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    Thursday, March 29th, 2012
    9:55 am
    office 2010 download trying to turn to their parents for money,

    office 2010 download trying to turn to their parents for money,

    cheat money, get to the Internet become in the life most main content, Office 2007 long time playing truant, the Internet for many days; Completely give up studying, working, desperate to get to the Internet every day, to try to interfere with parents not scold that play, violent force money, even lose rationally to commit crime road, cause sudden death, even committing suicide.

    Strengthen the study, need from the society, education system looking for trouble

    In shandong some nets ring center door, a from jiangsu parents 黄祚明 concussion say: "tiger poison not food son, don't come here to treatment of parents is' brain damage, 'don't know love their children? We also know the way children to violence treatment caused pain, Microsoft Outlook 2010 but don't treat their child became scum ah, is the child of thought plagues, wish and he mutually assured destruction."

    Obviously, just shut down the violence from institutions is not enough, if not finding the cause, you'll never find save physicians.

    "As a web addict, I know that lack of friends and parents no communication, schoolwork burden the pressures of such as eager to escape from the reality, and that the feeling." Once addict network game of 15 year old young LiuXiaoMing said, office 2010 home and business network game can make players into a virtual world to experience all kinds of unusual "existence", it is to bring the player is more of a new way of existence, can escape a lot of reality.;u=190

    Thursday, December 22nd, 2011
    2:40 pm
    Office 2010 Finally

    Office 2010  Finally

    often in the relevant local post user useful information or reply to the news of the people, so as to improve yourself in the awareness of the group also is very important.

    5. Pre-sale, sale and after-sale service of the exchange. Pre-sale, Discount Office professional 2010 are for you.

    sale and after-sale service of the exchange is usually bought a enterprise products, or will buy enterprise products consumers, in the course of the exchange in addition to pay attention to the general matters, especially to try to choose positive words, give consumer a definite meaning, not ambiguous, lest produce consumer ambiguity, cause unnecessary trouble. Download Office 2010 changes life.

    Pre-sale service is the marketing and sales between bond, and its function is very important. The marketing personnel should try to improve the quality and thinking rigorous degrees, carry out detailed core problem, lest the deal appeared in the process of some unnecessary trouble. Company according to some of the common everyday pre-sale service, to form a set is particular business and customer communication must be clear problem communication of a programmed copywriter, so as to ensure customer communication in advance and the related problems of possible dispute communicate clearly to prevent in execution of a dispute and influence. Windows 7 is the best system ever.

    Medium-sales service is to point to in product sales process provides for the customer service. The marketing personnel needs enthusiasm for the customer to introduce, display products, detailed instructions on product usage, patience, to help customers choose goods, answer customer questions, etc. The sale of service and customer's actual buy action accompanied by, is the key link of goods to clinch a deal.


    2:40 pm
    Microsoft Office 2010 In after-sales service

    Microsoft Office 2010 In after-sales service

    to the customer problems to have good state of mind, must be grateful to the customer, listening carefully to customers' opinions and demands to sincere attitude to solve customer problems, standing at the side of customers for the interests of its clients consideration, Office 2010 is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

    in rapid processing problem and reply at the same time, to complete each subsequent service. Enterprise to the after-sales service as is the process of communication with customer, in the service of master certain skills, There are many improvements in Office 2007 .

    to improve customer satisfaction and increase the service level of the enterprise. 400 phone can promote the enterprise image and the advertisement effect, must choose similar speed 400 telephone network ( such official authorized agents to guarantee the safety and stability. 400 call is not expensive, a year need only a few hundred, don't save two or yuan to choose because small agent, so many of the problems will be late, the loss outweights the gain. First of all to want to notice to bonding, after-sales service for most of the customer and the bonding is, once be enterprise customers, is the enterprise to friends, it is necessary to regular affection exchange, such as regular mail, Outlook 2010 is on sale now.

    or festivals or holidays have sales promotion activity initiative to communicate with customers when, still can be in the appropriate time to customer send small gifts or provide any additional services; Second, the need to get information collection, by providing after-sales service, their value for the customer, understand customer's mind and demand, to find potential customers and keep customers do material ready for.



