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    Monday, April 25th, 2005
    8:31 pm
    Kris- i'm only updating cause wanted me to! lol.
    wow alot has happened since i last is nearing an end, and i can't wait. but the thought is bittersweet, because i will be leaving all my friends, but starting a new adventure. I'm going to ISU for all ya'll who didn't kno, and i am rooming with Christine Doman and Kristin Mathey...omgoodness its gonna be crazy!!! james and i decided to be friends, and its working out rather well. We are going to prom however and i can't wait! that kid and i will have a blast!! my dress is amazing i must say and i'm going all out for this!! my birth day was recently, like 18!! wow! i can legally have sex, smoke, buy a lotter ticket and stay out really really late...not that i would actually do anyof those..ew. lol. I did however get my ears double pierced today!! and i got some really amazing birthday presents!! my parents gave me a digital camera, white gold chain for my celtic cross ( i def needed a cuter one!) they also bought me another gold necklace but i didn't really care for it, so i'm using that money to have my greatgrandmothers ring from her 18th birthday resized for me. i've def got some bling now! 1/2 k diamond!! woot woot! my sister was soo cute for my birthday, she painted little box for me and bought me ground starbucks coffee and oatmeal cream pies, my lil bro got me starbucks gift certificate. the girls came over on sat night for a tea-party, which was rocking i must say!!! we ate, drank (tea and coffee) watched Princess Diaries 2 and danced to Now4! we're such girls, i kno. my girls got me some amazing gifts!! and i LOOOVVVEE them all!! thank you soo much for making my birthday so special!! another good note, i got my laptop, a grad present from my grandparents and parents. and we finally figured out prom plans. yay!! well i've got stuff to get done!

    Current Mood: chipper
    Current Music: Mindy Smith - Baby Doll
    Friday, January 21st, 2005
    5:47 pm
    by the way...
    Kelly, you are one crazy driver! lauren and kelly, you must have ESP to have matched and all. and Kristin you can seepy seepy here whenever you want!

