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[08 Sep 2003|07:00pm]
Aw man. Crumble crumble.

Let's watch my life crumble.
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[06 Sep 2003|04:08pm]
I just got back from the Wildcats game. They lost miserably. But the Air Force is an amazing team. HOWEVER I did buy a sweatshirt, a long sleeved shirt, and a northwestern bag.

Last night was the first at home football game. Dani, Riss, and I went together and met up with Berto, Kevin, Emily and Emily, Jordan, Carissa, and all of Emily's friends. I met a lot of people. I barely watched the game though. But I did buy a sweatshirt. Dani and I went to Walgreens and used the eyeshadow samples to put green stripes under our eyes, lol. I had a good time.

Riss, Moser, Jordan, and I went to the theater open house. It was very very mucho splendidliously fun.

The end.
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[02 Sep 2003|09:01pm]

THIS COULD NOT BE MORE PERFECT. except for the whole annie thing but i'll put that aside and STAY EXCITED!

first act is Annie...I won't go into detail...I hate Annie

Second act is Jekyll and Hyde!!!
-Someone Like You
-Murder, Murder
-Once Upon a Dream
-A New Life
-This is the Moment

Third Act is CHICAGO!!!
-All That Jazz
-Razzle Dazzle
-plus more that are undecided






I almost had a spazz fit. Seriously.

-One Song Glory (ahhh!)
-Without You
-Santa Fe
-La Vie Boheme (OMG!!)
-Will I
-Seasons of Love
-Another Day

I had the best time. As much as I was excited before, I'm a million times more excited now!!!!! Ashley, Jessi, and I sang the whole entire time. They're all such great girls. And I'm so lucky that Laura can drive!! She drove Ashley and I. It was fabulous. And Emily and I bonded, like always. With her folder...oh jeez...
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[01 Sep 2003|04:37pm]
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[01 Sep 2003|03:18pm]
Yesterday was a good day. I went to Jamba Juice with Dani and Riss to wish Courtney a happy birthday, and then we went to Best Buy and the mall so Dani could buy her a present. Marissa, once again, almost got run over by a car.

We tried on homecoming dresses at the mall. I know, it's really early, but we had nothing better to do and decided to have some fun. And it was REALLY fun. I found one dress I really like, Riss found a dress that looks great on her, and Dani...pshhh everything looks good on that girl. Go away Dani. No wait, come back.

Then my dad took us out to lunch with Hallie at On the Boarder. It was fun. I ate a lot of chips. Then we had fun in the car writing on Dani's take home box. You will never know how much fun you can have writing on one of those things unless you try it.

We dropped Dani off, cuz she had to go with her family out for Courtney's b-day, and Marissa came to my house. We went in the hot tub in the rain. Riss has never been in my hot tub when it's not raining. She's a bad omen.

Shana, Marissa, Molly, and I went to see the American English concert (Beatles Impersinators). It was so much fun, and they were Really good. Molly got a shirt and had them sign it. After the concert, there were fireworks. It was the perfect way to end a day.

Today, my dad has a wake to go to so I'm just staying home all day and being a bum. Haha yay!
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Edit: "The BEST TIME EVER!!" in honor of josh beler [31 Aug 2003|10:56am]
I have not been home at all this weekend. It's crazy. I got home from school on Friday, and went immediatly to BG Days with Marissa, Josh, and Phil. We had so much fun. We convinced Marissa to go on the drop, and she ended up loving it. We managed to fit all four of us into the tilt a whirl thing, and spun so fast. I got so dizzy. Then we went on the cliff hanger. After that, we went back to the DJ, and met up with Justin. Everyone was there though. It was crazy. Evan messed up his arm, and it was really gross.

Then I slept over at Marissa's house. We made pancakes for breakfast. Then we were gonna make brownies, but we ran out of time.

Saturday I went to see BG Idol with Josh and Marissa. Jake was in it. He's the cutest kid ever. He had to go first and he was soooo nervous. Everyone came for him though, so it was awesome. Becky, Jessi, and this other girl (I feel so guilty cuz I forgot her name) came (they're in Syncopation with me) and Ally, Sami, Becca, Amanda, Bridget, etc came. It was great to see everyone. Riss and I agreed that the whole process was bizzare though, cuz the competition had the youngest girl being 7 and the oldest being 19. How can you decide who's better when one's voice is fully developed and one's is barely starting to work? It was crazy.

