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    Friday, October 8th, 2004
    1:39 am
    There is a Reason I Look Foward to Work
    "Chris do we waste pizza box clam-shells?"

    Im sitting in a differant chair than i normally do. This one is lower, and not as close to my key board, so I feel small. I just got outta work, and I feel like Im going to throw up some vomit. I did on the way home, but it wasnt enough to hurl. It was one of those burbs that invites the vomit along, even though the burb knows nobody wanted vomit to come to the party in the first place. So the burb was kicked out of the party, and the vomit was swallowed....attractive, I know. And we all know how I feel about vomit...I hate just as much as spiders and clowns, and it hurts me.

    Great, now Ive scared the kids (by kids i mean me) by mentioning spiders, clowns, and vomit, in not only the same paragraph, but same sentance...TWICE NOW!

    Well, I got his blessing, and thats what i was looking for. Hes a good kid, and I couldnt do that to him otherwise. I couldnt do that to anyone without being told "Go for it" by that person. Ive had it done to me more than once, it makes you hate...alot.
    So thanks, Monkey.

    I looked down, and my tummy looks fat...i know right? Me fat? Its the stupid chair im in though...im hunching way too much in it.

    For some reason I cant get the Killers outta my head. Maybe youve heard of them? I dont know, i havent listened to the radio in aeons, so I dont know if they popular. If theyre not...Im calling them right now, like I did skindred and so many other bands that are now famous.

    I wonder what this weekend will hold. I hope itll be fun. I hope. I hope I get bit. I hope.

    Well well well

    Good fight, good night.

    "You know you gotta help me out. Dont put me on the back burner. You know you gotta help me out."

    Current Mood: Still Waiting
    Current Music: The Killers, All the Things that I have Done
    Monday, October 4th, 2004
    6:48 pm
    At The Mall
    "And Nightcrawler too."

    It feels so real that I can imagine the whole entire situation.

    I would be walking down the corridor and I see her, and I know she see's me. But she is walking with them, but more importantly, she is walking with who I think is him. I can see myself scan all of them except her. Make eye contact with the blonde one and look towards her, to see that she is looking away. And for some reason, it hurts. For some reason Im jealous. For some reason Im something, but i dont know what. I can see myself feeling something, but I dont know what it is that I would feel.
    I know she saw me. I know she purposely didnt look at me. I know she has her reasons. But I dont know her reasons.

    What a vivid dream.

    I drew again last night. But not because I was depressed, but because I was bored...and my drawing is awesome.

    Since Angels can fall, does anyone think that maybe Demons can rise?

    Short entry huh? Oh well. Its ok, becasue ive been updating like a madman recently.

    Ill priolly updatea gain tonight anyways.

    Landman decided to buy LP.


    "In the garage I feel safe."

    Current Mood: Confuzzled
    Current Music: Weezer, In the Garage
    Saturday, October 2nd, 2004
    3:58 pm
    Now With Half the Carbs and Sugar, and Vanilla Flavored....With Lime
    "Well actually, Im not sure if she fell asleep. But if she didnt then she didn't want to talk much, becuase I was the only one talking."

    I have 8 Jackets
    I have 11 pairs of Footwear
    I have 14 pair of Sunglasses

    Is that wierd? Or normal? I dunno. I was cleaning out my room the other day and I noticed all of this, and i was like "Holy-Shazboom Batman, where did all this come from?" And then batman came in and said "I dont know Robin. It must be the Joker." then I said "First off, Im not Robin, and secondly, where do you get off blaming him all the time? You have other villians, why not spread out the hate?" Then he left.

    Okay, so my ex girlfriends ex boyfriend (the one before me) wants me. Yea, awkward. Hes gay. And young. And just AWKWARD.

    In other news, my friends are having some troubles in man land. Im not going to get into specifics just because you know, its none of your business, but just thought id share that with you to make your minds melt with tought. And to say that relationships are rough. Whether your in one, out of one, trying to find one, trying to make one work...its all difficult, but thats what makes the good ones so worth it.

    Speaking of worth it! The orignal star wars just came out on DVD!!! And holy shit for only 55 bucks that is so worth it! I MEAN CMON!!! STAR WARS!!!! THE CLASSIC OF CLASSICS!!! JEDI'S!!!!!! CMON!! You gotta love Jedi's, so honorable, so mmmmmmmm....MY Death Metal Buddy knows what Im takin about.

    Trust is an ever growing thing. And I now am beginning to trsut some new people, which is a good feeling to me. Because trust has always been so hard. Haha....hard.

    Its time for the C-Rock music update. Upcoming CD's folks! Around the rumor mill we got news that the Deftones and A Perfect Circle are as we speak making some new records. If you want to hear some good APC lovin (music) go to their webpage and get a hear of their John Lennon's "Imagine" cover. System of a Down is said to have a disc out by this december, and Audioslave says they will have the same. Heres to hopin for some grand ole music. Keep it tuned to C-Rock, the non-stop crap-a-thon.......(I am such a looser)


    Good Fight Bro's
    Good Night Ladies

    "Everybody's talkin about that new sound...crazy...but its still hip-hop to me."

    Current Mood: Hangin Over
    Current Music: (hed)pe, Crazy Legs
    Monday, September 27th, 2004
    2:48 am
    They're Not Supposed to go out When They're Grounded?
    "You know Id have to agree with you on that both Vampires and sleep equally kick some serious ass."

    Well Hello,

    Do you any of you remember my old old old old rant about me and collecting stuff? Oh, you dont? Well maybe I never wrote it. Anywho...Ive wanted to collect knives for a while, and now I do. My knife collection is funny. Its getting kinda good.....I bet a bunch of you are like "What a psycho, he collects knives." Well, yea I do, I even name them. My friends dont like it whne I play with sharp objects...but dont let that scare you, because im pretty good with those damed things. Ive won a hatchet throwing contest.....yes i know its not a knife, but its still sharp....I can trow knives pretty well too. You remeber that game "Lawn Darts"? Yea, well thats how I got good at it. Anywho, my knife collection is good.

