half a day   
12:17pm 27/01/2003
mood: anxious
music: insane clown posse - lets go all the way
You know what the worst feeling in the world is ? When you know he meant everything to you and you meant nothing to him. I feel so tired today i saw them together and even though i know i shouldn't be jealous but i am...shes so lucky to have a guy like him im so happy for her
i gota get over this whole thing
Confused little girl?   
05:00pm 27/01/2003
mood: blank
music: Nirvana- Lake of fire
im so tired and i went over to Tina's we went to town and we froze our asses off it was so cold and then we went to her house so now im home...Im so weird pissed cuz someone called and my mom didn't know who it was and shes like someone called and im like who? shes like i dunno im like whats the point of telling me then. GRRR need to finish my site and stuffs

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