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  2009.10.23  13.11

i wish i saved my book list on this computer. now i don't know what books i wrote down :( :( :(


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  2009.10.01  13.59

Holy crap, i haven't updated this in forever. Fail on my part.

Today is the first technical day of "Halloween". *Grins* I have my orange hoodie on, and we just took the puppies out for a fall stroll. Now we're going to watch some scary movies!!!!!!!!!!


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  2009.07.21  08.46

"Twisting, knotting, turning; in this twilight my body doesn’t agree with itself again. Contained within these dreams tonight lie the secrets of your touch. Not the gentle, breezy touch of fingertips but rather the unsure, flittering touch of one soul against another. You entice my senses, awaken my passion, place longing in my heart.

…Remind me of the travesty I have done."



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  2009.07.21  08.18

And though I may be on a downer I’m still ready to dream.


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  2009.07.06  11.55

Fruscianthed: or, I could trick him into falling in a reallly big hole
Julanneba: hahahaha u could
Fruscianthed: Ill be like, "Hey! Check this out! Its the new game, "Family Smasher"! All you gotta do is walk over to me and grab it!
Fruscianthed: and then he falls through some leaves onto some spikes and dies.
Julanneba: "just step on this nice pile of leaves here... that's right... a little to the left"
Fruscianthed: and then I'd laugh and say, "Hahaha! It was just a copy of the Hannah Montana movie! It doesn't even have the 3-D glasses! Asshole!!"


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  2009.06.17  06.30

Think of all the fun you had, the finest line divides a night well spent from a waste of time and think of all the days you spent alone with just the tv set, and I.. I can barely smile


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  2009.06.11  00.41

Well I'd like to see our roles reversed
To watch you hang on every word
I'd like to see you have your way...
I keep my grammar well rehearsed
Correct each stutter, every slur
C'mon and have your way with me...

Now tell me that you're better
And you rather just forget
Yeah things have gone so far


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  2009.05.26  10.34

i'm tempted not to post things anymore. people don't READ entire posts... they see what they want to see and forget about the rest.

great example is the previous post where colin clearly tells me i'm wrong about my belief in what manifest destiny is. yet i still need to be corrected apparently. hmm.

good job.

*goes back to sleep*


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  2009.05.25  22.28

(10:17:35 PM) julanneba u should comment
(10:17:38 PM) julanneba on ur own words

(10:18:04 PM) fruscianthed how about I post the wikipedia entry on Manifest Destiny? ;-)

(10:20:28 PM) fruscianthed holy shit, there's a lot of info in there
(10:20:41 PM) fruscianthed being a smart ass can really make one smart!

(10:22:10 PM) julanneba this is true!
(10:22:44 PM) fruscianthed Id forgotten what Manifest Destiny was really all about! it fits us so well! complicated, yet optimistic and progressive!
(10:23:35 PM) julanneba yea i didnt remember it exactly either. isnt it like the belief that ur country is greater than all the others and u need to expand it as far as possible?
(10:23:49 PM) julanneba so like... a typical man wanting ot plant his seed in every female is manifest destiny

(10:24:21 PM) fruscianthed well, not necessarily greater than all others, though it was interpreted as such often. more like, Go! you can do it! expand under divine blessing!

(10:25:43 PM) fruscianthed emmmmmm, well not totally. a guy wanting/needing to plant his seed is more of a instinctive, primal urge. though I could see an arguement involving God's will entering in the equation
(10:26:13 PM) fruscianthed but I have the best retort for such an arguement:
(10:26:25 PM) fruscianthed Different strokes for different folks. Bam.

(10:26:31 PM) julanneba just as GOD MADE US
(10:26:32 PM) julanneba bam
(10:26:51 PM) fruscianthed *click* Oh, the lights are on! Look at all the universe!


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  2009.05.25  20.25

if what they say is "nothing is forever"
then what makes, then what makes, then what makes, then what makes,
love the exception?


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  2009.05.14  17.43

can has money? please? send via intertubes asap.

do want.


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  2009.04.21  14.30

what makes me cool you ask? well i'll tell you...

i'm making a bday list for myself which consists of 90% books.
plus my bday isn't until july.

if you can think of anything else i've said i want for my birthday, please remind me (let's keep it pg13 rated kiddies ;) )


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  2009.04.17  23.28

Open me up and you will see
I'm a gallery of broken hearts
I'm beyond repair, let me be
And give me back my broken parts


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  2009.04.17  22.15

Colin bear says: "Ive never seen a porcelain doll that looks like you. and yes, thats a compliment"

(Not bragging, just touched by his sweetness.)


