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Monday, October 20th, 2003

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    today for school we had to go to a walk-a-thon. it was student council members. it was actually quite fun. funner than i thought i would be. Nick was there! yay! ::jumps for joy:: hehe, i love nick! he's so nice! and gives good hugs lol. but besides that.. it was cool.. i was in the Giraffe group for the "get to know you" activities. and yet, so was nick, kim, marissa, and olivia. i knew them already. but get this! oh man! we were gonna take a bus to RB.. but the back end got cut off. =/ how does that happen!? if you can tell me..i will give you a big hug. so... we had to have Bob (our janitor) and Mr. B drive us. it was sooo fun! lol. then when we got there... it was sooo cool. lol. and we had fun. and when we got back to school... me and raquel were talking and all. and yeah. oh wait! the "ice breaker" games... oh man! thats funny. we had to say our name with an adjective. so mine was exciting elena. kims was kind kim. olivia was outragous olivia. and nick was nice nick. when i saw him again. i was like, i'm gonna call you nice nick from now on. and he's all like. i should have said naughty nick. i said that would have been better. lol. it suits him better than nice. lol, even though he's one of the nicest guys i know. and at recess... me and raquel were talking and i wrote something on her hand.. then she wrote on my hands then yeah.. i just cant say what they say because people might read this and tell other people. ^_- lol. but CCD is gonna be fun because me and raquel are going to settle the dispute between nick falk and chris radek. hehe. nick already said his part of it. now all we need is chris'. when i get done with everything i'm doing when i get home.. i'll come and tell ya'll here. okay.. this is what nick added on... he has a portable garage that has a remote that when you open the garage, the car drives out to where you are. and it's PORTABLE! the garage is portable! oh man! who can beat that?! we have to see if Chris can. so yess... well... off to go eat and to ccd and then to take a shower and then come back online!

    Shout Outs that i really need to give

    when you get the package tell me ASAP because i dont want it to be lost in the mail. i'd get really pissed off... i <3 you hun!

    i still cant believe people cant tell us apart on the phone. oh man.. if only they were 2 years older! or we were 2 years younger right? lol.

    Chloe, gimme a call. i gotta talk to you ASAP about that certain someone. ^_- lol.

    Later My Homies,


    ^^^Raquel Gave Me That NickName Today, I Think I'm Gonna Sign With It Now^^^

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