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save us from this drowning vessle... [11 Jul 2004|06:17pm]
[ music | treos- dead men tell no tales ]

okkay, so Thursday I dont really remember what I did during the day, I would assume nothing. Then around 1030 I told Jocelyn to come over. She took a shower and stuff and we picked her up at like midnight. She slept over and then Friday woke up and we watched movies and stuff, I don't really remember. Saturday woke up and it was Seans 21st birthday. He had a couple friends over and cooked some food, and we all got ready and we left the house a little past 5 for Boston. Got into Boston, found a place to park and walked towards Lansdowne St. Tons of people for the Red Sox vs. Rangers game. Sean and Amy were going to the game and Cara, Casey, Jocelyn, and I were going to see Papa Roach. I don't really really like Papa Roach all that much, but it was something to do. We got in and Dead Poetic was on eh just stood there. Then Instruction. I hated all the fags there. During the set changes they would all talk and ehhhh FAGGOTS. And what they called the "pit" was really really REALLY pathetic. It was more of a "hey, lets run into each other and see who's stronger" type deal. GAY. Papa Roach came on and I didn't really get into it too much. I would have really liked to see Thrice & Poison the Well.. mmmmhmmm. I didn't realize how hott Jacoby is.He looked like the lead singer of 18 visions, except minus the really tight pants and lunges haha. Then we walked to the car, got bk, and waited for Sean and Amy. They came, we left for home. We came home and basically shoved needles through each others faces all night. I had gotten my stuff that I ordered online(3 tongue rings,labret,cbr, and 5 14g needles). Cara peirced my labret and then Jocelyns nose, then Caseys eyebrow. We're crazy. But before Casey would let Cara shove a needle through her face, she made Cara shove a needle in my lip... for "fun". Yeah thats all, went to bed at 530 in the morning, got up at 2 today. Tommorows ozzfest. I am NOT looking forward to waking up early and see Atreyu for 20 min. at 9:30 in the morning. But I'll deal.

pictures! )

I wanna hate you so bad

[06 Jul 2004|05:47pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Atreyu- The Crimson ]

[ name ] : Colleen
[ birthday ] : January 5th, 1989
[ loc ] : Norwood
[ height ] : 5'6''
[ siblings ] : 2 sisters[casey-17, cara-15], 1 brother [sean- 21
[ pets ] : dog & cat
[ eye color ] : Blue
[ hair color ] : Brown
[ best feature ] : my bubbly personality :) that not many know about.
[ artistic? ] : nope
[ boyfriend/girlfriend ] : no
[ crush ] : yeah, kinda maybe sorta.
[ color of your room ] : green
[ hobbies ] : listening to music, hangin out with friends, sleeping......
[ what were u doing 15 mins ago ]: cleaning the kicthen and making dinner. ya.. sounds like a mom huh!
[ what are u wearing now ] : shorts and a shirt
[ u smoke ] : nope
[ u drink ] : nope
[ u shy or outgoing ] : shy in front of new people, outgoing w/ friends
[Had fun this summer ]: just started. looking forward to concerts and stuff. we'll see
[ feature you notice first ] : eyes & face
[ looks/personality ] : personality
[ piercings ] : 3 ears nose, and lip
[tattoos] : nope
[ tan or fair ] : fair
[ age difference limit ] : 2 younger, 3 older
[ smart/dumb ] : both, depends on what its about
[ funny/serious ] : both at times

[m o r e a b o u t m e...]
[ chocolate milk, or hot chocolate ] : hot chocolate
[ mcdonalds or burger king ] : burger king
[ coke or pepsi ] : Coke
[ would you wanna marry your best friend, or the perfect lover ] : perfect lover
[ tea/coffee/cappuccino ] : none
[ cats or dogs ] : dogs
[ milk, dark, or white chocolate? ] : milk chocolate
[ sunny or rainy ] : Sunny
[ summer/spring ] : both
[ vanilla or chocolate ] : vanilla
[ biking or blading ] : biking
[ cereal or toast ] :cereal
[ do ya like rock, punk, rap, r &b, alternative, techno, pop..etc ] :rock,punk
[ bunk or water bed ] : water bed

