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BLAH [27 Aug 2003|10:52am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Soon to be loud music waking every one up ]

ha ha well my dad was all pissed yesterday bechus the gurage door was open and the dogs wernt on the side yard and there was ALOT OF HOLEs meaning there was 2 in the same sport as always... So he takes away my phone my sisters phone, and he unplugs the internet... But little does he kno i know how to plug it back in.. (IFf u havent cought on.. that how im updating it ha ha) well yea Soo.. tell me what is jared getting punish for.. what of his is taken away....NOTHING NADA GOD DAMN THING.. the internet WOW.. big whoop Thats more taken away from me and leah.. take away a fucking guitar or somthing shit... Its our last god damn week of freedon and we cant do shit...I KNO I mean FUCK... I wanna go to six flags... We have 8 tickets (Hey derrick and shauna have any days this week off?) But if we go ima need my cellular phone.. bechus lets jus say i tend to wonder alot.. and lol If i get seperated from every one.. i dont wanna hafta hear "WILL DERRICK OR SHAUNA PPLEASE REPORT TO THE MISSING CHILDREN BOOTH", And not only that we need to go to the damn beach!.. BLAH well thats what zach is fo, The only thing that sucks is.. i WANT MY DAMN BACKPACK!. i mean lol jan has skool every day this week and cant miss none of it.. not saying he drives us around EVERYWHERE but he does lol, And yea so this week is gonna suck Hopefully robert will call me up and wanna go kick it... OH OH OH OH i saw may yeaterday AWW i was soo happy to see her ha ha ha well im done TChau for like a week... or tomarow morning...


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[22 Aug 2003|04:47pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | Dashboard confessionals - Hands down ]

geez im getting to lazy to update, Lol but im tryin my best, IM getting tired, of all the high school drama that goes on in life. For those of u not in highskool U will find out soon, and its not FUN well yea jus had to say dat.

Had some preety intenses times this week, PLaying snare is alot harder then i thought i would, my arms are killing me and so are my legs. me and catty had a preety awkward convo last night, And yea i really dont wanna get in to it, not my say to write.

Im listing to this song.. and its grrreat no one else thinks so but i like it, and JT'S FAGET ASS STOLE IT, Damn how come every time i start listing to a song it ends up being his favorite. i mean wtf man. Im tired of his shit seriously, how the hel do you get cought lieng then go back and say Oh i still have kidney desiese, BITCH you never had it to begin with, you took to much creatine, You fucking moron, damn need i say I FUCKING HATE LIERS. well oke im done ranting befor i get to carryed away with my self, hey cannt call me if im not on aim.

Have a nice day'

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FRIENDS ONLY [06 Aug 2003|06:49pm]
yeah, this journal is friends only i don't want everyone to be able to read it. so, if you want to be my friend, add me and i'll add you back
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