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  2009.04.14  23.39

"You can't deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants." -- Stephen King from Hearts in Atlantis


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  2009.04.04  23.11

*I just saw Hailey's Comet she waved,
Said, "why are you always running in place?"*


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  2009.04.04  21.13

do want.


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  2009.03.19  00.06

You make me wanna lala
In the kitchen on the floor
I'll be a French maid
When I meet you at the door
I'm like an alley cat
Drink the milk up I want more
You make me wanna
You make me wanna scream


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  2009.03.16  04.01

kitten stacking win


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  2009.03.16  00.36

(12:06:07 AM) xiifulminataxii I know, the candy totally made it worth my odious company lololol
(12:06:32 AM) xiifulminataxii when all else fails, bribe with something sweet lol!
(12:07:41 AM) julanneba lol and i don't feel like less of a person accepting such a bribe either. my taste buds have the control
(12:07:43 AM) julanneba lol
(12:07:56 AM) xiifulminataxii lol. see, I know how it goes...
(12:08:04 AM) julanneba lol
(12:08:55 AM) xiifulminataxii I'll come with jollyranchers, gushers, and....some random thing I wanted/artificial charm
(12:10:11 AM) xiifulminataxii lol and we won't even have to fight over the flavors
(12:10:24 AM) julanneba lol. i may anyway.. just because it's fun
(12:10:26 AM) julanneba :-P
(12:10:33 AM) xiifulminataxii dammit, you read my thoughts
(12:10:35 AM) xiifulminataxii lmao
(12:11:36 AM) xiifulminataxii I'd have to find some amazingly good excuse (pulled out of my ass) to keep the pineapple...for my....pineapple monopoly of artificial tropical paradise
(12:11:57 AM) xiifulminataxii and they will come at a fee
(12:12:57 AM) julanneba lol!
(12:13:29 AM) xiifulminataxii you'll find out that fee on Wednesday...can't give away all my crafty secrets, afterall
(12:13:34 AM) xiifulminataxii lol
(12:14:05 AM) julanneba lmao so it is games then! psh i see how it is.
(12:14:06 AM) julanneba ;)
(12:14:23 AM) xiifulminataxii wait, why did I say pineapple
(12:14:27 AM) xiifulminataxii ROFLLOLOLOL
(12:14:36 AM) julanneba hahahaha i know what u meant
(12:14:50 AM) xiifulminataxii man, that was merciful of you
(12:15:09 AM) xiifulminataxii or maybe I was just keeping my self on my toes...ha ha ha
(12:15:14 AM) xiifulminataxii *fail*
(12:15:20 AM) julanneba lol
(12:15:27 AM) julanneba pineapple just pwned you
(12:15:29 AM) julanneba ;-P
(12:15:33 AM) xiifulminataxii lol it did
(12:15:33 AM) julanneba :-P
(12:16:18 AM) xiifulminataxii how can you hate pineapple....pineapple is just so awesome that I hoarde it and expect someone to covet
(12:16:44 AM) xiifulminataxii kindof like the cherry, those are mine
(12:16:56 AM) julanneba lol i dont know. i mean ill eat it and its ok but its my least favorite. its just too... pineappley
(12:17:15 AM) xiifulminataxii lol the watermelon is just too sweet for me
(12:17:26 AM) xiifulminataxii opposites lmao
(12:17:32 AM) julanneba sweet in excess is great for me. i can do it almost all day
(12:17:41 AM) julanneba just like salt... im a salt freak too
(12:17:50 AM) xiifulminataxii salt, I can deal with
(12:18:04 AM) xiifulminataxii like salt-n-vinegar chips
(12:18:13 AM) xiifulminataxii we might fight to the death over those...
(12:18:39 AM) xiifulminataxii hope you have 9'll need at least 8 of them to duel me for my salt-n-vinegar
(12:18:42 AM) julanneba lol
(12:19:14 AM) julanneba whenever someone tries to tell me what type of animal i would be they always say something from teh cat family. it oculd be a house cat or a panther.. it's always cat
(12:19:38 AM) julanneba so i'm guessing that it's possible i have a bunch of lives and don't know it.. i resemble a cat enough apparently
(12:19:57 AM) julanneba and trust me i'm not doubting your dueling skills lol i bet you can be ferocious when you want to be
(12:20:12 AM) xiifulminataxii which gets you uber brownie points with me...cats rule...they just do
