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  2005.02.27  22.55

Describe yourself using one band and song titles from that band

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Choose a band/artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band:The Doors
Are you male or female:L.A. Woman
Describe yourself:The Changeling
How do some people feel about you:You're Lost Little Girl
How do you feel about yourself:Stoned Immaculate
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:Back Door Man
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:My Wild Love
Describe where you want to be:Love Street
Describe what you want to be:Queen of the Highway
Describe how you live:Waiting For The Sun
Describe how you love:Wishful Sinful
Share a few words of wisdomYes, The River Knows

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  2004.12.14  20.40
For Danny


Mother Earth heaved a heartbroken sigh
As his last breath disappeared into the wind,
Brushing past star after star.
Even the Moon shed a tear.
And the Sun rose, reluctantly
To cast morning rays,
To bring the dawn of a day without his light.
Ebb and flow came to a halt.
As the trees wept, the river slowed
To pay homage to his young, taken soul
His body, left to the mercy of crashing waves
Vanished at high tide,
Leaving only a faint, far-off laughter.
Fading memories, treasured dreams.
And now, only in the heart of the ocean,
Does his spirit remain.
As Mother Earth heaved a sigh
On the lonely night of his departure.


  2004.12.01  22.08

Jim Morrison is love
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