    One is named Georgia
    One is named Trig
    One is named Mini

    I like Georgia, shes the sharpest and prettiest looking.

    = )

    The corporate world is fucked up. Where little new shiny youngbloods are taking the jobs from the older guys, who know thier shit better than this cock-ass suck up, who actually need the job to pay rent, and to live, not to buy themselves a better car than the one thier parents gave them, because they grew up rich. Sorry for the bitterness, but I am beginning to taste this in my own job, and im getting pissed.

    I need a new job....seriously.

    Okay...Music is gooooooood.

    So keep on listenin to C-Rock...The non-stop radio station with the randomest selection of songs.

    Rock On.

    "I close my eyes just to look at you."
    -APC, Blue

    Current Mood: They're Greeeeat!
    Current Music: A Perfecct Circle, Blue
    Sunday, September 26th, 2004
    2:00 am
    Soy La Rabia
    "Ahhh, man I just wanted to gobble her up tonight! But that woulda been awkward, seeing as we dont even know eachother."

    Well Hello!

    Ive begun to think that Professional Wrestling isnt very professional because once you grow up to be like say 18 it becomes stupid and childish. Then you say "Well I still love professional wrestling." Thats because you my friend, are very young and immature at heart. = )

    Spider-Man, Venom, The Predator Species, and Evil-Stuffed Animals.

    Its all about honor. You have to die for an honorable cause. If everyone could die for an honorable cause, i think they all would be dying happily. Of course, what is honorable? Honorable is ethics and moral. The general meaning of good. Not some twisted distortion.

    In case any of you have been wondering, Ive been very good. Which is good to say. I like being abel to say that I am VERY good. I have been in some rather killer moods lately, i mean honestly, sometimes we all just get a little down, but its all candy. I am sick though. I have a cold and its runing on two weeks long now. Im afraid it may be MONO because my friends girl-friend has it, and so you know that Im gunna get it. Not becasue I kissed her....or him, but because hes like MY ONLY FRIEND, so of course im gunna get it.

    My favorite local beer is Sam Adams Cherry Wheat

    My favorite import beer is Corona

    So I have also decided that my new tattoos are gunne be in spanish. I dont what they will say, but they will be spanish.

    Okay, so this doesnt happen again with the whole band thing. I am saying right now that SKINDRED is an awesome band. They have one song on the radio, but many aweseom songs on their CD. Nobody really knows them at all, and no one really is that into them at all....some people hate them. SO I am saying right now, that I LOVE that band, and that when they become big and popular "I TOLD YOU SO...poser" = )

    Also, Nonpoint. Very great, and very good. Thats spanish metal for ya.

    WebMD is very bad for ppl like me. And by ppl like me I mean hypochondriacs. And unfortunatley I think ive already done this rant.

    My pee is blue again. Yay for medicine!!! I mean drugs..Yay for drugs!

    So ive been to alot of differant parties recently. Which is cool, Because i havent been going to the same persons house night after night which is how it has been recently. But lately ive been going to differant places and meeting differant people, it is quite awesome. I like meeting new people. Im a social bunny...with claws. And an cute smile...with fangs.

    So if you ever wanna buy me a present for my birthday (NOVEMBER 2nd...HINT HINT!!!) theres and awesome little evil teddy bear dude with sharp plastic claws that really cut at newbury comics. Hes grey, with red eyes, and it is quite evil and cute at the same time. Very cool.

    Speaking of Venom (no, I know, we were never really speaking of Venom but shut-up, your making the dumb people and me feel dumb) They could just make a Venom movie, they dont need to make a spider-man movie with venom in it. Venom and Eddie Brock (the guy in venom) is just as intricate and well developed enough on its own to create a very interesting storyline. You could easily make it an internal struggle/horror film, you know? Venom is a creepy thing, and they way it kills, and what it does is very scary and brutal. If someone did it right (haha, did it right) they could make a very succesful horror film. They never would have to say that venom is from out-space (becasue the suit is actually an alien, and some people wouldnt be able to grasp that) They could leave it open-ended, you know? In one venom comic book line Eddie Brock is very religous, and thiks that God is punishing him with this demon aka VENOM. That could make a very interesting anti-hero horror movie. Which I havent seen too many of those movies around...have you? I could be on to something here guys!

    Okay, enough of being a Double-E.

    "Tu quieres nada para mi, no quiero nada para ti."
    -Rabia, Nonpoint

    Current Mood: GooooooD
    Current Music: Nonpoint
    Thursday, August 26th, 2004
    2:04 am
    Here Comes 2!
    "And i was like..hey you lil black bottle, what do you have inside? Then my hands opend the lil bottle and a brush apeared...then my nails became black."

    New people are awesome! Just thought Id throw that out there for all of you to read, becasue you know you've missed me and my hott hott and sexy writing.

    Over the summer ive made a bunch of new friends, and it think that it is rather awesome that I can talk to them at 5 at night (or in the morning whicever you prefer) So now, instead of talking to zero this late at night when my insomnia kicks in, I can talk to Pinky, and Kinky. By the way, Kinky used to be one of my old nicknames that a girl used to call me, but now ive passed this nickname on to another, because its so true....not that I know.

    okay, among these, I ve made friends with others, but enough about friends, its not like they are cool or anything.

    I touched a spider tonight....my God it was the worst thing I could have ver done in my life...Now I know ur thinking...why the fuck would you ever touch a spider chris...we all know your scared to death of them, even their name...But I didnt know it was a spider, i thought it was a mosquito so i went to flick it...and BAM!!! Spider Evil poured into my eyes and I realized what I had done...I ran..And ran some more....until i got to a bathroom and washed my hands for a couple of minutes....then ran some more...then i calmed down...and had my big brother kill it....Thanks Rusty!!!! (thats not his real name)

    Ppl are going back to school soon, and until Spring I get to laugh at all of them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


    What else? I hate that...How i always write "what else?" that pisses me off...I wish I could just keep writing instead of pretendting im actually talking to someone who answers me when I ask what else....because no one is really there...Im just going a lil bit more and more insane everytime i type that.

