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Date:2003-06-25 01:41
Mood: anxious

It's difficult to understand how these things happen the way they do. One moment me an' the lads are on the crawl, pubbin' and clubbin' in Camden, stumble into home at 8 AM and dad says we're moving to America.


Packing in 18 years worth of clutter got tedious so I spent a lot of time just sorting through it and giving the things to the people who'd be most reminded of me and the times we'd had with them. I came across some old computer games and thought about how much I missed Robbie. He'd been my best friend since we were both round 3 or 4 years old. I missed him. America can't be that big, enough to keep the two of us away from each other, could it? Turns out dad failed to mention we were moving to Dover, Vermont.

Enrollment and all's been completed and I'm prepared to move into my dorm room. I do hope they don't pair me up with some psychopath I won't be able to sit with. Not that I don't got a place to go otherwise. Most of these kids aren't fortunate enough to have mum and dad living down the street.

I'll try to find Rob tomorrow. I wonder if he'll even remember me.

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