the willows   
03:02pm 11/06/2004
mood: chillen]
music: rise and fall - beloved
yo, kevin and john woke me up at 130 and then we went to ryans and played wiffle ball. i saw mrs diglio on the way. then i went home and katelyn came over and then we walked to ninas market to meet jimmy. then we went to my house and then we went to salem willows and met up with kerri meghan meghans friend justin and manny. it was ok. justin is the funniest kid ive ever met. aight im out. peace.
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10:23pm 09/06/2004
mood: wet
music: truth of my youth - new found glory
yo, i havent been up to much lately. yesterday i chilled wit john and kevin, they came to my crib then we went to kevins, then to johns, we made a hot song. we back we back. then we went to johns game, then me kevin jimmy and conor went to the spirit game and chilled wit mad heads. thats all. then today i slept til like 1. then i went to the y then ryan john and kevin came over. then we went swimming at chrissys cuz it was crazy hot out. then we went to ryans and wiffle balled, then we went to the spirit game. then it rained like a motha. then we went to wendys and bk. then we went hoem, thats about it. peace.
10:59pm 05/06/2004
mood: bored
music: thirteen - our new year
yo, yesterday was our las day of school, it was f'in waste of time. we watched merlin in english, i barely was even in western civ, i was jcin in the hallways. then religion was fuckin stupid, mrs lapointe is a lesbian. then there wan an awards thing, it sucked. the same kids kept gettibn awards, then we were out. holla. then i chilled and then i went to katies party, it was ok. i spent most of the time makin beats with kerri and stacy. kerri served everyone, she was sickwitit. me and jimmy threw charlie in the pool and he had his cell phone in his pocket lol. it didnt work for a while, then he got it to work and he jumped in the pool again and he forget it was still in his pocket and it didnt work again. it was so funny. today was pretty boring, got up adn went to work. came home and went to gay bois and plaeyd cards, then me nick ryan brendan and tom went to the beach and wiffled it up, me and tom dominated. thats about it. peace.
last full day of school : )   
08:59pm 02/06/2004
mood: cold
music: the pain of seperation - as i lay dying.
hey hello there. yesterday school was uneventful. then i got a new phone. jea jea. today i had 3 finals in my first 3 classes. i sucked in all of em. then lunch, then western civ and we jus talked and stuff. me and kerri reminisced about the year, good times. then we had religion and jus chilled. then english and we watched merlin. this girl hasd the most anoying voice in the history of earth. then i went to detention, then me and manny and terry walked to the y. then we pumped. then i ran with manny. then i went home and i ate and i went to kylie and met up with ryan brendan tommy adams and pat simmons. then there was a game so we walked to clarke and played home run derby in the rain. then we went to pats crib and played poker, thats all, peace niglets.
09:50pm 31/05/2004
mood: accomplished
music: postcards from california - ambry
hey, today i got up and went to the clam box in ipswich. it was good. then we got ice cream. it was the 5th best ice cream stand in new england, it had a sign to prove it. then we went home and i havent done anything all day. i jus did my math thing. it came out sick, but it took an ill minute. last week of school, jea jea.
LQ and the WB go together like PB and J   
10:56pm 30/05/2004
mood: disappointed
music: last train home - lost prophets
hey, aight this weekend has been tight. saturday brendan and ryan came over and we played hardcore homerun derby. brendan broke the record for homers in a round. then like the next game ryan broke that record. it was wild. then we went to brendansthenw ill came ova. we had a ball war in his basement it got crazy. then we got picked up at 7-11 and we went to brooks to stock up on food for the lock-in. then we went to ryans for a little. then we walked back to 7-11 and met up with tanya and laura. then we went to brendands and watched american pie 2. then we went back to ryans for a hot second then nick pikced us up adn we went to laser quest. and we met up with will timmy and tommy there. then it was lq time! o there was this kid there who looked jus like bobby except he hads fucked up teeth and he was autistic, it was so fuckin funny. then we lqed it up. it was pretty fun. i did pretty good. so then 6 hours later we got picked up. i went to bed. got up went to work. it was aight today. then i got home and ryan tom nick and dan came ova and we wiffle balled. then we went to the beach and met up with charlie jimmy kara kevin and john and then connor andy and dwyer came and wild stuff was goin on. i sunned everyone. some old guy started tellin mad gay jokes to us. it was funny. yea, aight im out. cya,.
stolen from like a million people   
11:25pm 28/05/2004
-- name: Kevin John Murphy I
-- current Location: Lynn
-- eye color: blue/green
-- hair color: negro
-- height: 5'4 and a half
-- righty or lefty: righty
-- zodiac sign: taurus