[r e l a t i o n s...]
[ Best friend ] : Cara, Jocelyn & Michelle
[ Friends that you look like ] : Cara
[ Who you go to for advice the most ] : Cara
[ should talk to more ] : Michelle
[ skinniest ] : Jocelyn
[ loudest ] : Michelle
[ hottest ] : ...
[ugliest ] : Me
[ craziest ] : Michelle
[ funniest ] : Michelle
[ nicest ] : hmm their all BITCHES!! muahaha
[ shortest ] : Jocelyn? idk really
[ tallest ] : Cara
[ changed your life the most ] : Michelle
[ most pain in the ass ] : Cara, Jocelyn, MICHELLE

[f a v e s...]
[ color ] : blue, black, pink...
[ movie ] : my girl 1& 2 mr. deeds & billy madison
[ subject ] : history
[ ocean or pool ] : pool
[ laugh or cry ] : laugh
[ silver or gold ] : silver
[ diamonds or pearls ] : diamonds
[ sunset or sunrise ] : sunset
[ showers or baths ] : showers
[ food ] : chicken
[ snack ] : chips
[ board game ] : monopoly
[ all-time song ] : couldnt pick that
[ current song ] : Atreyu- This Flesh A Tomb
[ rap song ] : don't have one
[ holiday ] : christmas
[ movie star ] : adam sandler.. mmmm
[ magazine ] : ap,ym, cosmo
[ tv show ] : simpsons, gilmore girls
[ Disney character ] : ??
[ animal ] : dog
[ drink ] : coke
[ cologne ] : ??
[ brand of sneaker ] : vans, etnies
[ activity ] : softball
[ fruit ] : strawberries, grapes, apples
[ juice ] : fruit punch, lemondade

[d o y o u ...?]
[ do you like school ] : no
[ do you like to talk on the phone ] : sometimes
[ do you have your own phone line ] : no
[ do you like to dance ] : sometimes yes.. hehe

[l a s t t i m e y o u ...]
[ last time u showered ] : yesterday night
[ went runnin ] : at some point yesterday
[ worked out ] : ..hmm i dont know
[ danced like a frickin idiot ] : havent done that religously in a long time.
[ went to a movie ] : mean girls
[ talked on the phone ] : 15 min. ago
[ wished u were sumbody else ] : while ago

[r a n d o m...]
[ where would you love to travel to? ] : bahamas, europe, ireland
[ whats ur middle name? ] : Marie
[ is ur hair color natural? ] : ya sorta the highlights arent
[ do u have a cell phone? ] : ya
[ whats ur online screen name ] : hurleygurlie1282
[ what do u want to do with your life? ] : lawyer, attorney something like that
[ last time u went bowling ] : with jocelyn cara and kerrianne
[ last time u went to the doctor ] : may 04
[ do u have a credit card ] : no
[ do u consider urself a "nice" person ] : yeah
[ last book ] : big round things
[ are u stressed out? ] : yes
[ do u believe in angels? ] : yeah
[ what are u driving now? ] : cant drive yet
[ u help pay for it? ] : ----------
[ do u think ur spoiled? ] : yeah
[ do u like mustard? ] :no
[ketchup?] : yeah
[mayo?] : yeah
[ have u seen the exorcist? ] : yeah
[ how bout dumb &dumber? ] : yeah
[ ever been skydiving? ] :no
[ number of piercings ] : 5

I wanna hate you so bad

[20 Jun 2004|05:54pm]
[ music | everytime i die- shes my rushmore ]

friday- went to the walpole mall and bought a labret stud to try and shove through my lip-- didn't work. and we got shampoo&conditioner from lords and ladys. that stuff is the shit!then.. to fye and bought trustkill records cd, was only 5 bucks. ya.. and then i wanted to buy the metalfest dvd but my mom is a bitch and ran out before i gave it to her. so then we went to best buy and tried to see if they had it cuz the walpole mall was closed and they didnt but we got Now and Then dvd and My Girl 1 dvd. also got the new underoath cd. went to shaws across the street and got some food, came home and attempted to get the new labret stud in.. didn't work - watched my girl 1 until 130 and then watched ruckus fell asleep during it.

saturday- didn't do anything all day.. jocelyn came over and we watched Now and Then and played mvp baseball on my xbox. exciting.. i know. oh yeah, cara tried to peirce my labret since i had jewlery for it.. didn't work. may try it again sometime or buy a needle?

school tommroow? last day i don't even wanna go but if they count it as an absence im sscrewed!