    2:40 pm
    Microsoft Office 2010 professional 7 calmly debate: in the network communication debate is

    Microsoft Office 2010 professional  7 calmly debate: in the network communication debate is

    to people by reasoning, don't personal attack. 8) respect other people's privacy: enterprise should fully respect the consumer privacy, not random leak user personal information, it is not only in the protection of the interests of the consumer, it is also a good image to maintain their own; Office 2010 key will let your work faster and easier.

    9) don't abuse rights: relatively speaking, in the marketing enterprise holds more information and rights, the enterprise should be fully appreciate these information and right, for the consumer services; ⑩ tolerance: in the face of the mistakes made by consumers, the enterprise should be tolerant attitude. Microsoft Office is a great assistant for your daily life.

    7. Carry out instant communication. In order to further promote the communication between enterprises and consumers, and improve enterprise level of customer service, but through the network carry out various kinds of instant communication, such as online consulting and solutions to the system, QQ online services, etc. In setting up online instant communication, we must keep smooth channel, answer quickly, do not let the consumer waiting; Microsoft’s best product is Microsoft outlook 2010 .

    As far as possible let users click on behalf of service personnel of the head can consultation, without any other installation work.

    In addition, open special community for the user communication, and have special maintenance and solutions; Making special page introduction of interest to users of the key information and so on, is the more consumer welcome way of communication.


    2:40 pm
    Microsoft Office 2010 key When we in television

    Microsoft Office 2010 key When we in television

    newspapers, advertising media see the manufacturer's service hotline phone, often find that there are two major types: the beginning of 800 or 400 of the beginning of phone number, then these two telephone number what's the difference?

    Reporter consultation with the extreme power director Mr. LiangSen after that, Microsoft Office 2007 is an amazing gift for me.

    800, he was called on to pay business, 400 primarily that pay the city call, called pay ChangTuFei apportion premium services. 800 phone call for the consumer, it is completely free service telephone; And 400 phone would need to call user bear his own phone. After understanding, the 400 call as below for-in China within the scope of the any place call 400 business number, all to pay only call the city calls, namely the phone call, Microsoft outlook likes the assistant in your office.

    and make a local fixed phone charges. Specifically, according to the most common wireless standards it charges, which the front three minutes 0.22 yuan, and every minutes after 0.11 yuan; For mobile phone users, different operator and package fee, but with the local solid netcom words charges consistent.

    400 the phone is 800 phone business upgrade edition, it is also the small and medium-sized enterprise the most commonly used one of marketing tool. Office 2010 sp1 is very easy.

    The author in extreme 400 telephone network ( to realize, 400 phone is the Lord called share pay business, make can avoid ChangTuFei, only need to take common wireless words fee, so some businessmen and TV ads are also call the 400 phone calls for free. Strictly speaking, 400 phone and not free phone.


    2:40 pm
    Office 2010 download 800 phone is free calls

    Office 2010 download 800 phone is free calls

    but 800 free call itself also has some limitations, is the biggest difference between 800 free phone can only use fixed telephone call, and often meet with bad customer malicious harassment. So, at the moment, topping 400 call 800 call trend.

    800 phone cannot use the cell phone call, and 400 phone can, which is why 800 service phone has a replacement phone cause, but this phone is not free. Many people like the Office 2010 pro .

    Mr. LiangSen said, if your customers are in outdoor or journey, even see your product and contact way, if you use the phone is 800, each other but no fixed telephone and contact, you probably missed a valuable customer resources. But 400 of the phone, but perfect solved the problem, avoid the disadvantages, and whether mobile phone or fixed phone, has free call! So, also have a lot of large enterprise with 800 and 400 telephone.

    A claim to having the world advanced technology in Europe and the hackers, Office 2010 home and student is free for you.

    "MoYing" virus (TDSS. TDL-4) recently showed up to China's Internet. 360 safety monitoring center found that the virus has bound in many game hacking and pirated software registration machine, large-scale popular trend is very apparent. Therefore, 360 security guards have emergency launch "360 MoYing ZhuanSha tool," for killing the rescue service to provide computer victims.

    "360 MoYing ZhuanSha tool" download address: http://down.360safe. Office 2010 home and business is your best choice.


