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uniforms... ew. [30 Sep 2005|12:19pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

So I am not wearing my uniform Monday, and that is that.

So tonight Slidell has a football game... and me and rob WERE going to go, but I don't think we are now. We are going to the mall though.. to see if we can get a job somewhere!

I miss all the managers from Pontchartrain. I went into the one on gause, and all the ones from pontchartrain are temporarily over there till it opens back up.. and Tiffany was like "Callen you should have come over here!!! Not on Brownswitch!!" It made me sad.... cuz... I got "fired" at the Brownswitch one. But I didn't tell her that. I told Amy the other day though. She was shopping while I was putting away reshops. :-( When Erin finds out, I hope she understands lol. Man, none of this would have happened if I were still at the one on Pontchartrain. Ohwell. You live and you learn. I guess.

Well, Gabe and I are going to Wal-Mart... bye bye.

Rob = Love.

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survey... [30 Sep 2005|09:27pm]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | ... all-american rejects... :-[ ]

...100 Random Questions...

001) Do you have a cell phone? Yes
002) Do you like boots? no
003) Do you have a cat? yes.. 3
004) Have you ever gone bungee jumping? no
005) Do you wear fake pearls? no
006) Have you ever shoplifted? no
007) Have you ever stole candy from the candy shop? no
008) Do you live in an apartment? no
009) Have you ever stayed up all night? yes
010) Do you like little kids? sometimes
011) Do you take pictures of people's toes? i have
012) True or false: you have a sister named Mackenzie. false
013) Do you like to perform? depends
014) Have you ever been to Chicago? No
015) Does your mom know you have a Xanga? no
016) Does your mom HAVE a Xanga? lol no
017) Have you ever cut yourself (on purpose)? no
018) Are you famous in your own little world? hahaha sometimes;-)
019) Have you ever met a celebrity? no
020) Do you like Hilary Duff? not particularly
021) Do you like to take pictures of yourself? sometimes
022) Why are you taking this survey? theres nothing better to do
023) Do you like oversized sunglasses? no
024) Do you like Paris Hilton? um no
025) Do you play with bubbles? if i had bubbles, i would
026) Are you a redhead? no
027) How many uncles do you have? 8
028) What kind of computer do you have? COmpaq
029) Are you supersticious? no
030) Do you read the dictionary for fun?um no
031) Do you shop at Hollister? no
032) Have you ever worn fishnet tights? no
033) Have you ever been called a loser? of course
034) Do you have an iPod? no
035) Are you a skater? no
036) Do you think spelling "skater boy" like "Sk8r boi" is cool or weird? GAY.... just like avril lavigne
037) Do you like Britney Spears? i like her purfume..
038) Have you ever had an eating disorder? no
039) Have you ever been to Israel? um no
040) Do you like to wear polka dots? i own one shirt with polka dots.. and i've never worn it yet... -sigh-
041) Do you and your friends like to hang out at diners? um.. if buffalo wild wings counts.
042) Do you steal sugar packets from restaurants? no, only moist towelettes
043) Do you speak French? no
044) Are you Jewish? no
045) Are you/were you ever a Girl Scout? i was a brownie for about 1 1/2 years.. then i decided it was boring and retarded
046) Do you watch SNl? i used to
047) Do you believe what you read in tabloids? i find it humorous
048) Are you a pyromaniac? nothing of the kind
049) Do you have a fish? yes! oscar! he's a fighta! lol
050) Have you ever partied all night? no
051) Do you want to join the Navy? no
052) Do you eat string cheese by peeling it or just biting it? i hate string cheese
053) Do you like cranberry juice? I do
054) Do you want to be a model? no
055) Do you play the French horn? no
056) Do you call fries "French fries" or "Freedom fries" or something else? i call them fat-makers.
057) Do you like sparkly things? lately..... yes.
058) What does your mousepad look like, if you have one? it's amazing. it's all painty looking!
059) Do you watch Family Guy? no
060) Do you cheerlead? not my thing
061) Do you pop your collar? mr percy yelled at a boy for doing that. i laughed.
062) Do you shop at Hot Topic? i have.. not to be "gothic"....
063) Do you live in a city? yesss
064) Do you read Harry Potter? nope
065) Are you athletic? i bet i could be if i tried...... ha, that's a funny one
066) Do you like chocolate? yessssssss
067) Have you ever lived in Kansas? nope
068) Do you have satellite TV? no
069) Are you a dancer? No
070) Do you like Doritos? no
071) Do you smoke? no
072) Are you in a band? HRU, nigga. :-[
073) Do you wear Bermuda shorts? no, but i am guilty for wanting them :-[....
074) Do you work out at the Y? lol, no
075) Have you ever paid for something in all nickels? all change, yes
076) Do you like strawberry ice cream? yes
077) Have you ever passed out? no
078) How many bones have you ever broken? none
079) Do you make prank calls? "whatd'ya wannnt?" hahahahaha not on purpose.
080) Have you ever sent a lot of pizzas to an enemy so they'd have to pay for them? No
081) Do you have a digital camera? yes
082) Do you like shopping at Staples? never have
083) Have you ever cut class? it was driver's ed... come on, give me a break. i did it once.
084) Do you shop at abercrombie? no
085) Have you ever shot spitballs when the teacher wasn't looking? no
086) Have you ever kissed someone just to make your crush jealous? fuck no, that's retarded
087) Has anyone rejected you when you asked them out? i've never asked anyone out
088) Have you ever had a friend tell a crush you liked them? lol, junior high and freshmen year.... man oh man i was retarded.
089) Do you ski? no
090) Are your parents strict? some would say so.. but i don't think. But then again, I don't have a problem with following rules.
091) Do you play lacrosse? no
092) Have you ever been evicted? no
093) Have you ever gotten detention for something you didn't do? YES!.. in 4th grade. I SWEAR i wasn't talking!!
094) Have you and your best friend ever liked the same person? yes
095) Have you ever gotten drunk? no
096) Do you have a crush on a celebrity? that's so freshmen year... haha. no i don't
097) Have you ever gotten a haircut that everyone had and then the next day it was "uncool"? My hair can't do what everyone's does. My hair is pretty plain and curly....
098) Have you ever got caught in the undertow at the beach? and omg it SUCKED!!!
099) Do you like steak? i don't mind it...
100) Did you like this survey? something to do..

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