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summer!!! [23 Jun 2004|09:56am]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | lloyd banks- warrior pt 2 remiix ]

hey- umm last saturday was dane's party- omg it was so fun lol.. this kid eddie was there and he was bangin- i love him<33 and he lives like down the street from me but he goes to military school cuz he's like a rebel or something hah.. but yeah he is so hott...

sunday me and caroline went to the pool for a little bit then left when maripat was done work then we went to maripats house and then to holmestyle then we rented scary movie3 and watched that then i went home..

monday me caroline and maripat went to the pool with rachel tayler tara emily and then emily came and was sitting with us.. it was fun but i left around 5 cuz i had a 6:15 huberts game- we won woo hoo.. then i just came home and did nothing

tuesday i went shopping with my mom and sister at neshaminy and i got some things- shorts, shirts, shoes, perfume, and a bathing suit-.. i saw danielle and katy there.. but yeah after the mall i had work till 6:30 then i came home and i was tired so again- i didnt go out lol

wednesday (today)-- i'm going to the library today to get my summer reading books and then to the bank and then i'm probably gonna go to the pool- and i have to pack for maine- woo hoo ?! ohh yeahh- maine fun time lol.. i'm gonna be there until monday so yeah- talk to you then

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s0 boring.. [15 Jun 2004|10:34pm]
[ mood | bored ]

omg monday was gay- i did nothing all day then went to work then to the huberts summer league- it wasn't that bad, i don't hate it but i don't love it either.. i don't even wanna play soccer in hs though lol.. anyway we lost our game and i got around 9:45ish..

tuesday (today) i got up around 7 and watched tv then around 12:30 we all went to dunkin donuts and then it ended up being me caroline jamie tom kyle and turner but it was so hot so turner left, caroline and jamie went back to jamies, kyle went to the pool, and me and tom walked home- on the way home we saw megd nicole mcgin alyssa and adam and kevin.. but later i went to work for an hour with gina then i walked to the abbotts house and babysat from 5:30 to 10:00 even though i was supposed to be done at 8:30!!! grrr so i didnt go out i was so pissed.. but i'm fine now cuz people said tonight was boring.. lol well i'm gonna go byex0

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graduation.. [14 Jun 2004|01:34pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | ssh ssh shake it... ]

hey- okay so tuesday night was the dance and that was so fun omg lol after that me elizabeth caroline maripat jamie adam kevin kyle brian and tom went to the dining car then after that the girls slept over elizabeths- the next day i went home and slept then got ready for graduation- so friggin sad lol i cried so bad. devyn was there too- aw i haven't seen her in like a year.. lol but yeah after that i just went home and had cake with my family

thursday we all got up so early and went to d.d. and then we went back to school haha and we were mostly just in the 7th grade rooms but then we went to see mrs friend and then mrs nolan gave us ice cream and then we left and went to elizabeths and then to carolines game and then to kyles cousins game and then back to carolines game and then to her house and then we went bowling- fun night.

friday- like half of our grade went to the last mass.. it was fun- i love jerome's haha then i went to the eye doctor and then that night was cj's party- omg soo fun but he lives in warminster so me caroline maripat and elizabeth went to his for a little bit but jamie got mad cuz her party was the same night so we had to leave the fun party and go to jamie's party- ugh it was so gay and the things that went on were pretty gay too..

hmm.. but yeah then saturday- i went to colleens. her party was fun, she had alot of people in her basement and i knew like 4 of them but it was still fun.. then i went to kates house and hers was fun too- first i was looking at her pictures from the dance and all that then i ate and we just stayed outback until i had to leave.. then i went to melanie's house and her party was fun too lol then me and liz left and we dropped her off then i went home and got ready for gina ashley and brittanys party- aw that was so fun lol i loved it. brianne was there- we were talking- she's not that bad anymore..

sunday was my party- alot of people came but then some had to leave to go to elizabeths but they said it was so boring so they came back to my house and then i left them all there to go to liz's and that was fun too then i came home and we all walked to elizabeth's.. i played tim in fooseball and we broke the guy and his head fell off!! haha it was pretty funny.. then some more stuff happened and me and mike left to go back to my house and it was just the mcintoshes haha so me and danielle were just talking about stuff but she had school the next day so they left... it was a good day though lol

& today i have work and then i have a hubert's summer league thing at 7:15 and tomorrow i have to babysit and wednesday i have to work again.. i wanna quit this job so bad.. ugh.. i'm gonna go bye x0

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so0 tired !! [05 Jun 2004|02:20pm]
[ mood | tired // hungry!! ]
[ music | tipsy -- j*kwon ]

hey.. alright well on thursday night i went over elizabeth's and then we went across the street to jamie's where caroline jamie adam and kevin were and we were only there for like an hour though.. but before we left jamie's cousin ana came and we all didn't like her cuz she was so friggin snobby lol so we didn't talk to her but we left like 5 minutes after she came anyway...