    Oooh! linkin park...they are awesome live. I havent listened to them since the ocncert.....good times.

    I like linkin park so much becuase they are just awesome, i love joe hahn and mike shinoda,becasue they are some filthily talented artists....those lucky asian bastards. I also know Kinky, who tends to be a filthily awesome artist as well. Good job Kinky!

    Woah! That was close, I almost just said "what else?" Oh fuck! I did! I just got more retarded.

    I gotta practice my knife in between the fingers thing some more...Im getting rusty...I know this because I just cut myself twice.

    Have any guys ever been so lazy that they peed sitting down? Well, if im alone on this, then no i havent either...but if im not alone...man, girls have it fucking easy.

    Okay, I think im done for now.

    Go watch Garden State....and love it all, becasue Natalie Portman is so hott...want to touch the hiney.

    Speaking of hiney.....MMMMM hiney.


    Hope this satiated your hunger Pinky.

    "I find there's no place freezing me."
    -SOAD, Snowblind

    Current Mood: White
    Current Music: SOAD, Snowblind
    Sunday, August 8th, 2004
    4:18 am
    WD40? Are Gunna Lube it to Death?
    "4. Chris"

    Fair Warning: I am in a filthy good mood. I am filthily happy. So, the first one to ruin my good mood streak will get a firm a "Fuck You" or "I Now Hate You" followed by a brutal middle finger to the face, concluded with me walking away. I AM HAPPY!!!! LET ME BE HAPPY!!!

    I Love St. Croix! I love being a quarter Cruzan!

    Though it is quite an amazing feeling to be home, i had the best time of my whole entire life. There is way too much to describe what happened in one or even three of theses cool man book entries, so please....ask me as many questions as you can possibly think of when you see me live and in person. By the way...Im the tan kid that looks like Chris Allen. I am all cruzed out with Cruzan relics to show....i would love to show them to you, so please ask.

    I have many pictures too, when those get developed ill show em off.

    Drinking age is 18 down there, they drive on the left side of the road, it is an American Territory, and the sterring wheels are on the left side of the cars. Yea, the steering wheel on the left is the same as here, but when you are driving in the left lane it is alot easier to see around bends and corners with the steering wheel on the right. Then why the difficulty? Becasue the only way to get cars to the beatiful tropical American Pirate paradise is to import them from the US.

    I wanna live down there. I could rent out an empty lot in Christiansted (one of the citys) and open my dream store with my two best buddies in the whole wizzorld. It could be like a skate, surf, tattoo shop, because I know Sach would let me practice on him. It would be awesome. Then we can either save up to get a really nice house, or a really nice boat. You need one or the other to live down there, if not, its gunna be poopy.

    Bug bites suck though. Centipede's suck too. The sun is awesome though. The water is blue and see through. The snorkling is some of the best Ive seen there. Drinking age is 18. I think i said that already but it is a really swell quality.

    I have also discovered that I am a horrible gambler. I lost near 30+ dollars in one of gambling. I lost it in some slot machines and Dueces Wild Poker, but the plus is that you get free drinks as long as your gambling. So keep loosing that money! My brother won 190 something dollars...i started to rub his belly for good luck but he hit me because his belly was sunburned. Sorry bro. But that is ok because Michelle gave me her dead flower and 5 bucks, which I lost in poker.....Ive gotta learn to quit when Im ahead.

    I bought a shitload of stuff too. One of my cooler relics is a scuba knife....Spring loaded blade, jump release sheeth.

    Okay guys, my night has ended, now that I finally got home. My plane was delayed hardcore....the only downer of the trip...planes either shrank or I got bigger...Im guessing they all shrank.

    PS: Centipedes are scary mofo's

    PS2: I miss Mack. (whose mack? ask me how!)

    Good Night old friends.

    "Its on the edge of no where, no way for them to go there. I know its not much, but here is where Ill stay."
    -Rasputina, Trenchmouth

    XBOX: Listen to Rasputina

    Current Mood: HAPPY!!!
    Current Music: Rasputina
    Saturday, July 17th, 2004
    9:17 pm
    Go Home, Stay Home, Nobody Likes You, Maybe I'll Go Eat Worms
    --How many real friends do you have? How many of them have ever lied to you? Now, how many real friends do you have?--

    I am so un-able to write anything in this cool man book anymore. There is so much to say, but nothing at all comes to mind. Its like I have no inspiration to write, but I do...I have so much inspiration that it hurts my stomach at night.

    I guess I could do the lamest thing ever and just describe some cool going ons in my nothing life.

    I love DDR. DDR is Dance Dance Revolution. Its an arcade game that I love to play because it breaks a sweat. You basically dance, and its very fun. The other night, me and Dick were playing it at this theatre after it closed, so it was the only game on and we were the only people around, until all the movies got out. At that point every body surrounded us and like watched intently at our amazing dancing-ness. People were cheering and claping and taking pictures with thier picture phones! It was quite the ego-builder. I had fun.

    What else?

    Softball is awesome...i love playing it hardcore with my co-workers. Helps me break yet another sweat...in which Ive realized I like to sweat...and I love to be active...so something tells me I should be more active.

    I woke up in a parking lot this morning. In between my car and my friends car, on the asphalt. It was quite the adventure. I had a crazy night. Good times, good times....really drunk. Fun fun fun.

    I think my life is getting pretty lame. No, no...my life is lame. I do have fun, but it seems I only have fun when Im active, or inebriated in some way...otherwise, Im pretty miserable....Thats prolly a bad thing right? Damnit, that sucks.

    Okay, well tonight I seem to be sitting home alone, with nothing but my cool self to hang out with...so I guess Ill catch up with you cool cats later then. Pieces.