Anyways, the crowd went insane for Jake. I was really happy for him. But then, he didn't even place. Everyone was really upset. The guy who got 1st was 17, 2nd place went to a 19 yr old girl, and 3rd place went to a 12 year old who sounded IDENTICAL to Jake. It sucked. Jake started crying, and he made me and Becky start crying. It was sad.

Then Josh and Marissa and I crossed the street and went to...BG DAYS AGAIN! LoL. We went on the tilt a whirl, cliff hanger, the drop, and this kiddy roller coaster. On the kiddy roller coaster, we put our hands up and screamed our heads off. It was hillarious. On the drop, we only screamed when it stopped dropping instead of while it was dropping. Then, at the end, we kept our faces frozen in expressions of terror. We could not stop laughing. It was hillarious. Then, I decided to buy a crown for Hallie, and Riss and I decided to buy one's for ourselves. We made Josh wear Hallie's. It was so funny. He got a lot of stares. But we looked hot. We go up to this lady and Josh asked her if he looked beautiful, and she said "Oh yeah. It's good when a man can show his feminine side." Haha, we all cheered.

Then we went back to Emily's house and met up with Dani. We played the Ouija board. I totally believe in those things, and people make fun of me, but I don't care. I haven't used one since L.R.'s sleepover. I miss it. I asked it questions, and we contacted spirits. Mine was Fugh and Marissa's was Koda. We got into Josh's mind and Dani's. It spelled out Josh's pen HAHAH it was great.

That night, we all went to the Rare Earth concert. Then me, Dani, and Em walked over to....BG DAYS haha to go on the swingy thing that no one would go on with me cuz their too chicken. It was mad fun. And I got to see Molly, Bryson, Zev, Lauren, and Ray.

Today, I'm going to see Beatles impersinators with Shana, and Molly, Riss, and Josh are going too so we're probably gonna bump into them. Dani needs to get her sis a present, and asked us all to go so I might go get some stuff with her and Riss and Josh. But I'm really glad I'm going with Shana today cuz we NEED to hang out.
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[23 Aug 2003|10:51am]
I went to the mixer last night with Josh, Dani, Shana, and Marissa and met up with a bunch of people. I got to actually see and talk to Paul, Mike, and Karla, which made me happy. And Berto, Kevin, Em, Kinjel, Cassie, Tript, Jane, Justin, Jordan, Holly, Kim, Bridget, Katie, Kevin, Bea etc. were there. We all met up. And Justin is a cripple! Poor baby.

Berto basically ignored me all night. He kept running off with Josh and Kevin and some girl I had never met. So...I hung out with whoever I could find. When I would go up to Berto, he would kinda stand there, and then eventually walk away. It was weird. But wait, that's how he usually is. Nevermind.

Justin kept grabbing me and trying to get me to dance with him, but I turned him down. He's always telling me to dump Berto and go out with him. But I say no.

Now, everytime I tried to go up to Berto, he'd start power-walking away. It was bizzare. Then I found out (not from him, but through the grapevine) that he was mad at me because Justin kept hitting on me. It's not my fucking fault. So he didn't talk to me the rest of the night. Then he refused to come back with us, and went with Kevin to get high/drunk instead. Great.

On the bright side, I had a lovely talk with Paul and his mother and his sister, all of whom have been to my house. I love that kid.

About the whole Berto thing: At first, I was tempted to go up to him and start yelling at him and setting him straight, saying that I've seen girls hit on him, and I've seen him hit on girls and haven't said shit. Does it bother me? Yeah. But I know in my heart (I think) that you are not going to give any piece of your heart away to any other girl besides me. I was so tempted to dump him on the spot or at least yell at him a tad. But I did neither.

Afterwards, Josh, Shana, Dani, Em, Kinjel, Celia, Bea, and I went back to Marissa's house. I got really really depressed about the whole Berto thing, and everyone kept asking me if something was wrong. I don't know why I was so down. I should be angry, not sad. But I had friends to help me out. Kinjel and Celia were so great. Me and Kinjel talked. But Bea and Sha just kinda laughed with me and distracted me. I need that. I love that. I love them.