    Thank god for Chocolate Ice Cream!
    5:41 pm
    Sharing the Stars-
    so i made it through finals! they werent too bad. my musical audition when ok, kinda screwed up one phrase, meh, what ya gonna do bout it? yesterday i had psych, math and bio. math was a lil harder than i expected, but o well. today i just had film studies. then kristin, lauren and kelly all went out to see "In Good Company" it was cute, but the ending was a little disapointing. James is home again!! woo whoo! he had a doctors app, they're trying to figure out why hes not feeling so well...poor thing. pray for him please. i dunno what we're doing tonight, maybe just renting a movie or something, he's had a long day. However...tomarrow...IS CHILI NIGHT!!! yea thats right! we're making chili at kev's! and i can't wait!! i'm thinking of auditioning for some musical that the dg is doing, dunno bout it yet. i'll have to wait and see what mueller thinks. well thats all for now folks.
    Sunday, December 26th, 2004
    4:20 pm
    i can't believe that a week of winter vacation has passed by already! thats crazy!!! i want another week more than wat we get, 2 stinking weeks...psht. so heres what happened last week.
    Saturday- i worked from 7:45am-5pm and it was so busy! i thought i was gonna die! after that i babysat at First United Methodist church from 5:15-6:45, and then was our work was at Rosebuds in downtown Naperville. the food was amazing, our seating arrangement was not up to par however. we were all crammed in to a tiny tinsey little room. i ended up leaving at like 10pm and once i got home i literally passed out.
    Sunday- sang at church, praiseteam for the 10:45 service, i cam early to practice, but they practiced during sundayschool, kinda unusual. we did an odly arranged emmanual medley. and i sightread the WHOLE thing.
    i rock.
    Monday- stayed around home in the morning and afternoon, had to be at school at 4, madrigals sang at the Chicago Symphony was soo much fun! the ballroom we sang in was amazing!!
    Tuesday-voicelessons, and youthgroup after youthgroup we, james, my sister, myself and lauren mc all went back to the sheehans with kristin and kyle. we stayed there for a bit, left aroune 10:30, cause kristin had to go to work in the morning. we started to wat "home alone" but didn't finish it, so i took it home to finish. james came withme. we ended up talking for a bit, and then watching Opera! from 11-12, cause josh groban was on! his voice is amazing. james left a bit after the show, and then i watched the rest of "homealone" i don't even remember what time i went to bed.
    Wednesday- we went to chicago for madrigals! we took the 10:45 train up to union station, then took a trolly to marshallfields, and then we walked to Carsions. it was freezing! and we were in our dresses and tux's those shoes are not ment for weather below 60, and it was def way below that! we got there, ran through some stuff. we had no intruments, just a pitchpipe, sheet music, and our voices. we end up doing about 13 songs, repeating 3. we were set up kinda by some doors, and it was freezing cause our dresses are sleeveless, but we had a micraphone, and alot of people stopped by to listen. one lady gave the manager her card, because she books groups for events...yay! after singing we ate PIZZA! then changed and headed over to Millenum park, we iceskated there, and then practically ran to union station. we really wanted to make the 4:44 express train back, and we left at like 4:15...thats def a long distance. finally we got home at like 5:20, and at 6:30 we were over at kevins for our little party. we ate, and sang, and dances, and built gingerbread houses, and watched muppets christmas carrol. it was fun.
    Thursday- worked from 4-8ish, then went over to Mc's for our gals christmas secret santa. i had kristin and lauren shee had me! i got the CUTEST pink lacey shirt and a darling purse that will be great for summer! i'm soo excited! i got kristin a really awesome bathrobe with matching socks, i have the same one, diff color, and i adore mine! james called, and then i called him back, but he wasn't there, and then he called me back, but i couldn't find my phone (i was home then) so i finally called him back. but he had gone to bed, cause it was really late, almost 12. his message said something about the hospital and he had been there, but was ok...and i was confuzed...but i found out wat happended on....
    Friday- went to grandmas. nothing special, nice to see everyone. got to play with ASPEN. my 2nd cousin, who's adorable. called james. found out that he had been to the hospital cause he was really sick, and they diagnosed him with kidney stones!! poor thing! but hes got some really strong painkillers, so hopefully he doesn't hurt too bad. poor thing!
    Saturday- CHRISTMAS! yay! opened up presents with the fam. then kinda layed around, had dinner...which was kinda like inbetween lunch and like 1pm. then i went to jame's house. we exchanged gifts..omg he is the sweetest bestest guy ever! he knitted me a scarft!!!! and i love it! its soo soft and bright pink! hes so amazing! he also brought me 2 huge yankee candles! my favorite!!! hes so cute! he seemed to be feeling better, but still not up to par. i got him a solid sterling silver cross on a sterling silver chain, a pictureframe that had like notes and stuff on it..really cute! i hope he liked it. i think he did.
    Sunday(today)- so woke up at 7:30 to get up and get ready for church, took a shower got dressed, went over to the neighbors house to let out their dog. came back, went to starbucks got to church at like 8:55...and NO ONE was there...i was soo confuzed, there was a sign inside that said there was no sunday school i left and went home. i watched tv with my mom untill time for 2nd usually starts at 10:45...but apparently not today, cause i got there at 10:30 with my bro and sis, and the service was already started! apparently it started at 10! who does that!?! i was extremely mad, cause i missed both sundayschool and service...thanks for the memo church..grrr. so i came home with my bro and sis. and i started to clean my room...ahhh it was crazy! i'm done with all my laundry! i cleaned out my dresser, my closet, makeup cabinet, 2 drawers of jelewry and scrapbooking stuff, and under the bed! i organized my desk and ALL the shelves in my room. my room is offically clean. the only think left is my nightstand. i'll leave that task for another time.