on friday, maripat & caroline came over at like 9 am and then we left for dorney park!! lol it was so fun- adam ana and this kid mike went with jamie and her sister karan.. and then it was me caroline maripat all walking around so it was fun. we went to the water park too which was kinda boring. but when we were there we saw like danielle kara ashley katey katelyn and all of them..

then later we got changed and went on some more rides.. like steel force, talon, thunderhawk, etc.. and then we went on the laser- omg lol- okay we got on the ride and it was fine and all that but then at the end, like when the rides over ya know how you like stop.. and then slowly go around to the station? well yeah.. we stopped but then like the ride lost power or something so we couldnt get to the station and out of our seats!! lol it was soo scary though lol and i was sittin with adam and i took his phone and i called my phone and i was like "omg mom i'm stuck on the laser!!!!" and shes like "omg.. are you like in a loop or anything??!!" haha but i wasn't.. but then some guy came and like pushed us around or something? i dont know... but then in like 5 minutes we got out and cuz we got stuck they let us go to the front of the line of steel force!! wo0o0o ho0o0oo!! haha it was great though lol... and the last ride we went on was dominator.. holy sh@t that was soo friggin scary.. we like slowly went up to the top and then we just stopped and we were up there for like 20 seconds and then we just fell and i like cried haha.. but it was so0 fun. (oh yeah- i forgot lol- i saw jenn cifelli and she pierced her own nose!! lol but i think its cute, she had like a little pink diamond hehe) but yeah then i left around 8:30ish (we got lost on the way home haha....)

then today i got up at 5:00 and kate jess and liz came over and we went to our tournament around 6:00... we lost our first game and liz got hurt lol but then me jess and liz left after that cuz me and liz had championship track thing at villanova but liz didnt even run cuz her leg hurt so bad.. lol- but yeah i ran the 400 and i got 1st in my heat.. but i was in like one of the slower heats but i don't really care at all haha... then we drove jess and liz home and now later i have 3 graduation parties to go to.. ugh and then after them i think my mom is gonna take me to the mall!! yayy lol but yeah i gg get ready bye xO

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[31 May 2004|02:58pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | s0 friggen tired !! ]

heyy.. okay this is just a quick update cuz i don't feel like going into detail about my weekend but i might later- me and caroline went to french creek though lol. yeah it was fun- alot of stuff happened but if i can i'll update about it later because i am soo tired now-- and caroline's still here too

woo hoo the pool is open. lol

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my dayyyyyy [15 May 2004|11:05pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | n0thing... ]

hey there- okay well ummm okay i went to my track meet which i thought was at edison but it got changed cuz like there was somethin else there so like when i was halfway there my dad called and said it was only at judge!! ughh lol so we had to turn around and then we got there and i didnt even run for like another 2 hours but yeah i ran the 400 and i got 2nd- i lost to jen mccaffrey.. lol-- and then later i was just sitting with my mom, mrs taggert, mrs christie, gina, liz, and jess and then me and jess went to do the 200 and i lost to-- jen mccaffrey lol- i got 2nd again... and then after that we ran the 4x1 and yeah it was only our team and matts and i was the last leg and so was- jen mccaffrey haaha- but yeah its funny cuz like all 3 times i lost to her and got 2nd- lol........

hmm then after that i went home, got ready and all that and went to ginas to do our project which we didnt friggen do cuz she had to go to fckin wings to go so yeah then me and caroline left cuz we werent doing anything lol so then we got maripat and elizabeth and went to the boys game which we got to an hour late haaha lol and we were there for like a half hour but yeah kevin adam rachel and laura were there too so it was fun.... then we went back to elizabeths and kevin adam brian kyle and tom came over then elizabeth got mad at them so they left but they came back an hour later lol- with will and yeah some stuff happened.. and ahhah i was lookin through will's phone book and i called alex but yeah he hung up on me like 4 times so then i called dylan and he hung up on me too cuz he thought i was drunk lol- but i wasn't..

hmm then like i dont know i left around 10:30.. but yeah it was a fun night..

oh yeah i have a friggen gay select tournament tomorrow so yeah there goes my whole day... omfg i wanna quit so bad i hate it with a friggen passion...


