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deja vu: ?. [15 Jun 2004|12:16am]
so i haven't really written in here in about six months. not really sure why i am now. i just came across all my old bookmarks on this computer [that i never use -- hence old bookmarks] and blurty was one of them. a lot has gone on in the past six months. but a sudden wave of tiredness has just rushed over me and i fear i cannot continue with this entry. expect one tomorrow, however. for i do not work!

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My pen is the barrel of the gun remind me which side you should be on.. [25 Nov 2003|05:46pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Motion City Sountrack ]

A Few Pictures... )




People I can't stand and why:

Phil... because he tries WAY too hard..
annieh0287: omg guess what happen 2day in world his
XxThePrice4Glory: what?>
annieh0287: all of a sudden phil cordec said he used 2 punch himself all the time
annieh0287: so at the end of class all the boys dared him 2 punch himself
annieh0287: they say if he'll do it the class'll chip $10
annieh0287: he needed 2 get a black i
annieh0287: so he's punchin himself in the eye
annieh0287: stopped a lil bit saying how much it hurts
annieh0287: then kept going
annieh0287: his i was all red & it looked puffy
annieh0287: friggin hilarious
XxThePrice4Glory: what a fuckin retard

And Tim because supposedly it's a sin nowadays to not listen to Operation Ivy. And he is the all-knowing god of punk music and "unknown" bands, the rest of us are merely 'posers.' I guess he pissed off Jessica yesterday.. wait.. I'm pretty sure I already told that story. Well, anyway, did the same thing to me today, "how long have you known about them...?" [[Fall Out Boy]] Why does it matter? Ugh. It doesn't. I am simply writing it all out. Because it annoys me. Actually, it's more amusing than annoying. Eh, whatcha gonna do...


Happiness is.... the letter people, teddy bear picnic, zero hero day. Um. Need to be a SPS kid to even begin to know what the hell I'm talking about so nevermind that little outburst.

WOOO! I will finally get my Turkey and stuffing..



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I know I'm not your favorite record.. [24 Nov 2003|10:17pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | FALL OUT BOY ]

If you don't read my livejournal, here's a couple updates in the world of Lisa::

Oh God. Where should I fucking begin?!

Well, the beginning would probably be nice. I spent the night at Jess' aunt's house on Saturday night after we left Annie's. Was fun. Had pizza and watched Law & Order. Woke up at 11. Got ready to go. Left her aunt's apartment at 1-ish. Jess had to stop back home so she dropped me off here first, then picked me back up when she was done. Got on the road at around 3:15, I think. Arrived at 5:00. Looked just like I remembered. :). Ahh, good times. I read the whole way there. 'The Lovely Bones.' It's really sad. And kind of creepy. I like it. I started it a long time ago, but never finished so I decided to pick up on it. We decided to eat at La Rosa's when we got there. Most of the customers were people that were going to the show. You could tell. It was fun. Some guys walked in. You could tell they weren't fans going to see the show or anything. A few of them actually ended up being roadies. And I swear to God the guy with the hair was Patrick from Fall Out Boy. Um. We left there and walked back and forth from the car a few times because we kept forgetting stuff. Got in line and I was about 5 people back from where I was when I saw Lifehouse last year. In front of the 2nd window [closest to Bogart's] of Mike's Music. It was probably 6:30 or so when we got in line. The usual random people asking for money. That always annoys me. Um. The doors opened at 7. Ended up being the second person back from the stage, a little off center. Some girl in front of Jess ended up leaving before anyone even played so Jess got right up front. And dead center. I ended up in the front for most of Fall Out Boy. Awesome. Punchline played first. Not sure why Rufio wasn't there. Fine by me though. Punchline was cool. Two of the guys came down and were talking and shaking hands with people up front. They were pretty cool. Bought their EP. The guy signed it for me. Fall Out Boy came out second. They were awesome. <333. They're gonna be back in Cinci on December 13th. That week is gonna be fucking crazy. Something Corporate December 10th, TJ and Logan's bands are playing at Midgard on the 12th, and then if we get to go back and see Fall Out Boy again.......It's gonna be sweet. Uhh. Pete Wentz. Plays bass for Fall Out Boy. He was really cool. Jess knew every single word so she got quite a bit of attention from him. Ahh. I knew.. 4 songs? Well, it was awesome nonetheless. They mentioned something about being at the merch table after their set before they left the stage. Ended up leaving the crowd during Less Than Jake to see if they were up there. It got fucking crazy. Like.. my arm almost getting ripped out of the socket because people were shoving me and I wouldn't let go of the fucking railing. Gahah. It was sweet. One of these days I won't have my purse or camera and I'm just gonna go psycho. Can't wait. :). I worry too much when I have stuff to hang on to. Less Than Jake was awesome. Told several Michael Jackson jokes. Called Dave/Derek from Sum 41. Not sure exactly. He didn't answer. Oh. And fat Mike. And yelled THATS FUCKING BULL SHIT when his answering machine picked up. Some girl went up on stage and danced with the guy from Punchline. Good show, good show. Lots of fun. I bought Fall Out Boy's CD. So much better than a burned one. Just is. Leave me alone. Um. A Less Than Jake patch. I bought that for Tyler, actually. Ended up keeping it because I didn't get to get the buttons I wanted. Haha. Oh well. :). I got Punchline's CD too. The story behind me not getting the buttons, you ask? I was in line, about to ask for them and:

