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LIFE SUX!!!!!!!!!!! [12 Jun 2003|11:07pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Rock With You bY: aShAnTi ]

so yea LIFE sux!! friends suk! im upset ... mad ... depressed ... i hate it when ppl dont call me to go out!! gRr - whatever - fuk this shyt - i cant wait for sept - thats alll i gotta say - but realllly i cant wait for the summer where i prob. wont have to put up with half the ppl here bc i wont be around too much - ill be down the shore! -

so its ugly outside - its raining and thundering - i wish i was with someone right now - but than i think about it - every guy i meet turns out to be an azzhole - im @ a point in my life where i wish i had someone - im ready for a relationship - i need a bf to love me - i want a bf to love - to have fun with - to share everything with - but it turns out to be i cant find that - o well like i said life sux!

nothing big has happened in my life thats why i havent written in this journal - weather has been CRAZY! rain nice rain nice rain than nice ... this blows! i just want it to be NICE!!!!!! stop with the RAIN! AHHHHHHH! uhm yea whatever! im done - ill try to write in this more - later!

*690* girls! i love you girls soo much!!!!

1 reason why i love Lisa:
LiCioUs2xx: no chillin with fat kids...they're evil, i know best
haha lisa - i love ya lots! you are the best - mUaH - were going everywhere when it comes down to you getting your license lol - your fan club! ha --- love ya xOxO <33

Michele my Bell - lol gOOOOOOD times - thats allllllll i have to say!

im out - later
--> pattz

*crAzy iTalian

cliffside park officially is boring! [22 May 2003|10:07pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | look at me now by jEssY ]

sorry i know i havent updated in awhile but its bc nothing bc has happened in my LIFE! argh! lol
last night was the finale of American Idol =( .. Clay Aiken lost =( Ruben won - o well - i love ruben but i wanted Clay to win - uhm- so my controller doesnt work - for 4 hours last night fom 7-11 i was watching ALLLL my shows - from the Devils game =( up to Fraternity Life ...
i had watched
-Devils Game
-American Idol
-Spurs Game
-The Bachelor-After The Rose
-Sorority Life
-Fraternity Life

yea wow talkin about having no life - but you know what? theres NOTHING to do here - so it doesnt matter
i can give a crap about what people say if i go out or not - bc every1 knows THERE is nothin to do here!!!!!!!
uhm today i woke up - cleaned - showered - went to the hs to watch a lil of the guys - they won! lol - came home - my sis friend came over - Laura - shes like my lil sis - uhm than i talked to my girly girl Meli - and she wants to go dts this weekend - so i did a lil packing JUST in case - but i doubt were going bc she wouldve told me by now - but i dont care if i dont go - weather is gonna suk!!!! except on SUnday - so maybe ill go on sunday and maybe monday with mich lol - uhm thats about it - than i ate dinner - and now im watching the NETS!

OMG! they have Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears for icons now!!!!i LOVEEEEEE strawberry shortcake - shes the BEST! and Care Bears =) ... uhm so yea ... what else is there to say??

me n mel are trying to get tix to zOo-topia lol - she just called me to name the songs for her lol
im trying to win them and so is she - but i dont feel to good now so im not trying it - but tomorrow
i will be - guarantee ya! lOl - ok imma get going

tomorrow is friday - this weekend is Memorial Weekend - Monday = Memorial Day!!!!
i THINK im going down the shore - but for the weekend idk whats up for it yet - its
gonna be SHYTTY alllllll weekend - bOo - hey im saving $$$$ tho lol - uhm idk what im doing
tomorrow yet - o well i can careless right about now - but imma get going - so ttyl .. mUaH

love always yor shortcake
..pattz.. mUaH .. xOxO <3

P.S. i recommend NOBODY move to cliffside park - nj haha iTS BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*crAzy iTalian

HersHey's ChocoLate Milk is gOoOd lol [13 May 2003|09:54pm]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | bReAtHe by: bLu cantreLL f/Sean Paul ]

