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Sunday, September 21st, 2003

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    Sweet Home Ala-Bamey
    You know what I hate?

    My mom just did this to me:

    Now, I dont know if anyone elses' parents do this to them but-- does anyones parents walk in their room and say "wow it's hot in here open a window" or "can you hear that tv? it's awfully low- turn it up so you can hear it" or anything like that? it's like... IF I THOUGHT IT WAS HOT I WOULD OPEN A WINDOW. IF I THOUGHT THE TV WAS LOW I WOULD TURN IT UP. . . ugh that just bothers me. lol *end random rant*

    I just got home from going to K-Mart,Adams and Advance Auto Parts with mi madre. My uncle took my bumper today so it can get painted. woop eee

    I'm gonna get ready and go on down to the mall and auto zone. I have a AE money card that needs to be used by like..tomorrow or else it's expired. and I need some side markers for my bumper and some fog lights. Might as well have them put the fog lights in too while they are putting the bumper in.

    Oh and bad news. Becky got a ticket. Nice job blowing the air horn at another car with a cop in back of us Bruce! -- atleast I didn't do it. lol

    I'm going to the mall and auto zone now, even though I REALLY dont feel like it... then im going to come home and write my college admissions essay and thennnnn nappy napp and then I really wanna play some drawing game tonight with my unnie pie <3

    Kiss Me.
    Don't Be Fooled By The Rocks That I Rock, I'm Still Brookie From The Block
    who is going to go see Michelle Branch on October 2nd at Marist with their adorable boyfriend of one month that day? BROOKE IS!

    So, Yesterday it went a little something like this:

    Chris dropped me off in the morning, I slept, then worked three to seven. After work, I came home, got ready, then went bowling with almost everyone from work [well, in the prepared foods area]. It was fun, they're all funny people. I was there till about eleven, then Becky, Bruce, Tori, and Steven came and got me, and we went down to walmart [which is the best]

    Take A Minute To Picture this:

    ~ I'm the first one of all of us walk into walmart and the FIRST THING IS SEE is a LINE OF ABOUT 10 MOTORIZED CARTS, WITH KEYS IN THEM, READY TO GO. MY JAW DROPPED. I Jumped on.

    not even a second later-- we where ALL on a motorized cart and where drivin them around, in the entrance area it was hillarious-- It lasted about a good 5 minutes untill we started going into the store then people stopped us. We where a fleet of healthy teenagers on motorized shopping carts. that's us! after getting kicked off of them, we went to the halloween costumes and I put on a twinkie costume and ran "waddling" up and down the isles going "oh no!" and becky followed after me with her hands out going "come here! i'm hungry!!!" the people liked it. We didn't get introuble for that. Then we lost Bruce, but found him. We went and got those HUGGEEEE rubber balls and bounced them off eachothers heads lol then Tori and I got separated from the rest of the group and we just ended up going back out to the car and everyone was out there. We left, then becky got her ticket cause bruce was blowin the airhorn out the window and a cop was behind us.

    Then we went down to the pavillion and ran up and down the boardwalk and Tori and I ran thru the plastic fence and broke it lol We all danced stupid to the music and these people watched us, and My and Bruce's song came on so we went wild. [that super cheesey song "Ignition" by R-Kelly] we went onto the dock right next to the mid-hudson bridge and sat and talked, it was nice. it was nice out. from there we got in the car, left and drove thru Poughkeepsie and Tori and I sang "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard" to all these people lol We are stupid, but we love it. After that we went to Dunkin' Donuts and I just complained alot cause there wasnt a bathroom well there was, but it was out of order. From there, we all threw the towel in and went home.

    two fifteen a.m.

    We have so much fun. Next stop, Jumbo Buffet ~ Middletown, N.Y.

    Becky go out with code red. you know you want to. I WANT YOU TO!!

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    Kiss Me.

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