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08-01-2005 @ 01:57am

Pimp. I just remembered I have this journal. I usually would never use the word pimp, but I'm mega tired right now. Look at what damn time it is. Why am I still up? Because I'm talking to Wes. I like him, a lot. I'm scared that I'm going to get hurt, because I like him so much. It's a complicated situation, which I just quickly and confusingly brushed over. Bye.

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03-08-2005 @ 04:29pm

So yeah. My desktop computer is too filled with adware to function, so now I have a laptop. YAY. I can watch DVDs on it. Which I'm probably going to do soon. Watching LOTR, hell yes.


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02-26-2005 @ 08:49am

Yesterday was torturous.

I thought that I had to be at work at 1, but I found out (after I had already gotten there) that I didn't have to be there until 2. I was pissed, so I went to Brooks and got Jackie a card and I took money out of the bank etc. So while I'm walking around Brooks.. BAM period starts. It was evil, I tell you. For the entire rest of the day I was in agony and felt like I was going to vomit. BLAH. Jackie's party was okay, it started to die at some points and "Goodies" by Ciara played like 6 times. I was acting like such an idiot, but that's okay. Everybody probably thought that I was drunk. In reality, I was just really loopy off of the 10 asprins I took. Also, I couldn't walk before my feet hurt from my high heels. My stomach hurt a lot and I felt like I was going to throw-up. I felt bad, because I sort of ignored Austin, kind of. I went up to him and would hug him and stuff. But then one of us would just randomly walk away. I don't want to be in a relationship now, so I guess that is for the better. University of Southern Maine sent me some letter asking if I wanted more information about their college. Probably a good idea that I start to get some more information on a college. Well, I have to start getting ready for work, blah. Bye.


02-24-2005 @ 10:39pm

Not in a good mood, things should be better tomorrow night at Jackie's party. Hoo-rah. Can't wait to have fun and hang out with ALL of my friends, from all around. It should be an interesting night. I couldn't get off from work, so I'll probably be late. That's okay, hopefully I won't miss much though.

Ok, goodnight.


02-22-2005 @ 10:33am
mood awake

I guess I might as well start using this journal again. I actually like it better, I know almost everything about using it, since I had been using it since blurty first began, on other names. Plus, I can make styles! Which I am not particularly fabulous at, but oh well. Suck my kiss. At some point, in the next 20 minutes, I am going to venture out into the cold and restart the dryer to warm up the clothes that are out there (in my garage) and then bring them in. After that! I will take a shower and prepare myself for work. Work at the lovely grocery store which I call: my employer. I am eating nerds, they taste fruity. I love nerds.

Nerds. The Candy.

The single life is much more glamorous than it used to be. I like being free. Free like a goddamn bird in a sanctuary. If that is even the word I'm thinking of. Oh well. Milano cookies taste better when you don't have to pay for them. I usually like them when they belong to other people, but when I buy them myself, I don't like them. Wtf mate?


BOYS KISSING IS HAWT x 9,248,638,516,345


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02-21-2005 @ 10:21pm
music Maroon 5 "Sunday Morning"

Two journal entries in the same year, holy shitballs.

So yeah, winter vacation is boring. I did nothing really today. Drove to Brooks and Price Chopper. Went to the bank to figure out, hey it's closed. Fucking presidents.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I have to work. Thursday I have off. Hopefully I won't have to work on Friday, depends on if I can find someone to work for me. I need more than an hour to get ready for Jackie's party, damnit. I am a woman, we take forever.

My dress is cool, I guess. It seems fancy, though that is probably because I don't dress up too often. La, la, la, la.

If it wasn't for date rape I'd never get laid

I'm happy with my life lately, ever since I got out of the dating scene. I have more time for me, to make me happy. It's nice, I guess. It'd be more fun if I wasn't grounded, during vacation. Fucking snowbanks.

Presidents and Snowbanks are at the bottom of my list, lately. To hell with 'em.


02-20-2005 @ 09:13pm
music Sublime "Wrong Way"

Once again, I go a long time without updating this journal at all. The only reason I am updating now, is because my friends were talking about their blurties today, so yeah. Right now, I am eating cupcakes because I am a lardass. Tonight is manicotti night, NOT naked night. Some 52 y/o guy that I work with leaves me candy in my coat pocket and I plan on being in the nude with a broken neck while bleeding from my vagina at Jackie's party on Friday. Goodbye.

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09-27-2004 @ 05:40pm

Hm, it's been a long time since I've even touched this journal. Amazingly, I still remembered the password and how to adjust and fix things. I just deleted all of my previous entries and kicked myself for everything I had written and was very thankful that it was Friends Only because I was a complete idiot. I probably still am, but at least I don't write madness like I used to. I hate new problems of my own now which are dealt with on my livejournal (pettybitch) so if you wish to read about me and my life, make a livejournal account, comment, and see if you get added :]