I wanna hate you so bad

[18 Jun 2004|05:52pm]
[ music | poison the well- ghostchant ]

what does colleen do when she is bored?

I wanna hate you so bad

[17 Jun 2004|10:44pm]
[ music | letter kills-for the weekend ]

whoa, those nfg pits are rough man. )

I wanna hate you so bad

theres no beauty in bleeding mascara [16 Jun 2004|11:39pm]
[ music | a-tray-u - bleeding mascara ]

hello. today was the first day of finals. had history first and then english. pretty easy. after that i went to jocelyns house and stayed there until 2 and then came home. i stayed on the computer most of the day and basically started my thrice community and changed my backrounds for every journal. then i had some dinner and watched the new episode of the newlyweds and ashlee simpson show. now here i am. tommorow i have 2 finals. if i didnt take LATIN id only have one but.. first i have spanish then latin. woo then coming home and im going to see my favorite band ever! NEW FOUND GLORY!! ahhahah ya right they BLLOOW. im going to see my bestestestestest friend EVER michelle. ya thats righht! then friday i have math and science finals. only worried about MATH.


I wanna hate you so bad

[16 Jun 2004|07:42pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | thrice- don't tell and we wont ask ]

i finally got a new, decent backround. i love this backround and have been trying to get it to look half decent for a while now. ive gotten better at changing backrounds. ive changed all of my journal backrounds and also started my own livejournal thrice community!

schools almost over - 3 1/2 days left.

michelles coming the 26th!

I wanna hate you so bad

[28 May 2004|03:31pm]
[ music | atreyu- this flesh a tomb ]

i have too many journals to keep track of.

I wanna hate you so bad

havent wrote in here in a mad long minute yo [11 Dec 2003|02:51pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | brand new- sic transit gloria.. glory fades ]

hey.. i havent wrote in this journal in a long time.. ive been just using my dj. yeah so... hmm im still in that shit from awhile ago.. idk if i wrote about that stuff in here. yeah.. i hadnt had my dell in about a month and i got a new tower and speakers and pretty much a whole new computer except for the monitor.. which doesnt really matter anyway. i like this keyboard better than my cordless one.. yeah.. im a loser. this things pretty pointless.. ill just write about my day!

pd. 2- had science first period and jesse wasnt here boo-hoo .. lol and we went over some stuff with i dont even really remember. we then did a worksheet thats all.

pd.3- i had latin for an hr. and a half boy did that class go so extremely slooow! we did some stuff and then we started doing food and we learned some of it with flash cards bllaahh

pd.4- we got our quizes back that we took like a good week ago when we had a substitute for 2 days i got an 82 thats my best grade this term.. i think the other grades i have r like no higher than 75.. im dumb.. lol i had lunch that period.. with cara and jocelyn..

pd.5- i had spanish and we went to the computer lab and we did a worksheet there and then we came back and corrected it and then we got and partners and finished the thing we did the other day

pd.6- i had history and i took a test. i had no clue we had a test today lol it was like 50 something multiple choice questions and i basically just looked and chose an answer that looked semi right.. yeah thats it

i have to go to the dentist tonight and caseys taking me cause its at 600 and my mommy is at work till then.. and its pouring rain.. and i was supposed to stay after to make up a latin test and i didnt so im gunna get a warning unless i make it up tommorow morning which is a .. NO! i dont get up that early just to go to school

christmas is in 13 days whoohooo

im going shopping this weekend

I wanna hate you so bad

die young and save yourself [21 Nov 2003|04:12pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | yellowcard- only one ]

hey.. i never write in this journal and i was lookin at it so im gonna update it.