    In Europe and America etc, "MoYing" virus of the TDSS. TDL-4 rootkit technique is known as "despite the network crime technology", can make the virus realize unprecedented covert and avoid kill effect.


    Friday, December 9th, 2011
    9:41 am
    Download office 2010 The Thai boring be responsible for 24 coupons of taizhou station publicity

    Download office 2010 The Thai boring be responsible for 24 coupons of taizhou station publicity

    and promotion and hype, the advertising time for June through October.

    A Thai boring staff told the daily economic news "reporter, Discount Office professional 2010 are for you.

    the contract advertising 5 months, monthly advertising expenses paid in advance. But at the end of June, 24 coupon taizhou stood not timely payment of the advertisement in July. "In early July, the company to ask about the advertisement in 24 coupons. But 24 coupons for link stand says taizhou headquarters to advertising, opinion. Because 24 coupons station provides effective links of taizhou in the boring website homepage not directly linked to the doors, existence of loopholes 24 coupons. After consultation, Download Office 2010 changes life.

    Thai boring directly in taizhou stand 24 coupons alternative, let netizen link directly to the 24 coupon taizhou stand."

    Even so, advertising money is still not settlement, to mid-july, Thai boring again inquired about in advertising. 24 coupons give reply is taizhou station, of the headquarters of the financial problems, advertisement to once again put off.

    Have the personage points out, 24 coupons current ads data is very large, at present stand earnings condition is not optimistic. Therefore, may be capital condition problems.

    To this, 24 coupon said it is actually a misunderstanding. Windows 7 is the best system ever.

    The public relations people say, 6000 yuan is only a very small cost, because of taizhou stand fails to provide invoices, so financial couldn't play money. "We have very strict financial system in advance with each other, and communication."



    9:41 am
    Microsoft Office 2010 free These people also said

    Microsoft Office 2010 free These people also said

    now 24 coupon related staff have through the way of borrowing to pay the advertisement's first boring, at the same time, with an invoice to each other.

    But, Office 2010 is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

    Thai boring says both sides does not have are specified in the contract to provide invoices. "The advertisement is the tax of 13% of the invoice point, is not high, advertising itself if taxes, and then again at cheap advertising."

    Media reports say, 24 coupons and the bus this year advertising company highly body cooperation, also have hundreds of thousands of end the money did not pay.

    To this, the above persons are also denies that, "we never have any cooperation with highly, and no signed with them any contract and agreement." There are many improvements in Office 2007 .

    And for default employee wages, job cuts, financial stress statement, the people said it never defaults salary, the company in good money.

    The China electronic commerce research center WuXueFei analysts believe that the current group buying industry actually is a vicious cycle. "stand in those early days, to use their own funds start brand publicity and enterprise scale expansion to get financing. Outlook 2010 is on sale now.

    After the scale and continue to expand the brand publicity, the more money the use, and earnings but not so good."

    According to foreign media reports, in the Japanese launch automatic after YouTube subtitles, on YouTube has revealed, Japanese is only the first step, YouTube and plan for the future in the language of the video introduced more automatic subtitles, this will affect including Chinese users, the global Internet users.


    9:41 am
    Microsoft Office 2010 download Last week, YouTube video in the Japanese introduced subtitles

    Microsoft Office 2010 download Last week, YouTube video in the Japanese introduced subtitles

    as long as the users click on a "CC" button that can get subtitles. Microsoft Office 2010 has a very simple way to install.

    It is reported, this innovative use of YouTube before the English version of the promotion in the speech recognition technology.

    On Tuesday, a spokesman for YouTube by mail to the media that, this is only the English subtitles launched YouTube to service the first step, "we hope to be able to this function will spread to other languages." But did not give a specific launched YouTube timetable.

    It is reported, as early as in 2009, Do you ever buy the Office 2010 professional ?

    YouTube video in English introduced to be automatic subtitles, in March last year, this function deployment YouTube to all the English video.

    In the United States, to be automatic subtitles to YouTube add cent, the reason is video service provider network Netflix and CNN no in the United States in the broadcast video with subtitles, this in the United States, many people with disabilities discontent, and the innovation of YouTube, the union by deaf people with disabilities the welcome of the organization. On Monday, Google is responsible for a particular user of nanometer technology top · Black (Naomi Black) said, automatic subtitle is only the first step, the future will also have more services.