(12:20:24 AM) xiifulminataxii lol uber brownie points
(12:20:25 AM) xiifulminataxii lmfao
(12:20:26 AM) xiifulminataxii wow
(12:20:37 AM) xiifulminataxii I get dork of the's Sunday
(12:20:40 AM) xiifulminataxii .....or is it?
(12:20:43 AM) xiifulminataxii ah ha h aha
(12:20:50 AM) julanneba hahahaha
(12:20:57 AM) xiifulminataxii technically, it is monday now
(12:21:19 AM) julanneba i like you dorky it's fun. it makes it easier for me to be one too
(12:21:31 AM) xiifulminataxii :-) most excellent, then
(12:21:47 AM) xiifulminataxii *touches fingertips together* *plots*
(12:22:37 AM) xiifulminataxii all the best villains have cat side-kicks, you know
(12:22:45 AM) xiifulminataxii but...I think the cat is really running the show
(12:22:56 AM) xiifulminataxii you know, in the background
(12:23:02 AM) xiifulminataxii because they're crafty like that
(12:23:19 AM) julanneba haha i was totally going to tell you to do the *touches fingertips together* thing. you could pull off super villan.
(12:23:28 AM) xiifulminataxii LOL! <3
(12:23:37 AM) julanneba lol i'd like to see a villainous pair that works together
(12:23:49 AM) julanneba and you could wear hot all black outfits
(12:23:58 AM) julanneba and i could be all *evil mysterious look*
(12:24:26 AM) xiifulminataxii that would be perfect. And I'd be a lovable fail that somehow manages to win
(12:24:28 AM) xiifulminataxii LMAO
(12:24:37 AM) julanneba hahaha
(12:24:40 AM) julanneba it's perfect!
(12:24:52 AM) xiifulminataxii 8-) see
(12:24:52 AM) julanneba we just lack evil aliases
(12:25:08 AM) xiifulminataxii it must be entirely random and obscure
(12:25:08 AM) xiifulminataxii like
(12:25:12 AM) xiifulminataxii ....
(12:25:18 AM) xiifulminataxii .....
(12:25:21 AM) julanneba Fricklesnits
(12:25:21 AM) xiifulminataxii *drumroll*
(12:25:28 AM) xiifulminataxii and Phishstick
(12:25:46 AM) xiifulminataxii *laughing so hard* oh man, I snorted
(12:25:47 AM) xiifulminataxii lololol
(12:25:48 AM) julanneba hahahaha
(12:25:50 AM) julanneba yes!
(12:25:54 AM) julanneba snorting = awesome
(12:26:02 AM) xiifulminataxii :-D lol yay!
(12:26:38 AM) xiifulminataxii LOL! Phishstick just...fails...but...I kinda like it
(12:26:57 AM) julanneba are we going to be obvious about our evilness? like Dr. Evil? or are we going to be the mysterious sneaky kind?
(12:27:05 AM) julanneba lol it works cause it just does
(12:27:41 AM) xiifulminataxii weeeeell, with how blunt I am...I totally doubt I could pull off the mysterious and sneaky
(12:27:46 AM) xiifulminataxii you can be my better villain half LOL!
(12:27:55 AM) julanneba lmao
(12:28:09 AM) julanneba for some reason i have a vision of Claw in my head from inspector gadget
(12:28:20 AM) julanneba didn't he have a cat sidekick?
(12:28:25 AM) xiifulminataxii now I have the theme song stuck in my head, thanks lol
(12:28:28 AM) xiifulminataxii I think so
(12:28:30 AM) julanneba lol anytime
(12:29:51 AM) xiifulminataxii or maybe I'm craftier than I even know...*ponders this*
(12:30:31 AM) xiifulminataxii nah, not unless blatantly telling the truth is an awesome strategy
(12:31:20 AM) xiifulminataxii "Rachel, are you trying to take over the world again?" "Why, yes...after my nap"
(12:31:21 AM) julanneba hahaha. then you really are Dr. Evil. just with more brains
(12:31:34 AM) julanneba lmao!
(12:31:45 AM) julanneba i'm sorry i think you told me this before, but what's your middle name?
(12:31:50 AM) xiifulminataxii Ann
(12:32:00 AM) julanneba that's right
(12:32:03 AM) xiifulminataxii I have cool initials
(12:32:04 AM) xiifulminataxii lol
(12:32:48 AM) julanneba lmao. maybe i don't have to worry about you dueling me... just you 'ram'ming me! hahaha! ha. ha... ha.
(12:33:04 AM) xiifulminataxii *snorted SO loud*
(12:33:08 AM) julanneba lol!
(12:33:09 AM) xiifulminataxii oh god, I think I woke up my father
(12:33:12 AM) xiifulminataxii *dying*
(12:33:12 AM) julanneba hahah!
(12:33:25 AM) xiifulminataxii ah ha ha ha
(12:34:03 AM) xiifulminataxii I better be careful....I might get jab'd
(12:34:51 AM) xiifulminataxii *still laughing, dammit*
(12:35:22 AM) julanneba hahahahaha