today i woke up at 6:30 after fighting with cara about who was gonna go in the shower first. so i eventually went in the shower cause if i hadnt i probably wouldnt have even ended up going to school lol. so i got to school kinda late.. but still on time. i had spanish first period so i went to spanish and did some stuff then i had history for an hr. and a half.. we didnt do much.. lol when do we ever? then i had first lunch then i had english.. and we did stuff and then the other half of the class people started presenting our things.. and i didnt want to present mine so i said i left it at home.. which i did.. just on purpose. but what sucks is that its gonna take 2 days for evrybody to go, so im gonna have to do it anyways.. big bummer. then i had a study and the library was closed so i went to the computer lab with cara. i got alot done there. mostly all of my homework cept that stupid thing for english. then i had science.. went by pretty fast which was good. then i went home and had a snack and went with casey to get sean something at d&g and go get rid of bottles and get gas. yeah.. and now here i am.....

upcoming events:

tommorow.. at noon thrice and thursday are having an in store performance at newbury comics in natick. awesome.. just i wish i had tickets for the concert that night just to top evrything off..but i dont oh well... (theres somthing in the near future that WILL somewhat make up for that loss shhhhhhh )i feel kinda bad but uhh i dunno its kinda stupid and she will probably get pretty pissed that we havent told her yet but cara is kinda sick of having to drag her along and wants to go to a concert with just me. it will start a big fight i think.. since this newbury comics things sort of did. even though she said she didnt want to go anyways.. so.. hmm maybe shes lieing and she does wanna go but hey idk? i cant read minds lol

on tuesday i got the new blink 182 cd.. its pretty good i think its very different from there other stuff.. it kinda reminds me of bcr alot. just cause its not all about fucking dogs in the ass lol. cara got a static lullaby cd.. that cds pretty good too.. even though i havent listened to it very much. i want the yellowcard cd.. but idk i might wait.. thats the last thing i tried to do before my dell broke was make that cd cause i had all the songs but i wasnt able to.. hmm oh well. theres other cds i want to.. just cant think of them right now. i like that new brand new song..more than the first single yeah i got nothin else to say




I wanna hate you so bad

My Weekend [13 Oct 2003|12:03am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Story of the Year- Falling Down ]

Saturday- saturday i woke up around 10ish. I then started to clean up my room for when michelle came. I took a shower and michelle showed up around 11. When Michelle got here we watched tv, listened to music, went on the computer and we went for a walk up by the high school. When we came back we waited for casey and we went out. Casey drove to Natick .. cause we we're bored and we went to some cell phone place where someone kc knows works there. On the way home, michelle was dancing to techno music and the people in the cars next to us were laughing at her and stuff. So then we got back to the house and we waited a while and then me, cara, michelle, and casey went to BK! lol.. After Bk casey drove us to foxboro to go to spooky world. When we got to spooky world we got our tix and then the first haunted house we went into was not really scary and the second one we went into was just funny cause we saw the guy that called cara "puff muffin" back in like 4th grade lol. we only went into 3 haunted houses so it sucked it was a waste of money. we decided we were gunna leave.. but they had no pay phones. so we walk around and ask tons of people and there are none so we start walking towards rt. 1 wen some lady in a security golf carty thing asks if we want a ride to the end of the gillette thing and we say yeah. so cara and michelle get on and then i try to get on and she starts driving away! haha then we called kc from a payphone near a liquor store and she picked us up. Then we went driving around until midnight. We all went home and listened to music before we went to bed.

Sunday- Woke up at 11 extremly tired and pissed that there was only 1 more hr. with michelle. we waited and my mom and cara went to get donuts and slurpees. they came home and we ate and waited for michelles mom to come pick her up. her mom came around 1215 and she left :( . Then since i was so tired i went back to bed. Yeah thats all i did today... nuthin to exciting. tommorow we dont have school! HELL YEAH!!!!!! im not sure what i'll be doing...