sOo ppl whats up? i havent written in awhile ... its not that i havent been REALLY busy its just nothing to really write about! lol - wel start off with May 9th - MY BIRTHDAY! wOo hOo! i am officially *19* lol - as some ppl call me - im an OLD fart! lol - yea okay - its soo scary that next year imma be 20 ... wow its reallllly scary - lol - uhm - so friday night i went out with the family ... we went to On the Boarder by the Gsp - gOod times haha- my sister and my cousin were checking out the HOTT waiters haha Mel! lol - than oMg they sang happy birthday to me - they got the waiters and waitresses to do it lol ... wow - ice cream was gooooooood mMm - than i came home - relaxed - got changed - than went out with Michele - we went to Steve's place - had fun there lol - michele the sangrias were ehhhhh lol haha - Coronas are a LOT better lol - uhm than i got home like at 3 and slept like a baby! lol - sat i went to the girls game real quick - came home - showered - relax - and than went in and out of my house lol - sat night i went out for a little - hehe - sunday was Mothers Day - so everyone came here! - uhm yest. - i went to my sis game - ehh lol - came home and relaxed a lil - today - i went food shopping with my mom - went to Mandees and Old Navy and Coconuts - didnt do damage - i was just LOOKING lol - than my sister and i went to the girls game - walked the dog - saw ppl there - uhm - came home - ate dinner - than i watched some tv - went to Dunkin Donuts - and now im here - writing in this and talking to people =) - idk whats in store for tomorrow lol - maybe SHOPPING! lol wOo hOo lol idk well have too see hehe - uhm thats about it - thats the update for now lol - i PROMISE ill try to write MOREEE! lol

Im getting a NEW CELLLY! im sooooooooo happpppppppppppppppppppppy =) lol

i think thats about it for now - so ill talk to you laterz! mUaH

.. the girl who loves to sMiLe ..

lOve aLwAys ...
mE - pAtTz

if im not made for you than why
does my heart tell me that i am?
. <3 .

*crAzy iTalian

5 mOre dAyS tiL mAh biRfDaY =) [04 May 2003|10:42pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | cAnT wE tRy bY: rOcKeLL f/CoLLaGe ]

so theres 5 more days til my bday ... wOo hOo ... FriDaY bAbY! i better be going out lol bc if not ill be upset lol - but ill most likely be going out - hehe

Today is Diego's Birthday! lol Happy Birthday Diego!!!!!!! my favorite Italian Homie lol ;) ...

uhm lets see this weekend ... what did i do?
friday - hung out with Mimmo my cousin - went to Starbucks
sat - went to a metro star soccer game lol fell in love with
Mike Magee #7 haha and Mark Lisi #8 lol - i went wth my cousin MimmA and her bf and my other cuz and ppl ... than we hung out here =) ... gooooooood times lol ... my mom made me dinner @ like 10:30 bc i was sooooo hungry when i came home from the game haha - uhm what else - thats about it lol
today - woke up - showered - got ready for church - went to church lol - went to the car wash - came home hahaha! me and my sis played softball outside and my lil cuz - she thru it at me - and i missed it haha my lil cuz was supposed to back me up but he didnt so it hit the car - it was sooo funny lol - uhm ... came inside - chylled - ate lunch / dinner - went to an open house haha - was supposed to go to hoboken lol sorry joee lol - than went cell phone shopping - yup im GETTING ONE ! a NEW one!! woot woot lol - came home ... chylled some more ... than went to DQ and now im here lol - and that was about it

i bought a new jean jacket - but my mom is gonna take me MORE clothes shopping this week - woo hoo - since thats her gift to me - and the other half is letting me go to seaside if we do go lol and my dads gift is my celly - wOo hOO lol -- and thats about it - so yup

birthday = 5 days - so if you got an idea to do something LET ME KNOW! lol
but for now i am OUT! later people

love yOU -- mUaH -- xOxO -- uNo qUaTtRo tRe <3

LoVe aLwAyS ... <3
mE - pAttZ - xOxO*

*crAzy iTalian

9 mOre days til mah bday =) [30 Apr 2003|06:05pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Magic Stick By: LiL Kim & 50 Cent ]

so theres like o9 more days til my bday ... imma be *19* years old ... my mom is taken me shopping ... im buying bathing suits ... flip flops... clothes and SOO much more! a WHOLE new wardrobe for me =) yayayay! lol i cant wait ... uhm and as another part of my gift shes lettin me go to seaside if we actually do go ... lol right mich! lol ... uhm what else ... i MIGHT be working @ either Victoria Secret OR Banana Republic or whatever else opens up in Edgewater lol - HOPEFULLY i get the j-o-b =) ... bc i need 1 BADLY especially if i want a car in Sept ... my babyy ... Corolla S in black ... i LOVE it! hmm what else is there to tell you ... not much has been going on really lol ... i just told Liz my list of guys i like ... haha liz ... sSh ... djmr lol haha .... o lalalalalalalalala lollipop haha love ya liz! lol ... and thats about it

today - nothing big happened ... same old same ... went to mandees ... tried on my BATHING SUITS that im gettin ... SOOO fukyn cute - i LOVE it on me - wow i cant wait - and i really cant wait for the SUMMER!!! i tried on some realllly cute clothes ... shorts... tank tops ... skirts ... capris ... i cant wait to go shoppingg ... the bathing suits: 2 that i want .. a black and white one ... the black is shorts and like a short tank top ... sooo cutee ... the WHITE one is shorts and a halter top ... sooo cuteeee too ... so im getting both of them =) ... uhm and thats about it

im thinkin about what to do for my birthday ... if ANYONE has ideas ... HOLLA @ me ... i might just go out with the girls and idkk lol - ill see ... but for now i am DONE!

