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so yeah [21 Oct 2003|06:33pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | mtv baby ]

don't slip friends....there is apparently unknown water on the ground....anyways...nothing really happened today. but yeah sus is a bitch. she ahhh pisses me off. and yes i guess im ugly. i knew i wasnt something great to look at but ive never really had anyone told me that im ugly. well yes i have but anyways, linda has to get on , and so i will write later...bye

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Cha Ching [20 Oct 2003|04:45pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]
[ music | ive gotta pee ]

so yeah my tattoo looks good talking to jeff right now...and here is our convo...its quite embarrassing. i just had to have this written down in memory.
b21Shaft: sup
CEKOKRA: what r u up to?
b21Shaft: nada
b21Shaft: you?
CEKOKRA: same here
b21Shaft: What you doing this weekend?
CEKOKRA: i dont know yet
CEKOKRA: what r u doing
b21Shaft: I think Friday might be our pledge retreat but other than that nothing
CEKOKRA: my sisters 1st birthday is thursday so i might go home friday and spend time with her friday but then come back here
CEKOKRA: where are yall going for your retreat?
b21Shaft: not sure
b21Shaft: yeah
b21Shaft: one of my friends was looking through my phone..
b21Shaft: saw all of those messages you sent me
CEKOKRA: oh god
b21Shaft: he was all like "Damn I need to meet this chick"
b21Shaft: I just laughed it off
CEKOKRA: i am so embarrassed
b21Shaft: dont worry bout it
CEKOKRA: does he know who i am?
b21Shaft: no
so yeah thats the scoop so far...gotta go pee

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ha ha ha ha ha (mischievous laugh) [20 Oct 2003|12:46pm]
[ mood | don't want to go to class mood ]
[ music | rickie lake baby ]

so yeah I saw Texas chainsaw massacre last night. wow was it scary. let me tell you...I don’t ever want to see it again. I was screaming every time something happened. and I screamed loud. I was holding on to Jason for dear life. it seemed like everyone from mtsu was there. it was the 10:15 showing. Abby was there and so was a whole bunch of sigma nu's and blue was there...he’s hot and everyone from the 6th floor was there. we sat in the very back row. then Louise, Erin, Wes, Brandon, and I went to cyber to get food. they hid behind a car and disappeared. it was kind of freaky. and then I spent the night in Erin’s room. I slept in Miranda’s was very uncomfortable. I like my bed so much better. so yeah I have to go to mathematics in a few...unfortunately...I hate that brown friend Steven is coming here...yay i'm excited. he's so cute. he goes to UTC. I just love him. I’ll write later...oh and jean and I made chocolate dipped strawberries last night and Julia...our RA got fired. sad. I really liked her. lea the evil tutor needs to leave. peace.

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sunday...eww...but at least the Titans WON!!!! YAY!!! [19 Oct 2003|05:16pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | TBS cds are still in my car... ]

