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[16 Apr 2003|12:40am]
I had an update..But blurty decided to eat it.

So I'm just going to speak quickly.

I hate it here, I lost my life when I was brought here, I believe a certain someone has a thing for me, and I fucking hate it here and if I had the fucking chance I would kill off every bloody staff member and free myself out of this hell.

The end.
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[12 Apr 2003|11:30am]
I still haven't met anyone, which is making things boring for me here. Boring is sometimes good but in this case it isn't, I'm use to at least having one friend but it looks to me as if people are all ready 'Paired' off which tends to make things, suck. I probably won't be seen around as much though, maybe I should just wait until my time is up so I can leave this fucking place. Everyone here sucks.
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[11 Apr 2003|12:27am]
[ music | Staind ]

Shit's pretty boring around here, I've yet to meet anyone worthy to even speak of and I'm beginning to get pretty dull, that I'll admit. Therapy sessions for me begin tomorrow afternoon, I doubt I'll participate in Group Therapy sessions though.

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[07 Apr 2003|09:11pm]
Hm, I never mentioned my AIM.

It's Craven is Evil, if any desire to talk.

Today went over very smoothly, I mostly enjoyed the day inside my room. And hence, enjoyed because actually I did It may be uncommon but I enjoy the peace and quietness, of just being locked inside of a room. It's very healthy you know, I must say if they continue with this It'll become very popular if it all ready isn't. I don't really plan on meeting anyone around here, and I probably won't remain here too long either.
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[06 Apr 2003|08:46pm]
[ music | Mindless Self Indulgence - Royally Fucked ]

I don't know why I decided to come here, I was actually forced. If all of those security guys or whatever you want to call them came to my house that day and held me down almost dragging me out the door I probably would've gotten away if I was just taken there by my parents. Most likely, I would've snuck out to one of my friends house with everything I owned and stayed there. I was planning on trying to move in with one of my older friends anyways, but my parents had to get worried about me now out of all times they had to get worried about me now.

I've been suicidal in my life a couple of times, sometimes I've tried slitting my wrists and becoming unconcious but most of these times were at a friends place. Then I've tried overdosing with pills, I wouldn't say I've done drugs because I haven't touched any substance of it, not even marijuana. I've been asked to try that, along with acid and some other drugs but for some reason I always turned it down. I suppose drugs just aren't my thing, and I doubt they will ever become it. The only addiction that I went on a binge with was probably drinking, I never touched cigarettes either - the things disgust me.

I've been dressing, and acting like such a depressant when I was around the age of eleven, that's when peer pressure and the teasing began. I always had anger built-up inside, and sometimes I was so close to bringing guns to school and just shooting every motherfucker in sight like the Columbine Tragedy or something. Then there have been times to where I just wanted to bash the fuck out of someone for just looking or even snickering at me.

I guess I have a bad temper, and I'm a little psychotic eh? But that wasn't the reason why I was sent away, my parents were worried of why my grades in school were failing, why I never had friends over, and never talked of a girlfriend and somewhat never had talks with them. I mostly had my friends come over at night or when they were gone, though they were aware of my drinking habits.

My friends usually called me 'Wednesday Addams', because I reminded them of the girl from the movie - The Addams Family. I guess you could say I have an attitude like her, but only my friends can call me that. And I've yet to make any here, though I must say I'm a very talkitive and opinionative person.

The other reason I was sent here was, I don't know how but my parents also found out that I was bisexual. I didn't find anything wrong withit though them being parents they found everything wrong with it. So fuck them, they are the ones who screwed me over and sent me here. I doubt I'll ever be free of this place, and when they come to visit me I'll make sure that they don't find me, because I'll probably want to rip them apart if I saw them ever again. I'm not ready to see them, and talking about them is making me want to rip them apart now.

I might be a little bipolar, I'm not sure. But I won't make that judgement, they'll just have to make that judgement themselves I'm surely not since that'll only give me more time in this hellhole. That's all I even feel open to express.

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