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    Wednesday, April 30th, 2003
    7:20 pm
    Didn't sleep last night. Bloody hell I couldn't. I sat in the commonroom for hours after she went up to bed, I stared at the door to the girls dormitory wondering if I had ever felt so wonderful! My mind got to work, I started imagining things that probably shouldn't be running through my brain.
    *blushes slightly as he writes*
    Things a gentleman shouldn't be imagining.
    So I picked up a book, studied for those blasted OWLS, read. Couldn't sleep, better than the alternatives, nightmares. I should sleep, but I can't. I'm floating. It's an almost embarassing feeling but I feel to good to be ashamed.

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    She's so hot, and that smile, and those eyes. I melt for those eyes. And that body... damn

    Thursday, April 24th, 2003
    11:37 am
    So I'm taking Liz to the dance. Kalila Bundy is just a bit bitchy. Heh. She's calling me desperate. Yeah I thought shouting to the school was clever. It showed confidence, let people know I'm available, and hey, I got one of the hottest dates in the school, so no complaining there.
    That god damned dream came back. I thought I was over it. I really thought... but of course not. It comes back... maybe I shouldn't have visited her grave. It dredged up old memories... If I didn't need to sleep so badly I'd stay awake all night not to hear her voice like that. Of course it's not letting me get much sleep anyway.
    But onto lighter subjects... dance... should be a blast.
    Should go get some flowers soon... wow it's coming up close... so off I go to pick out some dress robes and yadda yadda...
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