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    Sunday, January 11th, 2004
    10:21 pm
    Hello people out there in internet world (pun on the quote "people out there in tv land") well i had a fun 1st week back its all i knew it would be i'm just happy i'm not bord any more seriusly joining a cult looked good there for awhile. well i had a shit load of work its to be expected pre-calc is easy as shit now it was before but now even more were doing functions... englsh is well is english, french is looking good Je t'aime fran├žais. well my weekend was great despite some bad news friday but fuck it. it was great at my firends house he has a colection of swords, well i took his ninja sword (simalar to a katana but not curved) out back where he has a pole. I had it at my side in its seath and i removed it striking the pole. What i didnt relive the plant next to it about 2" in diameter was decapetated clean cut that was awsome. but over all i hade a alright weekend wining the lotery would be nice but i cant complane. ha

    Well i have a new phlosophy on life i would like coments on this:
    Only do somthing when you know you want to do it never be sorry for your actions and never second guess yourself.

    this way i can be safe in knowing what i do is what i have to and it keeps me thinking and helps me with the decesions. yes i'm aware it sounds like i'm makeing a escuse to myself for bad mistakes i make but comon you need morals in your life...
    Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
    6:44 pm
    Hey people out there in blurty world... i must clear somthing up that a random coment brought to my atention...
    the folowing:

    I met this person in a past life i fell for hard and that love has lasted, now i must find her to be with her and be happy but i cant be happy, so i will not look for her becouse honestly i found her but o-well, i can live with out that convenence of happyness it will make me stronger and i can live despite the pain....

    This was in relation to me in a minor way this is a random thouhgt writin down. the morial is to keep going despite pain. I am not obsesed with the theretical "true" love i do have a obsesion and shes not it. but i just hope the view on me isnt one of pitty or of a heart broken man i am far from

    ok now my day... I went back to school today that was great nothing much happened just got to see ppl and talk the first day back we sat around and did nothing, a quize in pre-calc but it was easy basic algebra i aced iti went to anime club yes i know i'm a geek fuck you at least i'm nt ashamed to damit it... i came home and eat dinner came onlive nothing specail well talk to you all later
    Monday, January 5th, 2004
    1:28 am
    life and love
    We are hear to live and learn so we can truly become at peace.

    I met this person in a past life i fell for hard and that love has lasted, now i must find her to be with her and be happy but i cant be happy, so i will not look for her becouse honestly i found her but o-well, i can live with out that convenence of happyness it will make me stronger and i can live despite the pain.

    "Don't be scared of living be scared of living to fast" life needs to be lived but enoyed but at the same time never dwell or stand still there is alot to learn alot of people to meet. change is truly the beautyfull thing about life.

    You have a pre-set path you can folow it or you can live and take other paths becouse that is our true gift free will.

    I am tested dayly on my limits and when i reach them i push trough and i find i have more to go more to give. my life will never end all the drama the pain i push trough and those good times with the firends i will rember and i will always know more are to come that is how i live.

    Good times are coming but i have to survive the strif, drama, heartbreak of today to enjoy tomorrow.
    Friday, January 2nd, 2004
    3:26 am
    Well not much to say today i found out my firends joeys butt's beter than mine o well... i got to hang out today thank god, once again i'm not religius haha, My self esteem is now at an all time low, thanks to the people that i loved. Well, me and my friend took a bunch of wigger pictures, i'm so ashamed. ohh well, it got a little competative, thus the butt thing. I lost 8-1, pity sucks balls. I love all yah too. Well after gettin whipped in monopoly and finding out my butt was horrible, i raped in tunk ( 19-5 ). Over all i had a good night, even thou i'm no longer loved. Ohh, i was randomly running threw my friends house, when i accidently ran into a wall. Which my friend, Joey, jus happened to get pictures of, but neglected the fact that i was hurt lying there passed out on the floor. Well, i'm gunna go rape some more in tunk, then get home tomorrow some time. Dont know, talk to ya'll lata... Au revuar
    Wednesday, December 31st, 2003
    9:47 pm
    Today was so much beter i finaly went out, New Years o-yea, i hung out at tgi fridays and rode around then to a party, lets say i am in a good mood no longer dipresed and confused, thats all we need is a escape to get beter. Well looks like i'll be ringing in the year of our lord 2004 alone. once again i'm not religius haha. but i have come to a conclusion i am missing my significan other i need a woman, someone to talk to, to have fun with wink wink hint hint, haha. well i'm not going to look i notice you find what you want when you dont look for it i just hope i'm not being dumb and in 5 years i shot myself for thinking that. well i'm gona go talk to me loves see ya'll nexy year.
    1:41 am
    my first entry
    today was a day of pure bordome. holy shit going on 2 weeks of doing nothing i am going crazy. this aint cool. God save me! haha i'm not religius. well i love life so much i find pleasure in useing my mind, well i'll explane what i can, theres me then theres love then you add the fenmails. bad mixture just adds to the shit i think about and you see i am the person to go to to talk to at least i want to be. so where do i go exactly i dont have a place if i'm that guy but i'll live i just want to complane i have the right. well lets jsut say not loving is easyer but i am so fuck it. well its late as fuck its taken me to long to write this i've been busy so i'll write again later