Who am I?   
10:19pm 04/05/2004
mood: worried
music: the sound of my fingers pressing the keys
If you know me, you know most of the time I like things to be perfect. I like not to rush things but to see the beautiful turn out. I guess I use this online journal not for writing, or even to wait and see if I get posts.. not my point for this at all. I like it to be secretive also public If you get my drift. I speeking for myself have an anger problem which sometimes tends to go too far. I use writing as my art, a form to forget about the problem and too move on. I dont ditch the seriousness, I smooth things over. I dont know exactly what Im trying to say, I mean everything makes scence in my head but It wont necessarly(sp) come out the way I would like it too. Someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.. I use to have lots an lots of dreams, but how can I answer the question I dont even know who I am now. Im taking time to myself again. yeah yeah I know it sounds retarded and gay but I dont know its lets me help out with my family, relax.. the whole nine yards. Things just have been so shitty lately I dont know what to do anymore..
close your eyez an just dream
listen to the whispers, and ull find urself at 7-11   
10:41pm 29/04/2004
mood: weird
music: new found glory -old shit babii
So you could say things have been a little rocky lately. Between good and bad things happening. Havnt been to the club which is good and bad. 1. I dont have the money to always go. 2. I've been exercising non stop. School has been ok, even though im sick right now. Its hard to get up in the morning. Sometimes I wish I was already out of school and working. But working sucks too. [haha] -x- I just got my toe's and fingers painted they look just darling hehe. I miss my boys havnt seen them in a while. It sucks. Anyway Im out... later
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let the waves crash down   
01:35am 18/04/2004
mood: excited
music: g-unt wanna get to know u
ok so the other night u can tell i was kinda feeling down and all.
well that wasnt the case lastnight. i was so fucking happy. i danced with 6 strippers. got a masage(sp) and got 4 lap dances... plus 0x0x = kiss's and hugs whoa... i had some drinks.. felt nice. and i just felt free of stress and the bullshit. i played with this cowboy, whoa..... babii.. i need to take a breath im getting all happy and shit. ok ... ahhh he was maddd hot. me and li danced are ass's off/ im talking like non stop dancing for hours straight... we danced with like 5 guys i think maybe more... but they were dancin pretty close and shit.. but no harm done. lol alls i gotta say is it was killer and i loved it
close your eyez an just dream
my hands around ur throat & i think i hate you.   
12:17am 16/04/2004
mood: angry
music: story of the year
I really dont know about much anymore. whom i think are my friends arnt. things can be so fucking shitty. i sit back all the time and try to be the nice "guy" [girl<3] but shit always mess's up one way or the other. i know i cant change the way people think/act or even the world in that matter. but i wish people didnt have to be rude, mean, or use force to bring anybody down, or even call them rediculous names. im sick of being pushed around, actually its happening more now then ever, i dont get it. if someone truly knows me they'll soon relize i do care about people,my family things i belive in. how i would like to be apart of a solution instead of a problem. i always like to be open about my feelings, so people understand me more. im not shady unless shadyness is brought to my attention. im sick of everyone always talking shit or starting shit. i have feelings ya know. ive lost people that mean the most to me. ive had a fucked up childhood from not being with both my *mom* and the guy im suppose to call my "dad" who ditched me when i needed him the most. always fighting with my brother,crying because i cant see my sister as much as i would like. just not feeling like a "real family". i know what im saying makes scence, so deal with me. i meet good friends and bad friends who use and abuse an i guess all these little bumps in the road make me who i am, and how strong i am. ive been through a lot of shit, loosing people,fighting,in hospitals, its crazy its sad. im not asking anyone to ever ever ever ever feel bad for me cuz if i knew that u did i wouldnt like u anymore dosnt matter if u were my bestfriend in the world. cuz i dont belive in that shit,real friends stick with u through thick and thin. and YEAH i do smoke pot. it keeps my crazy ass balanced and if ur against it, thats ur deal dont fucking give me shit. i dont know exactly what im getting too. but candace is my girl for life.<3! i dont know anymore, i just wanna get my room finished, get my liscence, get out of school, move the fuck outta here. shits retarded anymore. everythings always a lie. and i sware if aw calls *epar* on jw ill kill the bitch. goodnight all!
close your eyez an just dream
cherry streeeeeet :]   
05:49pm 12/04/2004
mood: blank
music: tbs- cute w/out the E
I have nothing to care for.
Nothing to dream about.
Not even the smallest kiss would help me out.
Nor' a pat on the back.
I'm just stuck with everything, shit man!
These days suck...
Everyones, childish games, peoples b-u-ll-sh-i-t, fucked up looking faces.
Smack them bitches and replace there smiles.
O0oo0oO ye-a-a-a!
close your eyez an just dream
And the morning dove gets caught in the telephone wires.   
04:36pm 29/03/2004
mood: bored
music: yellowcard-way away
][-x- name: Dana

][-x- birthday: 8.17.?????

][-x-siqn: leo

][-x-aqe: 17

][-x-sex: Pussycat

][-x-location:Point Pleasant

][-x- school: Boro High School

][-x- qlasses/contacts: nope perfect vision :)

][-x-braces: nope, never

][-x- fat/skinny: fat kid all the way <33

][-x-tall/short: 5'7 baby!

][-x-do you like ketchup:only on certain things

][-x-do you like mustard: NOPE!

][-x-do you like mayonnaise: on sandwiches i suppose

][-x- do you like pickles: yup just not garlic

][-x-do you like boys or qirls: strickly dick

][-x-do you like pickle relish: i wont try it!

