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(KiSs mE!)

bad week :( [06 Feb 2004|05:00pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Real World ]

heyy..well this week was actually horrible in every way possible lol. actually my weekend was pretty fun, i just had ppl over fri sat and sun. but we still had some good times..except my dad came upstairs and caught me w/ alcohol lol that was terrible..i didnt get grounded though i just have 2 be home at 11, have ppl leave the house at 11, and i cant sleep over my friends houses 4 a while..then i got into a fight with this stupid black bitch at school she fucking jumped me from the back and pulled my hair down..oh man i was so pissed i love how she fights dirty i just want 2 see her again i swear 2 god.ill actually kill her..neway..then my parents are making me press charges against her..but i wasnt in trouble i went over chris's house that night..THEN yesterday amanda jen and chris came over and jen was drunk. my dad fucking smelled the alcohol AGAIN and now he doesnt trust me. and they wouldnt leave at 11 b/c jen had 2 find somewhere 2 go so now hes mad at me 4 having ppl over past 11..and so im grounded for a WEEK. ahhhhhhhhh i just wanted to go out w/ my friend sand get my mind of this whole week but no now i have 2 stay home and just think about everything..:(..the only thing actually good is that next weekend im ungrounded from driving w/ my friends, so i can do that and go out and everything so hopefully next week will be amazing..i cant handle this bs anymore..

(KiSs mE!)

LaLaalAaLaa =) [02 Jan 2004|12:42pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Angie Martinez ` Go motherfucker ]

heyy..doo doo doo im so freaking bored lol welll happy new year! for some reason i always write in this thing right after holidays lol..umm on tues. i went over stephs and we picked up tricia..then we went to wendys, and then a movie..we picked up nessa and then steph freaked out at vinnie lol, then we went out to eat ice cream at friendly's, and went to best buy and target to visit kristen..then later on i went out w/ amanda and jen we went over kevins and a couple ppl were there..chris was that was interesting haha..lalalaa on wed. i had to stay home until like 6, then i went over amandas and we drove around, went to the mall, went to sheetz, then back to her house, went over lloyds for his new years eve thing..erik and all his friends were there =) we had a good time..came home around 230 and i passed out lol..yesterday i woke up at 130, came home at 2, and then slept till about 730..2day i think angies coming over and then i have karate..steph wants me to come w/ her tricia and nessa to go out 2 eat, but i think im just gonna go to a movie w/ julie..2morrow im hanging out w/ julez a little i think, then going to the mall w/ cheese. i dunno though she might dick me over lol..okay well that was a really freaking long entry..so im done now lols..okay byee! =) .. <33 * Justine
<33 got so attached that night that i cant even sleep ;D

(KiSs mE!)

veryy borreddd [28 Dec 2003|02:35pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Britney Spears ` Breathe on me ]

heyy..on friday after amanda went home i went over stephanys house, and we just talked and ate for a while lol..and then erik came over and brought his friends..justin chris and i think matt..that was fun we all just hung out..i went home at like 11, and then manda slept over..we went out w/ erik later on good times lol..umm yesterday i was really tired and sick so i just slept all day i really needed that..and 2day i cant go out :( b/c my moms having company over and i have 2 be here, and i have to help her clean up the house..i wish i went out yesterday cuz i hate being here..2morrow i think im hanging out w/ cheese..tues i think im w/ julez..and on new years were all goin over stephs house..yay! she got her liscense lol..okay well im gonna go do some meaningless quizzes cuz i havnt since back in the day and i have nothing better 2 do..byee<33 * Justine
im not ashamed of the things that i dream..i find myself flirting with the verge of obscene ;`)

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(2 KiSseD mE * <3 | KiSs mE!)

Merry Christmas!! =) [25 Dec 2003|04:20pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Mariah Carey ` Xmas Cd ]

heyy..its christmas!! =) .. yesterday was verrry interesting my whole family got into about 5 million fights..we cant even get along on xmas eve, it really sucks. anyway today was better so far, i got everything i wanted and more lol, and i got an mp3 player but i have no freaking clue how to work it so i've been sitting here for like the past half hour trying to figure out how 2 download music on2 it, and its def. not working...GREAAAAAAT lol..oh yeah on tues. i hung out w/ amanda we went to pizza bella, and then me, sarah, meg, kay, and rena went to play pool, went 2 dennys, and then rodanos. it was fun..tomorrow i dont know what im doing yet for sure, im very confused as usual lol..julie lied to me on tues. and i havnt figured out yet what she dicked me over for. prob. eric...okay well im gonna go play w/ my new stuff lols bye! <33 * Teenie
Merry Christmas!!