    Media commentaries pointed out that, such as automatic promotion YouTube subtitles technology and another layer of meaning, this will allow the network video more easy to search, Office 2010 download is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

    a search engine to search the subtitles, so as to give users to find the most relevant video, it will improve the video site hit and advertising revenue.


    9:40 am
    Office 2010 key By June 30, 2011, eBay hold cash

    Office 2010 key By June 30, 2011, eBay hold cash

    cash equivalents and the stock investment value is 6 billion dollars, up to December 31, 2010 for $7.8 billion.

    Performance prospects in the third quarter of fiscal 2011 eBay is expected to net income of $2.85 billion to $2.95 billion; Office 2010 is the best system ever.

    According to the American general accounting standards, and the third quarter earnings per share diluted for $0.37 to $0.38; Not according to the American general accounting standards, and the third quarter earnings per share diluted for $0.46 to $0.47.

    EBay is expected to net fiscal 2011 revenue of $11.3 billion to $11.6 billion; According to the American general accounting standard, fiscal year 2010 diluted earnings per share for $2.41 to $2.44; Not according to the American general accounting standard, Office 2007 key is on sale now.

    fiscal year 2010 diluted earnings per share for $1.97 to $2.00.

    Earnings conference call issued, eBay will in the United States on July 20, eastern time 17:00 (Beijing time on July 21, 5:00) held a conference call. Investors can visit eBay site investor relations channel to listen to the conference call network television, web site for investor. EBay. Com. Phone after the meeting, Microsoft outlook 2010 changes life.

    investors can also access this web site conference call to listen to the tape.

    Beijing time on July 21 news, with online advertisement market increasingly fierce competition, Google on Wednesday launched its advertisers for credit card service, providing credit to try and get more advertising.


    9:40 am
    Office 2010 free Google for its selected the United States provide the credit card service

    Office 2010 free Google for its selected the United States provide the credit card service

    and claim to offer competitive interest rates, plenty of credit, and no annual fee. But the service is only applicable to Google search engine on purchase search advertising. Outlook 2010 is discount for this month.

    Credit card makes Google AdWords advertising business becomes the first into the vendor financing market technology company, they can let marketers in its search advertising business cost more.

    Google's global online sales vice President Claire Johnson (Claire Johnson), Microsoft outlook is the best system ever.

    said the credit card in the Google site specifically for advertising on the design of small and medium-sized enterprises and help, but in the major sales before the season for large advertising campaign won't provide financial support, such as valentine's day or it's Halloween.

    The United States macy's and amazon for many years has been for its customers with credit card service to push users shopping, cultivate customer loyalty, and track their spending habits. Some retailers also have their own credit card operation business, for example, retail company Nordic frost dragon (Nordstrom) can get from the business interest rate.

    Google on Wednesday by email to part of the way the client sends an invitation for a credit card service, this credit card will be in "beta" early testing phase, Office 2007 is on sale now.

    only applies to the selected user.

    Beijing time on July 21 morning news, according to the American technology blog AllThingsD reports, Twitter is trying to $8 billion valuation of $800 million financing.


    Monday, November 28th, 2011
    2:48 pm
    Office 2010 suites In recent years, has been speculation has its own accumulation funds have skywort

    Office 2010 suites In recent years, has been speculation has its own accumulation funds have skyworth in the bank, in pressed by reporters, zhang xuebin first official admitted that, so far this year on September 30,, skyworth in Banks with various forms of the own accumulation fund has reached 2.4 billion yuan. Outlook 2010 is discount for this month.

    The money the general situation is not into the flow of funds. Hong Kong's fund company DuoCi had an opinion, think such a great deal of money deposited in the bank, is conservative and waste, should throw out. But skyworth has not find the right projects for investment, investment project also useless to the money.

    Skyworth says it will not easily to bank loans, but hope in the need to use special tools, the bank can help, in response to "the worst situation . Microsoft outlook is the best system ever.

    And they expected the worst case: foreign partners settlement may have to change, or domestic suppliers requirements shorten settlement period.