Jess: Lisa, that's going to have to wait....
Me: Why?!
Jess: *points* they're right over there...
Me: Who?-----OH!!!!
Emily: Thanks to ME!

And that is how I met Fall out Boy and got a picture with Peter Wentz. Had it been up to me I would've gone right out back and met Less Than Jake too. lol. Oh my God. It was AWESOME.

Pictures coming later tonight.



from left to right: Jess, Pete, Me

Fucking awesome.


And now for my regularly scheduled daily update. :). Surprised I wasn't really that tired this morning. Considering the fact that I didn't get home from Cincinatti until one in the morning. So I guess it was a really good day, overall. Tomorrow is Tuesday. More like Thursday. Because it's the fucking HOLIDAY SEASON. I love the holidays. Ahh. It snowed today. And it's really REALLY cold outside now. REALLY COLD. It needs to stay cold. So the ground will freeze. And the snow will stick. And they'll give us SNOW DAYS. That's seriously the only thing you have to look forward to once Christmas is over. It's gonna be FOREVER before we get another break when we go back in January. Don't wanna think about it right now. But I am. And we better get snow days. Or else. I've listened to the Fall Out Boy CD three times already today. :). Had stupid ACT review after school. Completely forgot and left my review book at home. Still have to do the practice test. Eh. It can wait. Those classes are so boring. They don't help enough. Not for $75. Maybe $50. But not $75. And I know $75 is like.. nothing compared to other review courses that you can take... so obviously, when I say it should be more like $50.. I'M NOT LEARNING ANYTHING. Just how to take the test and tactics I should use. Other than that.... niente. Ah, well. JESS! PLEASE DO SKI CLUB!!! It's gonna suck if she doesn't. Well, at least at first..



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LET'S GO BUCKS! [22 Nov 2003|03:43pm]
Jess on the OSU game: haha their losing

Don't insult me if you can't spell ;)

And.. uhh... we'll get 'em next year. :D
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O -- H -- I -- O!!! [22 Nov 2003|01:33pm]
Made a new webshots site because I used up all the available space on the other one. This one has Homecoming and some other random stuff. Mostly from Kat and Liz's.

good times and great oldies.

And now I shall finish watching the game..
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Muck Fichigan [22 Nov 2003|01:16pm]

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Good times. Great Oldies. [22 Nov 2003|12:14am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Brand New ]

Went over to Gung Ho's ... er, Annie's today. Yeah. Don't even ask about that one. It was great fun. Burned lots and lots of CDs, laughed, cried, jumped off of the roof for kicks and threw sticks at passerbys. The usual.


Ah, the evolution of nickname's.



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[20 Nov 2003|04:51pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Hands Down - Dashboard ]

Got out early today. Went to Easton. Me, Jess and Steph. In our uniforms. Hee. Good times.

