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wow [19 Sep 2004|03:49pm]
[ music | breathe - stretch- shake - let it go ]

holy shit i haven't updated in thee longest time. well nobody updates anymore either so this thing that i have had for like 2 years might be deleted!! :-( ahhh i have attachment problems. well anyway im gonna go i guess if i can i'll update or whatever..

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hello ! [09 Aug 2004|11:50pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | breakaway [ kelly clarkson ] ]

hey girls. alright- today was fun. first i went to the pool round 1:30-2. at the table it was me jamie elizabeth maripat rachel sean nick john eric and tim. then like i dunno everyone split apart and more people came and people left too but it was fun. jeff had this bouncy ball and me and caroline were playin with it and then marty and tim were trying to steal it and then brian got it and threw it over the fence. damn him- lol oh well, anyway.. i left around 5:30 and went home and called liz to ask her about soccer and we ended up talking for about a half hour- just catching up on things and remembering the good times lol.. yeah then i left for soccer and i really dont like it. i want to quit soo bad!! hmm.. i think i might lol.. tomorrow im probably going to the pool again. yay. alright well time to go- goodnight, love ya's!!


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hollaaaa [29 Jul 2004|12:41am]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | ashlee simpson cd [ aHhh i lOvee it ] ]

heyy... okay- yesterday.. we got our grad videos so we all went to elizabeths & watched it- aw i friggin love it- then we called nick romito and decided to meet him at dd so we did but it was pouring when we walked so we were drenched lol so we were just in there then kitty and prie come up so we were talkin to them then this grl brittany came and then okay- long story i dont feel like explaining- these guys came with masks on and robbed 7-11 and we saw the whole thing- omg so damn scary lol ahh... but i had to leave to go to work at 4:30 so i did and then at like 6 i see eric mike kyle and them outside and i called them& im like yeah i see you lol but then went up to dd and when i was done at 6:30 caroline maripat and jamie came and met me and we went out fun fun-- then we met up with whitney dane larry paul ian and harry and that was fun- then larry left and we went up to jeromes and were just there but it was so fun- then we see like rachel laura kyle and all them and they completely ignore us!! ugh.. oh well lol i had fun then eddie and nick came up and that was fun.. then it started to pour so my mom drove us home.. today was fun caroline and jamie knocked for me and we found out nick likes caroline lol- but neway we met elizabeth at dd and danielle whit victoria and steph(ugh) came to primos with us and then danielle left and later me met up with like gorno and his friends- fun time haha hes so funny lol but then i had to leave to go to the gay manchester united game but i was so mad cuz i missed like the best night- prie fought victoria!!! haha lol i heard prie got messed up though haha oh well.. i heard it was a fun night- damnit im so mad!! lol oh well- tomorrow i have gay huberts soccer- ugh i hate it- i would rather be out!!!! oh well... im gonna go byeex0o

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funnn timeee [24 Jul 2004|10:46pm]
[ mood | high ]
[ music | dashboard -- vindicated ]

heyy- today was a fun day..
okay well first me and elizabeth went to caroline's around 2:30 and we watched dirty dancing2- omg i friggin love that movie!! then we went out around 6- first we went to holmestyle then we went to dunkin donuts and then nick called me from rachels so we went over there for a little bit then when me caroline and elizabeth went to go get jamie at her house which is like around the corner we come back and all them wanted to go to dd but we didnt feel like it so we were just outside elizabeths then jamie went back to her house cuz her cousins were over so the 3 of us decided to go to jeromes to see if anyone was there but no one was so we were gonna go to dd and we were like there but then rachel calls and her and laura left the boys at dd so we met them on welsh road and all of a sudden elizabeth flippsss out and says she has to go home? so were like alright fine and we just left her lol and so we went back to jeromes and saw brian donnelly and his friends but we left them and went to dd and saw all the boys so we stayed with them for a little then left them to go back to jeromes and then they followed us and we got there and there were like 50 kids there- it was all the 7th and 8th graders it was so funn though- but outta nowhere bob keenan and his cool ass friends come up in their way cool station wagon and were doin like 60 in jeromes parking lot like screeching tires and all thinkin they were the shit but theyre such fags.. lol.. but anyway then we all left and it was a fun walk home.. me and caroline were like beating each other- it was funny but like it all started cuz she pulled my hair!! hahah... then we went to nicks house and me and caroline got picked up there and now i'm here- it was a fun night though.. alright im gonna go byee

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back again [22 Jul 2004|12:42am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | ashlee simpson- shadow ]

in that last entry- there were alot of hott people at the pool today.. hehe

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pool !! [22 Jul 2004|12:33am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | ashlee simpson- shadow ]

heyy... today i went to the pool.. i walked up with caroline and maripat and we saw eric and ryan fenn so we walked with them too.. it was fun- there were soo many people there cuz it was very hot out today!! but yeah i dont know we just hung out there.. aHh mike donahue was there- he is so hott!! lol.. there was a dive meet too and i saw dylan!! and there was this really hott kid there and for some reason we thought his name was eric so every time he dove we were like yeahh gooo eric and then like all of a sudden someone yells- umm his names dan!!! ahh haha we felt soo stupid but it was thee funniest thing.. lmao- then we were talking to jim fenningham ahh soo bangin!! haha.. then it was closing so we left, went to ritas, then went home- funn night!! but im tired and this was just a quick update.. gg byee