    "Imagine pleasure."

    Current Mood: Biz-Ored
    Current Music: Silverchair, Ana
    Monday, July 5th, 2004
    11:19 pm
    Why do You Already Know What Your Tombstone's Gunna Say?
    "That is all she used to listen to, in her pink pink room."

    Well here I am. Almost a month later. Landman brought this all to my attention. Thanks to him Im writing in this fucker...Ive been way to busy to remember to write in my happy doo-dad I call a cool man book.

    Busy...Yes, I have been busy working in a job that I know hate. Yes, the same job i used to love, I now hate. I want to work in a comic book store. How cool would that be? I love comics. I love stores. I like to make money. Its just all making sense now. Of course it is quite possibly the geekiest thing to do....but how adorable am I gunna be when I tell hot girls I work at a comic book store? Ill tell you, very. I mean I do sounds succesful when I say I am a Manager at AMC, but still....ADORABLE!

    I started reading a new comic book line. Its Ultimate Spider Man. Not the Amazing or the Spectacular, but Ultimate. It's where Peter Parker becomes Spider Man in the middle of high school, not while hes graduating. Its awesome. The drawings are so new and crisp and clean. Its great.

    I also saw my Idol a could days ago....Thats right....Dane Cook. I would like to thank Gizmoe for that ultimate hook up with the tickets. Dane Cook is a wise man. He's right when he says there are 2 things men want more than sex. And He is right when he talks about relationships...about how when your not in one....everyone you know is getting into one or having a great one and u feel like you were the only one of your group of friends not invited to the block party and ur sitting outside looking in, in the rain. But when your in one you want to try to find your jacket that somebody shit and leave this fucking party.

    Fuck Bee's.

    Hey man, can I get some ketchup?
    One sec...Pal!
    (and Im not his pal...I dont ride on the back of his back when we travel.)
    I'm right here...Buddy!
    Ill be right with you...Chief!
    (and Im not a chief either. Im not even a chef wich is sometimes confused with a chief.)
    I am right here...Gaylord!

    Ok, Im done.

    SPIDER MAN 2 IS AWESOME. I love him. I love that movie. Isnt it weird that I am dreadfully afraid of spiders to the death of all things....but my favorite superhero is SpiderMan.

    Is there reallly anything better than Hawaiin Pizza with crushed red pepper on it? No, not really.

    Ok...thats all she wrote for now.




    "Tie yourself to me, stitch up my emptiness..."

    Current Mood: Whoza-whatzit?
    Current Music: Orgy, Stitches
    Friday, June 11th, 2004
    4:18 am
    Hostilities and Hoisery
    "Your alot like me...We're both weak."

    All you have to do is apologize. Then I can be happy. If your sorry, your the only one who knows it. If your not the only who knows it, the only one it matters to, doesnt know it...that being me. I wish I could have you COMPLETELY erased from my life. Because I miss feeling welcome. I miss feeling warm. I miss feeling accepted. I hate the way I feel around mutual friends. You did more than interrupt emotions. You took away my comfort, and my friend, and my trust. I know your weak. You know how i know? Because we have alot in common, and thats one of them. Ive told you so much, and that took trust. I dont know what your doing with the things I told you. I dont know if your abusing the old trust. "You are what you hate" So stop. Your weak...admit fault. Im not your peer, I wont judge you...because I already know its the truth.

    Im speechless. Im depressed. I want to come here and spill my guts, but I am empty. I want to draw. But nothing comes out. I want to write, but its all crap. I have realized one thing though. It is summer. And i ALWAYS get depressed in the summer. For some reason I thought this summer would be differant.........But its not. Here we go again.

    I hate this. Its time again for 3 months of wasted expectations and being stood up.

    "Please help me. Please give me, some of it back....the feelings I had."

    Notice the time? Its like 4:30 AM....Im back on this ridiculous insomniac schedule. This is why I hate summers.

    I want it back....But I hate begging. If I beg, that makes an apology no good.

    -Im screaming anything. But to you, its nothing.-

    "This is why I hate you."

    Current Mood: D-pressed
    Current Music: Deftones, Damone
    Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004
    1:58 pm
    In My Defense
    "My carnal sins and my nerve endings. They've never fought so much over nothing."

    Today, or tonight rather...I am going to set off into a highschool prom. Me not being a highschool student, this will be interesting. The most interesting thing about it is that I am going with someone, who is also not in high school....and interesting conundrum, I know. But I must say that I am glad. I hate highschool, and for that fact, most high schoolers. I didnt mind them when I was in highschool myself, but now its just all very aggrivating.

    I feel sorry for my prom date, for two reasons. One, she never went to highschool. Which is a good thing and a very bad thing. She's never had to deal with all ALL the retarded crap that comes with highschool, which is good. But she hasnt had as much social interaction with the world as every one else who has, and does go to highschool. So, though shes not socially handicapped in the least bit, she isnt as socially educated as the rest of us. Which in lies the second reason. For someone not having gone to highschool, she puts up with a lot of highschool-esque shit. Which is unessesary. She's a sweet person, and shes one of those sweet people that believes the world is a very good and warm place. Which sucks, because highschool will tell you otherwise, the world is self-ish, greedy, vulgar, and perverted. In my opinion, someone like Sail, deserves to live in the world she believes this one to be. A beautiful place.

    Recently one of my friends had a tragedy to deal with. And, in midst of this tragedy I realized a great thing. He is the one man I trust in this world, other than my family. He is a great friend. And I am lucky to be so blessed. He suffered, and through his suffering, I was suffering. To see him this horribly broken broke me. And thats how I realized he is my best friend. I would do anything for that kid, because he would do anything for me.

    Has anyone ever met someone that you knew was better than you? I dont mean in skill, I mean as a person. Its a very humbling thing. And after meeting this person it made me want to be a better person. It made me re-think my life, and what I do, and why I do it. And its kind of like that hoobastank song or ten things I hate about you. This person makes me want to be a better person. Ive also realized that am I weak individual.