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  2009.03.07  00.22

it's not in the words you told me.
it's all in the way you looked at me.


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  2009.02.20  23.30
this was back on *checks*... feb 7th

(9:19:39 AM) julanneba if you were an animal, what would you most want to be?
(9:20:21 AM) fruscianthed one of my best friends that I no longer hang out with said that I would be a giant snake with bat wings (hence the myspace thingy)
(9:20:26 AM) fruscianthed but if I had to choose..
(9:20:41 AM) julanneba lol
(9:21:02 AM) fruscianthed hmmm
(9:21:11 AM) fruscianthed Im not sure, what do you think?
(9:21:27 AM) julanneba what do i think youd be?
(9:21:31 AM) fruscianthed yeah
(9:22:06 AM) julanneba lol i keep thinking of a creature in one of my books but hmm a real one...
(9:23:39 AM) julanneba well youre not fat enough for a bear lol otherwise id say that. and youre not run of the mill enough for a deer otherwise id say that.
(9:23:43 AM) julanneba oh i know! how about a kangeroo
(9:23:51 AM) fruscianthed a kangaroo?!
(9:23:56 AM) fruscianthed do I have claws at least?!
(9:24:12 AM) julanneba kangaroos are pretty fierce if they wanna be
(9:24:16 AM) julanneba idk i thinkt hey have claws lol
(9:24:23 AM) fruscianthed hmmm
(9:24:29 AM) fruscianthed I know they kick pretty hard
(9:24:33 AM) fruscianthed w3lk4j.,nkj/r3
(9:24:35 AM) fruscianthed YOUTUBE!!
(9:25:20 AM) julanneba kids like them cause theyre cute and i heard they are sweet and loving to their loved once. they have energy they just seem like a "good" creature. but theyd fuck ppl up if they got too close to loved once. at least thats my general impression of them
(9:25:24 AM) julanneba lol and god bless youtube
(9:25:41 AM) fruscianthed you mean your impression of me ;-)
(9:25:52 AM) fruscianthed yes
(9:26:00 AM) julanneba yup :)
(9:26:28 AM) julanneba hahahahahaha
(9:26:34 AM) julanneba dude had no idea it was coming
(9:26:51 AM) fruscianthed which is why Id be a great kangaroo sniper combo
(9:26:53 AM) fruscianthed lol
(9:26:59 AM) julanneba lols
(9:28:14 AM) julanneba hahaha did you see this yet
(9:28:14 AM) julanneba
(9:28:24 AM) julanneba thatd be you
(9:28:25 AM) julanneba lol
(9:29:00 AM) fruscianthed lmao!!
(9:31:08 AM) julanneba ahh hahaha
(9:31:15 AM) julanneba ok well i really should shower ill be back in like half an hour
(9:31:17 AM) fruscianthed this is damn awesome!!
(9:31:27 AM) fruscianthed ok, ill be here laughing my ass off
(9:31:30 AM) julanneba ok ;)
(9:56:53 AM) julanneba otay are back
(9:57:10 AM) fruscianthed yay!!
(9:57:16 AM) fruscianthed all clean?
(9:57:25 AM) julanneba unless i bathed in dirty water
(9:57:28 AM) julanneba i think so!
(9:57:43 AM) fruscianthed good! wouldnt want you to be all bathed in a pond
(9:57:52 AM) julanneba lol me neither
(9:57:56 AM) julanneba seaweed ew gross
(9:58:07 AM) fruscianthed you mean pondweed ;-)
(9:58:37 AM) julanneba does it really make a difference? whether black ppl call themselves african american or just black theyre all black
(9:58:42 AM) julanneba lol that sounded horrible racist
