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    Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
    9:05 pm
    so this is my first entry
    Well the band has a name, and it is........courtesy of truth :D finally! lol and we have some songs on the go right now, hopefully that means that we will actually be able to go to the studio soon, and then get the demos out. I really don't want to stay in university, I want to get the music out there and get on the road, see the world and perform all the time. I love performing so much. I seen the plays from high school, I got my copies of the plays and the musical today, I miss being on stage so much, especially where the music is concerned. Ive been talking to some really cool people lately on nex. They all seem pretty nice, then there is Jay, he's from Michigan, and I adore him. He is everything that Ive been looking for, the only thing that sucks is that he lives so far from me. I wish he were closer. But anyways, Im out for now so I'll write soon, and take care.
    Toodles Poodle

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