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[24 Jan 2004|01:02pm]
MandaBoo1623: how many muches do you miss me
K i N n E y 1081: *proud*
K i N n E y 1081: omg amanda
K i N n E y 1081: its sick
K i N n E y 1081: i felt lost this morning
K i N n E y 1081: i got up and made my bed and took the dishes downstairs and was so bored
MandaBoo1623: awwww
K i N n E y 1081: i missed ur cute lil nuzzles
K i N n E y 1081: and baby noises
K i N n E y 1081: and ur dreams
K i N n E y 1081: and ur i hate u so many muchs
MandaBoo1623: lol
K i N n E y 1081: and ur come here and lay with me;s
K i N n E y 1081: and hmmm ur refreshed lil fce in the morning
K i N n E y 1081: and the way the crevice of ur neck smells when i hug u
K i N n E y 1081: the way u smell when u come out of my shower
MandaBoo1623: *butterflies*
K i N n E y 1081: the way u get grumpy when i uncover ur feet at night
MandaBoo1623: stop youre making me blush like a fag
K i N n E y 1081: the way the slightest lil sound in my room bothers u so i have to unplug everything
K i N n E y 1081: the way u let me sleep on the outside when u knwo damn well ill sneak on the inside when u go pee in the middle of the night
K i N n E y 1081: the way ur face lights up when i bring u choclate milk in the morning (when i can)
K i N n E y 1081: they way u smile at me like ur happy to see me in the morning;-)
K i N n E y 1081: how u touch me in the middle of the night
MandaBoo1623: awww, im always happy to see you in the morning
MandaBoo1623: i do not
MandaBoo1623: lol
MandaBoo1623: dont lie
K i N n E y 1081: i mean rub my back fag
MandaBoo1623: i know what you meant...but i dont:-[
K i N n E y 1081: yea ya do
MandaBoo1623: like you act like you think im in love or something
MandaBoo1623: *sigh*
K i N n E y 1081: and how when i sleep at ur house u constantly ask if im ok
K i N n E y 1081: if i need anything
K i N n E y 1081: and how u always manage to make the worst case scenario sound amazing
MandaBoo1623: *blushing like a fag again*
K i N n E y 1081: and how u can make me smile even when im royally mad
K i N n E y 1081: how just knowing i get to see u everyday makes me feel like i have a reason to get up everyday
K i N n E y 1081: how u make me want to better myself
K i N n E y 1081: and make me have dreams
K i N n E y 1081: and how i see myself next to u for.......... a very long time
K i N n E y 1081: how u make me giddy and faggy at work
MandaBoo1623: lol
MandaBoo1623: nice way too put it
K i N n E y 1081: how ur smile can light up the room
K i N n E y 1081: how by just holding me when im upset makes me forget the reason why i was upset to begin with
K i N n E y 1081: how u tell me my dept looks good cuz no one does.
K i N n E y 1081: :-)
K i N n E y 1081: how u tell me im a hard worker...
K i N n E y 1081: how u want me to get my liscense
MandaBoo1623: shhhh
K i N n E y 1081: how u make me do things even tho i just wont until its absolutely necessary
MandaBoo1623: lizzy shhhh
K i N n E y 1081: k.
K i N n E y 1081: i done
K i N n E y 1081: for now ;-)
MandaBoo1623: mmmm im so in lovce with you
MandaBoo1623: pfftttttttt
MandaBoo1623: love
K i N n E y 1081: :-)
MandaBoo1623: and
K i N n E y 1081: i love u too.
MandaBoo1623: i hate you so many muches
MandaBoo1623: :-P
K i N n E y 1081: hehehe y
MandaBoo1623: because you are amazing
MandaBoo1623: and i hate it
K i N n E y 1081: *confused* :-)
K i N n E y 1081: =-O
K i N n E y 1081: im so crushed!
MandaBoo1623: im just in love with you
MandaBoo1623: why are you crushed?
K i N n E y 1081: *whines*
K i N n E y 1081: i stained my twinkie pants!
MandaBoo1623: LOL
K i N n E y 1081: :'(!
K i N n E y 1081: not funny
K i N n E y 1081: they are pRIME!
K i N n E y 1081: the hottest pants i own!
MandaBoo1623: mmm.....youre the cutest person alive

I think that just about sums up why I know youre in love with me.

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I love you [11 Dec 2003|03:44pm]
12/11/03/......1 month....i love you baby.

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Sorry [04 Dec 2003|09:48pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | nada ]

baby...i know i was an ass tonight and im sorry. i know i shouldnt act that way about angela but its the whole low self esteem thing. it just drives me crazy when shes all over you like because your mine and i should be the only one touching you...and two...shes family....i dont know. im sorry. im sorry about the way i acted when we were leaving, and im sorry for being so indecisive. its just because i hate being fucking away from you. and i hate that i feel that way. im the kind of girl who has always needed her space and with you it is totally fucking different. i miss you like an insane amount when youre not with me. its disgusting. im head over heels in love with you and if i could id spend all the time in the world with you. i hate that i can be with you all the time and not get cranky or annoyed that were together all the time. maybe its just because its new and exciting but thats the way i feel everytime im with you. so sorry i was like that when we were leaving....i dont want you sad...i love you.