(9:58:44 AM) julanneba but u know what i mean
(9:58:52 AM) fruscianthed you
(9:58:53 AM) fruscianthed are
(9:58:54 AM) fruscianthed awesome
(9:59:02 AM) julanneba lol
(9:59:37 AM) fruscianthed awwww
(10:02:07 AM) julanneba lmao awwww!!!!1
(10:02:17 AM) fruscianthed such a cute lil pupdee!
(10:02:31 AM) julanneba i sometimes wonder
(10:02:36 AM) julanneba why do we think things are cute?
(10:02:53 AM) julanneba what is really "cute" it's completely subjective yet we tend to have the same ideas of it as a species
(10:03:09 AM) julanneba but i wonder what makes us feel good and go awwww, like if it's in our primative nature or something
(10:03:31 AM) fruscianthed it must be part of out circuitry
(10:04:02 AM) fruscianthed I dont know how, but over time/evolution something got into the dna
(10:04:46 AM) fruscianthed same thing with accents
(10:05:43 AM) julanneba maybe it has to do wtih love. because we think our kids are cute when theyre born if we thought they were disgraceful and ugly then it wouldnt make us feel good to look at their cuteness and we wouldnt feel all lovey and the baby wouldnt grow up feeling wanted and secure
(10:06:07 AM) julanneba so maybe it carries over into other small innocent little things like that because of our nature
(10:06:10 AM) julanneba idk
(10:06:44 AM) fruscianthed not a bad answer, but newborn babie to me, for the most part anyway are weird and gross looking
(10:06:57 AM) julanneba lol
(10:07:03 AM) julanneba but u dont have one of your own yet
(10:07:11 AM) julanneba maybe that insures that you dotn wanna take anothers young?
(10:07:12 AM) julanneba hahaha
(10:07:20 AM) fruscianthed lol!
(10:07:27 AM) fruscianthed I wouldnt know what to do with it
(10:07:41 AM) julanneba lol youd be like, um, arent we supposed to feed this thing now
(10:07:47 AM) fruscianthed Id keep looking at it with cartoon question marks popping out of my head
(10:07:55 AM) julanneba and youd lay it down on the floor and stare at it expecting it to do something meaningful
(10:08:00 AM) julanneba hahahaha yeah
(10:08:08 AM) fruscianthed does this thing have batteries?
(10:08:12 AM) fruscianthed wheres the internet on it?
(10:08:18 AM) julanneba lmfao
(10:08:25 AM) fruscianthed :-)
(10:08:41 AM) fruscianthed can it fly or say funny things? ;-)
(10:08:52 AM) julanneba it can fly when you throw it
(10:08:56 AM) julanneba and say funny things when you teach it
(10:08:57 AM) julanneba lol
(10:08:59 AM) fruscianthed yesyesyesyesyesyes
(10:09:12 AM) fruscianthed I wasnt sure if I could go there or not!! lol!
(10:09:17 AM) julanneba lmao
(10:09:27 AM) fruscianthed *gasp* its a zombie! take it out!!
(10:09:32 AM) julanneba it's cool we're just joking. as long as you ARE just joking
(10:09:41 AM) fruscianthed of course!
(10:09:49 AM) fruscianthed except if it really was a zombie
(10:09:51 AM) julanneba kay good. then by all means shoot the fucker's head off
(10:09:56 AM) fruscianthed then SPLAT it goes


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  2009.02.20  23.09
this is part of a typical convo between colin and i. quite hilarious and perfectly normal for us