xoxo ... mUaH ... one 4 three you all

love always ...
patty.. mUaH

*crAzy iTalian

BORING PEOPLE [23 Apr 2003|11:20pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | LuMiDeE NeVeR LeAvE yOu ]

wow ... ok so lately life has been boring ... REALLY! it has beeeeeen!!!! lol ... uhm nothing big has happened ... same old same! lol yup it SUX!

yest: i was up @ 9 ... went to Lisa's game in Hoboken ... my favorite lol haha right ash?! lol ... uhm then i talked and saw Diego Gennaro and Nico there ... hehe ... i came home ... relaxed ... slept a lil bit ... showered ... got dressed ... than went to hobo again for FOOOD! yeaa i ended up going =) ... i was happy ... i LOVE johnny rockets lol ... uhm than i came home ... chylled ... and went online ... and thats bout it !!

today: i did nothing really ... i didnt feel too good today ... but i woke up ... showered ... got dressed ... than went out for a few ... came home ... chylled ... than my family went to the funeral home ... than they finally came home! ... finally ate @ 10 ... kFc and piZzA hUt lol healthy right?? lol and than watched my shows on mTv ... soRoRiTy LiFe aNd FRATERNITY life <333333333333333333333 i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm guysssss on ittt!!!! wow ... i cant wait til i go to Montclair to try the whole sorority life =) lol ... and now im just sitting here chatttttin awayyyyyyyy lol ...

my bday is may 9th =) ... remember that day ... i am expecting gifts haha
Michele - mEmOriAL dAy wEeKeNd - sSsHhH - lol its gonna funnn! woo hoo

well thats about it people ... i am dOnE ... i think imma go somewhere now lol idkkk
talk to ya laterzzzzzzz .. ciao ciao

If you want me to stay - I never leave - If you
want me to stay - We'll always be - If you want
me to stay - Love endlessly - If you want me to
stay-If you want me to stay-I'll never leave you
uh oh - uh oh - uh oh - uh oh ( i love this song )

holding hands
hand holding - you like to be in constant physical
contact with your special someone but you don't
want to take things too quickly.

What Sign of Affection Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

talk to you all laterz ... mUaH ... xoxoxo ... ciao ciao

love always the *1* and only
mEe ... pAttZ ... =) ... xoxo *

*crAzy iTalian

life sux!!!! [21 Apr 2003|09:47pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]
[ music | *FiGhTeR* ChRiStiNa aGuiLeRa ]

heyyy! wow its been awhile since i havent been writing in this ... uhm nothing really new has happened! lifes been VERY boring ... i havent gone out in a longg time!!!! yesterday was Easter! hEhe! i was up @ 9 ... showered ... got ready.. went to the cemetery ... than church .. came home chylled ... than went to my cousins house in Ridgefield and just hung out there ... ! uhmm ... than @ 12 last night i went to Wendy's with Ryan ... came home and slept ... !

today: woke up @ 11 lol haha my mom thought i didnt sleep home last night bc well as soon as i woke up i fixed my bed and went to the bathroom to wash up and whatever ... and shes like did you sleep home last night ?? i was like yeaa!! shes like your bed isnt messy its fixed .. im like duh! i fixed it! lol i love my mom! than ok so i got outta the shower and than went to the hs to pick up my sis ... than went to BK for lunch =) ... than ... i came home ate ... mel and liv came over... than my aunts fiance's son ... hes soo cutee ... well he came over ... and than i just chylled sis ... *gOoD TiMeS* lol ... than i went to my aunts apt. lol ... talked to her for a lil bout life and shyt ... than hung out in the kitchen ... FUN RIGHT?! nOO! lollll .... and thats bout it! than i had dinner ... watched 7th Heaven =) ... Lucy got married ! wOo hOo! and now im here ... watching the Replacement with my mommy! my sis and lil cuz went to my cousins house ... bc well my sis and cousin have there friends over ... and my lil cuz is gonna hang out with my other lil cuz lol ... i have ALOT of cuzins ! lol ... and thats bout it!!

some shout outs too:
*BiG MiKe* - I LoVe yOu SoO muCh! <33 muAh*
aShLeY - i LoVe yA - bEsTfRiEnDs fOr LiFe - xoxo!*

and thats bout it ... ill post more later when something good happens lol

dOn't hAte ... aPpReCiAtE <3 ... mUaH ... xOxO!*

love always . . .
mE .. pAtTz ..

