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Stupid Sunday. [04 Apr 2004|10:40am]
[ mood | bitchy ]
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Sorry I haven't blogged for a day or two. Blurty is going slooww today. I'm mad bored! I moved my bed around today and actually got off my butt and cleaned my room! Now my mom wants me to do the dishes! This sucks! PLUS, I have a Science Fair coming up but my darn project won't work! Whatever, just whatever! AND, for Easter I'm supposed to be going out. Well guess what? I MIGHT NOT GO ANYWHERE BECAUSE IM SO POOR! God, I'm hatin' on life right now. Anyway..I have to go to school tommorrow which I'm not looking forward to! I HATE SCHOOL! But, lucky me, I have this Friday off because of Good Friday. My sister has school that day though.

On AOL, I got into a fight last night. In a RED chatroom, some kid thought I didn't like him because he was gay! Um, hello? I'm friends with a gay kid. And this fight went on and on until 1AM in the morning! That's a little sad but he kept going on and on! Anyhow, the chats aren't open now so I'm really bored! BTW, I might start a blog website. Not with content, JUST A BLOG/PERSONAL! That's something I can handle. Maybe a fanlisting too, who knows. We'll see.

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