06:11pm 14/01/2003
  ok... new website, yet again. Same one, only.. Umm.. Fixed. Right.


It's just so random people don't stumble on my oh-so important life. Hm.... Ok, at any rate, enjoy!

11:59pm 07/12/2002
  Hey gang... I had issues with posting links on here... so I became independent and am now updating my daily happenings on: http://www.geocities.com/corruptbanana

05:37pm 04/12/2002
mood: amused
music: "Trunk Fulla Amps" by Self
BRING ON THE SNOW! [I don't want to read Of Mice and Men]!!!
vaction nation   
02:20pm 03/12/2002
mood: mellow
music: "Barnacle Bill the Sailor" by Hoagy Carmichael
None of the links on this thing work... that slightly distresses me. Not too much.

I got an email from my aunt:

"I just checked on the weather for Cozumel and Grand Caymans, and it's in the mid-80's. Definitely summer weather. It?s going to rain this week, but hopefully that will move out in time for our trip... "

Pure excitement! Word of the wise= I'm heading south for the winter via a present from my Aunt. Namely Dec 21-28. I get my own room, which is going to mad rock! Plus, I'll have a fun cellular phone message set up at that point, so leave me one upon my absence. Too bad I have the irish curse and thus can only get less pale. Screw tanning.

Getting an ID has been postponed until tomorrow... Unless I have to make up that major test that I avoided 2 days ago. Methinks that I'll get a haircut tomorrow. My hair is getting horrendous. Not nastified, granted. I've always wanted to dye my hair punk red w/ orange and yellow highlights... and get it all short-like. Much like the main character in Run Lola Run. That looked amazing.
I had a rap-war with Dustin. He cracks me up:

Dustin: you should take it up as a hobby...we could battle

Me: I'll leave the rapping to the professionals, and posers.

Dustin: better watch your tongue girl,
im the best in the whole world,
dont come around here and try to dis me
ill jack you and your crew uber swiftly

Me: I dig the usage of uber. Kudos!

Dustin: intro to rapping isnt all that hard
except for fat lazy bastards with bellys of lard

Me:Don't bring on the insults like yous all that,
My skill is lacking not retaining fat,
I'm not going to fail at this game,
And put myself to royal shame.

Dustin:your tracks are alright for a beginner,
but dont step to this, cause ill be the winner
the lines i spit are the best for all of time
i rewrote history because it didnt quite rhyme
like a spanish man-o-war these sails are unfurled
your shit would be totally whack, if you werent a hot girl

Me: You're feeble attempt to provoke me is starting to prevail,
Despite my attempts to refute have little to no avail,
I'll bow out more than gracefully, to your shagrin,
So don't rag on the beginner because you'll just win.

Dustin:oh ill back up off this one,
but the battle has just begun
its clear like the hot sun
this battle is gonna be hella fun

i gotta be careful when compliments are due
cause you're not gonna fall for the old "i heart you"
youve got style, social graces, and so much class
and the only rival to your wit, is your hot hot ass
slacker plus 2   
08:54pm 02/12/2002
mood: drained
music: "Teenage Riot" by the Ataries
3 hours of sleep.

Today was pretty uneventful. I skipped the first 2 classes due to an "illness." Missed a huge ass test, and extra credit. Oh well, no worries. I'll just have more work to do. After skipping so much school, it's finally starting to pay off--> seeing as though the majority of information on the test is all the stuff learned whilst I was absent. Go figure.

I came in just for theatre and political science.... in Theatre the one act that we're taking to the thespian conference isn't picked out. Teacher says he's waiting for the samuel french catalog, which hasn't arrived. We're going to have a shitty show, and everyone's going to hate it. Plus, because of cabaret, all my buddies will be leaving (sched for the same day)... and thus I will be with all the annoyances in Longwood. I don't know why I'm the drama club president b/c I hate half the club. Ok, "hate" is a strong word. Let's just say I'm sick of high school. And the people therein. In political science, I'm supposed to find someone to intern with on capitol hill... I wanted Schumer (D-NY) but he doesn't take HS interns. So then I wanted the Mass. senators, but they're taken. Then I chose Durbin (D-IL), and he hasn't called back. I'm going to be rejected to the reps! Anyone can be a rep *mumbles* Today we started the political satire unit. Watched SNL clips... all of which I've already seen. That's sad.

After school I had to make a mad run to the library and picked up about 7 books on Of mice and Men which I have to have an essay done by thursday. I had a $4 fine. Then I booked it to the gym. First day of my full membership. Hurrah! I dig my gym. I feel fit. Cardio is beast.

Came home for a bit +showered+ then got picked up and went to IHOP. Ashley got me, and she's house sitting, so she gets to use the owner's cars. These include a thunderbird and HUGE black SUV. I hate SUVs. I think that there is no purpose in North Virginia for them, and it just makes it more difficult for me to see what's in front when I'm driving. But tonight I liked SUVs b/c the seatwarmer is god. We met up with 3 others and discussed theatre issues. Many issues. I came up with a scheme to get the teacher fired that is pure brilliance if calculated correctly. One day, one day.