][-x- do you have any siblinqs: yes i do. i have 4

][-x- what are their names: kerry,dan.brian,drew

][-x- do you like pokemon?: i think all of that shit is just retarded

][-x- do you talk to voices in your head?: yup:]

][ have you ever loved anyone?: yes!

][ have you ever hooked up with someone?:yeah a couple x

][ have you ever broken any bones?: fingers::ankle

][ do you qet alonq with your parents?: just my mom <33

][ are you qonna qo to colleqe?: maybe

][ who is your best qirl friend?:Candace all the way!

][ who is your best boy friend?: Niels

][ ever tried to impress you crush but wound up embarrassinq yourself?: hmm.. i dont know.

][ what are you most afraid of?: dieing and spiders

][ are you weird?: most deff!

][ do you sleep with one or 2 pillows?:actually i sleep with 3

][ do you like coffee?:nope i think its gross. i drink tea

][ what's the lonqest you went out with someone?: 7 months

][ do you reqret it?: nope not at all!

][ go to heaven/hell?: *almost heaven*

][ do you want to get married?: yes i do!

][ what do you like to do?: chill with my homies,Clubin,goin to shows,making fun of the handicapped.

][ what was the most fun retreat/trip you went on?: New York, was off the hook! & VA for the waterfalls baby...

][ what relative sends you the most money for christmas?: my grandma.

][ what do you want to be when you qrow up?: a therapizt or rockstar

][ what do you want your husband's name to be?: robert marchie jr.

- have you in the past 24 hours.

][ cried?: atually yes today :*[

][ qotten in major trouble?: nope

][ cut your hair?: nope

][ ate a meal?: yes..

][ hugged someone?: yes my mommy :]

][ kissed someone?: actually yeah.. my lil dunz'

- have you ever.

][ been so drunk you passed out?: twice...but never again

][ gone out in public in your pj's?: yes my blue and white pjs. there sic!

][ had an imaginary friend?: when i was little her name was hana

][ cried during a chick flick?: yup:: a walk to remember..

][ owned a new kid's on the block cd?: i had the tape

][ gotten into a car accident?: 1x

][ liked someone so much you cried?: haha yeah one time

][ sung in front of the mirror?: always baby.. even though my voice sucks

][ made faces in the mirror?:lol who dosnt..

][ spent more than 1 hour on your hair?: of course, im a girl

][ sleep-walked/talked in your sleep?: yeah all the time::

][ watched a scary movie and couldn't sleep at niqht?:no thats fucking gay but ive been spooked after
[ gone caroling: nope!

- movies.

][ funniest: half baked, dumb and dumber

][ stupidest: blair witch project is so fucking gay

][ could watch over and over aqain: now and then

][ last movie you saw?: texas chainsaw massacre

][ who do you qo to the movies with?: candace<33ughh and danni

][ made you cry the most: a walk to remember..good ass movie

][ did you like titanic?: yeah it was good and sad.

- would you ever.

][ jump out of a plane?: no but im going too

][ kiss your best guy friend?: nope..

][ go bungee jumping?: yes it was fucking amazing

][ stay in your room for a whole day?: when im sick or bored i guess yeah

][ go in the snow w/o clothes?: without clothes no but without shoes yeah

][ skinny dip?:no fuking comment

][ drink salt water?: if i go under, on accident

][ touch road kill?: fuck that shit..

][ take a job even if it meant you'd be away from your guy (or qirl)?: depends..

][ smile at your worst enemy?: no i would give them the finger and laugh then... suckers.!

][ go to reno to get married?: hahaha NO

][ gamble?: i roll dice baby...

][ have a makeout party?: i guess why not.. ;]

][ throw a party without your parents?: well who the fuck would party with there parents..?!

][ go to a foreign country?: no but i wanna go to ireland babii

][ fly a plane?: fuck that i would be too scared.

- who.

][ would you leave everything you own to if you died tomorrow?: id give my shit to the lil dunz'

][ who is the one person that you could stand spending a straight 24 hours with and not getting the slightest bit annoyed with?: i guess whoever, prolly kerry and candace

][ if you woke up one morninq and noticed that your leq was missinq who would be the 1st person you would call?: find that shit..

][ what if you woke up tomorrow and you were someone else completely, who would you be?: i would be courtny cox so 50 can fuck me .. haa

][ what would be the 1st thinq you would do if you woke up one morninq and you were the opposite sex?:i would find some drugs..

][ if you could chanqe one thinq about yourself, what would you change?: i would change my skin tone, so i can tan.

][ what is the thinq you care about most in your life?: *Hopey*

would you ever.

][ eat buqs puropsely?: yuck!

][ commit a crime?: yea. not too good.

][ chanqe your reliqion?: i dont think so..

][ lie to your parents?: i dont lie to my mom, but i lie to jim.

][ jump over a waterfall?: already have 3x

][ chanqe clothes in front of an open window?: ahhh i dont know..

][ dress up as the opposite sex for an important event?: i dont know prolly not tho

][ qo out at niqht dressed in somethinq like a black trench coat and sunqlasses?: no i dont like tench coats. GaY!

][ sinq a harmonized duet in front of 5oo stranqers?: yeah

][ tell someone you liked them even if they were much older than you?: i guess ... depends...

- have you ever.

][ lied to your parents about somethinq really important?: nope they usually cetch me if its serious

][ have your life threatened?: yes all the time, its called my older brother.

][ stayed up until the morninq light talkinq online?: sure..

][ made people qive you really weird qlances?: yeah bc of my hair and clothes... people are just jealous

][ read a shakespeare play?: ugh yeah and it sucked

][ talked in your sleep?: fucking retarded, already answered this one..

][ sunq at a karaoke bar?: no..
( 5 Knows ) close your eyez an just dream