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15th November 2003

1:34pm: Murh....
So I can no longer brag about how awesome Lehigh is. Don't get me wrong, I love it here. But the parties have gone downhill so much that I can only assume that its much like all those other schools we felt so bad for in the beginning of the year. Sigh. Last night, we wandered the hill for an hour looking to get belligerent with no results. We were even neged from Sigma Chi...oh come on. So we were back at the house around 12ish. We ordered Dominos...kinda weird with us not being belligerent but delicious none the less. Slept in Georgia's bed (cha, it was supposed to be a sleepover with Carmela but she ditched me to hang with Pat so I had another sleepover with Feath...) Woke up this morning, it was a lovely sleep. Today is going to be uberproductive...laundry, mail, rowing machine (maaaybe), homework (suure...haha). Okay, off to do stuff. Peace out journal.
Current Mood: blah
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11th November 2003

8:11pm: My Virgin Entry
Ahh what a sexual title...
Okay so I'm sitting in Carmela's room...where else would I be? Just chilling out with my ladies watching That 70's Show and procrastinating. That's pretty much what we Carothers people do all the time. I decided to start an online journal because frankly, I find myself hilarious and I want to remember the fun times here at Lehigh...although the best times I'm sure are unable to be recalled. O sweet belligerence. Today I went to meet with my dean (he loves me so) to register for classes next semester. Its going to be muuuuuch harder then this semester. Woof. Just got my 4 o'clocks back...I pretty much kicked ass on physics and eh, not so much on calc. Day two of lovely winter training for crew...We did the steps from M&M to TDX twice (for all you non-lehighers, its a freaking lot of stairs...). I also cleaned my room... How amazingly interesting I am. Last night was MNC at Sammy, our favorite frat. But it sucked hardcore...no juice...no boy...Woof. What a penis. Well that's pretty much it...Off to do lovely calculus, physics, and engineering....Jealous much? Cha...
Current Mood: apathetic
Current Music: Eddie Money...Take me home tonight!
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