    As for skyworth digital holding when the resumption of things, zhang xuebin has not get any news. At present the audit line skyworth digital holdings is still there, and the company since 2000, has served as skyworth digital holding listed skyworth digital holding audit work. It is reported, skyworth have to the Hong Kong stock exchange to submit Suggestions in complex brand, the message says, 6, the stock exchange may release skyworth digital (H K. 0751) after card of a public announcement.

    Recently, held in chengdu international convention and exhibition center, the "sichuan province and multi-national company industry matching series of the third conference leader BBS" on, Office 2007 is on sale now.

    alibaba website and chief executive jack ma bring a called "grasp opportunities, use to defeat the opponent" wonderful lecture and online trade advanced thought will be passed to the western small and medium-sized enterprise representatives.



    2:48 pm
    Microsoft Office 2010 suites The electronic commerce "man"

    Microsoft Office 2010 suites The electronic commerce "man"

    Jack ma told reporters, electronic commerce is a variety of functions to small and medium-sized enterprise spend a body set. Mr Ma said, Do you like Microsoft Office 2007 ?

    like alibaba this kind of B2B (business to enterprise) e-commerce sites mainly for the enterprise services are buying and selling of information communication, to help the enterprise will own demand information on the web, solve the small and medium enterprise information asymmetry problem. "With the electronic commerce, small and medium-sized enterprises, each of the commodity information can be access at any time." There are many improvements in Office 2010 download .

    Mr Ma said, in wenzhou, ningbo, etc, commodity enterprise all through the electronic commerce to expand business, the annual turnover are online in one million yuan of above.

    Mr Ma said, e-commerce can quickly reduce trade of the intermediate links, and the small and medium-sized enterprises to prevent by large enterprise squeezing, rob. Like some large commercial stores, Buy Office 2010 professional to help your office work.

    because of their great quantity of purchasing, and general of small and medium-sized enterprises no extensive sales channels, was forced to sell their goods will be low. "With the electronic commerce, numerous small and middle-sized buyers and sellers can contact, for a lack of sales channels and avoid by these large supermarket gouging. So, the electronic commerce is to let the rich, let the poor little earn a point more than earn a point."


    2:48 pm
    Office 2010 MaYunLai sichuan layout

    Office 2010 MaYunLai sichuan layout

    This came to chengdu, jack ma will of the electronic commerce online business formally introduced sichuan way. Buy Office 2010 professional to help your office work.

    Mr Ma said: "the sichuan region the number of companies involved in electronic business accounts for only 1/40 of the number of alibaba to give, the market still didn't development."

    Mr Ma said, alibaba this to rong, is to want to let the enterprise online experience the benefits of trade, and help them to put their excellent products with good price sell go out, and from the developed regional procurement production material.

    Personal exchange site no charge

    Although Mr Ma to trade in alibaba on enterprise users charge annual fee of $2300 a year, Download Office 2010 changes life.

    but for the individual buyer of the website C2C taobao, jack ma insists: "not only now do not collect fees, and for a long time to also won't charge."

    Haier group of a former executives said, in haier internal, hold the company option to nearly 100 people, and detailed data I'm afraid only a few people know. Windows 7 is the best system ever.

    December 3,, a one year ago before the departure of haier executives to "the first financial daily reporter revealed, haier shareholders ChiGuHui may be virtual.



    2:48 pm
    Microsoft Office 2010 Haier's virtual holdings

    Microsoft Office 2010 Haier's virtual holdings

    The executives in haier working ten five or six years, left didn't get any shares. "When we GanBuHui in, to some option, just a simple receipt. Haier group should have a table in the above can enumerate how many options, a minister how many options, general manager of b every year according to the options dividends. Office 2010 is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

    Went away, option can't take away, these options is not a personal in cash to buy, not to give individual, enterprise is at best a bonus means." The people thought that, in fact, haier and no thorough property rights reform.

    "Hold options including haier group various subsidiaries, factory, and had a special contributions to employees. Every year group will give you a bonus, but won't tell how much you have options, the standard of share out bonus per share is how much, There are many improvements in Office 2007 .

    very vague." The sources, and the number of share out bonus will be according to the efficiency and haier every year change, there are 30000, 50000, 100000, basic not more than 100000 yuan.

    The person said, in haier internal, hold the company option to nearly 100 people, "but, before I seldom hear 'ChiGuHui' this statement. Outlook 2010 is on sale now.