*crAzy iTalian

lalala [06 Apr 2003|11:46pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | Man-I Feel Like a Women by: Shania Twain ]

wow ok i know i havent updated in awhile ... but thats bc nothings been really going on =/ ... its ok tho ... uhm yea soo ive been chyllen around here ... im still looking for a job ... bc i want my corolla S in black i need $$ to help pay for it ya know lol ... uhm ... this weekend was ARIGHT! ... lol ... fri i chylled ... sat i chylled ... today i went to hoboken ... yup yup ... with some cool people lol ... uhmm ... hmm what elsee is theree ... nothing really ... im taken summer semester off ... im not gonna take any classes .. im gonna TRY to work .. hpefully i get a damn j o b ... yikes! lol .. Sept. im gonna pile up on my classes ... i have to make up for these past
semester(s) yup yup it sux but its OKAY! lol ... uhm and thats about it ... idk what else to tell you ... life sux ... likes a bytch ... o well ... lol idc anymore ... my bday is in 1 month and 3 days to be EXACT! lol ... 19 ... wow ... yea 2 more years and im def legal and old enuff to purchase alcohol lol ... oh yeaa lol ... uhm thats about ittt ... idk what else to tell you ...

sat - i went to the mallllllllll .... my fave! place lol ... came home and chylled with the fam. and whateverr lol ... uhmmmmmmm ....
sunday - i went to secaucus ... gRoUp uSa ... looked at some shyt ... uhm i didnt buy anything ... i have to back actually ... i have to buy this outfit i want ... it was soooo cute lol ... uhm ... came home chylled ... went to hoboken ... Johnny Rockets ... came home ... than my lil cuz was hungry so i had to go to McDonald's for him ... lol and thats bout it ... now im just talking to Michele ... Liz .. Nick ... Danielle and Joe.P. and Diego hehe ... uhh thats about ittttttt i thinkkkkkkkk ..... yeaa ... im bored ... not exactly tireddddd ... im a lil upp lol ... and im done! lol .. ill ttyl .. ciao!

its time for me to be me ..and do me for awhile ... time to myself
( no sick thoughts please .. i dont mean it that way - sick people! )

love ya all lots ... xoxo ... muah*

love always..
pAtty .. <333

there are 2 types of people in this world..ITALIANS
and those who WISH they were ITALIAN! ... yup yup

*crAzy iTalian

confusion - wow [04 Apr 2003|12:52am]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | wHen iM gOne by: 3 dOoRs dOwn ]

wow so today ... i woke up showered ... fixed my bed ... went to the hs ... saw some of my old friends ... talked to adam hehe ... i love ya adam thanks for talkin to me about you know who ... uhm talked to my FAVORITE nurse of all time who i LOVEE sooo much!!! ... than i saw big mike ... i love you mike no matter what! thanksss for talkin me down last night ... lol good times on the phone *** .... so anyways ... i talked to mike b4 his track meet ... than i went home .. ate lunch ... went to go watch the girls softball game ... pretty good ... hehe ... uhm saw more people there ... i came home and all chaos broke out for me ... from like 6-8 i criedd .. nobody seemed to understand me ... im confused with my life ... and again NOONE understands and than i got family lecturing me and it didnt make it any better ...soo i cried myself to sleep for a lil ... went back online .. than me n my sisterrr for lifeeeee Michele talked to me ... she came ... picked me upp .. and we drove around ... we both needed some air ... so we went to starbucks w. our other half Schneider lol ... shes the best too .. uhm so yea we chylled in edgewater than drove around ... almost ran over a big dog .. wow ... thank god we didnt ... uhm so yea we talked ... i was a lil better but not as much ... idk ... uhm i came home around 11iSh i think ... and thats about itttt ....

im still confused right by this minute ... but i just gotta do me for awhile ... be me and just get my life in order and i hope every1 will just let me be and let me do what i gotta do ... but im tired imma go to sleep ... lay down ... watch tv and put myself to bEd :) ... so ill post later ... i dont wanna type anymore ... im still upset and mad ...

