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Wheeee! [19 Jun 2003|08:49pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | hotel paper-michelle branch ]

Ack. Ok, so. I haven't updated in forever. But I hardly ever blog at ros3, you expect me to keep this journal up? =P But I am SO bored today, that I figure, what the hell?

Ok, so, who can't wait for OotP? *squeeeeeeee*

Me and Ellie talking about JK Rowling on some TV show:
Me: did you see her just now in that interview? talking about harry's raging hormones?
Ellie: I know! I saw that.
Me: did you hear the whole thing?
Ellie: Yes.
Ellie: No shagging... WTF IS WRONG WITH JKR.

Hahah. Ellie's funny. And very randy hahahahahaha.

'Nother thing I can't wait for: HOTEL PAPER. Wheee! Coming Wednesday. ;D


I can't bore you people any longer. Buh-bye =)

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Oh, y'know. Just STUFF. [27 Apr 2003|10:25am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | one step closer-denna noroain ]

Just testing this journal thing...

Well, what a weekend.

We start... with me losing one of my parakeets. They were outside of their cages, flying around, and then Sunshine flew away when my mom opened the door, forgetting that the birds were out. That was on Thursday.

So we were going to have a birthday party for my cousins yesterday, but they couldn't come(sick); so we just ate the cheesecake without them, picking off the little chocolate letters that spelled out Happy Birthday on top of the cake.

Also yesterday... Lost my other parakeet. My mom was taking the cage outside, she wanted to see if Bob, my other parakeet, would call Sunshine back. This would've been ok except... my mom forgot that the cage doors were open. So yeah he flew away too.

You might think that I'm making this up, that it wasn't my mom and I'm just saying that you you people don't thnk it was me. You're probably wondering, how could anyone, especialy a mom, be so... forgetful? Or even stupid? Well, if you knew ME you wouldn't wonder. You'd just know where I get it from.

I got five hours of sleep last night... Well, it's my own fault for staying up til 2 in the morning, but five hours later I'm being shaken awake so I can eat breakfast with my realitives. It's SEVEN IN THE MORNING. I'm not even awake yet, let alone hungry. But I was forced to go and pour hot coffee down my throat, at the very least. And yet, despite the coffee, I'm still tired...

Alright, enough of that. Concerning website stuff.

I am still loking for a host. I'm a but my host, Marie, is closing So I need to move out: fast! I've been looking around, and I even applied to a couple of places, but alas, no luck yet.

I finally got around to putting up that guitar clique. TWO MEMBERS WEWHEW.

Me, Trace, and Appy are still working on that HP fansite. It's sooo under construction; I won't even whore it out here.

Well, yeah. Guess that's all for my first entry.

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