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Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
10:25a - Finals
So, mom's coming to get my stuff tomorrow and then Thursday night I'm leaving. It's sad really, but I'll be managing at DQ and I have some fun plans (Texas, swimming, partying, working, Six Flags . . .) It's finals week, and I"ll be leaving here shortly to turn in my last Creative Writing paper and then go take a final in Brit. Lit. (The one that I requested the essay on that turned heads and such.)
There really isn't too much going on. My dorm room is a mess and it has to be clean soon. I started packing, but it didn't really help in making it look any cleaner, in fact it probably did the opposite.
I don't have a broom, and this has got to be the dustiest city in Missouri. Seriously, there are dustballs the size of cats in every corner.
Well, I suppose I better get going and do this final stuff.

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