-- your heritage: 3/4 Irish 1/4 Armenian
-- the shoes you wore today: converse
-- your weakness: my crotch
-- your fears: rejection
-- your perfect pizza: buffalo
-- goal you'd like to achieve: being a captain

-- your thoughts first waking up: i wanna go back to bed
-- your bedtime: whenever im tired
-- your most missed memory: last summer

-- pepsi or coke: pepsi
-- mcdonald's or burger king: bk
-- single or group dates: ive never gone on a date
-- adidas or nike: adidas
-- lipton ice tea or nestea: nestea
-- chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
-- cappuccino or coffee: cappuccino

-- smoke: no
-- cuss: ooooooooo yea
-- sing: yes
-- take a shower everyday: yea
-- have a crush: yea
-- do you think you've been in love: i dont know
-- want to go to college: yea
-- like(d) high school: its pretty fun
-- want to get married: yea
-- believe in yourself: most of the time
-- get motion sickness: nope
-- think you're attractive: hell yea, im the sexiest motha effa this side of the atlantic
-- think you're a health freak: nope
-- get along with your parent(s): most of the time
-- like thunderstorms: yea
-- play an instrument: guitar and i used to play piano

in the past month...
-- drank alcohol: nope
-- smoked: nope
-- done a drug: nope
-- had sex : nope
-- made out: nope
-- gone on a date: nope
-- gone to the mall?: to the movies in the mall
-- eaten an entire box of oreos: yea
-- eaten sushi: nope
-- been on stage: yea
-- been dumped: nope
-- gone skating: yea
-- made homemade cookies: yea
-- gone skinnydipping: nope, close tho
-- dyed your hair: nope
-- stolen anything: yea
-- played a game that required removal of clothing: yea
-- if so, was it mixed company: actually no, it was all dudes. im mad gay
-- been trashed or extremely intoxicated: nah
-- been caught "doing something": yea
-- been called a tease: nope
-- gotten beaten up: nope
-- shoplifted: yea
-- changed who you were to fit in: no

-- age you hope to be married: dunno
-- numbers and names of children: i want mad kids. with no gay names
-- describe your dream wedding: mm, im not sure
-- how do you want to die: never
-- where you want to go to college: boston college
-- what do you want to be when you grow up: teacher or a writer
-- what country would you most like to visit: ireland

in a guy/girl..
-- best eye color? dont matter
-- best hair color? dont matter
-- height: not freak tall
-- best weight: dont matter
-- best articles of clothing: dont matter
-- best first date location: somewhere fun
-- best first kiss location: the beach
LAYER TEN(in your life)
-- # of drugs taken illegally: 1
-- # of people i could trust with my life: oo, thats a hard ass question. i dunno.
-- # of CDs that you own: millions
-- # of piercings: 0
-- # of tattoos: none yet
-- # of scars on my body: 2
-- # of things in my past that i regret: a bunch


[x] music
[x] writing
[x] football

[x] gettin tickled
[x] jono
[x] a holes

[x] algebra
[x] why people drink 7up
[x] how people lose touch

[x] phone
[x] cds
[x] my dads fantasy baseball magazine

[x] go paintballing
[x] get a tatoo
[x] win a hot dog eating contest, cuz i can

[x] fuck/fucking
[x] like
[x] the

[x] rejection
[x] people bigger than me
[x] gangs

1) kobe tai t-shirt
2) blue jeans
3) black socjks

1) loud
2) black
3) full of shit

1) annoying

1) irish
2) irish
3) armenian

1) my tits
2) the birthmark thats shaped like new jersey on my ass
3) my backne

1) im a little too sexy

1) i have a birthmark of new jersey on my ass
2) one of my balls is bigger than the other
3) i cired in 2nd grade cuz tom called me fat

1) ireland
2) china
3) hollywood

1) kevy
2) murph
3) murphy

Five details about your appearance right now.
[x] i have hat hair
[x] i have on a rainbow necklace
[x] i have a kobe tai shirt on
[x] i have on blue jeans
[x] i have on black socks

