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    Monday, September 24th, 2012
    9:40 am
    Ahora disponemos de los pisos de 5800 metros cuadrados. Tenemos más de 50 trabajadores, entre ellos más de 10 miembros son personales técnicos que tienen el título superior o intermedio y más de 30 trabajadores de primera línea que tienen una rica experiencia en turbocargador. Tenemos los derechos independientes de importación y exportación, a lo largo de los a?os, los productos de SHENG YI se han vendido bien en China y en el extranjero y también hemos obtenido el amplio reconocimiento y elogios con nuestro estilo de trabajo honesto, excelente calidad y precios competitivos. Al mismo tiempo, la compa?ía presta mucha atención a la I + D del nuevo producto, podemos producir el turbocargador de acuerdo a la muestra del cliente o dibujos mecánicos.



    Un turbocargador se compone de un compresor y una turbina. La turbina y as ruedas del compresor están montadas sobre un eje común. Este subconjunto está alojado en la carcasa central. La turbina de...



    Como un turbocargador de confianza y el fabricante de piezas de motos en China, SHENGYI TURBO fabrica Cartucho de Turbo de alta calidad (CHRA), que está dise?ado y fabricado para satisfacer las nece...

    Kits de reparación de Turbo

    Kits de reparación de Turbo

    Los kits de reparación de alta calidad son dise?ados y fabricados por SHENGYI TURBO. Incluye todos los componentes necesarios para las principales revisiones de turbo. Fabricamos todos nuestros kits...

    Conjunto del rotor

    Conjunto del rotor

    Siendo consciente de la calidad, la clase de nuestro conjunto de rotor es notable y distinta. El producto ofrecido compite con los diversos parámetros sobre la calidad y es intachable en cuanto a su ...

    Rotor del eje

    Rotor del eje

    Tenemos mucha experiencia en la fabricación y exportación de los rotores de eje. Son ampliamente utilizados en la industria automotriz y son muy aclamados por los clientes por su construcción robus...

    Rueda del compresor

    Rueda del compresor

    Estamos comprometidos en ofrecer ruedas de compresor. Contando con el dise?o preciso y de alta resistencia a la tracción, estas piezas de repuesto ayudan en el funcionamiento libre de problemas de l...

    Friday, August 3rd, 2012
    9:52 am
    Alloy Steel Casting

    Alloy Steel Casting is carbon steel, based
    on the microstructure and the corresponding carbon steel is
    generally similar. Significantly improve the mechanical properties
    of the steel alloying elements in steel. In recent years, with the
    development of society and scientific and technological progress,
    the growing demand for low-alloy steel castings.

    In order to overcome the low alloy steel in a coarse grains large
    thermal cracking and the tendency to temper brittleness greater
    shortcomings, the casting process should strictly control the
    production of each process and technology operations and take
    effective measures to prevent or reduce the generation of casting
    defects, especially control of the smelting process and casting hot cut
    process control is a critical part of the low alloy steel castings

    • Alloy
      Steel Casting parts

      Investment casting /lost wax casting/precision casting/sand
      casting/stainless sProduct Description. 1. Name: Investment steel

      2. Material: alloy steel...

    • Alloy
      Steel Casting Product

      Materials: Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel

      Process: Lost wax process, silicasol precision casting

      Weight range: 0.02 to 10kg...

    • High
      Alloy Steel Castings

      Process: Stainless steel precision casting(stainless steel

      Material: ASTM440;SS304;SS316;


      Surface: mirror polishing/sand...

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    Website :

    Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
    2:49 pm
    Precision Machined Components

    Our company specializes in manufacturing precision machined components and executes custom orders. The well laid CNC machining center backs us to manufacture components using various grades of raw materials. We manufacture precision machined components from copper, SS 304, SS 316, aluminium and aluminium bronze. These machined components feature extremely close tolerance, smooth finish and dimensional stability.

    We are equipped with CNC Vertical Machining Center and Acne Turning Center along with facility for milling and lathe machines. The range of maximum travel for the CNC machining is; x=1300, y=800, z=700. This enables us to meet the specifications of the clients with greater accuracy.

    We follow ISO defined quality control norms and offer machined parts with extraordinary quality. Use of measuring machine (made by CMM- Mititoya, Japan) assures compliance to standards and specifics. Our engineers specialize in customizing machined components as per the requirements of the clients.

        * Applications Served : We offer precision machined components for electric gadgets, home appliances, machinery, sanitary fittings and interior decorative items / artware.

        * Finish Available : Precision Machined Components are finished in glossy, matte, buffing, SS plating or electro plating.