    so i think tomarrow my family might go to see my great grandpa, in southern IL. only like a 5-6 hour monday is taken, tues voice and youthgroup, and possibly seeing the new Phantom of the Opera? wends i have to work from 8:30-4, and i need to def do some major homework crunching sometime next week! ahh! well adios!
    Monday, December 13th, 2004
    5:45 pm
    so i was SUPPOSED to babysit on friday!!! NOT ANYMORE!!!! she just called and canceled!!! YAY!!! i get to see my James!!! YAY!!!
    2:54 pm
    xmas is almost here!!!
    yay! only 4 more days of school! THANK GOODNESS! i wouldn't survive much longer. i haven't been surviving to well ne wayz...i've been very neglectant of james, and had vary little time for anyone else either. sorry to all. things have just been crazy, between home, school, homework, madrigals, the salon and babysitting, well i haven't had that much time for anything, or anyone for that matter. but i am almost done with shopping!! yay!! and i paided off all my debt!! yay! even better! i got my secret santa with the gals and i can't wait for her to open it! she shall remain nameless for now! at the salon i got Air for secret santa! and her present rocks!! i can't wait for our xmas party on the 18th! even better i can't wait for james to come home! seeing him is a very wonderful present! and i can't wait for him to open what i got it...lets just say its going to take alot of opening...hehehe...ha. yes well then, i'm done with my family, and i'm making fudge for all the lil friends at school, i just have jason to shop for....honestly i don't kno wat to get him! hes practically my big brother, and i've known him for 4 years now....i don't do the gift card thing, because its too impersonal, and, i could get him a cd or something....but thats tricky, cause i duno what he has and what hes getting and yea...well...i'll think of something. i have to babysit tonight, unfortunately, and i have homework too...honestly school sucks. we spend over 6 hours a day there, then come home to a few hours of homework, but some people have a job thats a solid 15 hour day just there, no time for a life at all. oh well....i took off work this whole week because of madrigal preformances, and also for my sainity! and so i could get everything ready for the holiday. JAMES IS COMING HOME ON FRIDAY!!!.....and i have to babysit...ugh, i feel really bad, and disappointed, because i prolly won't get to see him untill sat night, or maybe even sunday. i took the babysiting job like a month ago, so i can't cancel, and i have to work from 8-5 on sat, and then babysit from 5:15-6:45 and then our work xmas party is at 7, but i'll prolly go a little late, cause i'll have to get dressed and do my hair...and ahh! but maybe i'll try and sneak out early...hmm...we'll see. well i have much homework to do...adios
    Sunday, November 21st, 2004
    9:22 pm
    so yea, i'm feeling better now. i figured in less than a year i'll be outta here, and i won't have to deal with crap. yay! i have almost all my christmas shopping done now! majorly excited! but that bad thing about getting it done early is having to wait. cause i wanna give everyone their gifts now! honestly, we should all do the gift giving thing more often! then we would never have to buy things for finished almost all of my homework, did my nails and messed around with the painting stuff on the computer, to pass time. my eyes hurt and i'm tired, so i just wanted to chill. i should be working on a paper due tues, but meh. hats off to all of you who finished long papers this weekend, good job! i wish i had your willpower! well i'm gonna head off to bed now! later!
    Saturday, November 20th, 2004
    9:43 pm
    so yesterday(friday), i got home from school, really tired, because madrigals had out big preformance last night if the beatles medley. i had tons of homework that (thurs) night and 2 tests to study for. i got hom friday exhausted from the night before and the 2 tests i took. i was stressed and not in a good mood. so i wanted to just sit down and relax. watch some tv for an hour, before i had to go pick up my mom from work. my mom called and wanted me to take my dress to the dry cleaners. ok i said, i'll do it later. she wanted me to go that very instant and take it. i said ok and went back to watching tv. well as time wore i i forgot, and eventually went to go pick up my mom, with the dress in the backseat. she asked if if was already done, and i said no, i hadn't taken in yet. no big deal, she didn't even say anything. we went to get a few movies and pick up a pizza, and also took the dress over. i had planned to go to a craft fair and get pie with the girls that night, and she knew about it. it seemed ok. but as the night wore on plans changed, my parents left to go shoppin and the gals and i decided that a movie and coffee at kristins house would be our night of fun. i called my mom to let her know that plans had changed and make sure it was still ok with her. and she grounded me for the night! because i didn't take my dress to the dry cleaners when SHE wanted. i mean, who does that, it didn't matter what time i took it in or not. it was a total control issue and she wanted to be in control. i was pissed and showed it when they got home. i didn't say anything or even do anything. i just ignored them as much as possible. i went to bed at 10 30
    today i had to work at 7, which means being there by 6:45, which means getting coffee at 6:30, which means leaving the house at 6:15. i am so not a morning person. work was, well work. came home, cleaned the bathroom and dusted the living room, dining room and foyer. then i took my little brother and some of his friends to go bowling. came home. read for a little bit. went over the the Barry's house to see their new adorable baby girl, and catch up on a few things. left there at about 4:30 and then went to go babysit for First united methodist chruch for their sat night service. i finally got to talk to james! i hadn't talked to him in soo long and it felt soo good to hear his voice and know that he'll be coming home soon! after that i swung buy my house to pickup my sis, tickets and directions to ariel's church, where her sister and our friend eric were in a production there. it was a very good play, very well done, hats off the everyone invloved. afterwards everyone decided to go to see the Incredibles, a 9:40 show. so we'd prolly get done around 12. no biggie, right>? wrong! my mom practically had a heart attack at the thought of my sister and i staying out that late. HELLO I"M ALMOST 18!!! i think i can go see a movie and come home a little later than usual! gosh! they treat me as if i'm a child. i'm a very resbonsible girl! i mean sure i have my immature moments, but everyone does, hell, even my great grandfather whos in his 90's does! it make me mad that they trust me enough to do what THEY want me to do, but when i want to do something i'm not old enough, of resbonsible enough, or i don't have enough experience. apparently i'm ok to drive my lil bro and sis around, as well as my mom when she wants to go shopping. when they needed me to go pick up my crazy aunt in the middle of know where when i had a trip to the dunes planed i went, and i drove more than 1/2 the way home, becuase my mom needed me too. but can i drive to see my boyfriend at college, of course not, because i'm not experienced at driving! i've been driving for almost 2 years, and they still don't trust me or my driving abilities. and i'm not allowed to drive the stupid mini van, cause its the newest car, and "our best one, we don't want u you ruin it" what bull crap! i've never so much gotten a parking ticket! or a speeding ticket, or ever even been pulled over. compared to the majority of the teenage population i'm pretty darn good. i dont' drink, smoke, break the law (except jay walking...) i mind my parents for the most part, i mean sure i have a messy room and i probaly could help out a little more, i have good grades (but not good enough) i work a part time job, i try and help out my parents when they need it, i even do christmas shoppin for them! i run errands for them all the time, cause i'm more than willing to lend a helping hand. but the minute i need them to be trusting of me they shut the door and treat me as if i'm 2. i know freshman who have more freedom than i do!! this bothers me so much that i can't say anything to them because the minute i start to talk i get emotional, something def not welcomed in the house, in our house "you can't become emotional, because then you loose control" guess what? we're not always in control, for the most part of life we aren't! but of course coming from a dad who argues with just about every religous belief you have and a mom that thinks "you get to heaven by being a good person" what should u expect. and not trashing on my mom or anything, bless her heart, shes just a little confuzed. i love both of my parents, but living here just becomes a burden so much sometimes. thats why i can't wait for college. most people think of parties at college, i think of religous and plan out freedom. last week i asked if i could go to ariels church on sunday, cause i wanted to try something new, and my parents wouldn't hear of it. my dad would rather me have open heart surgery than go to church, and my mom said "we're methodist, you can't go there" i'm not a methodist. i've never been baptized, or confirmed, and i'm not a member of the church i attend. i'm a christian, i don't have a denomination, i just believe in the word of god and think that the theology of any church should follow that. thats why i've stuck with faith united methodist church for so long, because its based off of scripture, and pastor josh was amazing, but seeing how we have a new youth pastor who has pushed my buttons a little, and the church is in mists of controversial ideas i wanted to try something new. so tomarrow i'm going to attempt to go to ariels church again. see how well that goes over. lets see if they even let me go to church at all, any church....wouldn't that be a violation of my rights, oh wait, i'm not 18 yet i don't have any frickin rights and i can't vote, but they can take my taxes. jerks.

