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Monday, February 10th, 2003
4:13 am - Another year goes by
tomorrow is my birthday. joy for me. i have school later, i should go to sleep. i'm not the least bit tired.
tuesday-school- club? my birthday
wed-school - club oh i do love weds- band practice?? possibly the bands first practice dun dun dun.
friday-school-club? beach club and hopefully i can get my ass over to the sausage party. wehoo. zoe is going to give me doubles of the pictures she took at the past partys and such.
saturday- family party- joy!!
sunday- who knows?
then i have a week off bwahahaha killer ay'?
hopefully in that week will be band practice and sausage partys.. hehe. i like to say that ha, sausage party it's so entertaining to say. well i am going to go lay down and listen to music. ta ta

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