BIG thanks too : Michele ... Liz ... Jess ... Livia ...
thanks for listening to me when i was down and
actually understood where i was coming from <33
idk where i would be without you girls ... i love you!

well im outties ... check ya out lata ... ciao
love always ... mE ... pAttZ ... xOxO ... 143

i am a oNe of a kiNd bELLa ... the oNe wHo LOVeS to sMiLe

*crAzy iTalian

pretty good weekend i think lol [29 Mar 2003|11:54pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | iTaLiAn nAtiOnAL aNtHem (ReMiX)...its on the S.A Cd ]

ok sooooo yea i know i havent written in this in a while .... but thats bc nothing really has been going on ...
whats been new with me? hmmm lets see ...

thurs night - me n mich went to the fashion show at FiEsTa .... pretty cool i guess lol
fri night - i had my family over to have cake and coffee for my aunts bday ... everyone came over ... aunts,uncles, cousins, there bf's and gf's, ya knoww! lol uhm what elsee is there .... lets see .... uhm yea .... thats bout it for fri night

sat night - i woke up ... went to get my eyebrows waxed ... went food shopping mom and we had my 2 lil cousins ... i came home ... relaxed a lil ... than i had a date =) ... hes nice ... i think i like him ... we went to Baci's lol lisa was our waitress lol i love you lee! lol ... uhm ... than rented a movie ... went to his house and just chylled ... talked ... watched Swimfan ... than he brought me home ... yea i think i do like him ...

now im just chyllen here .... a lil sleepy .... but not going to sleep yet ... hehe ...

sunday - i think i got fam. comin over ... most likely ... go to church in the morning... uhm maybe car wash ... maybe secaucus ... come home eat ... and relax and chat with whoever is gonna be here lol ... yup yup... and thats it .... than monday comes and well whatever ... ok im done for now ... ill post whenever ... bye

love you lots ... mUaH ... xOxO ... oNe fOuR tHrEe

love always..
mE .. PaTtZ

*crAzy iTalian

interestingg weeekenddd lol [23 Mar 2003|11:17pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | ViVo pEr LeI bY:aNgELo vEnUto aNd rEiNa(rEmIx) ]

hEy! i havent updated the past 2 days i think idk lol whatever ... ive been out and about =o) ... lets see we will start on
Sat: ok i woke up ... i had cramps but i was better in like less than an hour ... showered got ready and went to the mall! woo hoo ... go mee lol ... i was there for 3 hours ... wow saw soo many ppl haha checked out alotta guys with my sis ... you gotta love her! lol uhm than i came home like around 5iSh i think ... i bought my cd!! THE SICILIAN ASSASSINS!!! yeaaa babyyy!!!!! hottt shyt right there!!! awesome songs! i love this cd! #1 in my collection ... beats them all ... no joke! and i bought other things hehe lol ... than i came home ... i didnt feel too good ... so sat night i stayed home in bed ... relaxin watchin tv with the heating pad hehe ... o well ... ;( ... i brought my sis to the bowling alley with her friends than picked her up ... and thannn .... what else ... so yea im home ... she comes home ... and we chyllen in my room ... i was laying down ... i got a lil hungry...munchies so she got me suttin ... uhmm ... than i fell asleep

Sunday ( todAy ): HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY COUSIN LIVIA! 15!! wOo sWeEt 16 nExt YeAr!! lol gOo yOuUu!! uhm so today we went out for her birthday ...bRunCh! gooood times fam! met my cuzin Melina's "FRIEND" ( by the way its a guy ) lol ... cool good looking nice guy ... as me n my cuzin carmela wud say all day " AWEeEeeEEEEe " haha mel i love you! ok theres 6 Carmelas in my family ... my grandmother ... my aunt ... and 3 cousins and my sis! lol ... ok so yea... lets seeee ... so ok yea ... me n my cuzin mel shes 17 lol ... we were checkin out the waiter ... wOo hOo! hottness! haha mel! lol ... uhm so we ate ... talked ... blah blah ... thannnnn went to my cuzins house ... by the way she got a pertttyyyyyyyy house! yes she does! i spend most of my time at her house in her BIG UNDERGROUND pool =o) lol i love you mela and liva! lol ... uhm so we hung out there for a lil ... than i think around 5 we came home ... i went home cuzin Mimmo gotta love him too lol ... were only a few months apart hee ... i saw nick ... lol yay! i love you nick! lol mUaH* ... came home ... changed .. and hung out here ... listened to my itAlIaN cD <33 ... than went out for a lil cuz.... than came home ... than went BACK out to get mCdONALd'S lol ... than came home and now im here ... talkin to jizzy lizzy .... sYcO mike lol .... and whoever else lol ... and Meli is here tOo ... yAy! i love her lol ... and thats bout it!
tomorrow i think my 2 lil cuzins are cominggg .... than when michele gets outta work we goin out to find outfits to wear for the fashion show on Thursday! wOo hOo MicH! LoL ... uhm and idk what else ... wHo knows!!!!!!! things get planned on the way ... lol .. so i think for now im done... lol

i had no idea what it was like to look at someone
and smile for no reason until i met yOu - dedicated.