(7:47:30 PM) fruscianthed what did you make?
(7:48:50 PM) julanneba french bread pizza and cambells chicken noodle soup :)
(7:49:04 PM) fruscianthed damn! you went gourmet! ;-)
(7:49:20 PM) julanneba i know right! i had to microwave it seperately
(7:49:23 PM) julanneba that's alotta buttons
(7:49:26 PM) fruscianthed lol!
(7:49:27 PM) julanneba i cant believe i can still type
(7:49:57 PM) fruscianthed what kind of character do you have again? you told me but I didnt retain :-(
(7:50:05 PM) julanneba oh on wow?
(7:50:09 PM) fruscianthed mmhmm
(7:50:25 PM) julanneba blood elf mage
(7:50:41 PM) fruscianthed awesome.
(7:50:41 PM) julanneba u were close :)
(7:50:48 PM) julanneba yes im all magicy and shit
(7:50:54 PM) julanneba my "range weapon" is a wand
(7:50:58 PM) julanneba i tried to use guns and it wont let me
(7:50:58 PM) fruscianthed yeah, you're right! even with me being a smart ass!
(7:50:59 PM) julanneba lol
(7:51:13 PM) fruscianthed hmmm, get a wand with a blade? ;-)
(7:51:27 PM) julanneba lol well i do have a close range weapon so i keep both of em on me
(7:51:31 PM) julanneba but still. me wants gun
(7:51:34 PM) julanneba *sniffle*
(7:52:04 PM) fruscianthed awww, if I ever start playing Ill find the crossbow of Kthulu and give it to you, ok sweetie?
(7:52:12 PM) julanneba otay!
(7:52:16 PM) fruscianthed lol!
(7:52:23 PM) julanneba lol
(7:52:31 PM) fruscianthed you know, I was thinking earlier
(7:52:39 PM) fruscianthed SHUSH YOUR COMMENT!! I know its coming
(7:52:42 PM) fruscianthed ;-)
(7:53:00 PM) julanneba :-D
(7:53:14 PM) fruscianthed I was thinking about you and I and how some of our roles are so switched its hilarious
(7:53:48 PM) fruscianthed like, Im the one who is all wanting cuddles and saying "Gimme noms!!" and giggling like a girl
(7:54:11 PM) fruscianthed and you're all, "Yeah, I have a blood elf mage."
(7:54:18 PM) julanneba hahahaha i didn't think about that before. that's so true
(7:55:04 PM) julanneba i think... if there were a zombie apocalypse though... id want you doing the fighting
(7:55:14 PM) julanneba i mean id do what i could but id probably run away like a chicken shit
(7:55:41 PM) julanneba which is the complete opposite of how i play my video games... i have a REALLY bad habit of getting too close and getting right in the middle of a fight. i dont have much patience and dont go slow lol
(7:55:51 PM) julanneba so yes if theres ever a real life emergency you get to be the man
(7:55:57 PM) fruscianthed lol! nice!
(7:56:02 PM) fruscianthed dont worry
(7:56:09 PM) fruscianthed Ill show you how to handle them zombie fucks
(7:56:13 PM) julanneba lol
(7:56:21 PM) fruscianthed rule number one
(7:56:29 PM) fruscianthed when fighting, always aim for the head
(7:56:36 PM) fruscianthed destroy the brain
(7:57:01 PM) fruscianthed if the numbers become too much, aim to immoblize and then run
(7:57:16 PM) julanneba gotcha. will not forget o wise zombie slayer
(7:57:20 PM) fruscianthed :P
(7:57:28 PM) fruscianthed rule number two
(7:57:45 PM) fruscianthed never stay in one place too long if you can help it. rest, eat, heal up and move on
(7:58:08 PM) fruscianthed rule number three
(7:58:40 PM) fruscianthed keep your eyes open and ears alert! use basic common sense and dont try to be ahero. you'll survive longer
(7:59:14 PM) julanneba what i love most about this advice
(7:59:20 PM) julanneba is that it is sincere and from the heart
(7:59:23 PM) julanneba and it's meant to be totally serious
(7:59:24 PM) julanneba lol
(7:59:26 PM) fruscianthed lmao!!!
(7:59:32 PM) fruscianthed I know, its awesome!! lol!
(7:59:38 PM) julanneba lol
(8:00:02 PM) fruscianthed Ive gotta lend you the Zombie Survival Guidel. you'll LOVE it
(8:00:18 PM) fruscianthed er, *guide
(8:00:19 PM) julanneba yes. will remind you :)
(8:01:26 PM) julanneba ever eat too much crunchy food or something and one side of your tongue gets sore?
(8:01:32 PM) fruscianthed YES
(8:01:37 PM) julanneba totally happening to me