Had Maggie Moo's new marshmallow ice cream with gummie bears. Um. You should try it. Although it'd probably be better with cookie dough or something.

Umm. I keep having these really weird memories flash back. Like, so random that I didn't even know I would remember something like that. Like when I was at the airport in Cincinatti, waiting for my flight to NY, there was this guy that looked exactly like David. Like, EXACTLY, and I almost went over and said something, but then he turned around and I realized it wasn't him. Yeah. I was eating Skyline Chili. SO RANDOM. And then this one time, in like.. third grade, Tim Keating found this little paper heart that said, "I love Steve" and he showed it to Steven Santanich and said I wrote it because I was the one cutting up paper and stuff. When it CLEARLY wasn't me because I had PURPLE paper and the heart was made out of PINK paper. Heh. Want another one? Um. Okay, this one time when I was like.. 10, I had a really bad fever and I went downstairs to watch a movie and we'd just bought a new VCR and I went to push play or something, but I freaked out and thought I broke the new VCR [because I had a really high fever and no clue what I was doing] so I sat at the top of stairs crying because I didn't want to tell my mom I broke it. I could probably go on forever. OH. Another one from the summer that's not so random, but really funny.... in Rome, within the first few hours after we landed, we went to the Trevi fountain and I wanted to buy stamps from this little souvenir shop on one of the side roads... there was this really old lady and her husband or something working there and I bought a bunch of postcards and she asked me if I wanted stamps, but only gave me two [and I had five postcards] so I went back later to get more. I said, "stamps." And then she freaked out and started yelling at me in Italian and chased me out of the store. Okay, she didn't chase me out, but she did yell at me. Would have been more funny if she would've chased me out with a.. broom or something. Riiight. Well, it was funny. And I think she thought I was laughing at her or something, which.. I guess I was, but more at myself because she spoke NO English and I was just trying to buy stupid stamps. Hope this summer can top the last. It'll be tough though. Definitely.

And tough and though are almost the same word.


Speaking of crazy. Saturday is going to be insane. I have so much to do. Dentist appt at 10:30 in the morning, have to come back and do all my homework, Annie's play at 6-ish, then going over to Annie's for a while, then going back home and getting my stuff and heading over to Jess's aunt's house to spend the night so we can leave for Cincinatti early. AHHH. Have chem homework to do tonight. Hate chem. With a passion. Have to stay after school tomorrow for an hour and a half to take my test from Monday. Oh fuck. I have like three tests tomorrow. And didn't bring anything home. Sorry you had to witness that realization. Should be easy tests though. Key word: should be. World History and English. Eeeek.

Hope Jess can do ski club. It's gonna suck if she can't because none of my other friends are doing it, and those are... are skiing.



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Long. Boring. Pointless. As usual. [18 Nov 2003|08:49pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | SoCo/Fall Out Boy ]

Good day today. Went fast. Always a plus. And tomorrow's Wednesday. Ahh! We had shortened classes during the afternoon today because we had a guest speaker, Kevin Wanzer. He was probably the most interesting guest speaker we've ever had and I will definitely remember him. I don't think I've laughed that much at one of those things in.. well, ever. It was more like a stand-up comedian act with a little bit of inspirational/motivational advice. We get out early on Thursday, that means shortened periods that day toooo. Have to stay after school Friday and take my chem test. Hope I don't forget anything. You'd think it'd be good because I'd get extra time to study. Eh. I dunno. You can't really study chemistry though, at least I can't. I know it or I don't. That's usually the way it goes. I'm pretty confident that I know it, though.

Might be going out to lunch after school with Jess and Steph on Thursday. Anyone is welcome to come!! Not sure where we're going though. I'm going over to Annie's on Friday. That'll be cool. I haven't really gotten to talk to her in about a month or so. She's been really busy with the play and I don't ride the bus anymore or anything. Gotta burn a CD. Keep her up-to-date with all my new favorite bands. :).

Going to see Annie's play on Saturday, I guess there's a huge group of people going so it'll be fun. Lots of St Charles guys and Anne, Steph, Maria, Andrea....everybody. I'll probably get a ride with Anne. Going to Steak and Shake afterwards??? Maybe. I dunno. Will be fun though. I've heard it's hilarious. GO SEE IT!! Seriously. Next Saturday and Sunday are the last days. And you'll miss it. And I won't ever forgive you. Errr, right.