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omggggg [14 May 2004|11:48pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | class 0f `2oo4` i love you so fckin much!! ]

heyy... okay baltimore omg was soo fun- first we went to school at like 6:30 then we left around 7:00- the bus ride was pretty fun and i wasn't tired at all lol- then we got there around 10:00 and then we went to the aquarium and that was good i guess then we went to the dolphin show and that was great lol i liked that and then some of us went to the hard rock cafe and that was good too- our waiter's name was spider ahahaha lol and then after that we went to camden yards which i thought was boring but all the boys liked lol.. then we came back to the harbor area and instead of going to some science thing me caroline elizabeth maripat jamie kevin and adam stayed and walked around the mall--- omgg lol we bought hats that look like crabs ahhaha and they have like claws stickin out of them haaha omg and we walked around in them omg it was soo funny lol-- then later our vice principal got like robbed lol but she found her purse later... then at like 5:30ish we left to go home.. but we watched spider man on the way home and that was good... lol omgg yeah i forgot like before we left all the boys went into hooter's lol and so did some of the girls just to like buy a shirt or whatever and our teacher was like omg blah blah blah why did you go in there- you're young catholics you should not be in a sexist, demorilizing establishment like that- that is demeaning to women blahh... and haha so kyles mom went up to the teacher and was like "yeah this is my kid and it's my money so i don't need to be preached to" ahhaha omg it was soo friggen funny lol... but then today in school we got another long talk about hooter's and all that in school so yeah it was pretty embarressing...

and also the dance was tonight-- iT WAS THE LAST DANCE EVER!! but omfg timmy hammil was the dj and i musta requested like 50 songs just so i could talk to him ahhaha lol.... but yeah it was soo funny and at the end since they didnt have our grad song (greenday= time of your life) they played sucky vitamin c but oh well like all the 8th graders went on stage and everything and aww it was so sad but fun too lol-- ahh i dont wanna graduate... hehe... but yeah so the dance was soo fun..

uuuuuugggggghhhhhh tomorrow i have gay track... !! and i have a soccer tournament too which i really dont wanna go too... ahh well i'm gonna go watch jay leno -- xOoo

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baltimore is tomorrow!!! [12 May 2004|06:50pm]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | roses !! ]

hey... okay well on sunday we had a 9:00 game and we won w0oho0-- well yeah then school this week has pretty good- it went by pretty fast and baltimore is tomorrow- i'm excited lol- but my bus sucks soo bad but oh well i'm gonna sleep probably anyway.. the only people i like on my bus are like caroline will nick and tom.. but ohh yeah the girls have to sit in the back and the boys have to sit in the front cuz 2 years ago the teachers caught kids gettin with each other on the bus haaha so yeah now we have to get seperated??? ughhhhh... but oh well...

oh yeah i got my outfit for the dance on friday it's cute lol and we got out graduation shirts too- i like them- they're like a grayish color kind of with like blue writing and the back is like in graffiti writing sjs class of 2oo4 and lol i like them alot.. but yeah i'm gonna go now byee xOooo

i know you`d like to think that your sh@t don`t stank...

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heyy [08 May 2004|11:43pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | the reason x3 ]

hey.... okay tonight me elizabeth maripat caroline kevin adam and brian went to the rhawnhurst carnival- they had gay rides but it was fun lol... eww brian threw up after we went on the scrambler like 4 times haha... but then it got cold after a while so elizabeths mom picked us up and we went back to her house and we were just like eating and stuff and it was fun... then i just came home.. and omgg okay- laura and tim were going out- they broke up on friday- but they were going back out friday night... so then today we find out that jamie dormer?? and tim are going out- WHiLE HE iS STiLL GOiNG OUT WiTH LAURA!!! so elizabeth called her and told her and aw i feel bad for her.. tim is so gay lol- but yeah thats the drama for tonight...

but yeah i'm gonna go cuz i dont feel good at all... ugh bye xO

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heyyy you !! [07 May 2004|04:36pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | friends theme song ]

heyy !! okayy.... well on wednesday we had class pictures and then later that night we had the may procession but it rained so it was in the church... oh well though... umm it was okay- haha when i put the crown on the statue it almost fell off but it's okay cuz it didn't lol... then after that we got all these pictures then we drove caroline home and that was it...

umm thursday we had chastity day at ryan-- ahhahahah omg it was all about like sex and all this other shytt haaha omg it was frickin hilarious- there was this lady- she was miss d.c. and she said that you should wait until you get married to have sex and then she was like "i do means: i do you, you do me, and we don't nobody else!!" ahhhahhahaha omg i was like dying lolol... but yeah it was an extremely fun morning.. but we came back to school at like 12:30 and we ate lunch and then met with our little 1st grade prayer partners for like an hour.. it was okay... and last night was the last friends !! omgg it was soo sad i was like bawling!! haha.. i <3 that show..

but yeah anyway... today we had cora and it was soo gay- not even going to start explaining because then i will get mad and then be in a bad mood all day--but yeah it was not fun..... after school i went to work and i left at 4:00

i have no idea what i'm doing tonight.. i gotta figure that out soon... alright well i'm gonna go call some people- bye xO

i miss friends!

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