    For hundreds of years, among all other castings, sand casting continues to be one of the most popular casting methods. Even todays, it has a great significance in the area of large metal forms production. With the cooperation, assistance and instructions of our large expert and knowledge pool group, we are capable of handling sand casting of iron, bronze, brass, aluminum. Our state of art infrastructure will provide you with high quality machining using CNC, quality control support using CMM and complete testing facility using tensile testing, hardness testing machine and chemical testing by spectrometer(through tie up).


    Friday, December 30th, 2011
    9:47 am
    Sunwer Injection parts
    Ningbo Sunwer Industrial Co.,Ltd.which used to be Yinzhou Shuangwei
    Plastics Factory ”. It was founded in 1997 in Ningbo,which has been
    experienced in plastic industry for 15 years.

    We have new modern standard workshop covers the construction
    area of ??4,500 square meters; the range of products so far have
    been as many as hundreds of enterprises with a number of
    experienced designers and senior technicians, the existing staff of
    more than 100 and technical engineers, and three production lines,
    with more than 30 different import tonnage injection molding
    machines and metal processing equipment; production process
    improvement, the use of automatic intelligent computer assembly
    line operations, scientific testing methods and refined test mode
    technology, with the independent kinds of precision mold supporting
    mechanical equipment. The processing, Injection
    ,Injection molding,Warning triangle,Plastic Products,Plastic parts,Injection Molds ,Plastic electric kettle,Plastic auto parts,etc. long-term import
    and export business by Ministry of Foreign Trade and self-sold to
    Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Macao and
    Taiwan regions, in major provinces in mainland China are also
    widely used and sales; The Division also has become a well-known
    brands of many products and accessories for OEM production

    Main Products: seals, power switch accessories, plastic cups,
    plastic buckets and plastic pots, clothesline / clothesline, broom,
    dustpan, clothes hangers, plastic baskets and plastic pots, plastic
    brushes, rods, racks, combination rack / cabinet, plastic cutting
    boards, plastic water bottles, pet toys, kitchen supplies, Bakelite
    / bakelite products, hardware parts and accessories.

    Our success comes from high-quality products and complete equipment
    and technology, and first-class technical team, over the years to
    adhere to 'the same price than quality, the same quality than
    price' business philosophy, constantly pursuing innovation and
    human services. We are treated equally: would like to sincerely new
    and old customers at home and abroad hand in hand, ready to work
    with the major import and export companies, manufacturers and
    traders at home and abroad to establish long-term personal SOHO and
    other good business partnerships, welcome friends come letter calls
    business negotiations, We will tailor your requirements to all
    kinds of plastics, rubber, bakelite and metal parts ... ... In all,
    S&W Industrial Co,Ltd. Is your best choice and

    Clothes pegs-SW1102

    Material:100% new PP&TPR With good
    elasticity,bending deformation is not easy Designed with soft

    Plastic clothes

    Material:100% new PP&TPR With good
    elasticity,bending deformation is not easy Designed with

    Plastic injection
    machine parts-SW2103

    We offer an array of engineering plastic parts and components
    with complete Integrated operation inc...

    Plastic injection

    1.injection plastic parts 2.Brand of Mold Base: LKM / FUTABA /
    HASCO / DME and so on 3.Hot YUDO ru...

    Ningbo Sunwer Industrial Co.,Ltd.

    ADD: Industrial Zone No. 1,Lu Jia Yan
    Village,Yinheng Road, Jiangshan Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo
    City, Zhejiang Province.

    TEL: +86 574
    28828222   56637999

    FAX: +86 574 28873322

    MOB: +86 15825572030




    Friday, December 2nd, 2011
    10:21 am
    Nonwoven product

    Nonwoven fabric is made from long fibers, which
    is a fabric-like material bonded together by chemical, mechanical,
    heat or solvent treatment. Nonwoven fabric is used
    in the textile manufacturing industry to denote fabrics, such as
    felt, which are neither woven nor knitted. Nonwoven materials
    typically lack strength unless densified or reinforced by a
    backing. In recent years, nonwoven products have
    got a fast development and now become an alternative of




    baby diapers or nappies

    feminine hygiene

    adult incontinence products

        Nonwoven wet

    bandages and wound dressings

    nonwoven bath and face masks

    nonwoven slippers and shoe covers


    isolation gowns

    surgical gowns

    surgical drapes and covers

    surgical scrub suits


    medical packaging: porosity allows gas sterilization Filters

    gasoline, oil and air - including HEPA filtration

    water, coffee, tea bags

    pharmceutical industry


    nonwoven clothing (nonwoven shoe covers,

    carpet backing, primary and secondary


    marine sail laminates

    tablecover laminates

    chopped strand mat

    backing/stabilizer for machine embroidery

    packaging where porosity is needed

    insulation (fiberglass batting)

    pillows, cushions, and upholstery padding

    batting in quilts or comforters

    consumer and medical face masks

    mailing envelopes

    tarps, tenting and transportation (lumber, steel)