Something Corporate is how many days away now??! I'm unbelievably excited about that... gahh.

Fall Out Boy and Less Than Jake THIS weekend. Holy crap. I have NO money. None. At all. And it's almost Christmas. Sooo... two concerts coming up and I don't even have any money for Christmas presents? Don't expect anything right away. ;). That's right. I'm greedy and will spend it all on myself the first chance I get. Not. I love Christmas shopping. I need to clean like mad or something.. that'll get me at least $40. THEN I can start saving for Christmas.


Becca's crAzy in love with Alex.

Thought I'd share that with you..

Um. Yeah.

You know what I want for Christmas.... if I could only have ONE THING.. I bet you could guess. It's really not that hard. ;)


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The more I step into the sun, the more I step out of the light.. [17 Nov 2003|01:55pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | SoCo ]

Ohhh. I don't think I ever mentioned that I saw ELF. Did I? Oh well. Am going to again, if I did.

It was SO cute. Good family movie. :)

Went with Jess and Annie HOANG. So I wasn't leaving anyone out, just so you guys know. I already told Annie that I was gonna go with her and I wasn't about to go and invite a ton of other people she didn't know so she could feel left out. I hate when people do that, so I don't. Don't be mad!!! Gah. I'll go see the damn movie again, I don't care. Don't assume things and blow it all out of proportion, like me. ;). It's not worth getting pissed off over.

Jess still needs to see School of Rock. Gahh! Love that movie.

I found Christmas Vacation toooo. :). Am about to go and watch it.


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Cinnamon poptarts, truly ingenius. [17 Nov 2003|12:57pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Motion City Soundtrack ]

Well, the SoCo concert is going to be crazy. I'm going to have to get my tickets REALLY soon. And going straight downtown after school that day. Ahhh!

So many people are going.. errr... want to go.. Me, Jess, Annie, Kels, Liz, Kat, Leslie, Margo and Tom too, I think.

Um. Right. I will be pissed beyond belief if end up in back of everyone. That always happens to me. Hah. Not this time, oh no..

I'm missing my chem test today. Kind of worried about that. Means I have to do EVEN BETTER than normal. Gahh! Riiight. Was up really late last night. Couldn't sleep. That's actually not why I stayed home today. At all. I wasn't even tired when I woke up. My stomach hurt. Haha. And I figured I'd just.. not go school. WOOHOO for delaying the inevitable!

7 Days of school 'til Thanksgiving break.
5 Days until Less Than Jake/Fall Out Boy in Cinci.

The new Early November CD is supposedly really, really good. I want it. Will have to burn from Ash until Christmas. Gahah. I always burn CD's first and then buy them.

wt7283b: ya know how i bought the cd and all
wt7283b: ever so sweet is track 1
wt7283b: i havent listened past it
wt7283b: cuz i love it so much

Ahhhhh! I want it.

OH. Go HERE and download those songs from Motion City Soundtrack. If you haven't heard them, anyway. 'My Favorite Accident' is the one I have on repeat ALL the time now. The video's cool too. The keyboard guy..... is awesome. They're gonna be in Cleveland next month, I think.


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[16 Nov 2003|01:58pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | Three Evils - CO/CA ]

Jess: Are there any good shows coming up?
Me: I dunno. Go to the Newport's website..
*scrolls down the page*

Um. No, it's right, it's very right.. and I am ECSTATIC now. Something Corporate IS coming here on their headlining tour.

December 10 ... Newport Music Hall ... 7:00 PM

Sooo... Fall Out Boy, Less Than Jake and Rufio [maybe?] next Sunday and Something Corporate, RX Bandits and Mae on December 10. This is going to be AMAZING. Bold, underlined, italicized. AMAZING.


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Well, I've heard that ocean's salty and the stars, they sometimes fall... [15 Nov 2003|12:41pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Randy.. and some Coheed. ;) ]

.Music Survey. )

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Genius, I tell you! [13 Nov 2003|09:11pm]
You know that idea.... that unbelievably, amazingly original idea for a book that I've been trying to find??