Five things you did today.
[x] played wiffle ball
[x] played 4 square
[x] stole jons shoes
[x] deflated the air out of jons bike
[x] watched texas chainsaw massacre

Five groups/artists you listened to today.
[x] brand new
[x] a small victory
[x] 2pac
[x] thursday
[x] twista

Five things that make you happy.
[x] music
[x] my homies
[x] good movies
[x] family guy
[x] those really fun classes in school

Five things that disgust you.
[x] wieners
[x] cigarettes
[x] dip
[x] smelly smells
[x] dirty people

Five things you can't live without.
[x] air
[x] food
[x] water
[x] music
[x] porn

Five things you feel right now.
[x] awake
[x] anxious for the lockin
[x] cold
[x] my feet are wet
[x] thats about it

Do You Like...
candles?: if they smell good
hot wax?: why
incense?: yea

Do You Believe In...
love?: yea
soul mates: yea
love at first sight?: no
heaven?: undecided
forgiveness?: yes
God?: undecided
Yourself: yes
Your friends: some of em
Santa Claus: yea
Tooth Fairy: yea
Angels: no
Ghosts: no
UFOs: yes

who is your worst enemy?: none
what are some of your favorite pig out foods?: funions... and what are those things we used to eat back in the day... o yea, pussy
what's something that you wish people would understand?: rich white kids shouldnt act like gansgters
what's something you wish you could understand better?: algebra
who's someone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time?: meghan burke and alycia steel. well i saw alycia at the spirit game, but that was the first time in like a year, and we didnt really even ahgn out

* Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: no
* Like anyone?: i dont know anymore
* Who have you known the longest of your friends: tom
* When you cried the most: i dunno
* What is the best feeling in the world: when people like stuff you do, you know what im sayin
* Worst Feeling: when you fuck up big time
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will can just give me a ride home...WHAT!?   
11:16pm 28/05/2004
mood: excited
music: our lovers fall - a small victory
hey, today was pretty fun. woke up around 2. chilled til like 6 then will ryan dylan nick lia candice dawn erica and stephanie came ova, then we went to get chrissy and we saw jon os bike at tonias. and he said he coudlnt come ova cuz he was goin to his uncles. so we broke into tonias house and stole his kicks. then we deflated the air in his tires. yea, then we walked and we ended up at that pharmacy on eatsern ave. then we walked back to our neighborhood, then we went to nicks and played 4 square then we walked to my house and weatched texas chainsaw massacre and thats about it. cya,.
ima bring this kid home, i can get food stamps for him   
02:18pm 28/05/2004
mood: tired
music: every breathe is a bomb- the blood brothers
hey, its friday but im updatin for yesterday cuz i didnt feel like it yesterday. im so tired. its like 2:20 and i jus got up 20 minutes ago and made a bagel. and im so goddamn tired! anywayz. school yesterday. i dont remember it at all. i think it was boring or something, i dunno. oo, we looked at cat fetuses. it was sweet. then we looked at uh, i dont remember. then afta school i chilled then i went to breed and chilled with jimmy and charlie then johns game ended and i went ova there and listened to braintree. then john hios, quavari and some kid harry came ova. mad gangbangers, let me tell ya. it was the first time i saw john since my socca days. then we played wiffle ball and then katie drove me home. peace.
ima bring this kid home, i can get food stamps for him   
02:18pm 28/05/2004
mood: tired
music: every breathe is a bomb- the blood brothers
hey, its friday but im updatin for yesterday cuz i didnt feel like it yesterday. im so tired. its like 2:20 and i jus got up 20 minutes ago and made a bagel. and im so goddamn tired! anywayz. school yesterday. i dont remember it at all. i think it was boring or something, i dunno. oo, we looked at cat fetuses. it was sweet. then we looked at uh, i dont remember. then afta school i chilled then i went to breed and chilled with jimmy and charlie then johns game ended and i went ova there and listened to braintree. then john hios, quavari and some kid harry came ova. mad gangbangers, let me tell ya. it was the first time i saw john since my socca days. then we played wiffle ball and then katie drove me home. peace.
spirit game, summahs here   
11:21pm 26/05/2004
mood: fantastic
yo, yesterday i saw shrek 2. it was aight, it wasnt as good as the first one. im busy so i dont think this wuill be long, today ad yesterday have been mad fun. i laguhed so hard during western civ that boogers came flyin outta my nose. then english was just mad fun. so much stuff happened. then uhhh, i went to the spirit game, it was opretty fun. i choked on ice cream. this a hole cop came over and we were all sittin at the table talkin abd he was you guys together. well im out. peace.
High School Movies.   
09:33pm 25/05/2004
mood: proud
music: last train home - lost prophets
Ever since I can remember I've been looking forward to high school. I thought it would be one non-stop party. I would hang out with my friends all night and never do any work. I could picture myself as a big football hero. I would imagine myself scoring the winning touchdown in the championship game. There would be 10 seconds left on the clock and we were down by a field goal. The other team just scored and was kicking off to us. I got the ball and then I was off. I made my way to the 20 yard line untouched, then it got tricky. I faked right and went left on the first guy and he fell for it easily, 1 down 10 to go. This next guy wasn't so easy. He got me from behind, I never saw him coming. I tried to shake him off but he wouldn't budge. Luckily someone from the other team tried to hit me while the other guy was on my back and knocked him off. I was free at last and only had about 60 more yards and 8 more people to get by. I made it the 50 yard line and a player came at me from the left and one from the right. I jumped over them and they knocked each other out. I was just 6 more people away from being the greatest hero this school has ever seen. I cut toward the sideline where nobody could reach me. I was at the 40, the 30, the 20, the 10, then I felt one of them close. He was right next to me. I reached out my arm to push him away but he grabbed on. I knew the only I could make it to the end zone was with him latched on to me. So I put my head down and I dug into the ground with all I had. By this time the player was on my back. I was at the 5, the 4, the 3 and I couldn't go any further. I fell forward and extended the ball as far as I could. When I hit the ground I didn't know if I made it or not. I waited, for what felt like hours, for the player to get off my back and I found myself in the end zone, I did it! I jumped to my feet and before I knew it my team grabbed me and lifted me up. I looked into the stand and saw the entire city of Lynn on their feet, all cheering for me. Of all the faces the one that stood out was the prettiest, my high school sweetheart.
I've replayed that play in my backyard a million times since I was 8. Choreographing each step so it would be more dramatic than the last. I thought it would all happen, just like in the movies. Over the past 4 years I've learned that nothing is like the movies.
