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    Monday, March 22nd, 2004
    8:11 am
    LONG TIME NO WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ok so Friday was a chill day got enuf $$$ for mary to go to prom I raised $60 and only needed $40 so with the extra I had enuf for mcdonalds after school and ciggs not to mention juice n lunch during school I was like nice!!!!
    So Orlando and Angela came after school lol when Orlando was inside angela lemme drive his car……we all hung out till like 7:00 and then Ang n Orlando left!! Mary ended up sleepin over and we chilled and smoke newpz and listened to twiztid till 1 am we got pizza at like 9:00……….Saturday we woke up at 8:00 and I made coffee n we had French toast and chill got ready and at 1120 we got to the mall saw Anthony kissed n ran to see DAWN OF THE DEAD………OMG so cool so better than the regular!!!!
    Then we went home and chilled and then went with ma n dad to get pizza at lucky in the burg yumm……..after that we went home and cleaned my room to perfection I CAN SEE THE FLOOR  ……Then her dad took us to JC Penneys to buy her a prom dress margo helped us choose a pretty lil pink #..........Then her dad left and we chilled with everyone from paul n Brandon to Ashley hayword,nermin,brad,and Vanessa B at one point they made me run to the other end of the mall to see if this kid had trees for them and I was wearing my plaid mini n this guy looked at my bum n im like ur gorgoues n we ran again and then mary ran n gave him my # 4 me and I was like yea n then we chilled for a few hours at the amazingly boring mall and when were right about to leave the haWtAss guy comes up to me and hes like im Mike Harwood (mary thought it was HARDwood lol) and then hes like you used to hang out with my sister Felicia n im like oh shyt and hes all like hang out with me but I had to go ; ( so he gave me his digits and we left and Sunday mary came over at 5 and we chilled and smoked ciggs then went to church and chilled with jess and went back home got pizza and chilled n me mary alisha n aex all listened to twiztid n Icp it was cool then I smoked a tiny bit of bud n went to bed nice weekend….
    Oh n for the record I was trying ot get with mike cuz anthonys bein an ass I ran into shawn guertin n jay and theyre like Oh anthonys here with becca his fucking ex and I guess hes telling them im the one who didn’t wanna go out with no one right now so we aren’t going out when I recall hes the one who said he didn’t wanna a g/f he wanted to date since he just got out of a serious relationship lil bitch grrrrrrrrr I hate guys who lie !!!
    Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
    9:28 am
    sitting here with vanessa B omg the guy from kb who i left my # and sn with him actually imed me i was like woohoo for one vanessa and me and vanessa b are making prom decisions now i was telling her how more than likely ill go with matt from Rd.Island cuz come on no guy from lhs is gonna sk me to prom pssshhhh........thatd be funny!!!!...........But matt is my SeXxi PuNk AnGeL anywayz so id be more than happy to go with him!!!
    Yea nessas movin in to chandras so now shell live closer woohoo hehe..........bell rang g 2 go

    Current Mood: calm
    Current Music: E.So-To ConFr0nT
    Monday, January 5th, 2004
    1:39 pm
    UmMmMm YeA
    2 hour delay cute picture with *Curtis*............ummmm xmas sucked.........NEW YEARS KIKED...Lock-In was awesome like i sang in the talent show with katie....ummm giant inflatable twister....lazer storm along with strobes black light and fog machine.......mosh pits,movie and a makeover(EverAfter),tunz of food,dancing,ps2 xbox and nintendo,talent show,music,games,just so much fun made some new pals yepp yepp got locked in at 8pm and doors didnt reopen till 830 am and most ppl hung round till 9:00....i didnt sleep at all not once and im happy cuz i didnt miss a thing woohoo lol................well umm yea game today woohoo....weve won all cept 1......talked to bryan gallant after like forever.........................................ummm i dunno ahhh im bored......................Im -H-U-N-G-R-Y- wikid hungry lmao.................well im out bye bye