    Head wear and beard cover

    They are used in the food area, industrial area, medical area.
    Nonwoven caps is made of Polypropylene with highly breathable and
    low-lining, and the hair net is made of Nylon fabric. We can supply
    many kinds of styles, sizes, weight, colors or as per

    Nonwoven shoe covers

    We can supply the shoe covers with different fabric, like PP
    shoe covers, PE shoe covers, SMS shoe covers, Microporous boot
    covers etc. They can be used in food area, hospital, school, and
    many public place. We can supply many kinds of sizes, weight,
    colors or as per requested.

    Nonwoven sleeve covers

    We can supply the sleeve covers with different fabric, like PP
    sleeve covers, PE sleeve covers, SMS sleeve covers, etc. They can
    be used in food area, hospital, school, and many public place. We
    can supply many kinds of sizes, weight, colors or as per

    Nonwoven face mask

    We have two kinds of face mask: one is made of nonwoven fabric,
    and another is made of paper(wood pulp).Nonwoven face mask has
    filtration efficiency 95%, and 99% is ideal for hospital, dental,
    clean room, food preparation and industrial environment, which is
    composed of two types, with Ear loops using a soft band elastic or
    with ties made from spunbond, by sewing or by ultrasonic. And Paper
    face mask is also available used in the same area as nonwoven face

    Nonwoven coveralls

    Nonwoven coveralls is made of Polypropylene, SMS, Microporous,
    TYVEK. It is the good choice to use it in the hospital, dustproof
    workshop and so on. They are breathable for body, can prevent
    pollution and the surface of theses clothes without stains, also
    have good tensile strength, and anti-static, non-toxic. We can
    supply different style, with hood, or with collar, or with boot
    covers or as per requested.

    Nonwoven gowns

    Non Woven surgical Gown is made by non woven polypropylene
    spunbond fabric or PE coated SPP fabric or SMS fabric which is used
    in hospital. There are more items available with pictures as
    below-mentioned: Non-woven surgical gown, PP+PE coated surgical
    gowns, SMS surgical gown, CPE surgical gown with thumb loop. They
    all are disposable and comfortable to wear with lightweight,

    Nonwoven lab

    It can be made by non woven polypropylene spunbond fabric or PE
    coated SPP fabric or SMS fabric which is mainly used in hospital.
    We have many styles, it could be with single or double collar, or
    knitted collar, could be with pockets, elastic or knitted cuff or
    as per requested.

    Our main products:Nonwoven product | Protective clothing | Coveralls | Face
    | PE Apron | Nonwoven Slippers,外贸推广, 宁波外贸网站推广, 宁波Google优化推广
    Tuesday, March 15th, 2011
    10:54 am

    is a professional enterprise producing turbocharger

    and motorcycle parts. We adopt vanguard technology positively from home
    and abroad, and have established the long-term technical cooperation
    with many well-known enterprises. We have passed ISO9001:2000 in September, 2004.

    Now we own the floor space 5800 square meters. There are more than 50
    workers including more than 10 technical staff who has the senior or
    intermediate title and more than 30 first-line workers who have rich
    experience in turbocharger
    . We have independent import and export
    rights, over the years, the products of SHENG YI have been sold well at
    home and abroad and aslo get the widespread recognition and praise with
    our honest work style, excellent quality and competitive prices. At the
    same time, company is committed to R & D of the new product, we can
    produce the turbocharger
    according to customer's sample or mechanical drawings.

    Friday, February 18th, 2011
    10:04 am
    Effort Semiconductor Lighting Ltd

    Effort Semiconductor Lighting Ltd. was established in 2007, which is specialized in led technology. We has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing LED driver, Emergency LED light, China LED tube, China led downlight, LED tube light and LED lighting for residential and commercial use. With a team of several professional engineers, our R&D department develops the best technology for LED products. Obtaining reputation from customers need responsibility and opportunity, our responsibility is to strive to bring the latest and best LED products to our distinguished clients all over the world for years to come, and our opportunity is followed:

    The market of LED lamp is growing fast, and we believe the LED technology will be the most important illumination in near future. And in the coming days, we will pay more attention on the following points:

    First, the current LED lamps are mostly designed for traditional lamp replacement, but as LED chip is small size, energy saving and long lifespan, the LED lamp should be personalized, which can give full play to these advantages.