I wanna hate you so bad

TIRED-NESS TAKING OVER!!!!!! [09 Oct 2003|03:28pm]
[ mood | tired ]

sooooo f-ing tired! hmm havent taken one nap this whole week.. bad part... IM TIRED!!!!! monday i watched the sox and a's game and stayed up for that one and a little bit afterwards then tuesday i stayed at jocelyns and then wend. was the yankees and sox game and i thought i had stayed up for all of it but i guess i didnt. cara sed that i fell asleep at the bottom of the seventh and i was talking in my sleep.. ha i didnt even like know i fell asleep. and this morning i was about to say 'fuck school' until my consciounce (spl?) came in... so i dragged my lazy ass to school and this is how it went...

English- didnt do anything really, read a story in a group and yeah thats it bbborrringg

Gym- thought i was going to be running the mile but nope!! mrs shacoy didnt come in until late so mrs glynn said 2 laps unless u havent ran the mile which was like 8 people and everyone just ended up walking 2 laps. after we walked 2 laps we went inside and waited for the sophmores to get done doing the arm hang thing and then the freshman would do it. mr. soloman also did the situps for anyone who didnt do them. i got 33 sit ups in 1 minute lol. then i did sit and reach and i got 7 on one leg and 6 on the other. lol then i went and got changed

Science- cara wasnt here so i was all by myself and i just sat there.. boring. we did notes and did a worksheet

Latin- had a test and thats it

Math- i basically just sat there and did math problems for an hr. i went ahead and i felt like i was like alone in a little corner of my own world.. it was nice haha

thats it.. soon im gunna take a nap!! lol and watch the yankees and sox again tonight

GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wanna hate you so bad

[09 Oct 2003|03:23pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | lp-numb ]

I'm tired of being what you want me to be
Feeling so faithless lost under the surface
Don't know what you're expecting of me
Put under the pressure of walking in your shoes
Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow
Every step I take is another mistake to you
Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow
I've become so numb I can't feel you there
I've become so tired so much more aware
I've becoming this all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you
Can't you see that you're smothering me
Holding too tightly afraid to lose control
Cause everything that you thought I would be
Has fallen apart right in front of you
Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow
Every step that I take is another mistake to you
Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow
And every second I waste is more than I can take
I've become so numb I can't feel you there
I've become so tired so much more aware
I've becoming this all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you
And I know
I may end up failing too
But I know
You were just like me with someone disappointed in you
I've become so numb I can't feel you there
I've become so tired so much more aware
I've becoming this all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you
I've become so numb I can't feel you there
Is everything what you want me to be
I've become so numb I can't feel you there
Is everything what you want me to be

I wanna hate you so bad

|my boring day| [06 Oct 2003|08:23pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | finch- perfection through silence ]

heyy today i woke up late.. woopps

I had history, english, study, science & latin.
I went to Ms. Savory today during my study. she just asked weird questions like what i want to be when i grow up and stuff, i told her i wanted to be a lawyer :/. i really do i just dont really know why. yeahh

i think im depressed........... latley ive been feeling very blah and idk whatever

I wanna hate you so bad

b L i N k oNe eIGHty tWo * ~ [06 Oct 2003|08:16pm]
[ music | B L I N K_182_ ]

I got to regret right now (I’m feeling this)
The air is so cold and null (I’m feeling this)
let me go in her room (I’m feeling this)
I love all the things you do (I’m feeling this)
Show me the way to bed (I’m feeling this)
Show me the way you move (I’m feeling this)
Oh it is such a blur (I’m feeling this)
I love all the things you do (I’m feeling this)

Fate fell short this time
Your smile fades in the summer
Place your hand in mine
I’ll leave when I wanna

Where do we go from here
Turn all the lights down now
Smiling from ear to ear (I’m feeling this)
Our breathing has got to loud (I’m feeling this)
Show me the bedroom floor (I’m feeling this)
Show me the bathroom mirror (I’m feeling this)
We’re taking this way to slow (I’m feeling this)
Take me away from here (I’m feeling this)

