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28th August 2003

5:33pm: hey, look whos got a journal again..i didnt like my s/n on the other one, and i created another one. things like this happen when your bored. Today was a usual day at school..i hate mrs. long, whoever has her for math i'm sure can agree, wow is that lady annoying :-\ . in health we had to do our 'self-esteem' building activity , and what i got was 'very white teeth' lol, nice. (smiles wide) i dont know if thats a good thing or bad thing because ghastly white teeth arent very attractive.. but anywho,, why am i talking about school? i have to go on vacation with my parents this weekend, oh mi god :-0, i havent been on a vacation with my parents in.. forever , and i dont think nows the time to start. but maybe i can take the laptop and be antisocial out in the lobby for the majority of the time :) well have to work on *cough* chemistry homework (i just like saying that cause it makes me sound smart, even though im not doing too good in that class, lol...) talk to you later,

Current Mood: apathetic
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