(10:53:08 PM) fruscianthed what about your blurty?
(10:53:22 PM) fruscianthed it could be your dirty blurty
(10:53:27 PM) julanneba *snort*
(10:53:34 PM) fruscianthed lol!
(10:53:48 PM) fruscianthed I cant wait to hear that, by the way
(10:54:00 PM) julanneba eh the novelty fades quickly
(10:54:01 PM) julanneba lol
(10:54:06 PM) fruscianthed no, I promise
(10:54:09 PM) fruscianthed it will not
(10:54:44 PM) fruscianthed Denise snorts and I loved making her snort.. oh my god that sounds so perverted
(10:54:57 PM) julanneba hahaha it did
(10:55:00 PM) julanneba u know what else is perverted?
(10:55:04 PM) julanneba it may not seem it but it totally is
(10:55:18 PM) julanneba my absolute best friend from high school... her BROTHER just hit on me on myspace
(10:55:20 PM) julanneba oops
(10:55:22 PM) julanneba i mean on okcupid
(10:55:28 PM) fruscianthed ooooooooooo
(10:55:31 PM) julanneba i like grew up with this guy
(10:55:41 PM) fruscianthed thats pretty weird
(10:55:49 PM) julanneba yeah. this was his message "figures the only beautiful woman on the site is seeing someone :-( have a good day!"
(10:55:52 PM) julanneba im kinda creeped out
(10:55:54 PM) julanneba *shiver*
(10:55:57 PM) fruscianthed ewwww!
(10:56:06 PM) fruscianthed why would you send something like that?
(10:56:27 PM) fruscianthed thats the equivalent of spitting on the ground right next to someone
(10:56:33 PM) fruscianthed you just dont do that
(10:56:36 PM) julanneba lol seriously
(10:56:48 PM) julanneba im totally grimacing the hell out of this message right now
(10:57:18 PM) fruscianthed oh god.
(10:57:25 PM) fruscianthed Grimace.
(10:57:39 PM) fruscianthed what the HELL is Grimace?! from Mcdonalds? What is he?
(10:57:50 PM) julanneba lol what?
(10:57:51 PM) julanneba lost
(10:58:31 PM) fruscianthed
(10:58:55 PM) julanneba oh!
(10:59:09 PM) julanneba he's.... a big daddy teletubby gangsta
(11:00:32 PM) fruscianthed or one of those crazy new things that replaced teletubbies
(11:00:55 PM) julanneba yea those too. my nephews watch them. my brother thinks theyre less cultish
(11:01:06 PM) fruscianthed lemme find them. they make fart noises and make kids run all over the place like excited retarded animals
(11:02:50 PM) fruscianthed omgomgomgomgomgomgomg
(11:02:55 PM) fruscianthed
(11:04:47 PM) julanneba oh lordy


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  2009.02.20  23.00

Fruscianth: in summation: making out + epic hand shake + absofuckinlutely = heart boner
Julanba: would it be completely wrong if i came back by saying *strokes heart boner*
Fruscianth: um, no. not at all.
Fruscianth: most welcome in fact
Julanba: *feels dirty while stroking heart boner*
Fruscianth: nothing dirty about it, baby
Fruscianth: just go with it
Julanba: lmao omg. you know those inside jokes where u just wanna tell the entire world and watch their faces?
Julanba: this is so one of them
Fruscianth: wielukbwhtr;h;twh
Fruscianth: damn right!!!


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  2009.02.14  10.18

Beneath the tide the fishes glide
Fin to fin and side to side
For fishy love has now begun
Fishy love, finny fun

Paper moon, paper heart
Pink balloon, work of art
Al Capone, Bugs Moran
Valentine's Day

Bootleg gin, porkpie hat
Dew Drop Inn, dirty rat
Through the heart, Cupid's dart
Valentine's Day

Day to repay the one that you love
Gentlemen take off your hats as I speak thereof
Just a brief break from the push and the shove
We may go a few rounds without boxing gloves

Land your punch, I stand my ground
We break for lunch and a second round
We set them up, we knock them down
Valentine's Day

Me and you, you and him
Him and her, us and them
We keep score, love as war
Valentine's Day

I lost my teeth, I lost my hair
I lost my mind, you don't care
Love is war, all is fair
On Valentine's Day


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