3rd December 2002

2:20pm: vaction nation
None of the links on this thing work... that slightly distresses me. Not too much.

I got an email from my aunt:

"I just checked on the weather for Cozumel and Grand Caymans, and it's in the mid-80's. Definitely summer weather. It?s going to rain this week, but hopefully that will move out in time for our trip... "

Pure excitement! Word of the wise= I'm heading south for the winter via a present from my Aunt. Namely Dec 21-28. I get my own room, which is going to mad rock! Plus, I'll have a fun cellular phone message set up at that point, so leave me one upon my absence. Too bad I have the irish curse and thus can only get less pale. Screw tanning.

Getting an ID has been postponed until tomorrow... Unless I have to make up that major test that I avoided 2 days ago. Methinks that I'll get a haircut tomorrow. My hair is getting horrendous. Not nastified, granted. I've always wanted to dye my hair punk red w/ orange and yellow highlights... and get it all short-like. Much like the main character in Run Lola Run. That looked amazing.
I had a rap-war with Dustin. He cracks me up:

Dustin: you should take it up as a hobby...we could battle

Me: I'll leave the rapping to the professionals, and posers.

Dustin: better watch your tongue girl,
im the best in the whole world,
dont come around here and try to dis me
ill jack you and your crew uber swiftly

Me: I dig the usage of uber. Kudos!

Dustin: intro to rapping isnt all that hard
except for fat lazy bastards with bellys of lard

Me:Don't bring on the insults like yous all that,
My skill is lacking not retaining fat,
I'm not going to fail at this game,
And put myself to royal shame.

Dustin:your tracks are alright for a beginner,
but dont step to this, cause ill be the winner
the lines i spit are the best for all of time
i rewrote history because it didnt quite rhyme
like a spanish man-o-war these sails are unfurled
your shit would be totally whack, if you werent a hot girl

Me: You're feeble attempt to provoke me is starting to prevail,
Despite my attempts to refute have little to no avail,
I'll bow out more than gracefully, to your shagrin,
So don't rag on the beginner because you'll just win.

Dustin:oh ill back up off this one,
but the battle has just begun
its clear like the hot sun
this battle is gonna be hella fun

i gotta be careful when compliments are due
cause you're not gonna fall for the old "i heart you"
youve got style, social graces, and so much class
and the only rival to your wit, is your hot hot ass
Current Mood: mellow
Current Music: "Barnacle Bill the Sailor" by Hoagy Carmichael
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