My first real high school experience happened before the first day of school. It was during double sessions for football. It felt like we were playing in Africa. After we ran sprints at the end of practice we had to do a ball carrying drill. We had to run with the ball down field while players hit our shoulders. Everything was going fine. Everyone did it without dropping the ball and the coaches seemed happy. Then it was my turn, I felt so nervous I thought I was going to throw up. I ran and before I even made it to the first player I tripped and dropped the ball. I thought I died. I couldn't feel my legs and my heart was beating 1,000 miles a minute. I closed my eyes and prayed to God I was dreaming. I found out I wasn't when my coach was on top of me yelling at the top of his lungs. The whole team had to run on a hill, appropriately nick named “Africa”, for an hour all because of me. I couldn't believe I did that. I thought for sure my high school life was going to hell.
Nobody said anything bad to me about the incident, but that was because nobody talked to me anyway. There were no more incidents during football, I just kept to myself and nobody talked to me either. As the season went on I came out my shell. The freshman team went undefeated and everyone played an equal role, I wasn't the superstar I expected to be.
School started off the same way football did, rough. I was put in all honors classes and all my friends were in normal classes. That means I started off brand new, nobody knew me and I didn't know anybody either. I've always been shy around new people so I was the loner of the class at first. A few months into the year I started talking more and letting my personality show. I started making some good friends. There was this one girl in particular, Dianna, that I felt I had a special bond with. I didn't want to tell anyone how I felt about this girl, especially her. I was afraid to tell her because I didn't know if she felt the same way about me and I was scared of rejection.
The year went on and I was starting to become more popular. I was even becoming somewhat of a class clown. I started getting caught up a little too much on fooling around and I wasn't paying enough attention to my school work. My parents were not happy about this. My brother got perfect grades in school and my parents wanted me to be like him. It's hard to have to follow in someone else's footsteps, especially when they have completely different interests and personalities. By the time the year was halfway over all of my privileges were taken away because of my grades. It was hard to get back on track. My grades still weren't great by the end of freshman year, but they were the best I could do. My parents started to realize that I wasn't my brother and it wasn't fair for me to have to live up to the standards he set.
My relationship with Dianna grew stronger as the year went on. I thought I would finally tell her one night online. She signed on and just as I was thinking of how to say it she IMed me saying she has good news. I asked her what happened and she told me she goes out with some junior named John. My heart fell out my chest and onto the floor. I thought I was going to be sick. “Congratulations” was all I could say. I signed offline and went to my room, I shut my door and lied down. I didn't know what to think. I just lied there until the next morning when I had to go the school and see here face to face.
The next day in school I acted like nothing was wrong, even though it was eating me up inside. I never told anyone how I really felt and life went on. At the end of freshman year Dianna and John broke up and things got back to normal.
Sophomore and Junior years went by before I knew it and I was already a Senior. By this time I was absolutely in love with Dianna and we were best friends. I was still an average football player who always gave all I had. Our team won the championship and it felt absolutely amazing. We did it through hard work, dedication and team work, not by showing off and selfishness. I kept my grades up and I was accepted to Boston College. I had a great group of friends and I was ready to graduate.
I thought I was ready to graduate. But I found out there was something I had to say. That's where I am now. It's graduation night and I just drove to Dianna's house. I ran to her front door and knocked on it as hard as I could. I told her how I feel, I told her everything. She hasn't said anything yet, I feel like I've been standing here for an eternity. She slowly opens her lips and says “I'm sorry, I don't feel the same way.”
High school isn't anything like the movies. I've never seen a high school movie about getting your heart ripped out of your chest by someone you love.
i got mad aids   
10:14pm 24/05/2004
mood: enthralled
music: pistons v. pacers. pistons rule
hey, tody was aight. school wasnt too bad, we got out at 1. bio we looked at crazy like sponges and stuff. then we had ms white for algebra. then spanish was good times. then lucnh was cool, then english was good. ms iovanna read my paper to the class. they said they liked it, awwwwwww. then i had western civ, that was fun. chris told me about links quest for ass. yea, then i went to the y and jtl and b long got in a fight, then i got buff then i went home and finished my religion thing, then i didnt do anything. laterz
05:40pm 23/05/2004
mood: procrastinative
music: this disaster- new found glory
hey, today was uneventful. went to work, the bitch wasnt there, that was good. got out of work at 5. i only made a dollar in tips, thats whack. then i went and got the new new gounf glory cd. its pretty good. i gotta go work on my religion project and finish up my english paper, peace.
11:33pm 22/05/2004
music: betting all i have - recover
hey, tonight was pretty borin. aight, today i got up at about 2 and went to clarke and played a lil baseball, we had to leave cuz there was t-ball game starting. so we went to nicks and made gay boi videos. me and jon are gettin maried and are names are pat and ronny, nicks our landlord and he also plays the pastor. its mad nuts. then we played some hardcore 4 square. then i went home and ate adn then nick and j came and we played some hardcore home run derby. then katelyn came and we went to townline. it was ok. when we were waitin outside for a ride jon went in to the use the bathroom and me and nick went to to like beat him up adn stuff, and there was this big bald bouncer, and he was like your all goin together? it weas jus funny. then jonos cousin and her boyfriend came and he was weird, he had his seat like all the way back and i dunno, he was jus a wild nigga. but hes got nothin on matt roach. yea, then we went to my house and jced. we watched cyo basketball videos, so old school. yea, thats all peace.