I think I need some serious advice. I really don't know what I should do with this kid. Any superior advice??
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[21 Aug 2003|05:24pm]
First real day of school today. It went smoothly I'm happy to say. I have acting with Faye, which makes me really happy, I have chorus with Akansha, and I didn't get lost or die. Woohoo.
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[20 Aug 2003|05:24pm]

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[20 Aug 2003|04:48pm]
School was c-c-c-crazy. I'm gonna die tomorrow with three times as many people in the halls AND no FMP's. I'm especially worried about the no FMP's part.

My schedule is as follows:

1. Acting with Jacobs
2. Phys Ed with Klewin
3. Natural Science with Wellington
4a. Lunch
4b. Advisory with Bilodeau
5. Chorus with Betts
6. Spanish with Smith (Elfie Smith hahahaha)
7. English Accelerated with Heckel-Oliver
8. Advandced Algebra Accelerated with Layco

I'm especially excited about acting. I know everyone freshman in my class. Marissa and I rocked the house. I'm in it with Marissa, Emily, Kevin, Alex, Scott, Mark, Jorie, Jon, Maria, etc etc. Phsyched as a fo.

I have Phys Ed with Marissa (again), Ruth, Becky, Jane, and others.

I have Science with Kari. That's it. It's sad. Courtney was suppose to be in my Science...but switched. I was really mad at her.

I have Lunch with lots. I have Advisory with Moser, Nicole, and Alina.

I have Chorus with a lot of ppl. Like Marissa, Beler, Jane, Elizabeth, Scott, and others.

I have Spanish with Beler. That's it, but just Beler makes me happy.

I'm in English with Di. Yay Di!!

And I'm in Algebra with Jon, Michael, Elania, and Ralle.

*sigh* It was crazy.
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[19 Aug 2003|08:53am]
I had the best time of my life yesterday.

First, the audition. I walk into the room only to realize that everyone else trying out is from... AG!!! First of all, it was so nice to see them because I miss them so freakin much. Second of all, even if I don't make it, I'll be excited because Marriott is so close to my house that anyone who does make it can come over after rehearsals! So it all works out. Michelle, Kelli, Kailey, Abigail, and Abigail's sister are the ones I'm up against. They're all so talented...I dunno what's gonna happen.

Then, the party. As I was coming to the party, Emily was just leaving so I was like, "Awe man, there goes the one person I would have known." But then I walk in to find out that both Becky and Carly are in Sync. HAHA IN SYNC LIKE NSYNC. Anyways...

These girls are going to become my best friends. I can't even describe the friendship I feel with these girls already, and I've known them for a day. They made me feel so comfortable and they trusted me so easily. I seriously can't even begin to describe the vibe going on between these girls. They were all so different, yet all there for the same reason. It was amazing. I love them all. And the best part is...I only met half of them! Ah, but I adore these girls. We just sat in Andrea's house and talked for hours. I know so much about them, and they made me so excited about being in Syncopation. It's like a sorority. Yeah, that's exactly what it's like actually.
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[18 Aug 2003|05:02pm]

what's your battle cry? | | merchandise!

My pickup line is:
Pardon me, have we met?
what's your pickup line?
| hey, baby.
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[18 Aug 2003|04:38pm]
I spent all of yesterday reading my summer reading book and...FINISHED! In celebration, I went in the hot tub with Zach, Chloe, Hal, and my dad. We had a squirt gun war and Zach and I got a chance to talk. Today's his tryout for golf! I got him this really cheesy "golf buddah" where you rub his tummy and he's suppose to bring golfing luck. You hang it on your golf bag. Haha...but it was pretty expensive! Ah well...I hope he does well.

I spent all of today with Julie, Mel, and Michele. I'm so happy they're back from Mexico. Mel is so dark she looks part Mexican. Julie's tan, but Mel is DARK. It's crazy. Those dang Italians tan so easily.

Now, I'm getting ready for my audition. My southern audition. Julie and Michele laughed at me. Oh well.

After that, I have a "Syncopation Party" to go to. I hope Emily and Becky are going or else I won't know anyone. I'll have fun anyways. It'll be nice to get to know all the girls before we start performing together.
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[17 Aug 2003|12:40pm]

Note: Hallie is my little sister.

Hallie: I named my boobs Tom-Tom and Pang-Pang.
Mom: can't name your boobs.
Hallie: But guys name their cars.