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yo0o0o [20 Jul 2004|10:26pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | ashlee simpson- autobiography ]

heyy.. nothing new.. last night me & caroline slept over elizabeth's- fun time.. then i left and went to work- bitches saw cinderella story without me.. lol jk i didn't care- work was good i guess.. then when i got home caroline maripat ryan and adam knocked for me so we just went out and holy shiitttttt we saw eddie!! ahhh!! hahahaha lol yes- eddie- caroline's former lover who has to be thee sexiest kid everr!! lol we were talkin to him for like a minute though.. then we were just walkin around and we decided to go to jamies cuz she had her family over since her sisters boyfriend got home from the army.. aww.. lol he got really hott- he's all buff now.. wheww haha!! then we left at like 9 and just walked like up and down streets and then adam and ryan left. oh yeah then we saw this little 3 yr old and three like 9 yr olds so the little 3 yr old goes- keep walkin you losers!! so caroline turns around and like does that gangstaa thing where you like act like youre about to like walk forward but you just like step and say "WHATT?!" haha and the girls kept looking so were like what? you wanna fight bitch come here!! and they just looked away real quick haha it was pretty funny.. hmm oh yeah before all this we saw nick and we were talkin to him for a little bit... later elizabeth came home but then carolines dad drove me and maripat home.. it was an okay night... i dont know what im gonna do tomorrow though but im gonna go now byeex0

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summer !! [19 Jul 2004|08:10am]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | ryan cabrera- on the way down ]

yoo sexyy !! hah- okay i took my other huberts test and i got a 9/10.. i went with elizabeth again. nothing is new- pretty much i just go to the pool every day but saturday night was cj's party and that was okay- so damn boring at first though so me and jamie just kept wandering around in warminster and we had no idea where we were going- but we got back to his house eventually lol. today i have to go to the doctors and then to the library and i have a huberts game tonight at 6:15 so i doubt i will do anything fun today.. hmm- tomorrow i have work and wednesday i think i have another huberts game- so yeah the next 3 days are going to suck!! ahh.. summer is like drifting away and i am so sad because i do not want to go to high school at all.. oh well- im going down the shore with elizabeth at the end of the month so that will be fun and then i have to go down with my family like right when i get back with her- so yeah grr- i dont like to be away from home for a long time cuz i feel like im missing out on like the gossip and whatnot. so yeah. i gotta go to the doctors soon. oh yeah this weeks the father judge soccer camp- alot of people are going but i hated it last year so uh huh screw that.. oh i'm leaving now- ahh i hate the doctor byeex0

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[10 Jul 2004|12:11pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | MY HAPPY ENDiNG-- AVRiL ]

yeahh baby.. lol summer is okay.. i pretty much go to the pool every day and lately at the pool its just been me elizabeth caroline maripat rachel laura tayler nicole nick tim sean dunn eric mccarthy, etc.. but yeah its fun most of the time- omgg but laura is veryy lucky cuz she goes out with mike donahue- woww he is so hott haha!! well anyway on wednesday i took the summer reading test at huberts and i got a 100!! yess.. and im halfway done my other book too but its kinda confusing?! oh well.. but anyway i have to go to a party today for like family friends cuz they are moving to georgia- random i know.. but yeah no one updates anymore!! grr.. this summer is going by so fast and i just want it to like slow down cuz i kinda dont wanna go to high school!! ahh.. well im gonna go get somethin to eat- byex0


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summer update!!!!!!! [06 Jul 2004|09:39pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | UNTiL THE DAY i DiE.. ST0RY 0F THE YEAR ]

yoooo !! yeah its been a while.. maine was so gay and i dont feel like going into details. on saturday me ry liz jess & kate all drove together to the poconos.. fun time- then we met melanie up there- we ended up losing 3 of our 3 games-haha- on saturday but it was fun at night... i just pretty much stayed in ryanns room and watched tv and played cards.. it was fun though lol- then sunday we won our game then caroline was there to pick me up cuz i was gonna stay with her at her mountain house... first we went shopping and that was fun then we got home and went out on her boat and went tubing-- omggg lol that was soo funn but scary too cuz i def like flew out of the tube like 4 times ahah.. lol then monday we were pretty much at the pool all day and then later that night we went back out on her boat and just drove around- fun time.. then today we came home around 3 and i had work at 4:30 and that was good.. woo hoo got paid.. i didn't do much tonight- just stayed in cuz everyone else had things to do.. but yeah i'm gonna go i'll try to update more

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