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Tuesday, October 28th, 2003
4:03p - lalalalala
today was just like any other day... boring. in art dani got mad at me jill and bobby cause we were telling mister about her personal life, and went looking for her. the highlight of my day was at lunch when funny kid hid mr.heepes microphone in the water fountin and then ms.magowin starting yelling at our table it was funny, and then when kayla was selfconscious :::BURP::: lol kay yeah it was a pretty boring day.

current mood: crazy
current music: Why Bother? - Weezer

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6:43p - Sarah Ruth
twinkle71ox: we're noth americal dork butt
twinkle71ox: im italian american epyptian and polish
twinkle71ox:drunk or not i will always love you
twinkle71ox: ohh and i thought it was harry potter

sarah is psycho pass it on!!!!!

i feel like seeing an aggravated hamster so thats what my mood is

current mood: aggravated
current music: ape dos mil - glassjaw

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