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[15 Aug 2003|12:42pm]
Yesterday was a beyond great day. Courtney and I went to a party someplace really really far from here. It was at this place called Kristoffs which is a karakoke bar/bowling alley/arcade/dance club. It was amazingly fun. We only got into the party out of pure luck. It would have sucked if we hadn't, cuz then we would have had to drive all the way back.

We met so many amazing people (for example): Seann, Nick, Twitch, "G", and Dancing Girl. Nick and Seann hung out with us most of the time. They were perfect: gorgeous, sweet, funny, and had amazing singing voices. My idea of a perfect guy. Problem A: Seann was 18 haha. Problem B: I am currently "attached" (oh yeah that guy). Dang. But they were great. Nick made us promise to come back on the 28th for their back to school dance party. Twitch was hillarious. He got the name Twitch because he dances crazily.

Courtney and I sang 2 karaoke songs. First, we sang "Ordinary Day." Then we sang "Bring Me to Life." When I say we, I basically mean me. Courntey did not sing any of the verses and promised to sing on the chorus, but didn't. Nick asked to sing a duet with me, but then chickened out. He was a mad good singer though. I don't know why he wouldn't go up and sing. Then Twitch did the guys part on "Bring Me To Life." Gah I adore that song. And I sang "Nobody Wants To Be Lonley" with Seann. It was hot.

We walked in knowing no one and left knowing lots of people. I had so much fun. And of course, the one time I meet two perfect people I have a bf. They sat there singing to us and it made me so happy. I had so much fun. And I promised Nick I would come back (with Courtney) on the 28th, so that I will.
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[14 Aug 2003|09:19am]
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I just got a script for an audition on Monday where I have to use a "southern drawl." BTW it's for Annie Get Your Gun. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS HILLARIOUS!
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[14 Aug 2003|08:17am]
Yesterday, Dani slept over. She came over around noon, and then we decided to go see some movies. On Tuesday at our local theater, movies are only $1, which is nothing, so we decided to see two.

First, we saw Alex and Emma, which was cute. I had told Marcus on the phone that we were going, and he showed up to meet us there. It was funny. Then immediatly after we rushed over to see Lizzie McGuire. I love Gordo. That was cute also.

Afterwards, we kinda walked around town center. We saw Andrew and Tommy, so we talked with them for awhile.

Then we went home, but on pajamas and...WATCHED ANOTHER MOVIE. haha we watched The Truman Show. But I fell asleep. Oh well. THen we went to sleep. When we woke up we...WATCHED A MOVIE lol. This time we watched Star Wars Episode 2. I love Star Wars. Ewan McGregor <3333333333

I got my hair trimmed and Dani came with and sat around. Then Dani and I got a "complimentary makeover." It was great.

Then we went to the mall. I went there with almost no money, and left with lots of clothes. Cuz I made my mom (who was picking us up) come in and buy me some stuff. Ok...a lot of stuff. Yay for back to school shopping!

Afterwards, Josh called and asked us to come over. So Dani and I went over to find Josh, Marissa, Scott, and Emily. We talked a lot. I love them mucho. Josh and I power talked. Haha power talked. It was fun.

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[11 Aug 2003|08:34pm]
Today I got 29 shots...all in a row. There are dried bloodstained bumps all up and down my lower arms along with numbers written in green marker so they can remember which shot number they're on. It hurt like hell. And I have to start getting four each week.

This sucks.
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[10 Aug 2003|10:20am]
I spent all of yesterday with my bestest buddies Julie, Mel, and Michele. First, we went to Kohls and Target, where I bought clothes. We all got matching Superman underwear. It was hot.

Then we went back to their house and partied. Julie's FINALLY gonna draw a picture of me. I'm really excited.

*Note*: Julie is a freakin good artist.

She left for Mexico this morning and said she needed a project and asked if she could draw a picture of me. Of course, I said yes.

Then, Mel had to go to a party, so I stayed with Michele and Julz. We watched Bringing Down the House and Scary Movie 2. I do like that one a whole lot better than the first.

I dunno what I'm gonna do without them. Michele and I already made plans to partay. But I'm still gonna be so sad without Mel and Julz. Ah well...I'll make fun.

Best of Molly Shannon was on last night. I thought of Shana and when she did her Mary Kathryn bit, my mom kept going, "That is so Shana." :-P
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