    Current Mood: aggravated
    Saturday, November 13th, 2004
    11:22 pm
    so its been crazy lately! last weekend i babysat friday night from 2:30 untill about 11ish. then sat i worked 8-12 and babysat from monday i babysat, tues i felt like crap so i canceld voice and had a docs app. wend-nothing exciting, thurs i was supposed to work, but still didn't feel up to par, so called in sick-thank goodness mellisa could work for me. i mean i could have worked, but i woulda felt like crap. and last night i babysat again. today i had work, and then went to see the fall play with ariel and kevin. wow. it was really good! the acting was extraordinary! afterwards we proceeded to ariels. we just hung out and talked-about random stuff. one of the funnest things to do with bestfriends is just sit around and talk, about nothing in particular- or start talking about someting in particular and go off on so many tangents you don't remember what you were talking about in the first place. exactly wat we did tonight.
    so something really scary. coming home to see 4 firetrucks lite up, an ambulance and fire chief SUV in your cul-de-sac. so many thoughts race through your head. did my house burn down? is someone hurt? gosh i wish i wasn't so snappy with my sister tonight, what if something happend to her? they weren't there for my house, but for out neighbors. their chiminy caught fire, nothing damaged, and no one hurt. praise the Lord! stuff like that really puts things into perspective. i mean, what if it was my house, and it burned down, or i lost a loved one? sometimes i take to many things forgranted. i'm just relieved that everything is ok. and now i'm going to bed.
    Monday, November 8th, 2004
    4:40 pm
    well schools been going well...1st quarter just ended and i got all A's and one B...stinky math. the boys won state soccer! i'm so happy for them! ariel and i sang the national anthem at their recognition assembly on sunday. as for me, i've been feeling sorta like crap on a stick..yes you heard it...crap on a stick. my head and neck hurts, my throat is really sore, i still have a sinus infection and my ears hurt....i'm just a walking talking ball of infection. yay. so inorder to add a little happyness to my sick life i went shopping. i really need to stop doing that, because it makes me spend money. i bought 13 dvd's in the past 2 days...opps. to all my friends; never ever let me get a credit card! so the dvd's i bought....Miss Congenality, How to lose a guy in 10 days, My best friends wedding, Breakfest at Tiffanys, Ferris Buellers day off, Runaway bride, Serendipity, The Boondock Saints, A walk to remember, The Breakfest Club, Wizard of Oz, Sweet home alabama, and Cheaper by the Dozen. phew! thats alot! got any other suggestions to add to my collection? i have a list of others i would like to get, but i'll have to wait till pay day, i'm quite broke now....well i gotsta get going, homework, then babysitting, and then bed for me. gotta get some rest to hopefully get better!
    Thursday, October 28th, 2004
    4:31 pm
    jeepers creepers!!!
    wow! i haven't written in here for-ev-er!! i forgot i even still had an account, meh, o well. so heres an update, i did make madrigals, i went to homecoming with james, my now boyfriend, :) , the homecoming show was a blast i got a solo in it! yay! treehaven was soo much fun that totally fueled my want to become a science teacher! yea i kno i'm a nerd...i dyed my hair dark, like dark dark brown, and it looks spectacular!!! james came home last weekend and we had a blast! thurs night he surprised me by coming home early! he told me he wasn't supposed to be home till fri night, but when i got off work on thurs he was at my car with sweet!!! friday night we went out for dinner and then watched "friends" on dvd, sat we watched my lil bro and sis play in a tennis tournament for a little while, and then went to bakers square for pie...yum....afterthat we headed over to nicoles house where we watched "Miricle" and it was sooo goood! sunday was church and then we got coffee, and then just drove around admiring such a wonderfull day! the time sure has flown! its almost november!! ahhh! crazy! monday i worked, tues was a choir concert, last night i watched a movie with the family, and tonight i have voice lessons and then practice for singing at church. tomarrow i'm gonna go see "the grudge" and i'm scarred outta my pants!!!! sat i have to work, and clean cause sunday i'm having the gang over for fun times, prolly watch a movie, eat, i'll be making apple cider, taco's? and apple pie and punkin pie, yes thats right PUNKIN~! my hair is getting long! i'm soo excited i've decided to grow it out! well, we'll see how long that lasts, i've also decieded that i'm gonna get my ears double peirced, my cartalage periced and a tattoo....only 6 more months till i'm 18!! wooo whoooo!!! its gonna be crazy! well ii must be going, my turn to cook dinner tonight, adios friends!
    Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
    10:10 pm
    Hold me
    Even though I know you're leaving
    And show me
    All the reasons you would stay
    It's just enough to feel your breath on mine
    To warm my soul and ease my mind
    You've got to hold me and show me now