I still haven't found it..


Not an unbelievably, amazingly original one, that is. But a somewhat interesting, possibly-thought-of-before-but-nowhere-near-cliche idea? Yes.

I started to clean my room today. Part of the inspiration, I think. Kind of odd when you think about it. Eh. I think I might save it for Christmas break. It's so long this year. Although, I'll probably spend that whole time laying around watching Christmas Vacation over and over and over and over x INFINITY!!! Bwahaha.

Good day.

It's time to move on

I put on my overcoat and walked into winter, my teeth chattered rythms... [13 Nov 2003|03:55pm]

Yay. Snow flurries today. Got every distracted in chem. Um. I'm so fucking cold right now I can barely type... let alone actually FEEL my fingers. Gah. Jess just dropped me off. Played freeze-out the whole way home. Got some interesting looks. Good times.

I will prevail. ;)

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"Did you ever like, pour Mountain Dew all over it....?!" [12 Nov 2003|10:18pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Fall Out Boy ]

you want apologies?
you might hold your breath,
until your breathing stops forever,

the only thing you'll ever get
is this curse upon your lips:

I hope they taste of me forever.


Um. *applause* for Fall Out Boy. Because they are amazing. But not nearly as amazing as DCFC. No. Um. It's turning into an obsession. Seriously. Not like Lifehouse. No band will ever reach the status of Lifehouse in my mind. It's not possible. Not even The Starting Line... Ken Vasoli? Holy shit. Lifehouse is just indescribable. I don't even listen to them anymore because I can play any song that I want to hear over and over in my head. Good band. Nice guys. <3. Er. Yes. Going to see Less Than Jake and Fall Out Boy next weekend. Holy shit. One more full week of school, after this week, and then only a three day week..... and it's Thanksgiving. The holidays always go by SO fast. Crazy. Pat was at YAB tonight. He really is cute..... and he might go to Muskingum to study music, which I thought was pretty cool. Mhmm. Didn't really get to talk to him. Uh. Was going to say something else. I forget. I really want to visit Boston. That's gonna be sweet. My mom was like, "what am I gonna do with you so far away..." and it made me so sad. God. I can't be that far away from my family. Seriously. I'm like a freak or something because everyone always like... ahhhh! I hate my parents.. I hate my family... blahblahblah. Suppose I'm just lucky. I don't know. It isn't going to be easy. Nope.

Latin translation was unbelievably easy tonight. That's.... abnormal. But it makes me happy. Because it's getting late. BLAH. I have some stupid ass English project to do tomorrow. Due Friday. I have to be Thomas Jefferson at a dinner party with Thoreau, Franklin and Emerson and we have to discuss Thoreau's situation with civil disobedience and his night in jail. Oh my God. Mrs Ode ....... if I had a list, she'd be on it. She's crazy. CRAZY, I tell you.

I want a Homestar Runner shirt so bad. Gahah.

Can you even fathom how much ass that would kick? Oh, a lot.

The red one w/ the white star. Going straight to my Christmas list.

Also, I have to make a note and go to Kohl's to get another pair of these khaki's. They're going to die before their time. I know it. And then I'll be sad. Need to stock up.

And now.... welcome to the unbelievably tired mind of Lisa. Right. My grandma is trying to communicate with me again or something. Hah. My lights just flickered a couple times. You know it's her when it flickers twice.... then you stare at it and it flickers again. Mhmm. I'm not crazy. I promise. ;)


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Here's the things I meant, but I never said...... [11 Nov 2003|04:44pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | The Starting Line ]

Yay for no SARNCO tomorrow. It's next week. Good thing I emailed her about it. Um. So yeah.. just YAB tomorrow. AND I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH PAT. Nice to know that my friends care enough to analyze my situations when I'm not around. Hahah. I love you Annie. :)

....he does play guitar though.