yes the titans won...they beat the Carolina panthers...they were undefeated until the titans came to there field...ah ah ah (evil laugh)...yes I know I am a badass...anyways....I just dyed Linda’s hair. its kind of a reddish tint. I think its going to be very nice. we got our new refrigerator today. how exciting is that. its a biggin. we (Linda and I) went to wally world and bought groceries and we had a good time. I even ran a red light. while in wally world, Linda kept running into people with the shopping cart. she ran into this round black kid at the McDonalds line, but she did that on purpose. we bought that chicken dish thing again. I has biscuits and everything. its so yummy. I hung out with Justin and Louise last night. I had a good time. Justin is a nice boy. he amuses me. parrot....yay. anyways, I got back to the lew yesterday afternoon and there was a whole 5 people here. it was kind of depressing. I went to taco bell because I was very very hungry and I was craving tacos. (Louise) and everyone and there mamas seemed to be at taco bell. I mean it was a Saturday night, are we all losers or something. my tacos were quite yummy. and then Wendy called me while I was eating and said she was like 5 minutes away. I told her about my yummy tacos and she said she was going to eat Mexican with Justin. see what I mean...he’s a nice boy. I want that vacuum cleaner!! we have hair all over our floor. sounds fun huh? I talked to Jeff last night. what a great boy. I just like him so much. I get butterflies in my stomach when I think of him or when I know I am going to see him. but we decided that we didn't want a relationship right now. but I kind of do want one. I just don’t know anymore. those boys are complicated. I redecorated our door. it has a picture of Wendy’s boobs, and it says underneath it "if you want to get in, then you have to show us your id" and then it has an arrow. and then I took a picture of all those black boys at the homecoming football game, they were posing for a picture in front of me, and I was like ohhh I am going to take a picture of these valumpuious boys...and so I put there picture on the door and I named each of them. here are there names: "Daddy", Yamagochi, Marco, Polo, Nilla, tit, Jojo, and Billy the Kid. I mean I am just so creative. Hollis birthday is in 4 days. yay...I just love that little girl. oh I didn’t write about what an asshole my step dad is. ok here is what happened...this happened yesterday...ok....well there is this Indian pow wow at the boat every year...and my dad was taking Shelby and Jeri, but Jeri didn’t want to go...and my mom was getting Holli ready to go and my dad was about to leave and my mom was like hey here’s Holli..and he was like no i'm not taking Holli...ill make Jeri go with us and I will take Shelby and Jeri but not Holli...what an mom was like no you are taking Holli, she is one of your daughter too, and she would love to go, she would have so much fun...and he was like no i’m not taking her....and my mom was like come on give me a break and let my relax a little bit because she hasn’t been sleeping well at all and I just need some time to myself because I never get any....and he was basically like oh well...and he made Jeri go with them and left Holli at home with my mom....he is such a fucking bastard. he needs to get the fuck over himself and start becoming a father...I am more of a dad to Holli and Shelby and Jeri than he is. he just fucking pisses me off....and then he treats my mom like crap....she could do so much better...well I think I have talked enough...I am going to fix jean and I our chicken and biscuits ya...bye

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howdy [18 Oct 2003|02:16pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | commerical music ]

i found out yesterday that Jeri does just have one kidney. she went to vanderbilt and had all her tests done. my mom said she went through all the tests really well. she also said that there were all sorts of babies there getting tests done, and she said there was even a baby there with three kidneys. how wierd is that? i am at home right now, and i am fixin to go back to mtsu. i love mtsu. anyways, i have had a good time at home. it's been relaxing. we had outback last night. my mom went out and picked it up. i had a salad and kids chicken fingers, with yummy ranch dressing. i watched the ring this morning with my mom, we didn't understand it at all. it was so very confusing. and last night my mom and i watched boat trip. it's about these guys who get on the wrong cruise ship and it ends up being a gay cruise ship. it actually wasn't that good at all. yes i know i just sounded like caitlin. holli is the cutest thing ever. she is getting so big. her birthday is thursday and so is the presidents of the united states concert. yay...what an exciting day. well i have to go get my laundry out of the dryer. hopefully its dry. and then its back to the to ya later...bye...

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hmm... [17 Oct 2003|10:59am]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | silence ]

what is a friend? have you ever sat down and really thought about who is really your friend? i am so confused as to who to trust and who to turn too. i don't even feel like i have a home anymore. i feel lost, like a im in a maze and i can't find my way out. i need a cigarette. ahh. i don't even have any guy friends anymore. i need a boy, guy, or a man to be by my side.. isn't that sad. i don't need a man. i need to be a strong independent woman, who is not going to stoop to get a man. i can sleep by myself and go to the store by myself. because i am a strong independent woman. i love my body and myself and no one is going to bring me down. i am a good person and a good friend. i can think for myself and i can strive to be the best i sure as hell can be. i am a woman. i am going to get good grades and be successful in life. i don't need anyone. i can get along fine by myself.