iTaLiAn'S ... wE dO iT bEsT iN eVeRyWaY ... hAtErs bAcK oFf ... mUaH *

i love you like a fat kid loves cake
love always... mE .... pAtTz <3 xOxO

*crAzy iTalian

WeiRd WeiRd bOriN wEeK [21 Mar 2003|11:38pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | bOoM bY: sYsTeM oF tHe dOwN ]

heyy! i know i know! i havent updated in awhile but thats bc i havent realllllly been home hehe! finally! if i wasnt with michele i was with my other girly Meli! hehe! weve had some pretty alright weather .... yay! lol finally! today was the 1st day of spring hehe!! uhmmm whats new?

well ehh we in war .... not fun at all ... and its sad how young teen people ONLY think bout drinkin and partyin when we at war! ppl like that i find VERY VERY immature! gRr .... dont get me wrongg im not gonna stop living my life ... but whatever .... i find it sad how young ones dont think bout whats going on and just think bout parties...drinkin .... bf's ' gf's ... shopping forever ... and plansss for what we doing?! idk whatever .... thats just MY opinion!! gRrRr ...

today ... i went walkin .... on the ave ... i passed by mandees to see whats new ... i saw some things but didnt get it ... my mom is gonna take me and we gonna charge hehe ....uhm but i did buy sunglasses and hair things hehe .... than i went to my sis scrimmage ... she did awesome ... batted very well ... go her! lol ... i miss softball i wish i can play again but o well ... came home ... went out for a lil again ... now im home ... me n meli are chyllen like villains...bored ... but meli is sleeping ... damn weirdo ... i might have to wake her up lol jk jk! idk whatever ...

tomorrow i think im going to the mall ... my lil cuz has a gift card to buy sneakers and imma take him and find a cool pair ... i might get a pair myself =o) ... i need sneakers for everyday ... uhm and idk my mom says we need springy clothes ... so we might go buy some ... charge it up ... hehe ... its all her idea ... its my bday in 2 months ... so we kinda gonna buy gifts a LIL early hehe .... it doesnt matter ... idc really tho ... uhm ... sunday is my cuzin Livia's birthday!! hehe ...we goin out ... brunch .... yay! imma get fat that day lol ... uhm and thats bout it ... spring break was this week .. and its now over ... back to school monday .... the jOy! and that bout wraps it up .... so i think im done for now ... ill come back and update tomorrow maybe

i want you to be mine <333
love always...
mE ... pAtTy ... xOxO ... <3

*crAzy iTalian

st. PATTY's dAy! [18 Mar 2003|12:07am]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | aLoNe - By: LaSgO ]

heyy! sorryyy i havent updated in awhile ... thats bc well ive been not near my comp ... nothing to write about .... and/or i have been out =o) .... soo this week is Spring Break for usss .... wOo hOo and where am i going? NOWHERE! =o( ... its alright tho bc me n michele well were doin nuttin lol so we hang out lol .... tonight we were gonna go to DQ butttttt by the time we decided and left it was closed sooo we went to baskin robins lol ... and drove around for a lil ... yup yup like good old times .. ya gotta love her tho ... she is truly the BEST! love ya mich =o) ... lol ... so anyways .... today another niceee day yay! .... i woke up a lil earlier today ... surprising ... and than i went on the treadmill for a lil ... did my bed .... straightened out for a lil bit .... showered blah blah ... got dressed .... blah blah .... and hung out with my mommy ... went out for a lil ... came home ... chylled ... my family came over .. had a st.PATTY's dinner lol .... than michele talks to me and goes ice cream? im like oh yea! lol ... so we went .... and just got in a little while ago .... tomorrow (tuesday) idk what im doing yet .... tanning? idk .... go out? HOPEFULLY! lol ... but ok welllll immmma go for now .... ill post more LATER .. bye bye mUaH*

michele is the best lol mUaH .... liz i <3 you ... tommy is sexy - gangsta for lyfe lol mUaH ...
i love you guys lots .... mUaH* .... every1 else ... i got mad love for you too .... mUaH! oNe FoUr tHrEe