I got 'Student of the Week' today. Wow. For Mr Ulry's History class, at that. And as much as I really, really, really dislike the people in my class sometimes.... he is a good teacher. Well, in the sense that I'm not completely bored to death in his class. And that's probably more because I like history so much. Gah. History teachers are always the best teachers. Well, with the exception of Mr Kerwin and Mrs McKinley... sooo... all history teachers and SOME english teachers.

Um. Alex Reiner went to talk to Mr Garrick about Latin III being waited today while we were in Chem..... I guess he was really rude and told him to leave his office because he didn't want to discuss. Then we mentioned that and the entire Chem class started going on about how it wasn't fair... and blahblahblah. How about... you all take the fucking AP test TOO and get an extra 0.5 so that it IS FAIR to EVERYONE because that's the real issue, isn't it? The fact that not all of the 3rd year languages would get it.... well, if you take the AP test, then that's fine.... and seriously, why don't you go ahead and take fucking Latin... you'd want it too. It's really not that big of a deal, but they DID say it was waited and even showed that it was waited on our report cards... they just didn't average it into the final grades as a waited class. That's why I still only have a 4.0 instead of a 4.06--something. Which makes a difference, so don't tell me it doesn't. That's another thing... Anne was all upset because she's taking SO many waited classes this year.... and has gotten the same grades as Alex Reiner, who has a study hall this year, and Alex has a higher grade because the final GPA only gets divided by 7 credits instead of 8. Please tell me how that's fair...? I mean, that's how it works, but it's not really fair. Eh, whatever. Mr. Garrick is just being an asshole about it. You can't promise a class to be waited and then just.... not give it to us. It really isn't that big of a deal....... it's the principle of the thing.

No one knows what my 'piece of flair' pin is from. :(


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Sometimes all it takes it facing the night alone... [10 Nov 2003|08:37pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | R-R-Randy ]

wt7283b: have you ever been so angry, ya just wanna punch a hole in the wall?
XxThePrice4Glory: I'm sorry, I can't talk to you right now. I'm unconscious.
wt7283b: lol
XxThePrice4Glory: yes, yes, i have felt that way many a time
XxThePrice4Glory: xD
wt7283b: thats funny shit
XxThePrice4Glory: lol
XxThePrice4Glory: suuuuure it is
XxThePrice4Glory: i mean.. i thought so
XxThePrice4Glory: :-)
XxThePrice4Glory: dude
XxThePrice4Glory: i was in chem today and i was just sitting there like... thinking how awesome it would be if i just jumped up and grabbed my stool and flung it across the room.
XxThePrice4Glory: I really wanted to smash something... like... completely demolish it.
wt7283b: l o freakin l
XxThePrice4Glory: and i wasnt angry...
wt7283b: shoulda tryed it
XxThePrice4Glory: I just... wanted to.
XxThePrice4Glory: HAHAHA
XxThePrice4Glory: do you ever think about that?>
wt7283b: well
wt7283b: kinda
wt7283b: only
XxThePrice4Glory: like.. just standing up when everything's completely silent...
wt7283b: instead of throwing a stool id wanna get up and sing
XxThePrice4Glory: and screaming as loud as possible, then sitting back down and seeing what everybody does...
XxThePrice4Glory: hahaha!!!
wt7283b: yea dood i think about that all the time
wt7283b: I WILL
XxThePrice4Glory: turn the whole class into a fucking musical.
XxThePrice4Glory: HAHAHA!!
XxThePrice4Glory: that would be SO amazingly sweet.
wt7283b: that way i dont have to be known as the strange one for over a year
wt7283b: im so doing it
XxThePrice4Glory: Oh my God. I would completely chicken out.
wt7283b: if i do it
wt7283b: then you have to
wt7283b: senior year
XxThePrice4Glory: You should do it at lunch... just jump up onto the table and scream at the tops of your lungs. like.. sing the star spangled banner or something...
XxThePrice4Glory: and then be like... PLAY BALL!!!
wt7283b: lol
wt7283b: thats awesome!
XxThePrice4Glory: HAHAHAHA. there is no way in hell I could do that...
XxThePrice4Glory: lmfao.
wt7283b: one time i ran around the lunch room
XxThePrice4Glory: uhhuh
wt7283b: cuz some girl was like showing her pictures
wt7283b: and was like dont let anyone else em
wt7283b: so i grabbed it and ran around the lunch room showin everyone
wt7283b: like literally running
wt7283b: say hey everybody look!
XxThePrice4Glory: Aw SO mean. hahahaha.
wt7283b: lol
wt7283b: she was laughing
wt7283b: it was funny
XxThePrice4Glory: you crack me up
XxThePrice4Glory: DUDE
XxThePrice4Glory: Latin in your profile..
wt7283b: 8-)
wt7283b: yep
XxThePrice4Glory: Sieze the night
wt7283b: A+
XxThePrice4Glory: Carpe Diem not good enough? lol.
wt7283b: lol
wt7283b: night is cooler
XxThePrice4Glory: you should put...
wt7283b: plus ya gotta sieze em both..have total domination
wt7283b: ....waiting...
XxThePrice4Glory: Lisa est summus.
wt7283b: lisa is
wt7283b: supreme?
XxThePrice4Glory: the greatest.
XxThePrice4Glory: bwahaha.
wt7283b: hey i was close
wt7283b: and i just guessed
XxThePrice4Glory: it's the same thing.
XxThePrice4Glory: see, you could totally be like 'I'm a scholarly latin student'
wt7283b: yaaaah
XxThePrice4Glory: hm. I wonder how you translate that. haha.
XxThePrice4Glory: h/o
XxThePrice4Glory: sum litteratus discipulus Latini.