Cheer up Joshua. You are loved.
Ho Hum   
10:11pm 01/12/2002
mood: restless
music: "Basketball" by Jimmy Fallon
I closed and opened at work=exhausted. I believe I got 4 hours of sleep. That's almost close to my norm of 5 a night. Yay for nap time. So the show was pure madness. Many people, lots of people. However, this means that aside from the nasty 40 year old musicians that normally come by, a strapping young fellow was playing. So the audience was more visually pleasing. I was supposed to have a visitor, but he was too "busy"... Oh wells. Disappointed. It snowed and the official JJ dance was made to accomodate the snowstorm by adding a jump! That was exciting! I haven't seen Flannery in ages, so it was also cool to catch up with him. He's hotness in a clothing factory. Then Rob was his normal awesome self --> coolest guy that I would love to be my brother. The flann man and roberto give my guy advice that I hold near and dear. One the voice of logic, one of hormones. You can figure out which is which. Regardless, they are cool characters. Rob is dick bruiseface, despite his rejections to it. He also put on my cell phone banner: "I like blacks". Rob is black...

Tonight I had to have a family dinner. This means my rich aunt, and my dad's fam that's right out of a trailer. No joke. My uncle works at a harley store and his wife doesn't work at all b/c she claims her back hurts too much. My cousin wears shirts that say "hottie" and "princess..." and she's about 2 years younger than myself. That's just wrong on so many levels. Anyways, around family I always get cocky and just blunt in everything that I do. They think I'm confident, I think that I'm bored. I was rescued by a phone call.

I started working on an essay and such. Then I realized that the amount of work that I have to do is too overwhelming to attempt. I gave up and went to sleep at 2.
Asshole? Guilty!   
01:55pm 30/11/2002
mood: chipper
music: "Bust A Move" by Young MC
So last night I was a total jackass... I go over to Claire's, and then Charlie calls (he's a buddy that is in college, so he was homebound for the weekend), and invited me to go see friend Mike play in Chantilly. Naturally, I was up for such an adventure. Alas alas, I had already said I would chill with Claire. She didn't want to go. I was a jerk and went. He tricked me into driving. Bastard. Post concert (slash singing in the bar), we had a wallmart adventure and then visited Mr.Green at the cemetary. I had a good time.

Back at the Claire Houshold circa midnight, we made kickass tshits! Mine read, "Rock my Socks, good!" and Claire's: "shake and shake the ketchup bottle." Good times! Her new cat is amazingly cute. She probably thinks I'm a major slacker b/c I've always been late in meeting up w/ her, and I bail out. I'm a bitch.

Today I have to write an essay on the marriage tax. Most def not looking forward to this in any fashion. Methinks I'll end up sleeping then shopping, then going to work. It's a little bit exciting to have to work today... It's going to be Butch Walker playing. Apparently, we have about 150 reservations b/c he has all these freaky followers that go to every show. From Texas. Well, it's going to be the largest show the JJ has ever had. It should be fun b/c I'll be working w/ my favorites and thusly have a blast. Party with Flann, Rob, and Lucas!

It's raining. Should be snowing.
Numero UNO!   
05:18pm 29/11/2002
mood: blah
music: bizarre christmas incident- Ben Folds
Hmm... A journal, non? Well, after much debate I have given in, and decided that I need to funnel what free time I have to vent about how tremendously exciting my mondane life in northern virginia is. Yes.

SO... For the festive nature that is Thanksgiving... All the college folk are home for the holidays. This makes me more than thrilled, seeing as though I finally have friends. Again. My best friend in the whole entire world slash Toby slash the Gay Mobster slash Tobias Quaranta the fourth... He was laughing because someone referenced the SNL sketch "schwetty balls"... BUT, he came home! Merriment ensued! For him, I organized a group outing to the local watering hole (Ruby Tuesdays)... and there were actually about 30 people that showed up. Here's everyone leaving. That was so wonderful to see everyone again. *sigh* I miss them all so much. how much? SOOOO much. Eh, inside joke.

Tonight I'm heading over to Claire's casa to decorate some tshirts and introduce her to the wonders of the delicious vietnamese soup known to most as PHO. Damn good soup. So this is what my evening is shaping out to be. Good times.

On another note- Check out the song, "bizarre christmas incident" by Ben Folds. PURE HILLARITY! I looked around, since I hadn't heard about this song until like 2 days ago... Ben was asked to write a song for the film "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas." In his own words, "...Oh yeah. And it doesn't sound much like that Grinch song either. That's a kids song for a movie I recorded with my portable Roland demo recorder and 3 mics. When they asked me for a song, I didn't understand that it was a kids movie and I wrote a song about Santa that went, "Ole Santa, he's a big fat fuck. Went down the chimney and got his fat ass stuck." When i realized it was a kids movie, I put that song away and gave 'em a kids song and now I can afford nappies for the next year. Funny how that works. I'll put out the fat ass Santa song next year and that won't pay for anything but it'll be fun. Maybe I'll send out an mp3 of "Santa's a big fat fuck" and don't tell anyone where it came from or the boss will be pissed."