    Give me
    Just one part of you to cling to
    And keep me
    Everywhere you are
    It's just enough to steal my heart and run
    And fade out with the falling sun

    Oh, please don't go
    Let me have you just one moment more
    Oh, all I need
    All I want is just one moment more
    You've got to hold me and keep me now

    Tell me how someday you'll be returning
    And maybe
    Maybe I'll believe
    It's just enough to see a shooting star
    To know you're never really far
    It's just enough to see a shooting star
    To know you're never really gone

    Oh, please don't go
    Let me have you just one moment more
    Oh, all I need
    All I want is just one moment more
    Oh, please don't go
    Let me have you just one moment more
    Oh, all I need
    All I want is just one moment more
    You've got to hold me and maybe I'll believe

    So hold me
    Even though I know you're leaving
    (mindy smith~one moment more)

    I'm waiting
    To hear your voice again
    And lighten up this heart
    I'm holding on to stupid memories
    But I see you in every little thing
    (mindy smith~hurricane)
    Sunday, September 12th, 2004
    6:55 pm
    "When You Say You Love Me"

    Like the sound of silence calling,
    I hear your voice and suddenly
    I'm falling, lost in a dream.
    Like the echoes of our souls are meeting,
    You say those words and my heart stops beating.
    I wonder what it means.
    What could it be that comes over me?
    At times I can't move.
    At times I can hardly breath.