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Liz is so sexy [03 Dec 2003|12:38pm]
[ mood | devious ]
[ music | liz and her mom downstairs talking ]

Hmmm....where oh where to start? The past few days have been interesting. Last night I had off and Liz was I went to my dads house to visit. I told him I was seeing a girl...he took it rather well. All he really said was "Are you guys having sex?" and my little brother said "duh dad they're dating" it was the cutest thing in the world. I'm really glad that he doesnt have a problem with it because I am head over heels in love with this girl. Mmm....and no it isnt about the sex. I havent felt this way about anyone in a long time. I get butterflies evertime she's near. We have such a great time together, and believe me the sex is amazing. It's so intense....Liz says I fuck like a porn hot is that? Mmmm....the other day we took a shower together, OMG it was hot.....I mean really....the hot water dripping down our bodies, the steaming on the was amazing....I am so attracted to her that even remembering the "shower" makes me horny as hell. I love the way she loves me....the look in her eyes when she tells me shes in love with me....makes me think of that first night in the car, you know about the best date I ever had. God, that was so intense. I wanted to kiss her so bad.....we were hugging and she was caressing my face with hers....*tingles* It was so great. I still get the tingles everytime her face is close to mine, memories of that night come rushing back. Everytime we kiss it feels like the first, I love it. I know that the butterflies wont always be there like they are now, but I really think that we are going to work out. We have an awesome time doing anything, and were always happy. Sure there has been a few rough spots here and know like ex's and my family....but we got over that and were still....mmm....I dunno. *_* All I can say about you baby is "Wow" I want you, I need you...I am in love with you. I want to be with you for for for a very long time. Oh you know exactly what I mean. By the way....the bite marks that you have been leaving on my body are starting to get sore...."easy" ok babe. Mmm.

Oh yeah...tell Felicia that I said sorry about you having to get off the phone so soon that Saturday. I just couldnt keep my uhhhh, mouth off of you. She'll understand. Besides it was quite hot if you ask me....your shorts needed to come off. ;)

Hmmm...I'm going to watch Queer as Folk now.....Brian and Justin....ooooohh so hot together dont you think?

I love you.

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Getting ready for work... [28 Nov 2003|12:02pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | fan ]

So i woke up this morning at 11am to a phone call. It was Joe. He isn't mad at me like i thought he was, thank god. he drove my for sale car over to the house and took his computer back home. he finally fixed mine and now i can get online again and talk to my sweetie. oh, and all the guys i flirt with *wink* i had to delete a hell of a lot off my computer in order to get it to work, but oh well. im getting ready to go shower and do some laundry since im lazy and waited this friday at walmart, eeek.....not looking forward to that. i am looking forward to see the cutest thing in the world though....yes liz thats you! of course you are not home when i wanted to talk to you but hey, i'll deal. i love you and i'll see you at work.


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Butterflies [28 Nov 2003|02:01am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | the bubbles in my overloading fishtank ]

I went to Liz's house after all of my Thanksgiving fun tonight. It had to have been one of the best nights I can remember. Well, except for our little accident, heh, I won't get into that. Baby, I love you.....mmmm *pinches cheeks* you're fucking amazing. I can't wait to see you tomorrow. Black Friday should be fucking fun. I better go to bed so I can do some laundry in the morning. (you know we both need to get some done) Hah.


*kisses and hugs*

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quizzie from lizzy [27 Nov 2003|08:36pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | katie ]

>1. What is your name? -Amanda
>2. What are you wearing? - jeans and a walmart sweater...ooooh and a black thong
>3. What are you listening to right now? -liz playing video games
>4. Last four digits of your phone number? - 8848
>5. Last thing you ate? - thanksgiving dinner....duh...turkey, stuffing, oh....pumpkin pie.....oooooh and cool whip
>6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? -blue
>7. Where do you plan to go on your Honeymoon? - somewhere with blue water and lots of sun
>8. How is the weather right now? -cold
>9. Last person you talked to on the phone? - liz
>10. First thing you notice about people? -cocky smiles and lips
>11. Do you like the person who sent you this? - yeah shes my uhhhh, lady friend
>12. How are you today? - not too shabby...a little stressed because most of my family knows im gay, hah
>13. Favorite drink(s): -anything with caffeine
>14. What kind of music do you like the best? -everything....even the emo crap, thanks liz
>15. How do you eat an Oreo? lick the filling...then dunk
>16. Favorite sport(s) to play? -volleyball
>17. Next CD I want to buy? -dashboard
>18. Hair color? -dark brown
>19. Eye color? -brown
>20. Do you wear contacts? -no
>21. Favorite months? -september
>22. Favorite foods? - anything italian
>23. What book had the most influence on your thinking? -203 ways to please a man in bed
>24. Best job you ever had? - i suppose paid the best but i had to work with fucking idiots
>25. Do the dishes right away or leave them in the sink? -leave em
>26. Is there extraterrestrial life? -definetly
>27. Summer or winter? -summer
>28. Chocolate or vanilla? - chocolate


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Liz is an idiot [27 Nov 2003|08:27pm]
[ mood | dirty ]
[ music | crash bandicoot ]

Thanksgiving. At Liz's. She's making me write something. How cute. What a jealous little lady. I love her.

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