love always:
mEe ... xOxO

*crAzy iTalian

tHuRsDaY - wEeKeNd iS aLmoSt hErE!! [13 Mar 2003|11:53pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | P.i.M.P bY:5o cEnT ]

today is Thursday! the weekend is FINALLY hereeeeeee wOo hOo ... im hoping something fun will happen for me! hEhE .... so today i woke up showered got dressed .... went out for a lil ... came home ... i watched tv and than me the idiot decided to go on the tread mill! dUh! so i went on that for a lil ... SHOWERED again! lol than i ate dinner lol oi vey ... i do like everything backwards .... so than i sat here ate my salad than i talked to michele and she was bored sooooo guess what we did?? lol went OUT! coffee ... than drove around and talked .... hehe .... gOOD times MicHele! love ya! so i just got in a lil while ago ... and i got comfy ... and now im here ... writin to YOU! lol ... fun?? eHh!

aLoTtA peoPle can be Fake and bAkStAb yOu... but i know 1 girl who will never turn that way
Michele My Bell! I lOve Ya! i couldnt ask for a better bestfriend! MUaH! mY tRuE gUrL fOr LyFe!!!

well i think im done now .... hopefully i will have FUN tomorrow night and Saturday Night =o) ...
so imma stop ... talk to you laterzzzz .... mUah! bYe bYe .... xOxO ... oNe fOuR tHrEe <333333

lOve To tHe tRuE fEw
Love AlwAyS:
Me ... xOxO

Love-a-Lot Bear
You love to take care of others and people love being around you because you make them feel appreciated. You are very sweet and soft-spoken. You are also a romantic and consider yourself an excellent matchmaker, so you tend to be a bit nosy. But everyone still considers you the sweetest person they know.

*crAzy iTalian

sick day for me =o( [12 Mar 2003|09:04pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | tHeSe aRe tHe dAyS by: O-ToWn <33 ]

hey all ... what is up?? not much here! just kinda got done eating ... im sittin here chyllen like a villain ... my day was kinda ehH ... i was kinda sick ... my throat was bothering me and i was getting these chest pains but im alllll better now ... but i am in the moOd for ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!! and i will get it ... somehow ... one way or another ... hehe ... so yea and thats about it .... i didnt get much sleep last night bc of my throat ... blah! uhm and thats about it ... i had me lunch ... my mommy made me soMe ... gotta love that mom of mine! lol ... uhm and whatever .... i relaxed majority of the day .... than i went to my cuzins ... i had to bring foood .... than i picked up my sis ... and now im here watchin some tV! .... they found the lil blonde girl .... 9 months later ... hMm interesting .... but moving on .... war??? idk ... i hope not ... but whatever...!! gRr this world today! ok im done for now .... if nething comes up ill come back ... my life is a lil on the BORING side right now =o/ ... o well ... and thats bout its ... so ttyl ... bye bye

love you lots ... especially the tRuE fEw ... mUaH <3333

yOu kNow mY sTyLe ... i say anything to make you sMiLe :o)

Love Always:
Me ... xOxO

Which rugrat are you?

*crAzy iTalian

my throat hurts [11 Mar 2003|09:42pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | tHe aNtHeM bY: gOoD cHaRLoTtE ]

hey dudes! what's up? not much here ... just my throat hurts and i want ICE CREAM!!!!!!! banana split lol right mich? and accordin to Mike with a banana split ya can do alot with it ;) lol love ya mike! ... uhm so yea today ... woke up ... went down to edgewater did what i had to do ... went food shoppin with mommy lol .... came home chylled ... watched tv ... ate my sandwich ... worked out a lil .... brought my sis to practice ... came home relaxed ate dinner ... and now im sittin here doin nada... well talkin to michele n mike ... and thats about it ... im going in the shower in a lil bit .... not yet tho ... uhm and thats about it ... Real World is on tonight!! wOo hOo!!
Steve and Frank <3333 ... wOo hOo ... lol ... uhm so yea ... thats bout it .... ok well im done for now i think ... ill write some more laters ... bye bye ... mUaH*

love to my tRuE fEw oNe's

you dOnt have to gO to hOLLywOoD...
tO gEt a hOLLyWoOd tAn ... oH yEa! LoL

Love Always:
mE .... xOxO

*crAzy iTalian

ehh coool dAy [10 Mar 2003|11:32pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | iGniTiOn(rEmiX) bY: R.KeLLy ]