    Current Mood: hungry
    Current Music: The Faint-Danse Macabre
    Tuesday, December 16th, 2003
    8:32 am
    .............I am the Viking.............
    Woke at 630 am went out to eat with dad ,alex,and alisha before her saturday detention.........then went to see mommy at the hospital.....then went with jesse and peto to walmart to buy some movies and a sports bra for cheering.......I got Queen of the Damned and Crazee Beautyful (i know i spelt it wrong) since my old one of C.B
    got lost..........cost me $$8.00 for both gotta love that shyt.......Peto bought me a pack of newpies and then we drove home alisha was there ...Andy came over and pierced alishas nose it looks hella cute...
    then alex went to Mels Birthday party and me and alisha went to see mommy Karen came shes 6 month preggers now.......I felt wikid bad cuz Matt was supposed to come down from Rd.Island and shyt and i forgot and shyt and went to see mom but i think he'll understand..........
    Sunday-Woke up at 7am and got breakfast at Jackies and then me and alisha and dad went to church after church i talked with Pastor Jake,Eddie,and Jeff for awhile and then we went home i went online a bit and then got off we went and saw mom......went home and chilled alex came home from mels we cleaned a lil and it started snowing i went online and then just chilled and listened to music

    No school woke up at 1040 and went with dad to get mom from the hospital finally shes home after a week
    Went out to eat with dad and then got moms meds from brooks and then went home and cleaned a bit then uncle kevin drove me and alisha to the mall around 3:00 omg hannah cut brittys hair so went to the mall saw the wonderful Gabriel after like months he was working(Sears) and we talked a bit lucky bytch saw MSI in NY and now Fri hes seeing MSI in Boston.........walked around while alisha shopped then she went to get her nails done i chilled with sum ppl and marquis fucking followed me like 3 times yo yo yo girl do i know you dadada whats shackin girl looking good ummmm get the hint i dont like you thug guys arent my type.....i dont go for homies gosh i got no problem with them but i told marquis he aint my type i like <3 Punk Bois,Skate Boarder Guys,Rocker Guys,Emo Boys,Goths,Ravers,Freaks,<3JUGGALOS<3,but straight out thugs nope.......hicks nope,country and pop boys nope.............i mean if u have a great personality maybe id consider it but i mean this kid all he does is listen to rap try and be bad ass and screw chicks no im set.......So i saw these two hot lil rocker boys and i followed them around then lost em when Ashley Stevens called for me..........Got an ice cream at friendlys saw gabe woth heather at the arcade (i saw gabe so many times yest) and then saw heathers bro bryan and paul and mel and lil hienly and allen and desiree and well alot of ppl............finally me and alisha went home and chilled and made fettichini alredo with chicken and brocolli YUMM........Terry came over brought me to Mr.Mikes dunkin Eillene hooked it up........Came home ate and chilled then headed to the dungeon and put on my Rock Selects cd (got awhile back at F.Y.E its not even rock its all punk and emo)After i listened to the whole cd i repeated Thursday-Understanding in a car crash like 10 times and just thought about shyt mainly sad shyt cryed a lil when i started thinking of guys and shyt but yea im out

    Current Mood: lonely
    Current Music: thursday-understanding in a car crash
    Friday, December 12th, 2003
    8:26 am
    I made interclass play and wouldve got the part i wanted cept too many people felt the lesbian part went against them i guess so me and leanne said fuck it and we took those parts so they wouldnt cancel the play w/e its gonna be fun doing the play its a funny play....................saw mom last night she isnt doing good im not doing good i laid in bed last night smokin my ciggarette listenin to fugazi instrumental with just a solitary candle on and sat there as my world fell apart doing nothing but crying sucks dont it life is hard now im like taking place of my mom cleaning getting the food taking the puppy out and setting the alarm to wake me up so i can get ret then wake the sisters and get us to school......(dad drives me and alisha but he shouldnt be driving)
    im gonna feel bad next week when i have to go everyday for cheerleading and interclass plays cuz them guys WONT help i know it