(KiSs mE!)

update :) [22 Dec 2003|09:21pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Kelis ` Milkshake ]

heyy..umm yeah this weekend was pretty good, on saturday i had a karate xmas thing, it was fun. at first it was gay b/c we had to sit there and do nothing until the performance..but then we danced and there was some sexy boys there so i had a good time lol..omg kay got into an accident AGAIN i cant believe it thats like the 2nd one in a month, shes really freaked out im just glad shes okay..amanda got in an accident too. steph was supposed to get her liscense sat. but she failed lol bc she didnt paralell park right..umm 2day was an okay day, im jsut looking forward to getting out of school . 2morrow me and julie are going 2 pizza bella after the half day and then 2 get massages, and then to karate i think. i dont even know what im doing this weekend yet which feels weird..amanda wants me to go over justins w/ her 2morrow but i dunno..i dont really wanna get back into that whole thing..christmas is almost here its crazy things have been going by so fast..alrite well i guess im gonna go nothing else to say..<33 * Justine ;`)~
3 days till xmas!!

(1 KiSseD mE * <3 | KiSs mE!)

yayyy!! [26 Nov 2003|04:28pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Busta Rhymes feat Kelis ` What it is ]

heyy! well lotsa drama yesterday lol but it just turns out that *somebody* is a huge big fat ugly liarrr..neways! its the thanksgiving weekend YES! lol no school till tuesday! :) umm 2nite im going 2 the movies with jufie n eric n stephy n jason nd nessa nd tricia! should be a very good time..afterwards me n stephanyyy are sleeping over jufs house..um thurs. im going 2 the football game, then home for thanksgiving dinner *yummy*..nd friday i think ill hang out w/ kaybay ray..and then sat. im going shopping all day long w/ jufie! and sunday maybe ill hang out w/ manda banana. lol its gonna be a goood weekend well thats all for now! <33 Teenayy

(KiSs mE!)

upDate :) [21 Nov 2003|04:50pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | Suga suga ]

heyy..school is gay, thats all i have to say about it lol..2nite i was gonna go to the movies w/ steph tricia n julez but that didnt work out so we're going next week..im pretty sure that im hangin out w/ ketchup after karate 2nite..me and amanda got in a fight and i dont really care b/c shes been pissing me off lately..umm i dunno what to say..i dont really care about boys anymore im sick of them..they only like me when they have girlfriends and they wanna screw around on them..so im done w/ those ppl..i dunno i gues thats it..<33 * Justine
suga how ya get so fly? *

(2 KiSseD mE * <3 | KiSs mE!)

grr [06 Nov 2003|08:18pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Outkast ` Hey Ya ]

heyy..this week went by really fast ` stephs party was lotsa fun i cant wait 2 get my pics developed =) ` this week went by fast, i got good grades this quarter.. school was okay 2day ` my dads a cockhead and grounded me 2day for no reason..i like about 3 guys right now and i cant decide between them..ahh i guess this entry is gonna be really short cuz i have nothing 2 say but it doesnt matter nbody reads it anyway lol ok well i guess im gonna go..<33 * Justine
<3 he makes me feel soo g.o.o.d =)

(KiSs mE!)

* hAppy HaLloWeEn =) [01 Nov 2003|12:19pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Lil Jon and the Eastside boys ` GeT l0w ]

hey! i made a new blurty..these past couple weeks have been pretty crazy lol..lotsa drama. im not friends w/ a certain bitch anymore..oh well! yesterday after the half day me n juf went 2 pizza bella, then over stephys house. tricia came over, hten nessa did. we made halloween bags then went grocery shopping 4 after the semi..then we got ready and me, stephy, tricia, n nessa went to the football game, i saw megs there! havnt seen her in a while i miss her..it was beat so we went to dannys halloween party which was fun at first, but then i didnt feel so good i drank too fast...i was kinda sad b/c of a guy there..but it was still fun..marc drove us home around 1230, and 2day im going over stephs 4 her after the semi party..well im gonna go nothin else 2 say..<33 * Justine

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