nites ]

woow i am officially sick of mostly everyone. I hate when ppl lie/use me/shyttalk/think their 2 cool n yea that stuff and pretty much everyone has one of those traits :0(

My tru gurls ~ acturalli i dont even kno who u r nemore w/ so many things changin but tha few that still r love u gurls to death and never change!!

Summers not fun nemore

it SUCKS!!!

Thank god for Canada at tha end of tha month i dont mind leavin this place behind at all !!

Still Make Me Cry Everynight*

Quick Update [13 Jul 2005|10:20pm]
Tuesday was awesome!! Woke up got dressed took a walk and just so happened 2 end up at Ashlyns :0) So we talked outside then she showed me her new room its soo cute then we just hungout god did i miss her. I stayed there till around 4 just bein blondes then i had a hair appt went to that came home got ready n picked up Jill aww i love her! We got to tha movies n waited for Meg to come then we went to see War Of Tha Worlds really good but confusin at first ha. Then we went to friendlys for icecream yummy then i brought Jill home and then went home myself. Today i dano wats up imma call ppl see if ne1 can do anythin cas i hate bein home alone o welll
Still Make Me Cry Everynight*

Woow.. [10 Jul 2005|10:30pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | So seductive ]

Thursday i ended up doin some stupidd things but w/e its all good. Then i convinced my momma to let Kim come over. So she came and we huung out and watched Hide and Seek well not realli because i was online and she didnt understand it i guess haha. Soo yea night was a total waste as i thought it would be. She went to sleep at 11 for some reason and i went at like 4 cas i couldnt sleep. Friday we got up ordered food ate that hung out then she left and i took a shower n got ready.Theen Caitlin came over yess i missed her and we didnt get in trouble this time ahha good timess. So she came over we looked at pics, talked n caught up on stuff i hadnt seen her sice Febuary!! Then we ordered food and while we waited she did mah hair n makeup cas shes tha shiiit haha i loved it shes tha onli person that knos how 2 scrunch my hair!! Then we waited 4 tha food n ate thatt then went online n talked ppl n i lurned some things but it didnt surprise me w/e they dont get 2 me. Then we just chilled always a good time then she left and i went to sleepy. Saturday i worked and it went by really fast then i was tired so just hungout at home always fun noot. Today we had a yard sale but hardly neone camee dammit i cuda slept more soo then i went to work till closing it was good o mann i love old ladiess and Christina!! Came home n just hungout once again hopefully this weeks good.

I miss Kayla she needs to get her skanky ass back home from florida!!

"Have i been drinkin 2 muchh or do yer teeth have colors on them?"haha
"Well yer whiite but yer a cuute white" (ok i thot she was white 2?)
Christina: "tha guy from full house that took Kimmy to prom is sittin in my section hes tha wutever guy
^haha goood times at work these dayys so its not 2 much of a bother plus it pays :0)^

Still Make Me Cry Everynight*

Soo its July 7th hhaa [07 Jul 2005|01:32pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Pimpin all ova tha world ]

Havent updated in about a week been so busy haha. I think i updated last wed or thrus but thurs i dun remember wat i did haha soo Friday nothin special just went to work it went by really fast tho. Saturday i went to work again realli sloow ahh then i went home and made plans.Got ready for that and went to NICOLES!! So i get thea n Danielles thea 2 w/ Mike who i finally got to meet lol. So yea we just hungout by tha pool for a bit that was nice then we went for a walk and me n nicole had good talks. Then we went in n had an awesome idea 2 play dressup haha hilarious nighht im still shocked i can fit in 6 yr olds clothes ha! Then we put on a show i guess haha good times adn then i got home at like one haha def gunna hav 2 do another nite like that!! Sunday slept waay late woke up got ready and went to pick up Barbara o man i missed her so much!! We caught up on stuff, chilled, did tha usual stuff haha alls i remember is pourin sink on my porch cas tha sink was leik clogged haha n then our *GREAT*adventure tryin 2 get tha thing open that has tha coke in it lmao!! n were soo good we didnt get caught luckily haha!! Then she leftt around 10. Monday was tha 4th of july nothing special just went to kaylas for some bbq thing we ate and hung out went for a walk n then watched tha fireworks from nadines house lol. Tuesday i didnt do nethin cas of no rides n shit. Yesterday (wed) I went to tha movies w/ Nadine n Lynne aww i love themm. That was good seein them again. Today dano wats up..

I promise i'll update sooner!!

