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04:57pm 29/02/2004
mood: sick
music: something corporate
im so ready for prom. i have a beautiful dress. i just dont have a prom or a date. i had a semi and that was nice but i think that prom would be wicked fun. the dress is gorgeous. and approval from the my sister in law too. it looks like ill just have to go and be my brothers date to his senior prom

yea he wont mind

i havnt been feeling particularly well recently. this girl told everyone back in 7th grade that i was bulimic. i really really wasnt. it was gay for her to shout it through the halls. especially when in fact they thought i had leukemia. not bulimia. just because everyday i was sick right about the time when 'the nanny' theme song played doesnt mean i was bulimic.

man get it straight.
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