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Friday, April 27th, 2012

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    Who Says A City Can't Change Its Borders
    Ahhhh, yes, I am a bit Pished, but it feels good.

    Two weeks to go to WD Sandhurst. Gleep! So much to do. I had this afternoon off (time in lieu gained in overtime during the crazy busy months at the start of the year) and managed to achieve both goals set, which were to clean out the downstairs bog cupboard and the cupboard under the sink. I took everything out, gave the insides a good scrubbing and then put everything back, cleaning any dusty items as I did so. Took ages and my knee was so sore afterwards I could barely bend it, but I did some physio exercises and it felt a little better.

    Lance Henriksen is coming to CMK. Yaaay! He's such a nice guy. I didn't get a photoshoot when I met him at GMEX, but I will this time.

    (Incidentally, if I have three regrets in life, they are: not getting a photoshoot with Ron Perlman at LFCC, although I did at least get a photo at the desk; not meeting or getting a photoshoot with Adam Baldwin at LFCC; not meeting or getting a photoshoot with James Marsters when he had peroxide blond hair at GMEX. Oh, well! Maybe some day.)

    H has bought an espuma machine. Foamy!

    Current Music: Broken Toy - Keane

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