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down down down ...... =) [20 Aug 2004|10:59pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | on the way down // ryan cabrera ]

yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! today was soOoOo great!!! me, sam, brie, faith and alyssa went to newport mall and saw ryan cabrera! he was like soooo unbelievably awesome! he's so much better and hotter in person! we are all in love with him, seriously. lol. we liked him so much that tomorrow... we're going to another mall... and seeing him again! my god he's too hot. i sooo can not wait for tomorrow!!!!

lol and i think tomorrow after ryan cabrera, me and sam are gonna go to belleville and sleep at shayne's house. i haven't been with shayne since .. wow, like before florida lol. i miss him so much.

hmft. tonight i think im gonna read... aol is bothering me. ick. lol.

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startin a blurty [19 Aug 2004|11:51pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | outrageous // britney spears ]

heyy ... whats up?? i decided to start a blurty cause, well i dunno.... but does that really matter neway? any way, blurtys are like so much fun! i feel like a little girl again.. its like a little diary lol.

so today i basically sat around for most of the day, it was thursday afterall! my day of mourning (lol) i miss the people i met over summer ehh... like jess, jackie, paul, mark, mitch, schuyler, vega... everyone was soo cool. *sigh* and now im back in jersey. so sad.

around 6ish me samantha and bridget went to starbucks, just talked. good times anyway. i made my new screenname today too "ooh so glam x0" isn't it just like sooo appropriate?? yes i know it is. lol.

soo!!!!!!!!! tomorrow me and samantha are going to newport to see ryan cabrera!! yay! im like sooo excited. and monica said that starting saturday for the whole week she has open house!! so that means drunken sleepovers! soo fun!!

speaking of drinking ... jen (big sister) let me have some pepsi and vodlka *yum* ... so tonite i'll be feeling nice. but as for now im just gonna finish my drink and head to sleep.. nothing's going on tonite.. so im sleeping in lol.

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