    And about bettering oneself, I am here to speak on my own behalf of my highschool career and the slander spread about me. Yes, i did jump from girl to girl, with a few longer-term relationships here and there. But in no way does that make me a bad person. I am weak, and I can admit it. I am also very lonely, no matter whom is with me. I also cannot trust anyone, and a great handful of these girls can prove that very well only if they were honest about thier own life. Ive done some pretty wrong things, and for that I apologize. To Zipper, to Zero, to Dawn to anyone else...Im sorry. But no one else in that highschool seems to have the guts to apologize and own up to thier mistakes. Your not perfect. One of the reasons I jumped around is because Im lonely and insecure....go ahead laff and call me a pansy, but fuck you, because at least im strong enough to admit what I am, which makes me stronger than you. I was looking for the right person. And I couldnt find it. Funny thing is, EVERYONE thinks I was looking at freshman only. Maybe if you opened your mind to the world other than your own youd see how there were many people I looked into, who were not freshman. Sail, Blink, Maddy, Redshirt, Greek, BOM, Sextasy. Make me your story if you wish, you are wrong. And american eagle...I never liked you, stop telling people we went out.

    I dont wish I could change the things Ive done, thats foolish, I only wish that I could change the things people say Ive done.

    My good friend Dawn said it best in her senior quote. "Highschool was great. I just wish I remembered doing half the things people said I did."

    =) Cheese and Crackers

    Sorry for the harsh and brutal punch that this journal entries' reality may have fed you.

    Good Fight and Good Night.

    "I need somebody and always."
    -Blink 182

    Current Mood: Authoritative
    Current Music: Blink 182, Miss You
    Friday, May 21st, 2004
    3:42 pm
    Medicated Drama Queen
    In this game. In this pain.

    Well, hello! Ive got some interesting stuff to tell you folks. Did anyone else know that I had fans?? I didnt, just the other day i found out that like 5 other people that i didnt know read this thing....actually do read it. Fancy that. Thanks E-Mon and Chicky.

    Cool Man book is gunna be the name of my next big art work. Its going to feature all of my fans names that Ive mentioned in my cartoon form....so it should be pretty interesting...if I actually pull this project off. Secondly, I want to apologize to Gizmoe, because I never made her that CD compilation that i was suppose to have ready for her like 3 Christmas's Ago.....i dont know why I capitalized Ago. But Gizmoe Im sorry, and I will give you a detailed list, and good songs to D/L whenever you want! =)

    I got some sleep the other night....which may not sound like a big deal, but it was to me, considering it was the first amount of sleep i had gotten in literally three days. For dick it was four, hes a trooper. It was 5 AM and we had to werk at 10 and we were like "AHHHHH FUK IT" Yes, we actually said fuck it with a only a K. Smart Ass. We were so tired. It was like we were drunk. It was like we were comepletely obliterated the other night. We felt hung over, and hurtin. OUCH!!! It was so fun though. We showered at 5....not together....pervert. And we went out to eat. Hahaha, who does that?! Oh well it was fun, i think im gunna do it again.

    Me and Landman are gunna make a movie. Sweet.

    Im learning how to bartend!!! Oh yea, I hope it can get good at it, and be the hottest best bartender in Massachusetts. Ive already got some of the good basics down. Now its just learning the hard stuff, which unfortunatley is....hard. And Ive got to figure out the differacnes in wines, because thats just DAMN confusing.

    Id like to say happy Birthday to Cait the Jew. Your 21, go get drunk.

    One of my new all time favorite bands is A Perfect Circle. They just kick so much ass they are beginning to run out. And Maynard is now one of my favorite singers ever, right next to Chino. They are going to have an arm wrestling match later this week to see who will win.

    Speaking of which...Ben Whoofleck? No! You cant-a-touch that mango!

    Ok, Ive begun to run out of stuff to wriz-ite.

    "Its not like you killed someone."

    Current Mood: Jiggly-Puff
    Current Music: APC, Judith
    Friday, May 7th, 2004
    3:18 am
    But Not This Masochist!
    --Phosforus is lost to us.--

    Im typing this without the use of myleft thumb.

    Has anyone ever noticed how much you use your thumbs? I mean geez. No wonder Humans are on of the most advanced species (other than the Xenomorph) on Earth. We have thumbs! I mean, yea some other species have thumbs, but not as cool as ours. Go thumbs!

    Has anyone ever been in so much pain that they felt sick? Like sick like they were gunna puke? Okay, no no no, not emotionally sick, because we all know that emotions can do that do. I mean reall RAW physical pain. Well I am in extremely, excruciating physical pain right now, and I feel sick to my stomach, like im going to throw up, and light headed. Plus, me being a hypocontriac, Im thinking the worst...Which is death, for you slow enough to jump to that conclusion on your own.

    Some people are emotional pain people, and others are physical pain people. The majority of thier pain is emotional, so they grow use to it, and then physical pain is extreme for them, because they dont have control over it. Then there are your physical pain people. Who are so rough and rugged that any emotional trauma, will scar them forever, and they will most likely not be able to deal with it at all. I think nowadays the majority of our population is some mix of the two. I have an average pain threshold, id say, for physical pain. I am majorly effected by emotional things, because I am an emotional kid, but I can take alot of emotional damage, otherwise, I would really be writing this cool man book right now. And I have a friend whose pain tolerancy is so damn high, its become a handicap. He gashes his hand open, and hes like "Meh, no sweat." When he should be passed out and dying, hes unloading 35 pound shipments. And I have to MAKE him go to the hospital.

    Okay, so now a bunch of you wondering "Why the hell are you talking about thumbs and pain?!?!" Well, as the smart bunch may have guessed, I really hurt my thumb, and it hurts like hell would. And the slower ones are now thinking the same thing because they read it by the time they read this.

    Hey you slower ones! Time to catch up.