do you got a ticket? TO THE GUN SHOW!   
11:11pm 21/05/2004
mood: wet
music: memphis will be laid to waste - norma jean
yo, today i got up and i went to school, nothin happened durin the first part of the day. then lunch, we had sundaes. it was nuts i had 3. then i chileed in the caf for the next period. it was mad fun. HOLY SHIT AN APPLE! GAY ALERT, FAG CENTRAL. mad good times. then we had religion, more mad good times. then english mad more good times. we talked about pimps and hoes and stuff. then i bounced home, then i went and played some baseball, then i came home and eh, stuff happened, yadda yadda yadda. i rode kevin harts bike into the water at the beach in just my underwear. then i cruised for chicks. good times. it was an aight night. it definately wasnt the best beach hangout time. ive had much more fun. cya.
im back bitches.   
10:20pm 20/05/2004
mood: gassy
music: gloria- mineral
aight, well ive decided to update again. i dotn know why i stopped, o yea, im fat. so ill fill you guys in, my bro moved back home, and my mommadukes been in florida since sunday, shes comin back tomorrow night. aight thats all. today was ok. i had to wait outside cuz mr mchue is a fat asshole and he wouldnt let me in cuz i had a drink, then he left and mrs buckley was just like go in, cuz shes cool like that. so i had spanish first and we supposed to have a test but she elft it at home so we didnt. then we had mass, then algebra and wegraphed and stuff. then i had lunch then religion and i jus had good times cuz mrs lapointe has a moustache. me and kerri have sex with strangers for money. and me and jjimmy played mad block dude, that games tight. then i had english and thats cool. like whoa. we're doina creative writing thing, im mad pumped. creative writing is the best thing in the world. o and it was so funny. me kerri jimmy and chris were all chillen and chris was tellin us his idea and then jimmy started talkin about like fighting bears and me and him laughed for like 20 minutes, and i cant remember ever laughin that hard. it fuckin hurt so bad. it was nuts, i thought i was gonna die. good times. then we had western civ and it was jus normal funy western civ stuff. chris wants to know who would win a speling bee between da vinci and thomas edison and stuff, hes a funny kid. then i went to track, i didnt do anything, but i looked gangsta. then i came home and stuff. i won the championship belt in fight night, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa boi o and i watched 28 days later, i fuckin love that movie. tomorrows friday, im pumped, baseball then gazebo/ beach party. gonna get crunk, peace/
06:38pm 22/03/2004
mood: pessimistic
music: how long is too long - the get up kids.
hello. today i got up and had math first. had a test. i did ok i think. then i had spanish, had a test, did terrible, absolutely terrible. but then we watched finding nemo, best movie. then homeroom then bio. i did good in bio. then i had lunch, then western civ. then religion, i did my project. then english, i slept the entire period. cuz we had coach breck for a sub. then i went to thetrack meeting. then i went to the y then i went home then i balled at nicks thats all. lata.
ice cube said put a sock on your pickle   
08:35pm 21/03/2004
mood: full
music: usher - yeah
what up kids. yesterday i got up and went to guitar center, i got the sickest pedal ever. im in love. then i went home and went to chrissys for a tad. then i went to nicks and ben and tom were there. then ryan and john came. then we went and attacked chrissy with snowballs, then we got in a snowball fight with brett nichols and tim boupre. we fucked em up. we outside this old ladys house and she came out and was like go away. then ryan nailed her window with a snowball and she yelled at brett and tim. it was so funny. then we went to my crib. chilled, then we went to captains, tom went home and ryan went to hockey, then me ben nick and john went to my house and had good times. o man, hbo on demand is the funiest thing. splosh and punany poets, awesome. then we played wayne gretzkey hockey, its a sick game. then ben and nick left and john slept ova, then today we woke up and john went home and steve ryan and dylan and will came ova, i havent seen will in an ill minute, it was fun. then we went to mikeys and nick and gay fizz were there. then we all left and went to nicks and balled. then i had to go out to eat for my dads bday and yea, cya lata. overall a very good weekend.
george's trip to hawaii   
10:25pm 19/03/2004
mood: peaceful
music: ambulance vs. ambulance - blood brothers
hollas, today i got up and i went to school, i had spanish first we watched finding nemo. then i had bio, then i had homeroom, watched sportscenter, march madness is upon us. then we had math, then lunch, good times, i chilled wit kevin mike konners ghika and mastro, then greg chris and jimbo came. then i went to religion, then english, good times, cuz i chilled up in parkers class cuz we had the same sub as yesterday. then history, then i went to the y. we jus did our maxes today. then i played some hoop. then i went home. didnt do shit, then i went to nicks, and tom and ben were there and then john came. then we played bball, then mr levy told us all these stories, funniest stuff ive ever heard. " i was like holy shit a village, wheres the chief" o man, there were way to many, i wish i recorded it. yea then john came to my house and we rocked out, we're workin on this sick song, it sound pretty good. im getting my pedal tomorrow, its gonna be nuts. yep, lata.