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Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

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    Saying Our Goodbyes To The Past
    Slightly better today (although the knee is feeling really stiff and sore this evening for some reason). Got a load of reports prepped ahead of schedule so I have a buffer in case something horrible crops up, did another spot of spring-cleaning and a pile of paperwork, so feeling very accomplished for a weekday. H's worthy contribution was to replace the thermocouple in the boiler because the current one has gone already; I think we've had it for under a year, while the previous one was there for yonks. Tut.

    Boboli pizza bases. Anyone remember them? For the uninitiated, they are made with olive oil and are all soft and puffy and delightful. I used to use them to make pizza for the family (and H) on Wednesday nights when I was still under Marmpar's roof. Not that these pizzas bore any resemblance to ordinary pizzas, having been piled to the rooftops with loads of chopped tomatoes, pepperoni, mushrooms, frankfurters, sweetcorn, mozzarella and oregano (I used to slice the frankfurters lengthwise before placing them in a clock formation and the ends would curl up like little devil horns). The pizzas were around three times the height of an average thick crust by the time I'd finished. Having been reminiscing on the subject with H, I was overcome with the desire to recreate one of these old-time delights... but no-one seems to stock the bases here anymore. It makes my pants very sad. I have all the other ingredients now, so am going to do my best this weekend with some pizza base mix and hope it can hold everything...

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