    When you say you love me
    The world goes still, so still inside and
    When you say you love me
    For a moment, there's no one else alive

    You're the one I've always thought of.
    I don't know how, but I feel sheltered in your love.
    You're where I belong.
    And when you're with me if I close my eyes,
    There are times I swear I feel like I can fly
    For a moment in time.
    Somewhere between the Heavens and Earth ,
    And frozen in time, Oh when you say those words.

    When you say you love me
    The world goes still, so still inside and
    When you say you love me
    For a moment, there's no one else alive

    And this journey that we're on.
    How far we've come and I celebrate every moment.
    And when you say you love me,
    That's all you have to say.
    I'll always feel this way.

    When you say you love me
    The world goes still, so still inside and
    When you say you love me
    In that moment,I know why I'm alive

    When you say you love me.
    When you say you love me.
    Do you know how I love you?

    "There For Me"
    (feat. Sarah Brightman)

    There for me, every time I've been away
    Will you be there for me, thinking of me everyday
    Are you my destiny, words I never dared to say
    Will you be there for me?
    Just think of you and me, we could never tow the line
    It's such a mystery just to hear you say you're mine
    And while you're close to me, so close to me
    Just hold me

    When you're feeling cold and all the city streets are grey
    Walking all alone and watching how the children play
    Voices in the wind and faces from the past go dancing by
    They're asking why

    [Sarah and Josh:]
    Will you be there for me, everytime I go away
    Will you be there for me, thinking of me everyday
    Are you my destiny, words I never dared to say
    Will you be there for me?

    And while you're close to me, so close to me
    Just hold me

    Can you really want me more than for a little while?
    What are the stories hiding there behind your smile?
    Wishes in a dream and figures in a world that I could share
    And everywhere

    [Sarah and Josh:]
    Will you be there for me
    Will there ever come a day when all the world can see
    Things were meant to be that way
    Will you be there for me?
    Can you hear the people say
    That you're just
    There for me

    There for me

    There for me

    "Never Let Go"
    (feat. Deep Forest)

    I can't understand it.
    The search for an answer is met with a darker day.
    And we've been handed these moments forever.
    But I'm reassured there's another way.
    You don't have to close your eyes.
    There is room for love again.
    Ease the pain to realize
    All that love can be.
    Forced apart by time and sand.
    Take a step and take my hand.
    And don't let it go.
    Never let go.

    Broken, once connected,
    We were so strong and so blessed in a simple way.
    So don't let me go it alone.
    Turn your head up to the sky.
    Nothing down below but me.
    Face the truth to realize
    All that we could be.
    Torn apart by rage and fear.
    Hold onto what brought you here.
    Don't let it go.
    Never let go.

    Turn your head up to the sky.
    Nothing down below.
    Don't let go.