Still Make Me Cry Everynight*

[01 Jul 2005|12:39am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Nuthin ]

Well today sure was eventful...


Summer get better fast please?! :0(

Still Make Me Cry Everynight*

your only as strong as the alcohol you drink, tables you stand on and the friends you hold on to [29 Jun 2005|07:10pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Pon de Replay ]

Hmm its been a good few days aka crazy times w/ Kay :0) Alrite soo i updated last on sundayy so yea monday didnt do much slept late chilled u knoo then went to tha mall w/ Kayla. We got followed. Then we followed them. Then we got followed again. Playin bball in tha toystore apparently made them feel leik tha shit. we werent interested haha.Then we took pics they didnt come out so good. Then we went to get food from pizza hut and went to her house n hung out.Tuesday my momma had tha day off once again so i slept late then went to Solomn pond mall n got my new coach purse :0) Then from there we went to my hair appt. I totally forgot how it felt to be a blonde so imma hav 2 get used to it i guess.. Then i went home n Kayla called n said i could sleepover so i got my shit 2gether and went to her housee and umm it was a usual linzy n kayla sleepover includin bein camera whores mostly kayla,NOT actin our age, talkin up a storm n just bein badasses:0) I dont really remember anythin from 1 on but i kno i had a shiver attack haha (weird) and then we went to bed round 4:30-5. We woke up at 10 to our grandmother screamin bye in our ear that was fun haha but we went backk 2 sleep and got up around 12? idk but omg i was sooo outta it i cudnt even leik move and even refused eatin haha shocker. We attempted to go swimmin buut it started thunderin so we went back inside and just layed around in her room haha yea i know sweeet liffe. We watched Abandon n stayed in bed from leik 2:30-4 never done that in my life at her house lol. Then i left around 5 and came home n once again went to bed this time takin a nap ughh idk wats wrong w/ me 2day im just soo outta it n feelin leik shit heh o welll i'll get over it. Pce kiddos

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Decient weekend [26 Jun 2005|09:27pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Siberia- ya i kno im addicted to this cd ]

Friday Nite me n Kim went to tha movies. We saw Bewitched and were one of 5 ppl in tha theater yea it sucked. After tha movie we just hungout at my house then we brought her home.
Saturday ~ worked 11-3 it was realli sloow because of tha carnival going on prolly.After work i went home ate got ready and wanted to go 2 tha carnival w/ Kayla but i thot she hadda stay at tha bball game so i went w/ Kim to tha carnival.Yeaa we got hit on by one of tha guys workin tha scramber haha siike.I won a simple life poster tho yay mee haha then we just walked around and saw alotta people good time (not as fun as last yr tho)Tha fireworks were amazing.Then went home n went to sleep
Today ~ went to work sooo slooow walked around tha mall on my breajk n i made my first ice cream!! haha Then at 4 i got to leave evn tho i was supp 2 work till 6 because they were just that slow. Soo i went home n my grandpa took me n Kayla to Montys to eat haha funny times!! Now im home n not doing much so i'll update later

this summer kinda suxxxx :0(

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Updatin :0) [24 Jun 2005|02:44pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Just want you to know ]

Things are not too eventful but not that bad
Monday ~ Me n Kayla went to tha mall n we got our nails done haha that place suxx wwe were tha onli two white gurls haha n i can not understand chinese at all. After that we went n walked round n got something to eat then i went home n idk what else i did heh
Tuesday ~ woke up late chilled n got ready then i went to Kaylas around 2:30 and we went swimmin for tha afternoon sucha good time my first swim of tha summer lol. Then we went in n ate n i left and thats pretty much it
Wed- Woke up got ready dropped off my laptop to be fixed (again)blah i hate that thing!! then i went to Kims for tha afternoon didnt do much just talked and went outside. Matt came over for a bit good to see him again. Then we got ready and went to tha mall w/ her and just looked around yea im deff bored w/ our mall tho. Then we went to tha movies and Andrew met up w/ us. That was a good time. After that Matt picked us up and brought me home.
Today ~ My mom had tha day off so i went to do errands w/ her than i hadda hair appt now im hea at my grandmas bein bored i wanna do somethin fun 2night but seein how we live in leominster its not gunna happen maybe i'll do something with kayla?maybe kim?maybe noone? ha idk

This weekend should be good if all goes well :0)

Still Make Me Cry Everynight*

Fist weekend of Summer :0) [20 Jun 2005|09:21pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]
[ music | I still..Backstreet boys haha ]

This weekend acturally turned out pretty good!

