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Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

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    Well, I'd managed peoples' expectations as best I could regarding deadline slippage at work, given all the unexpected stuff that's hit me this month - but have at least managed to get the stuff I desperately needed done by month-end finished and out by close of business today. Talk about narrow squeak. Yaaaar! I now have a few days to do the other major task, which wasn't quite so urgent, before the bill run starts and the hamster-wheel gets injected with nitrous again... Eh. Better busy than bored, right?

    My knee has improved to the point where I managed two days in the office last week. (If anything, my quads hurt more than my knee right now, as I was really pushing them yesterday during physio exercises and I actually did 9mins of Wii aerobic exercises tonight (beginner step and boxing - no balancing in case that adversely affects the knee). Although literally the minute I wrote this, my knee just felt hot in an uh-uh-I'm-still-here! kind of way although it has been fine all evening; I've been icing it for the past hour to pre-empt any swelling post-exercise but don't seem to have sufficiently covered all of the lower left side it's fairly warm and a teeny bit puffy. Deep Freeze before bed, methinks.)

    Anyway, I've been in today, and am going to stay home tomorrow and try again on Thursday; if that works I'm upping attendance to three days as of next week. Sure, I don't feel I can get through the day without a 400mg ibuprofen tablet morning and afternoon when I'm in the office (although I can at home), but it's a lot better than it used to be, and I need to continue as normally as I can because there's always the possibility that the MRI doesn't show anything that can be treated. Either way, it had BETTER NOT interfere with my WD Sandhurst '12 plans, as the party faithful may well be joined by visitors from across the pond/channel... *does the tentative happy dance*

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