    Grrrr...I just wanna use my thumb, so many damn typos.

    Okay, so what exactly did i do to my thumb? I burned it. "Oh wow a burn" Yes a burn you fucker, and its disgustingly painful. I was cleaning and diss-assembling hot hot hot metal ("Hot Stuff Comin Through"). It being 2:30 AM and Im still at work, I was in a rush. So I grapped the inner most of the more hottest pieces, and bam. My nerve endings lit up with "DANGER!! DANGER WILL ROBINSON!! DANGER!!" type alarms. So me being the determined sonuvabitch I am, I finished my trek and put the scalding metal into the sink, letting it sear my thumb to death. After blowing on my thubm and running water over it, while I calmly tried to take the pain and listen to my friends story about his love funnies.

    "Im....gunna go put burn jel on it." I walked out, as it burst in flames....errr...pain. So I covered with all theses crazy burn chemicles in the first aid kit, and my gosh, they only made it burn worse. Makes one think, maybe its called Brun Jel because its for Burning you. Like some Masochists might like. But not this Masochist! It made me mad, and in pain, and eventually sick. I covered it in Burn Jel that Burns Your Burns, and wrapped a bandage on it. I was so light-headed and sick feeling, my buddy had to finish cleaning the hot metal. Thanks buddy!!! It burned so much, I started to sweat.

    As the smart group can tell, I am home now. The slow group..."Oh yea! Because he's typing!" I took off my bandage and what I thought was over-reacting, is just the opposite. My thumb is all bubbly and white and wrinkly. And Im still in quite the mother-fucking pain. I need some major pain killers. I hate the person who invented burns.

    Shoes.....HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA, you.

    "Is where I drew some blood."

    Current Mood: Sweaty
    Current Music: RHCP, Under the Bridge
    Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
    1:36 am
    Controversy Cant Hurt Me
    "My grudge can last forever. Its up to you to end it."

    Well, hello. Now its time for me to get some of you pissed at me. Not purposely though, but I just know some of you will get angry. Just because, you know...Im an oppinionated prick, with my own opinions...Speaking of which...The following are my opinions! OPINIONS! O-P-I-N-I-O-N-S. Which I am entitled to, because I live in a free country. A free country, in which not many people have that privelige.

    Okay. I totally agree, that what was done to those Iraqi soldiers in those pictures was wrong. It was cruel, and definetly not necessary. But you know what else was not necessary? Oh, you guessed it, FLYING A PLANE FULL OF INNOCENT PEOPLE INTO A BUILDING FULL OF MORE INNOCENT PEOPLE!!!! I mean cmon people, yes, we made a booboo...Actually (INSERT TANGENT HERE) WE did not make a booboo, some redneck dumbass soldierds made the booboo, and photographed it. It reminds of those stupid crook who video tape thier crimes...Ok, so booboo was made, but that booboo pales and i mean PALES in comparison to what those people did to us.

    And no, im not saying two wrongs make a right. But those hillbillies made photographs of soldiers. People whose profession is war and violence. Not civilians, and business men and women, who make a living for thier family by working civilly...HENCE THE NAME CIVILIAN.

    Im not glorifying war either, but i think war is necessary. Most of you have heard my schpeel about opposites. To have peace, you need war. Same thing with good and evil. Call me a pessimist, but I call myself a realist. You can have good without bad. You cant have peace without war, because then, how we know what peace is? Yes, I would love the world to be peaceful, but its not liekly. "If you want peace, prepare for war."

    Just for the record, id like to say that I think its pretty not-cool that we are still in the MiddleEast. We got Sudam, we won the people over, why are we still there? We more or less won. Pull out POTUS.


    I think Im done for the night, I just had to get that off my chest.

    You play Sorry, I play Chess.

    "Your style is like a trash can...meant to be takin out on a weekly basis."

    Current Mood: Opionated-Liberated
    Current Music: Clutch, Careful with that Mic
    Friday, April 30th, 2004
    2:43 am
    Minus Sweet Lou
    Holy pooper.

    For once in this lame series lifespan, Ive been wanting to update. But the cool people at Blurty wouldnt let me. I guess they had thier reasons, but now im happy im back. Holy CrAP I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY. Watch it all dissapear.....faggots.

    I went to a campground, and it was awesome. Actually it wasnt just a campground...it was THE campground, many of you may have heard of this mythological place, but ive actually been there. So apparently, Dick and I were up until 4 AM singing and dancing really loudly up and down and all around the camp ground. Good for us I say, even though we got in trouble, but denied the whole thing. Because it never really happened anyways...You know, because its your dog. BEARDO-ED!!!! 15 Cans. 15 Forms of Tuperware.

    That was awesome. I then later, as in later in the week, went to the Middle East. No, no, no...not the warzone. The bar/stage in Boston. I saw some pretty narly bands. Thats right I said narly. If any of you ever hear the name MetroWell, I suggest give them a listen, they are pretty ill sick. In the good way. I love the music and it inspires me even more so to be in a band.

    Speaking of bands, I am now going to be taking guitar and bass lessons from my daddio, who kows both, pretty f-in succesfully.

    On an even more of a cool huge puss...i mean plus...I kinda know a famous artist. Im good friends with his friend. Anyone ever heard of Jim Sweet? Yea, some people I know bought his poster in Newbury Comics. If you still read this, you know Im talking about you. You love that psoter, its in your room, and I know him! Sorry, I just think its kinda cool. Anywhoooo...

    So what have I been up to? Music and Skating. Yea pretty much. I feel old though. Wanna hang out? I hope so. Can some of my old readers please call me to hang out? Where's Blink? Where's Zero? Im writing up a good idea in my head right now, its awesome, but I can prolly never ever share it with all yall.

    Im lookin foward to prom.
    Thanks to whoever anonymously loves me more each day.
    And if Erin reads this, I didnt know you read this! Way to tell me! And if your a fan, tell me...Id be proud to have another reader.