Friday ~ ended up going to tha movies w/ Kim.That was a good time.Bryan was there and Kim thought he was cute haha.After that we went to her grams house n got craazy n yea now her gram must think im a big whore haha.

Saturday~ woke up and got ready for work.It was kinda slow but didnt mind being there. After that we picked up Kim, sucked at plans haha and ended up goin to tha mall for a little while. Then she came over n slept over n we talked and watched White Chicks.Finally we went to sleep around 2.

Today ~ We got up went to brunch and did some errands w/ my momma then we went to tha movies (again).Too bad it ended tho cas then we hadda bring her home :0( O well then i went to my grandpys for fathers day and went out to eat w/ him haha he bought me something i cant tell ANYONE :0) Then i went to test drive another car and liked it soo hopefully i should be gettin a car soon!!

Now im just sittin hea i just got outta tha shower n now i g2g dry my hair..updates later on in tha week

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officially summer =) [17 Jun 2005|11:18am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | All My Life ]


Done all my finals n obv no more school!!

Lifes been up n down still eh idk nemore

Tonights friday
Hopefully i can do something funn but
I doubt it seein how i have no plans .sigh.

Yep this was another pointless entry..updates whenever
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Tha hardest things to say are tha ones that mean tha most [14 Jun 2005|07:30pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | Grind with Me ]

Well yesterday and today have been very dramatic/ stressful. Yesterday started out good but got ruined quickly idk imma baby. Today was terrible for obvious reasons and i got out some things im still decidin if it was for better/ worse. O yea ontop of that i came into english cryin my eyes out so naturally i wasnt w/ it and failed my english final..ii succk at life :0( Neways after i went to Kaylas im glad were all better n hangin out again she def cheered me up 2day we just chilled and went swimmin haha funny times. Then i got home laterr and took a shower and just relaxed n studied a bit of biology forget math i know nothing heh. Yea this entrys pointless..updates wenever something good acturally happens.

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I love/ miss my friends!! [13 Jun 2005|08:39pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Whiskey lullaby - yay for country haha ]

This weekend was a much needed awesome time (for tha most part)
Friday was Tiffanys party.. Happy bday hun!!
-Got there around 7 hung around by tha pool
-Saw Ashlyn who i hadnt seen in awhile played bball w/ her n others or atleast tried 2 haah i was 1/2 a playa
-Just chilled w/ everyone..Joy pretty much made my night shes so funny
-Eh then shit happened..cant really describe it. :0(
-Towards tha end i went back outside w/ everyone n saw TIM AND MATT!!! omg i love n miss them soo much they were my best friends back in tha day!! haha so yea that made me feel alot better
-Then thea was supposedly gunna be a fight and these kids kept drivin by wantin 2 start shit (another kid i used 2 know lol)
-Basically cops came and we all hadda leave.By this point leik everyone was drunk. me, tim, greg, tj and other ppl i dun remember were leik tha last ones to leave.
-came home and CRASHED!! haha leik literally..soo tired!!

-Dunno how but i managed to get my ass outta bed n make it to work ahh i amaze myself sumtimes
-Went to work 11-3 not to bad wasnt really busy thankfully
-Went home, went totally emo thinkin about sum shit haha thern got ready
-Went to Starburst w/ Kayla, Stacey, and Morgan
-Not gunna lie it was a shitty time because even tho i knew those 3 there werent many other ppl thea that i knew and tha whole time we were sitting. fuckin sitting. I thot tha point was to walk around and see people haha o well
-Watched tha fireworks got scared but loved them..Joey stayed w/ me to watch them for a couple mins haha :0)

And today is sunday ~ slept in finallly!! Got up got ready and went to exchange money w/ my grandpa so i gave him my check from work n he gave me tha cash so i went to tha mall got some stuff and then came home. Now idk what im doing i was supp 2 hangout w/ Barb 2day but im glad its kinda a sloow day w/ nothing goin on cas im soo tired from this weekend!!!