    Current Mood: dreamy
    Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
    10:25 pm
    and school approaches....
    the last couple of days have been great!
    friday i went to chicago with kevin, ariel and eric. eric lives in plainfeild and he and ariel used to live on the same street, anywayz...we took the train there and walked, yes walked, from union station to watertower place, we had lunch there and window shopped before walking to milenium park and grant park, then we walked along lakeshore drive and made our way over to buckingham fountain before catching a bus back to the station, we were lucky to catch the 6:50 express train back to downers, that only took us like 20 mins compared to like an hour! Sat i worked in the morning for Heather, so she could go to the air and watershow, sunday was pastor josh and mrs jennifers fairwell service, after catacombs we went to uncle bubs and then over to the park to play frisbee. monday i didn't really do anything, kinda just relaxed, had the house to myself for once,and i just layed around, didn't move, watched tv alot of the time. went over to kyles for a bonfire, but came home semi early, cause i had my outdoor pics today and then we went to chicago again...eric drove..we went to north ave beach and it was nice for the first 45 mins, but then some clouds came and looked kinda threatening so we packed up and walked over to watertower place again. we had lunch at californa pizza kitchen and then came the best part of the day. we got to play dress up with the boys! Chandler Ariel and i got to choose outfits at Express for men for Kev and Eric to try on! it was great! and then we went to Gap and they guys chose stuff for us, Eric has a good eye for outfits! kev, well i don't think u'll be picking out our clouthes all that much, so don't worry bout it :) we caught a cab back to the car at north ave! i had never been in a cab b4!! it was soo cool! eric drove us back and we dropped chandler off...omg her amazing, its an old house with a huge front porch and whicker furniture out there, and the door is huge and its...amazing, it reminded me of those old english houses or a museum or something. it was dreamy...:) and its pretty big, considering she has 7 brothers and 1 sister!!! eric drove us back to ariels and then i went over to youth group. drove me and jenny home, and just kinda did nothing untill now. i can't believe school is starting in like a week! and my madrigals audition is tomarrow. i prolly won't get any sleep tonight!! i don't even kno my song that well, and well sightreading, well maybe i just shouldn't try out and save myself the embarasment! well i'm done typing cause my brain is tired.

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: Avrail L.~everything
    Friday, August 13th, 2004
    11:25 am
    yesterday was eventfull, went bowling with the family, had fondu for dinner (did i spell that right?), i did end up seeing tj before he left, but now however hes not leavin till 7 tonight, crazy kid! hes gonna drive 15 hours, straight though and at night! i would fall asleep! we had a meeting at church, and then we went to meg and kevs house! i got there before meg and kev, so jenny (lil sis) and i went to white hen, we got coffee. kev taught me how to play NFL blitz..i think thats the game? well i got to go, goin to chicago today with the fam for another "fun" day.
    Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
    11:03 pm
    where oh where has thou summer gone?
    the summer has flown by, with work, tennis, more work and such i feel like i've been cheated out of a so called "break". school approaches, i have so much to do, i have to take my outdoor senoir pics, i have to memorize music for my madrigals audition, i'm soo scared about that. i don't know what i would do if i didn't make it again, i would probally quit singing all together. thats kinda sad, but i couldn't stand it. i feel bad, i haven't gone to captins practices all week, cause i was outta town and today was a "family day", tomarrow i'm going tho. considering i got a crick in my neck that shall be fun. i tried playing today with my dad and sis, i couldn't really do much, so we'll see how i feel in the morning. i have been shoping mad crazy style lately, and now i need to conserve my money till next pay day, i only have 20 left for untill next thursday....uh oh! i brough 2 pairs of cord pants, a few shirts, a compact bible, a belt, a side back pack, a few cool pins, a scarf for my voice teacher, a book of irish blessings, a hoodie...and i think thats it. and well American Eagle will have to wait tillnext pay day, cause there was some cute stuff in there i wanted! as usual i just keep on rambling and rambling, but well i have no one to talk too...kinda lame, my parents wouldn't let me go to megans tonight, lauren mc is sick, kristin is sick, kev is having a college talk, kyle is with kristin, and ariel is outta town, and by now its too late to do ne thing cause i have to get up tomarrow. tj came to say goodbye cause he's going to school friday, apparently he wouldn't have had anytime on thurs to say goodbye, so he came over at around 10, and then left to go see megan....yea...well....ok....i've given up on boys. seems like they are either clueless or gross. why can't i find a nice, decent, christian, fun guy? meh. thats what i say to boys...meh! yea, i'm a dork...well its getting late, and i have to get up tomarrow, and i don't really have a point to this entry, but oh well, some more wasted time...