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: fugazi instr.
    8:21 am
    ...........DIE DIE DIE MAI DARLING.........
    Velocity Chyaldd
    You are Velocity Chyaldd! The controversial
    frontwoman of Vulgaras. You enjoy breaking
    taboos and you don't apologize for it. You are
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    for expressing their sexuality. Your lyrics are
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    long time no update guess im not doing the greatest moms in the hospital i had to call 911 at 1 am tuesday morning and was with her at the hospital till 745 am and then dad came (he just got surgery so he isnt good) moms still in the hospital so im kinda Ehh.........Stayedhome yest and got the sisters chinese decorated the xmas tree..
    I made interclass plays unless nachowitz does cut two girls but the way he was talking i dont think ill get cut cuz he was talking to sam boudreau and megg-o desjardin and told them i had alot of talent and he wanted me to get the part i wanted in the play (basically the part is Rizzo from grease only the play is at the drive ins and the part i want is this girl whos sexually confident on a date with the nervous wreck of a guy and hes tryin to screw her but too nervous and shes making hints like dont be nervous i wanna and in the end the just start mackin and they leave it at that suggesting that when lights go out thier doin it its such a funny part...cuz i dont think id do good with the Jan brady like part i think Carli will get that one she did rlly good for it) I made Varsity Cheerleading for Hockey lol and i only showed up one of the 3 days we were supposed to go tech 1 of 4 but one was canceled due to snow and Mr.Yound waivered the cheer and sneaker fees for me ($55 fee, $50 sneakers,$20 undershirt) since he heard moms in the hospital and dads off work for 3 weeks from surgery so i dont have to pay thats great.........

    Ive come to the conclusion that i shouldnt have friends cause when i do i ended up getting screwed over by em anywayz margo hasnt been over since july to chill my friends dont rlly come here and see me and i ask em to chill but nope all people do is nothing in this fucking town .....its pretty sad when i see ppl who live 4 ,5 hrs away more than ppl from here eh.......the only fucking person who calls me everynight is in RD.ISLAND and he makes fuck them all and ive givin up on trying to get guys at LHS they dont like me no one theres asked me out since freshman year(brandon) minus curtis when i was with caleb so yea fuck life up its dirtty anal hole.........FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK OFFF LIfe!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Friday, November 28th, 2003
    8:16 am
    ...........GET GONE..........
    ....................DELETING ALL OLD ENTRYS CEPT PAST FEW STARTING NEW................
    Thursday, November 27th, 2003
    12:42 pm
    MEOW---------------LALALA OMG SOOOOOOOOO BORED WIKID BORED KILL ME IM BORED TO FUCKING DEATH ROAR.................Dicks are for my friends when they come to my house i said dicks are for my friends .....ErrrrrOOOOOaaaaHHH..........white the world white the worl white the world plaster ya never catch on ahhh white world plaster ya never catch on alaways wanna battle with a big long john a white world ya never catch on......yo yo yo yo yo can yo i killed the rock rock rock rock thenit killed my brain brain brain brain brain nothing hurts any more nothing hurts any more do do doooooo do doooooo do doooooo.......Well bytches love me cuz they know that i can rock them a bytches love me cuz they know that i can rhyme bytches love me cuz they know that i can fuuuuuuuck bytches love me cuz they know that im on time allll threwout the projects.............MY beautiful MSI medely awwww dont like too bad FUCK YOU!!!!!
    I needa lose wieght im getting fat man oh man i need a bf im sooooo lonely and sick of just having make out pals fuck that i want a bf not to just sit and makeout with one of my guy pals.........wait i lied ill makeout with emmm until i have a bf at least!!!!! ROAR i havent had sex in awhile i need it lol.........SEX------ N VIOLENCE--------SEX--------------- N VIOLENCE--------SEX N VIOLENCE--------SEX N VIOLENCE--------SEX N VIOLENCE--------SEX ---------N -------------VIOLENCE--------SEX N VIOLENCE--------SEX N VIOLENCE--------SEX N VIOLENCE--------SEX ---------------N VIOLENCE--------i love sex and i love violence
    SEX N VIOLENCE--------SEX N VIOLENCE--------SEX N VIOLENCE--------SEX------- N VIOLENCE--------
    SUCH A GOOD SONG HURRAY FOR EXPLIOTED...............EHHHH im gonna go im talking to Vinny<3(which btw i forgot to put vinny on the list for ppl who like me Sooooo
    Vinny-Ashburnham-grocery store)
    ,Matt<3,and Seth<3 buh byezzzzzzzzzzz

    ":We kiss the STARS we WRITHE we ARE:"
    ":Cold ur so Cold we ARE so Cold ur so Cold:"