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End of tha yr buzz :0) [11 Jun 2005|03:50pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Number One Spot ]

So yesterday(thursday) and today were surprisingly very good figures i start 2 leik school at tha end haha noo im really glad schools gunna be over next week.Yesterday a bird flew in our spanish class ahaha. So yep today was fun, made an interestin list in study haha good times n now im home n gunna get ready later on for tiffs party :0) Updates about that and tha weekend laterr

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haha who am i kiddin.. [08 Jun 2005|04:57pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | I dun wanna kno <--> old good song.. ]

Today had its ups n downs but mostly good @ school n @ tha end of tha day we got our yearbooks ughh i hate my picture tho!! Hm neways after school i went to get some ice cream to cool me down then got ready n picked up ..MARISSA!! haha i hadnt seen her since idk. So we went to tha mall and we looked at tha yrbooks n got food @ subway then we shopped a bit but didnt get nethin i tried on 2 shirts from ae tho. After that we went n talked it was good 2 catch up lol. Now i just left her n im home. Im off 2 take a shower then spend some time online so yea this entrys overr haha

wow sum ppl think their soo cool but their NOT!! w/e gotta go back 2 not carin nemore i was doin good for awhile..


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Fresh new week :) [07 Jun 2005|02:59pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Dreams- the game ]

School today~ not bad not bad day went by really fast considerin i was extremely tired in tha mornin.

Nothin goin on 2nite just drivin around :0)

Tha beach was a good time yesterday :0)

2morrow ~ bbq @ school then an appt.

Wont update till atleast wed*

i h a t e how people change so fast but whateverr!!

I cant wait for this weekend :0)

I found out im goin 2 Canada tha first weeks of August, soo pumped 2 see Gabrielle!!!!

Now im just rambling on ..blah i needa life

pce blurty..

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"It doesnt matter what kinda booze aslong as it fucks me up"haha [04 Jun 2005|07:47pm]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | Lets get Blown ]

Last nite i went to work n it went by fast. I saw Nicole, Kayla n Andrea.Christina was really funny w/ her hair lol. Today i woke up early ahh thats tha onli part i dont leik buut w/e i got ready went to work it was sloow but not bad. After work i got home put my hair down changed got reready n went to a grad party for Meghan. Not gunna lie, it was boring soo after leik a half hour I left n went to Shannons graduation party.When i got thea i introduced myself 2 some ppl n hungout w/ her then i played horseshoes w/ tha guyys yea i was tha onlii gurl n i kicked ass n got $20 hahaha. Then everyone was just leik goin either inside or outside (mostly outside) and juust chillen. O man tha guys r hilarious "Lemme get a hit..Can i hit you?? lmao i love them :0) One guy asked for my number hmm 2 bad hes leik 20 lol. Then Pete n Rudy were playin cards n fightin haha that was amusin. So now im home n i just discovered my knee n elbow r bleedin..how tha hell did i get that? hmm hah

2morrow - sleepinn lateee n then beachin it :0)

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Finally got my computer fixed :0) [03 Jun 2005|02:10pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Get it Poppin ]

Soo im back @ my house n bein able 2 use tha fone n goin online its great lol. hmm thrusday i went to school nothing special unless u want details of drama. Today was acturally ok or maybe im just used 2 pretending its ok eh w/e it was good n short cas i got dismissed before last period to go to my dentist appt. Soo i went thea got tha choppers cleaned hehe n now im home n 2night i hav 2 work n i get my paycheck :0) alrite thats it i g2g get ready i'll update at tha end of tha weekend.

Still Make Me Cry Everynight*

Tha only person u can trust is yerself!! [02 Jun 2005|03:56pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Errtime ]

Today i woke up at 12:30 thanx 2 a day off from school n it was much needed :0) Soo i didnt do much 2day i went to cvs and some other places tho. Then i went to my grandparents cas my laptop dont work @ home n neither does tha home fone so pretty much wen im home all i can use is my celly for human civilization. Around 4:30 while i was still thea my grandpa brought home my new soon 2 be car (i hope) haha it was old but cute. So i went home n chilled then went backk thea and went drivin w/ it and guess who i saw?? Matt Maynard!!! o man do i love n miss that kid!! so yea i talked 2 him for a bit wen i was done drivin n then we brot tha car back n i just asrrived back at their house n now im goin home soon so i'll update wenever my comps fixed or wen i come back here.

Oh by tha way last nite while i was sleepin i was thinkin of alotta diff stuff and some were prolly just me bein paranoid n not tru but something got me really really scared but im not postin it on here w/e.

Still Make Me Cry Everynight*

im tryin 2keep it 2gether but im fallin apart.. [01 Jun 2005|08:35pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | because of you ]

Monday ~ I worked from 12-6 and it was wicked slow but kinda went by fast i love tha people i work with. I saw Amanda and Annie there :0) Then 2day i went to school n it was drama blah dun wanna talk about it ..schoool hurry up and be over..please?! lol i'll update laterr theas nothing else 2 really say

Yea i hadda edit this entry*

Still Make Me Cry Everynight*

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