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[16 Mar 2003|08:06pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | "Beautiful," Meshell NdegeOcello ]

Lauren and I (Le'Lanii) met quite a while ago, back when I was eleven-years-old. She of course, was not as young as me, which at first made it a bit hard to get to know her. A thirteen year gap is quite large, but then again, we got to hang out often, especially during the summer, when our families would have cook-outs and all sorts of gatherings. There, we learned a little more about one another every time we got together, and soon enough, we were shopping together, just to get out of our homes, and whatnot. At first, she intimidated me and I felt like I had some sort of silly baby-sitter or something. Heh heh.

But then, gradually, as time passed, I went to high school, and we grew closer, and found that we had shared a lot in common with one another. By then, though, she had moved to Ireland with her lover, at the time. Her lover and she are now engaged, and if I may say so myself, it's about time! They've always been together and it's nice to see that he's someone who can keep her the happiest and not someone who's just there to take advantage of the wonderful person that she is. Though they're engaged, and have been for a while now, they don't intend on getting married anytime soon if ever. And that, I do believe, is fine in my book.

Now, as for myself, while Lauren is across the Atlantic Ocean, I am here, next to the Pacific... How much farther apart can the two of us really get, you know? I am currently living in a home with five other men, one to whom I've had a crush on for the past nine years of my life, though, when I moved out here, from the Midwest, I had already a friend in my heart, and she, Abbey, has come out here as well, though she does not live with the six of us, though, by the way she comes and goes, you'd almost suspect that she does.

And with that, I will leave, for now, so that Lauren might entertain you.


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