    It originally is a table of the top of the list each number, and some virtual shares this form data I'm afraid only a few people know. This is ZhangRuiMin in the management of a smart thing to do, the purpose is to retain talent." The person said, whether haier ChiGuHui over time, is gradually do real, it is. Its shareholders or whether the nearly 100 number, can't say for sure.

    According to the sources, and haier this years many senior talents loss to other peer enterprises. "Haier's top ten top changes very little, their income may be relatively high. But, the haier group subordinate branches of a hand and technical backbone of change and many.


    2:48 pm
    Office 2010 professional The brain drain is forcing estimate the important reasons for haier speed

    Office 2010 professional The brain drain is forcing estimate the important reasons for haier speed

    ." The people think. Worker ChiGuHui whether exist?

    Haier group on 18 November this year officially listed in Hong Kong to lend hull, plans to haier zhongjian (1169 HK) into its core business and cell phone business of the washing machine. Microsoft Office 2010 has a very simple way to install.

    Thus, through the "haier investment" indirect holdings haier zhongjian hale worker ChiGuHui, again pushed to the public.

    The worker ChiGuHui whether the virtual ChiGuHui is. Reporter 4 December morning haier group enterprise culture to assistant, director of the center WaiXuan department minister drawn wide demand card. Drawn wide strong refused to comment on that.

    The reporter understands, haier group was established in 1999 with registered community legal person status ChiGuHui worker. Do you ever buy the Office 2010 professional ?

    November 26, 1999, Qingdao haier internal ChiGuHui for civil affairs bureau issued a registration number for lu club card words the first B0883 th corporations registration certificate. But it noted, "this card only limit for Qingdao haier investment development Co., LTD. (namely" haier investment ") matters, valid for 2 months ".

    On July 6, 2000, office of the ministry notice, because worker ChiGuHui belong to the unit interior groups, do not accord with the new "social organization registers management regulations of the registration and management scope, Office 2010 download is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

    and suspended the workers to ChiGuHui registration, and have already registered worker ChiGuHui temporary not issue a new card.

    Tuesday, November 15th, 2011
    12:00 pm
    Microsoft Outlook 2010 A few days ago

    Microsoft Outlook 2010 A few days ago

    ZhouHongYi angel investors for the domestic enterprises brought a good news, the second half of 2006 new enterprise of domestic financing would probably easier, Do you like Microsoft Office 2007 ?

    more than 30 stores investment funds will be in the second half of the into China, and each fund will have the amount of $100 million to $200 million, that is to say, the second half of this year at least $3 billion invested in China.

    The news ZhouHongYi is in the first year that the meeting Web2.0, the conference also attracted more than 100 Web2.0 enterprise delegates, more than 20 risk investment agencies and hundreds of Internet entrepreneurs participation.

    It is reported, the world over the past 12 months the top web site, China has been in the top 20 thirty percent. The leader of the Web2.0, including Myspace, There are many improvements in Office 2010 download .

    Blogger, W ikipedia enters into the front row, is a let the Internet has Web2.0 the rise of an opportunity.

    Morgan Stanley global vice President JiWeiDong also said in a statement, grand, tencent, the success of the enterprise market, are for overseas investors find China new continent. In 2005, the venture capital into China to more than twice as many as in 2004. Some good startup, often can more than 10 home from the venture investment company get competitive bidding, the startup company to it is good news, but for the investor speaking is not good news, Buy Office 2010 professional to help your office work.

    because investment cost more and more high.

    JiWeiDong think, now, the investment bank to look for a good investment project is the difficulty increases day by day, every dollar investment will pay energy is from 15 to 25 times up to 20 to 35 times.

    12:00 pm
    Office Professional 2010 Yesterday

    Office Professional 2010 Yesterday

    the reporter learns, the United States of some famous analysis company recently published a relevant Chinese game industry prospects analysis report. Report, China's game market by 2010 (GDP) will reach $2.1 billion, online users will reach 61 million.

    The report says, at the present time, the market scale Chinese game for $683 million, Office 2010 is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

    and the number is at an annual rate of 24% growth. Network game also began to attract more and more little before play games don't even play games people to add, this part of the population in the home also play proportion in increase year by year, from the original 20% to 40% now. According to the speed, in 2010 China network game users will reach 61 million, more than double the number of existing users above.