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Yay!! I'm a badass!! [10 Oct 2003|11:48pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | "I love Paris" ]

I got a tattoo today!! YAY!! It's so cute!! It's 2 hearts connected and it starts with brick red and fades to a hot pink in the inside. It didn't really hurt at all. I'm a badass, I know. I kept singing "I love Paris in the Springtime, I love Paris in the Fall..." It's a great song. I got my belly button pierced yesterday with Erin. It's also very very cute. I am so proud of myself. This is going to be an exciting weekend. Linda is actually staying this weekend. I will write on Sunday when I am at home babysitting the sisters and tell you the scoop. This week has been VERY interesting. YAY!!!

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Clean Clothes [03 Oct 2003|08:07pm]
Hey so I cleaned the stairs yesterday. It sucked. Thanks Erin! Anyways I am at home right now and I am washing my clothes and eating lasagna and chillin with the mom and the family. Today Linda and I rode home together, actually I took her home. She gave me $5. My truck or should I say she went down to 55 mph on the interstate. She wouldn't shift gears, internally. Anyways, we were getting passed like no other and I was flooring it and we were laughing and it was embarrassing and she finally kicked and shifted gears and we got up to 80 mph. You go girl!!! Yeah and Brandon keeping text messaging/ instant messaging me this: "Chicken Head Hoe." I mean what the fuck. Get over your small dick self. Anyways, I have to go...because I have to get in the shower and wait for my laundry to dry. I will have clean sheets!! YAY!!! This entry is dedicated to my friend of the best Wendy. I love ya are my best friend...I am so glad we met and I have had the time of my life, and I know we will make more great memories!!! Love ya girl!!! I will write more when I get back to the dorm...Peace!
it's getting harder and harder to breathe.

[29 Sep 2003|12:34pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Trapt-Headstrong ]

I finally talked to Sus today. She left me this horrible message saturday night at like 2 in the morning. She told me that Abby went to the emergency room and she said that I must not care because I hadn't called to see how she was. I do care. I care with all my heart. I don't know who I am anymore. I feel so lost. I don't know what my purpose in life is anymore. I am failing in everything I do. I don't know what my morals are, or even what my priorities are. It really sucks. I quit my job at Kohls. Actually I just stopped going. I have NEVER been this irresponsible in my life. I wish I could go back to high school somedays. I love college, but I just don't know anymore. Not only do I feel as if I am letting myself down, but letting everyone around me down too. I feel better that Sus and I talked. It's so cold in my room. I talked to Nate last night until 3:30 am. I don't know what is going on there. I don't want to screw myself over because he is Jeffs roommate. But Jeff and I are just friends, so.... Nate and I bet on the Titans/Colts game. I hope the Titans kill the damn Colts. Stupid Peyton Manning!!! We also bet on the game tonight: Green Bay vs. ? (I think San Fransisco) Linda and I have a date tonight...We are watching Chicago at 4, and then I am watching the football game tonight at 8 with Nate. But who knows what will come out of that...Nate and I huh....Anyways....Wendy and I designed my journal last night, it was journal is so pretty now...i have class in a few so I need to get my shit together...

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[26 Sep 2003|01:15pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | the background music from Looney Tunes ]

I woke up today around 12:50 and look down on the ground at saw Linda's things and realized she was above me taking a nap. She actually went to class today. I didn't end up going, like yesterday, so I've having a four day weekend. But I have been so incredibly stressed this week, I kind of needed it. I am going to sit down this weekend and get my shit together. It seemed as if everyone was jumping all over my back when I woke up today because I didn't go to class....IT'S MY CHOICE!!!! I didn't come to college to get more moms. Anyways, I went to Hurricanes last night with Jason, Barry, Linda, and Sheia (sp?). Oh and Caitlin and Scott...can't forget about the married couple. It was fun. The black guy that checks ids was there we danced together. He was rubbin his thing all up on me...needless to say, he was a very good dancer. Naqua was there too....and no she wasn't dancing with girls...or at least rubbing up against any...she came and sat in the booth with us for a second....she's cool. I guess it's just Wendy and I again tonight!! It's okay because we always have fun. She's so cool....she's one of the best people I have met here at MTSU. I consider her to be one of my best friends. Linda is going home....once again and Caitlin is going to be with Scott...once again, so Yay!!! We want to go drink, so I guess we will probably do that.

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