well today was an aright day i guess ya can say ... what did i do? i woke up ... worked out a lil ... went tanning for a lil ... went out to lunch of my bellAs =o) ... came home ... showered ... did me hair ... got dressed ... ya know ... lol .... went a lil shoppin down in edgewater w. my mommy <3 lol ... came home ... chylled here for a lil ... picked up my sis from softball ... and now im sittin here talkin to mike n liz ... and according to mike ... my new name is weidro ... its not weirdo anymore ... lol love ya mike! remember baseball players are #1 to me ::wink wink:: lol ... im sippin on some milk! lol yum yum

guys idk whats been going on but im ALWAYS eating lately and idk why ... like tonight i had my dinner than like an hour later i was soo hungry again >=o| ... o well idk ... and whyyy is everyone such in a badd mood? i hate when ppl are mad and take it out on me! >=o| ... gRr!!!! ok well i think thats all for tonight!

Rangers Lost Tonight ... woo hoo! lol .... i am NJ Devils Fan! lol <33 .... ok well im done ... be back later!

love to the few true ... you know who you all are mUaH* xoxo ...

*crAzy iTalian

sUndAy - ReLaXaTioN dAy [09 Mar 2003|11:07pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | Ti Amo (English Version) Aria <33 ]

today was another kinda boring day ... lets see ... i went to church this morning ... well at 12 pm lol ... came home.. went to Secaucus... ate some yummmmyyyyy chili cheese fries lol than i came home... we had company over .... ppl visitin my aunt bc of her knee ... than my cousins came over ... we chylled ... talked ... ate ... i went online ... burnt some cd's =o) .... talked to my FAVE's ... got some help from eX0tic again lol thankss!!! i was on the phone with Dana tonight!! woo hoo! dana your the best!! i love yaa!! and now im sittin here writin this out ... talkin to mike ... michele ... liz and tommy!! im bout to go make me suttin to eat bc i am soooooo hungry!! lol ... im always eating i know i know lol ...well thats bout it ... idk what else to tell ya ... i love you all ... mUaH* <3 xoxoxo <3*

love to my true one's

*crAzy iTalian

wOw im sooo tired ... zZz [08 Mar 2003|10:41pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | L'Italiana(o) - Angelo Venutto baby!!!! ]

heyyy! whats up? not much here ... i just got home from the cheerin competition ... it was cool ... long but coolz! i got too see my 2 crazy chics Lisa n Jax! you girls did goood... and every1 else did too! uhm i hung out with one of jax's girls Francesca... shes cool ... hehe ... uhm lol we ate ALOT of junk food ... pretzels..sour patch watermelons ... twizzlers... yup yup ... cool shyt and yet good times*!! my cuzin Carmela was there! woOo hoo ... lol alota ppl were there...OF COURSE LOTSAAAAAA hotties!!!! lol ...uhm so yea it was cool .... im a lil tired ... but i dont care bc im bout to go have me some fuN fuN fuN! oh yea!! lol .... uhm and im eatin too right now ... i gotta have a good stomache b4 the fun begins =o) lol ... ok well im done for now ... so i will write tomorrow ... talk to you all laterZ!!! muah*

love to my TRUE girls: Michele Liz Lisa Jax Jessie.O. Ash and Domi
love to my FAVE hotties: Mike Tommy August John Gerry Joe Steve!

*crAzy iTalian

thanks! [08 Mar 2003|01:18am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | T.a.T.U. - All The Things She Said ]

ok first i need to say thank you to the person who helped me out with this! thanks for doin this for me ... you know who im talkin about!

now ... ok this is my 1st entry and im just gonna write about Friday ... bc well Today is officially Saturday and its 1:22 am ... sooo i really couldnt have done much lol ... so friday i had noo classes thank god ... so i woke up a lil later than usual woo hoo! ... showered ... went online ... than my 2 lil cousins came over ... watched them ... than around 6ish i went to this tricky tray thing for my cousins school ... good times with the family hehe ... than i came home around 10:30 ish ... talked to my other cousins ... and than talked to Mike lol Liz and Tommy! oh yea me n tommy are going to Miami for Spring Break! Tommy is paying lol right tommy? lol i wish! haha i love ya! uhm and now im just sittin here doin nuttin!

My Plans for tomorrow: waken up ... showering... than goin out with my sis and cuzins for a lil ... come home b4 4! ... bc than im goin to go see my girls Lisa n Jax cheer and kick some azz! gotta love those 2! lol ... than idk what after that... maybe get drunk? lol well see lol ... anyways ... im done for now ... ill come back tomorrow night and ill update ....

once again ... thanks to ex0tic kiwi for helpin me out with this ... you should check out her's ... its cool ... hehe ... well im outties... thanks! muah*

*crAzy iTalian

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