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: Casting Crowns~Your love is extravagant
    Sunday, July 11th, 2004
    10:49 pm
    so the summer had been very very busy! tennis, work at the bookstore, work at the salon, babysitting, and well, my, what little life i have, and inbetween all of that is college visits! i already went to Augustana and Monmouth, lets just say that i love Augustana, and well monmouth, i was very disappointed! this week is Carthage, and then ISU. and i need to do Indiana Weslyn! i dunno where else yet, i really want to check out Olivet Nazrene, but my parents refuse to even let me visit it, and well Moody is outta the question for them. finding a college is hard! i want a good privite christian school that would only have a tution of like 10,000 a year and is less that 3 hours away...thats never gonna happen! Ariel stayed with me for a few days when the got back from Tn. we went to 6 flags on july 5th. Lauren mc and i went to monmouth together, a great 3 hour bus ride that was pretty uncomfortable. i still don't have a bf, but hey if anyone kno's a great christian guy...just let me kno! Senior year is gonna suck being single, and mostly the dances will suck. but hey, i still got a few more months...right? tonight laur, kev and i hung out at Ariels, and we played Taboo! i kno, we're dorks, but we had fun! lol, last night Laur and ryan came over, we had some quality laughs outside sitting in the grass playing with their digital camera's. my lil sis had friends over last night and they slept outside in the tent! i'm soo jealous! me and the girls have to do that, complete with campfire and everything! well i do have tennis and bookstore and salon work tomarrow, plus ariel and i are going shopping! so i better be off to bed!
    Sunday, June 13th, 2004
    7:32 pm
    summer has begun
    thank goodness that school is over, i honestly couldn't sit still any more...however, i am very concered with my grades...if i didn't get a b on my honors english final i am, well screwed. i took the act for the 3rd time yesterday, hopefully 3rd time is the charm, because i gotta get some money for college! well my sister had her grad party today, wow i can't believe that she's gonna be a freshman! crazyness....i gotta go to the bank and get some pennies ready for her.. :) i met my baby 2nd cousin today! and she is adorable...7 months old, and omg soo cute! i took her into the pool with me, and she loved it! the rest of the day i talked with friends of the fam and family members...kinda boring, but meh. soo this summer is kinda smelly, work work work and more work. heres my 7am-9am work at the bookstore 9am-1pm, then work at the salon 3pm-9pm (but i only work there like 3 times a week) and then babysitting for 2 hours on sat night, thats like 40 hours a week!
    full time! and i'm not even outta highschool yet! the relay for life is this weekend...hmmm i should start fundraising sometime soon....i'm getting my hair done on tues...can't wait! well thats enough if my random tangents...laterz
    Saturday, May 22nd, 2004
    11:12 pm
    all most summer!
    well the school year is coming to an end! (finally!) i can't believe it, i'm gonna be a senoir...geesh, seems like just yesterday i was a lil freshie! now starts the great college search, and i get to start filling out applications...i'm so nervous! my parents really want me to go to a public school, but well...i have other plans. i really am looking into smaller privite Olivet N., Augustana, Carthage, Ill. Wes. ect ect. they do cost alot more...but i have a better chance at getting scholar ships there...and with the three jobs i have this summer i should save up quite a bit! my summer is goin to be quite busy! tennis camp mon-thur 7am-9am, work at the bookstore mon-fri 9am-2pm, and then my usual hours at the salon. babysitting at FUMC every sat night from 5-7ish, and any other time i can fit into my schedule! i have soo many school project to do! and i really need to do well in all my classes! gotta keep up that GPA! (or death might occur...) i got back my act scores...a stinking point better than last time, but still not all that good, i want a 27. stupid english portion keeps bringing me down! 22-english, 24-math, 25-reading, 30-science. if i could boost the english i might beable to pull off a 26ish? i dunno, i just have to do better, i've already got the parents breathing down my neck about it...ugh. i have soo much homework to do tomarrow! french reading/project, english paper, math review, physics reading, eassy for us comp issues, i think the only classes i don't have homework in are choir and gym...geeze! lol. we should be opening our pool this coming weekend...i'm excited! not that i'm gonna have the time to use it or ne well ne wayz...last night i hung with lauren mc and jean. we went to his church softball game then to laurens, then to coldstone, then back to i had work from 8-12, babysitting from 5-7 and then went to ariels, where we made parfaits... and watched cheaper by the dozen, a great movie i must say! tanks to tj and jason for stopping by! great to see u 2 boys! well im out...
    Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
    10:14 pm
    its the good stuff...
    its the simple things in life really that make my days oh so much happier!

    going through a car wash
    driving with the windows down and the music blasting
    playing in the rain
    looking for four leaf clovers with your friends
    drinking the cool water from the backyard hose
    walking barefoot
    looking up at the night sky, only to be amazed by the beauty of the stars
    making breakfest food for dinner
    swinging as high as u can and then jumping off
    being with your friends
    having your back scratched
    receiving a huge hug!
    making little kids smile
    singing praise to our lord
    chatting with an old friend
    laying in the grass
    taking your dog for a walk with friends
    floating in the pool
    falling asleep on the swing outside on a warm day

    sometimes the little things are the best.
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