    I also just want to say how happy/proud/enlightened/joyful I am that one of my dearest friends SAIL is now babtised. Im so proud of you, words cant express it. I am a part of you in more ways than one now. We are both children to Him. And as for myself, when I kissed you forehead, I got some holy oil on my lips, purposefully. I Love you Sail!

    Guess what. I remember someone asked me my favorite word. I dont have a favorite word, but I have a favorite words, or saying. Ugly Pretty. I love it. I really really do. YOUR BETTER THAN ICECREAM!!!!

    Love Love Love Love
    To You

    Me and Dick Have an Anthem. We chose it for a reason. It has meaning.

    Good Fight...Good Night

    "It shines too bright it blinds me."
    -Blink 182

    Current Mood: What?
    Current Music: Blink 182, Online Songs
    Thursday, April 22nd, 2004
    2:46 am
    My Password is Mae
    Hey gang!

    Appaerntly Ive done some pretty dirty and perverted things and I dont even know about it, but kudos to me, becasue I was told its a good thing. And hey, at least I dont sound like a gay boy, like some people do.

    You notice how much paper cuts suck? Well if u never did notice, they suck alot. You know what hurts even more? A packing cardboard papercut. You know that two layered shit, with the waves in the middle....yea, its like double cut hell right there. You know whats worse?!?! A plastic paper cut. From dull plastic getting a humoungous gash in your finger. Ouchie-hell-shit!!!! Ok, but were not gunna into any other places you get paper-cuts, because Im gunna die and scream and cry if i do. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Its almost too late!!! OUCH! OW HELL! Stop...happy thoughts....no paper......



    Anyone who doesnt believe in the death penalty, should go see three movies. Kill Bill (both volumes), Punisher, and Man on Fire....for that fact, A Man Apart too. Then after youve seen those movies, but yourself in the position of the main character, and then you decide if the person who did that to you deserves to live. Thanks for your attention.

    I had a good two days ago. Good night. Better dawn. Awesome times. Some stealthy action. Some horny action. Some smokin action. Some eating action.

    And is there anything better this early in the morning than Adult Swim Cartoon Network? No, i didnt think so.

    2-2? Meet you outside.

    Good fight, good night.

    "Millions of peaches, peaches for me."
    -The Presidents of the United State of America

    Current Mood: Wicked
    Current Music: TPOTUS, Peaches
    Friday, April 9th, 2004
    2:09 am
    My Cell Phone is in Video Games
    --Why do I cry when no ones looking? If I all I want is for someone to see me?--

    Okay, so today during work i had ideas a many flowing through my head to put in here. When I got home I decided to hop on this thing and begin to write. But now that Im here. Ive got nothing for ya. And It sucks. Im so pissed off right now. We all know I dont name names, so Im not gunna start off by naming this faggot. Poopy day/night at work. Felt sick all day. Heard some names I didnt want to hear. Got mad at people.

    So I came here to try and write. But now I have nothing to write. Ive got writers block.


    I did pretty well for a while there, huh?

    This weekends gunna suck. I can already see it. Suckity-suck-suck. I think I owe you guys some more poems dont i? Yea I probably do.

    So I just looked through a bunch of my old poems, and they all suck. My only good ones are the recent ones. Youll have to tell me if you want to read them. They are good. I like them, I hope you will too. Well I dont give a shit if some of you dont like them, but i do care about some of your opinions, well most of yours, theres just a few I dont.

    Oky doky....Have you ever wanted to talk to someone? Yea, I just need to talk to someone. But not to like anyone, someone who I dont usually talk to. I need a refresher. Zero would be perfect right now. Just to talk.

    I miss my sour though.

    "Well your never gunna find it if your looking for it, wont come your way." =)

    Hey, to any guys out there looking to win a girl over, or win her back, or show her how you feel, use yourself some Waltham lyrics. They make every girls heart melt. I know, its worked for me.

    "To fall in love, was the best idea I ever had."

    I went tagging again tonight. I failed miserably. I was on the phone at first, then when I got going, the first of the worst happened. I was spraying some nice Dark Meadow Green into the Black outline I made, and then boom! "Is that a cop?"
    "Well, it sure is a car."
    "Yea, with its head lights in this direction."
    "There it goes, and YEP! That was definetly a cop. And he's on his way here."
    "You sure?"
    "Yea, thats the way to the school and thats the quickest way here."
    "Well! Thats reason enough for me to leave!"
    "Get all the paint and the flash light."
    "Close my trunk."
    "Okay! Go! Go!"
    "Im going."
    "Is that him?"
    "Yes, thats the exact car."
    "Good call."

    So, as you may be able to tell, we almost got busted by the cops. So none the less I did not finish my tag. Neither did Dick. Im going to get no sleep this weekend, and its partially all my fault.

    I think thats all Ive got left to say.

    Lemme know, and Ill write some more for ya. I figure I owe the Landman some more, because he did give me a whole book of his shit. He's a very good writer, but him and I have two completely differant styles. He's very straightfoward and blunt about it. Im kinda weening, and vague. I like them both though.

    Good Fight, Good Night

    "Rape me of my innocence."

    Current Mood: Talk-Less
    Current Music: Reveille, Permanent
    Thursday, April 8th, 2004
    3:15 am
    Dear Diary. . .Doh!
    "I find that the brown M&M's tend to be the strongest and the yellow ones the weakest. Theres nothing racial about it."

    Somtimes I hate updating this damn thing. Why? Because of the praise chorus I get from the fanbase is to update frequently. Which Id love to do. But to be perfectly honest, I dont always have shit to talk about. See I dont want this cool man book to become a Diary. I dont want to tell you guys in detail the innerworkings of everysingle day of my life. I find that very unessecary. I dont think you want to know when I go piddle, and how many times I sneezed yesterday, cuz neither do i. But if you do, leave me a comment, and Ill arrange something special for you. But seriously, Id hate to have to write Dear Diary at the top of this thing.