    April 28, news on Thursday the Canon in the first quarter of fiscal 2006 earnings. There are many improvements in Office 2007 .

    The report shows that benefit from the digital camera of sell like hot cakes and the weak yen, Canon net profit in the first quarter by increase substantially.

    According to the MarketWatch web site reported, in by March 31, first quarter, Canon net profit of 108.3 billion yen ($944 million), than last year the corresponding period of 93 billion yen 16% growth; Operating profits for 170.1 billion yen ($1.48 billion), Outlook 2010 is on sale now.

    than last year the corresponding period of 143.3 billion yen 18.7% growth; Sales for 923.3 billion yen ($8 billion), than last year the corresponding period of 843.4 billion yen growth of 9.5%.

    In addition to the main products such as digital cameras and copier get higher sales income besides, Canon persistence to cut production costs, try to shorten new product cycles of hard it in the fierce competition in the digital products market can still remain one of the causes of the higher profits.

    11:59 am
    Office 2010 download According to the two sides reach a solution

    Office 2010 download According to the two sides reach a solution

    the merger to change way, change ratio for 1:3. 5, namely photoelectric will stock issuance of friends, wide fai electronics by 3.5 shares of photoelectric 1 shares in exchange for a friend, Office 2010 home changes life.

    the two companies plan to complete the transaction in October.

    According to information, the two companies is in Taiwan stock exchange announced last Friday after the markets closed the deal. Friend of photoelectric closed at 48.60 yuan nt dollars ($1.50), wide fai electronic closed at nt $12.10 yuan. Office professional 2010 will let your work faster and easier.

    According to the wide electronic 5.16 billion shares of Fraser has issued capital calculation, the trade value nt $71.65 billion, $2.22 billion.

    According to information, this acquisition rather not analysts expected. The market had rumours have been ranked third in the YingGuan will be the fourth and the wide fai electronic to merge.

    Friend of photoelectric chairman LiKunYao said, and big companies currently used to the investment costs increased competition, Microsoft’s best product is Office 2010 professional .

    therefore Taiwan smaller companies more willing to accept a panel of photoelectric companies Suggestions. He said that, even if the second line with company, its market share may still lower than 10%, this and industry leaders are far apart.

    Merrill lynch analysts last weekend in a study published report, says chi mei electronic in trouble, in order to catch up with rivals, chi mei electronic may will purchase a financial as wide appeal of Fraser electronic company.



    11:59 am
    Microsoft Office 2007 Friend of the photoelectric

    Microsoft Office 2007 Friend of the photoelectric

    analysts say the two firms to one of the most important reason is that both sides of the product series can complement each other. While the two previous advantage on LCD monitor field, but according to understand, TV panel market is the combined company's main goal.

    Data shows that in the liquid crystal TV panel field, Microsoft Office 2010 is good.

    the second giant chi mei electronic sales ahead of income in the friend of photoelectric. In 2005, the strange beauty of liquid crystal TV panel electronic sales reached 5.6 million pieces, and friend of photoelectric only 4 million pieces.

    Chi mei said, the 10 million expected to be sold this year a liquid crystal TV panel, but after the merger of a photoelectric this year it set the sold 10.5 million a LCD TV panel goal, will become the biggest TV panel in Taiwan manufacturer.

    From the international released 2005 earnings. The Office 2010 key is an amazing gift for me.

    Results showed that the international although sold its share of China's search, but still suffered an unprecedented loss.

    In 2005, the turnover of the international for 320.5 million Hong Kong dollars, more than 2004 had a slight rise. The company shareholders shall account for hk $24.75 million loss, and in 2004 the company also profit hk $39.48 million.

    Last August, from international had announced $4.74 million in cash will its China search company sold 42.5% stake, but still not turn its losses. If do not calculate the sale income, from international in 2005 of the total losses have close to 60 million hk dollar. Buy Microsoft Office to help your office work. is the main reason of the international losses in television advertising business defeat, search business also not bring greater profitability. At press time so far, from international's share price has released earnings from hk $1.50 or so before falling to the current of the hk $1.20, down nearly 20%.


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