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Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

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    Let It Flow
    Boy, I'm glad it's started to get a little less chilly.

    It got so cold over the weekend that we had to bring Percy the tortoise in from the shed and put him in the porch in order to keep him inside the required hibernation window of 0 - 10 degrees C. When we realized it had gone down to -8 on Saturday, I had visions of his poor little tortoise eyeballs freezing for sure. Anyway, it was between 3 and 9 degrees today, so back outside he went, to the garage this time so that H can keep a closer eye on him when he gets his bike out/brings it back in. Assuming Percy survives his first winter with us (!), I guess some of you may get to meet him at the party in May. He's not as cuddly as Treacle, mind...

    Today has been a good day. Having managed to sell our original Rammstein tickets on eBay, we got those posted off recorded delivery today. I managed a long and manic day in the office (ended up working 9.25hrs but it absolutely flew by) and hit the rush hour, something I try to avoid by going in early, but managed the drive fine and even did my physio exercises when I got home, for the first time ever after an office day. Very pleased with that. Have also improved my portion control and feel I might even make some tangible weight loss this week. I even look less bloated, having upped my protein and cut down slightly on the carbs (especially wheat).

    Starting tomorrow I'm going to try something new while working from home - taking a short (slow) walk around the block of houses between our house and the road which runs parallel to the main road at lunchtime (in addition to physio), the idea being to try to build up more gradually to longer walks without having to wait until weekends when it's still light, and to get it out the way and still have several hours to rest before physio time. Fingers crossed!

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