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when somebody loves you, don't they always love you? [04 Aug 2003|08:39pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?" - Me First and The Gimme Gimmes ]

Yeah. I'm giving the whole public journal thing another go. Don't ask me why. I don't even know the reasons for most of the stuff I do anymore. Haha, you've caught me at a bad time too. I feel like shit.
I hate it when I'm not wanted around and when people make me feel like I'm not worth anything. This feeling has been frequent throughout my entire summer. Thanks a lot, guys.

Umm yeah. But on the brighter side of things, Erica and Carrlyn are coming down to visit me on Wednesday and sleep over. I love those girls <3. And it's been way too long since I've seen them. John Tibbetts says I have to go to the DFA and An Albatross show on the 22nd. I really want to go, so I'm going to try my absolute hardest to get there. It's also been way too long since I've seen the DFA boys. I'm going to miss Nick, Shawn and Tyler when they go to college. They're all so great. GREAT I tell you. And what the hell happened with Sleep Club? We need an overdue Sleep Club Event when I come up next. Yep.

So yeah, I'm on the phone with Carrlyn now. So bye. Leave me comments, or something

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