This place was never the same again
After you came and went
How can you say you meant anything different
To anyone standing alone
On the street with a cigarette
On the first night we met

Look to the past
Remember a smile
And maybe tonight
I can breath for awhile
I'm not in the seat
I think I’d fallen asleep
But then all that I need
I’d always be dreaming of you

I'll be alone if you're feeling
So lost and disillusioned

I wanna hate you so bad

-x- YAY -x- [05 Oct 2003|04:38pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Blink 182- Adam's Song ]

im proud of myself!! i now have a dead journal and a blurty and i understand somewhat how to fool around with stuff and make it look puurrddy

i have a headache though now :(

Colleen is so proud of herself! woot woot!!

1 can't stop this| I wanna hate you so bad

blllllllllahhhhhhhhh [05 Oct 2003|10:41am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | hatebreed- ur never alone ]

I havent really updated this thing too much.. i just never remember to. i changed my backround and stuff yesterday i like it.. i just dont know how long ill like all the pink yesterday i woke up at like 930 cause my dogs annoying and woke me up by scratching at my bed. yaa this sux cuz my house is soo0o0o freezin cause my mom didnt call the oil guy to come out to give us some oil until like wend. and this whole week has changed so much its gotten really cold. so he came but said that our oil burner was fucked and he needed to fix it but he couldnt do it until monday.. arhhhhgg im freezin!! i want heeat now!! so last night i went to jocelyns house at like 3 and we sat around and we started to watch the rules of attraction.. yeah and then my mom came and picked me up around 10. i went to bed and when i woke up i had no electricity! i felt like i was living in a log cabin in the middle of nowheresville lol. tommorow i have school ...i have (history,english for an hr. and a hlf :(,study, science and LATIN!) lol and tuesdays a half day.

I wanna hate you so bad

[03 Oct 2003|09:41pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Every day seems the same to me
I sit around and think about how alone I feel
then I wind up rather enjoying loneliness because it's the comfort of being sad-
sometimes it feels so right
and sometimes I'd like to be around no one for ten straight years
but I know this feeling can't bring me places
and I know I'm losing lots of ground
but to keep up means to get up and why does it have to be
the world keeps on changing while I just stay the same?
I feel like being down doesn't mean enough to anyone anymore
and I guess the world has made emotion obsolete
and I don't think I feel the same 'cause after all
who says what happy really means?
Tonight I will redefine everything and tomorrow I will start in on my better days
and so each their own definition of happiness
but no one ever reaches it so I don't think I'll breathe that way
but happiness is when there's nowhere left to go
because in that state of mind there is no state of self
so how was I supposed to know?

I wanna hate you so bad

[12 Sep 2003|06:05pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Gc- hOLd ON ]

hey... Ive been pretty busy latley so i havent written in here alot. This week was pretty good... the beginning went really slow and then by wend. and thur it was flying by. And todays friday! thank god!!! im soo tired and i get to sleep in.. yay ya forget about what happened the other days... Today i had gym, then i had a hr and a half of science. then i had latin and i had 2nd luncch then after lunch i had math and spanish. not too bad. Then when i came home i went to bed at 3 and woke up at like 510.. hehe im such a lazy shit. im now contemplating going to the football game... hmm idk?

I wanna hate you so bad

[06 Sep 2003|06:17pm]
[ mood | blahhh ]
[ music | The Ataris- Giving up on love ]

hey, havent written in here since wednsday. Thursday, hmm sucked! and then Friday was alot better. after school on friday i went to jocelyns house and stayed there cuz her parents went out and jocelyn couldnt stay at her house by herself and if i stayed with her she could. so i did and then i went to bed at like 1030 cuz i was wicked tired and then i woke up at like 11ish and sat around her house and my mom came and picked me up later and when i got home i cleaned my room, covered 2 of my books and thats it. just gunna be sittin around tonight, and goin to bed early cuz im ssssstill wicked tired hmm ya thats all

<3- CoLLeEn

I wanna hate you so bad

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