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The Brick Wall. Will Always Win. [10 Nov 2003|07:18pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Motion City Soundtrack/Liars Academy ]

Um. For the record. I am not going to retract anything that is said in my journal. I shouldn't have to. I don't force anyone to read it, so don't tell me to watch what I say. I may overreact... A LOT.... but it's my journal. And I will say what I want, thank you very fucking much.

And now that I've got that covered....

I'm not sure I'll be able to go to YAB this week. *tear*. I have a SARNCO advisory board meeting from 4-5:30, I think. I thought I was supposed to be next Wednesday.... Ah, well. YAB is at 6:00, so if I don't have homework, I could still run over to that too. I hope people are going!! Michelle, Anne and Steph said they are, I think. Um. Annie has doubles. I mentioned that already, I think. Probably going to see the play next weekend so that I can see it with Anne and Steph. They have NCYC this weekend, so they'll be gone. Lucky punks. They miss Thursday and Friday this week. And then some days next week for something else, I think... not sure, exactly. I have to start saving money for Christmas presents. Holy shit. Everyone's all.. oh! I know exactly what I'm gonna get you!! Eeeek. WE NEED TO HAVE SECRET SANTA THINGS!!! I am too poor for this.

Um. TJ's band is playing at Midgard on December 12th. So is Logan's. And their friend Chris. Probably going to that. Looking at random profiles... just reminded me of that, I suppose.

Got my report card today.

4.0 for the quarter....

1. Pre-calculus = 4.5
2. Hon Eng III = 4.0
3. Latin III AP = 4.0
4. Study Hall = S
5. World History = 4.0
6. AP Chem = 4.0
7. AP Chem = 4.0
8. Theology III = 4.0

So there you have it. My scheduuuule. Now that I'm finally past the EASY stuff.... :\

I got an 87 on the chem test that I took last week. I almost make the DUMBEST mistakes ever. It's driving me crazy. I have yet to get an A on any of those tests. I'm stuck with 80's. Nothing more, nothing less. It's not bad. Not at all, but I don't know why I always seem to screw things up so badly. Eh, obviously didn't screw them up THAT bad.... but you know what I mean.

I love school. :)

And sarcasm.


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[09 Nov 2003|02:25pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Straw Dog - SoCo ]

I get to go on a road trip. :). I mentioned that I wanted to go and look at Boston and my mom said we could do that. And stay at my aunt's house in DC or something and visit Georgetown too. AHHHH. So that's my exciting news for the day.

Lauren is playing Christmas music already. CRAZY. There was an entire house in Michelle's neighborhood.. fully decorated. Agh! People.

I have to type a paper. Actually, I'm supposed to be typing it right now. :)

Ta ta


It's time to move on

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