    I really really really really wish certain people didnt like the same bands as me. Becasue then it makes enjoying that band not as good. Which in turn, is not very enjoyable. It also sucks when they quote them in your profile because then everytime I check those damn people's profiles I get reminded that they do too in fact like this band, which Sucks! Sucky people should not be allowed to enjoy good music.

    Some good movies I recomend are Hellboy. It was awesome. Walking Tall. It was brutal. AND OH MY GOD. American History X. This movie is so horrible. But it is one the greatest movies I have ever seen. It is so good, its horrible. Not horrible as it was a bad movie. It was a bad movie. Bad as in content wise. It talks about horrible things. But it is an awesome movie. I suggest you see it. Especially if you were once a cool long haired hippy, turned shaven head, suspended nazi enthusiast. Maybe it will learn your dumb ass something usefull.

    With any and all luck I will be going to my best at being the goodest friend of the best friends Baptismal. Im so happy and proud for her. I Love her, may God bless you Sail! Thanks God! I Love You God! How are You? I hope Your well! Forgive me Lord! I Love You!!!

    My nails are getting long. I went upstairs to cut my nails, and ended up getting food instead. Good trade. The only orange juice worth drinking is orange juice with pulp.

    Good fight and good night.

    "Im not crazy because I take the right pills, everyday."
    -Jimmy Eat World

    Current Mood: Long
    Current Music: JEW, Bleed American
    Wednesday, March 31st, 2004
    4:11 pm
    Winning isnt everything. Its the only thing.
    "When I come home. Your hands arent around my heart. He's disecting it. Its his science project."

    Whats up mother lovers? Whose to say nothing? Some ass hole! Because everything is up. Okay, okay, relax now. Well, lets see, its been a busy while since we last conversed. Ive had a few complaints to update, so here i am, listening to my fans. But just remember, those times where i didnt update for like WHOLE months at a time. Holy Be-jeebus tha was crazy and vintage season one stuff. Look for it on a DVD this summer.

    Well, last Thursday was by far one the best....no no no no....THE BEST night I have ever had in one HELLUVA long time. Sweet bloody satisfaction. He hates his surprise parties, but he loved this one. Good people, good times. I now have my new beer pong partner for life. The Hay. And now they all know what Im talking about when I say that this kid is an asshole. Cha-ching.

    Whooo 4:20!!! Got a minute? Haha. OH well.

    This weekend in going to KICK ASS for movies. Hellboy? Walking Tall? No sir, no sir will I make it out alive. NO SIR!!! Okay, I prolly will, Im going to try and see them both tonight. We'll see though.

    Sail moved out. Hay moved out. We got weird face to move in. T-boss is a humoungous retard. And Yankfan-boss is a gay lord. Okay, well thats my business life norrawoed down into five sentances.

    My personal life is my personal business, so you can stay out of that! Oh yea!!! But, im the longer lasting energizer, so you bettah watch out!

    hmmmm.....lets see. Zhelch is still great stuff....always will be.

    Oh yea, and Better? You bet your ass it is. Better will keep reigning the territory's. Majestik and Vocoz are unstopable, and will always be the best.

    Hate him? You bet i do. Hate him? Yes I do. Most of you can guess who Im talking about. But I bet a few of you are like "who?" Well lets just say, for someone who doesnt generally trust people, when you accept people into your 'trust circle' because of your own whim, or because people told you to trust them, and then they basically take a home made shiv that is covered in rust and other peoples blood who once trusted them and shove it into your back while your already down on the ground bleeding and crying, and then they kick you over and stab your heart out, and then eat it, and spit on your dead face. Okay, then. Im gooder now. Well thats what it feels like they did to me. And thats why i can use such a word like hate.


    By the way, love is stronger than trust, in my book. Thats why...


    Regardless, Im happy. Because I won.

    Just have to win a few more battles and I will be on top.

    Good fight. Good night.

    "To ever fall in love again."
    -Lost Prophets

    Current Mood: Chimeric
    Current Music: Lost Prophets, Last Train Home
    Friday, March 19th, 2004
    4:06 am
    Blue and Yellow
    "Green means alot of peace, and alot of being whole. Hopefully together, we can share a piece in this hole."

    Have any of you ever listened to a song? Yes. Duh. Has a song ever made you happy? Yes. Duh. Has a song ever made you cry? Yes. Duh. Well, has the same song made you happy, then later in your life, made you cry, and then even LATER in your life, make you happy again? Well, it has to me. So eat it.

    Hey, guys, dont actually eat it, because then no one else will be able to read it. Okay, well if you didnt put two and two together, the name of the song is "Blue and Yellow" by The Used.

    I just saw "The Girl Next Door." Good movie. Elisha Cuthbert is so hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot.


    But good movies aside. I have goodtimes with others. Oh yes. Pretty, all covered in scars. and blood.....and blood. :-D I think i murdered the Gummi Bears. EVERYONE EVERYONE EVERYONE EVERYONE. Hope you like that. No work tomarrow, or today, however you look at it. Im not working Friday. I have the WHOLE day off. I think Im going out Friday night....to something...that might be fun. But hey it will be, just by some person who will be there will make the night worth it. All worth it. But I dont grind. Anymore. The juice is worth the squeeze.

    Oh, and by the way, we are so much better than any of you others. Because we are hardcore. We get TWO! Thats right two! You suckers only get one, but we get two.

    When you die, you will go to heaven. Where you will be a sex slave for Terrorist! Crazy, crazy, crazy you people are.

    Im sorry, you guys must think im nuts, or crazy, or on crazy nuts right now. But im not on drugs. But ectasy is very funny. Haha.

    The random-ness of this entry kicked ass, so Im not sorry.


    Team 17 is hotter.

    But still. Hot.

    Good-night. Hot.

    "And its all in how you mix the two."
    -The Used

    Current Mood: ecstatic
    Current Music: The Used, Blue and Yellow
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