    Second, the lifespan of led chip can be as long as 100 000 hours, while the led driver’s can only be 10 000 to 20 000 hours, which means when the led driver stop working, the led chip still can be used. LED driver with better reliability is needed. It’s the basic of LED applications.

    Third, to make the life be more comfortable and colorful, functional controller like IR sensor, color temperature controller should be used on more and more LED lamps.

    Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010
    1:53 pm
    Vertical Blind Components

    Our Vertical Blinds
    System ranged from Low profile system, High Profile system. mini
    System. Slim system,Chain control system and wand control system.
    cassette system etc.

     Roller Blind Components,Vertical blind components

    See more products

    Friday, July 9th, 2010
    3:07 pm
    Seko Electric towel radiator

    Established in 1998, Seko Industrial Co.Ltd. is a leading
    manufacturer of household electrical appliances, products
    include:Electric towel
    , Fan heater,
    Electrical fan, Industrial
    fan heater, carbon fiber heater, quartz heater, etc.

    With more than 10 years’ high speed development, the company
    current owns more than 1000 employees, more than 20 intermediate
    and senior technical and management personnel, 5 standard
    workshops, more than 300 units (sets) of various modern production
    equipments, based on the high standard and high quality technical,
    the products have CE, GS and NF certificates and the company has
    international organization for standardization ISO9001:2000

    During the period ,The company provide OEM and ODM service to
    clients in more than 80 countries and regions worldwide.

    We sincerely welcome people from all over the world to visit our
    factory and look forward to establish business relations between

    3:07 pm
    Homeytex Vertical Blinds

    Homeytex Company Limited is a professional Window blinds
    manufacturer and supplier located in Veken Zhenhai industrial park,
    with 50,000 square meters work shop and four factories inside. Its
    main sales items include Vertical blinds
    blinds fabrics
    blinds fabrics
    , Vertical blind
    ,Vertical Blind
    ,Roman Shades, Venetian Blind Slat, Fabrics and
    Components and anything you need in Blind Made to Measure and DIY

    It already formed a complete production line from Yarn Spinning,
    Weaving, Dyeing, Coating, Slitting and Packing in Fabric
    Manufacturing business.Also owned 6 production line in Plastic
    extrusion business.

    We have more than 7 years professional experience dealing with
    Client from Germany,
    Netherlands,Belgium,France,Australia,U.S.A,Canada. So we know very
    well what western people want and what western people afraid of
    when doing business with China. Our sales volume is up to
    30,000,000USD per year until 2006. We get certificate of
    ISO9001:14001 and Oeko tex standard 100.

    We can guarantee good quality met with European standard, much
    more lower price than you buy from local, Consistent Supplying
    chain, Superior Customer Service, Exclusive business on special
    products, Palletized Packing.

    Sincerely hope all the Client world wide can build sound
    business relationship with us.




    Please Contact Us for more information

    Wednesday, February 24th, 2010
    11:12 am
    Aluminium die casting
    we supply OEM aluminum die casting parts,aluminium
    die castingaluminum die casting,Suitable
    for Construction, Instrument,valve and Auto Parts.

    • Aluminum Die Casting

      Bottle Ring Opener

      Material: aluminium(A380;ADC12,ect.) &
      Aluminum Alloy Process: pressure die casting &
      gravity casting Surface Treatment: plating gold Used for opening
      the bottles

    • Aluminum Die Casting

      Alu. Die Casting 2

      Material: aluminium(A380;ADC12,ect.) &
      Aluminum Alloy Process: pressure die casting &
      gravity casting Surface Treatment: nature Used for Automobile

    • Aluminium Die Casting

      Alu. Die Casting 4

      Material: aluminium(A380;ADC12,ect.) &
      Aluminum Alloy Process: pressure die casting &
      gravity casting Surface Treatment:  anodizing Used
      for lighting

    Thursday, December 10th, 2009
    11:07 am
    Aluminum Die Castings

    Alloys of aluminium are used in die casting more extensively than alloys of any other base metals.

    Die casting is especially suited to production of large quantities of relatively small parts. The more important reasons for using light metal casting are low weight, mechanical strength, stiffness and electrical properties. Other applications are e.g. components for the power transmission line in the vehicle industry and electronics industry.

    Typical applications of die cast aluminium alloys include:

    * · Alloy 380.0 - Lawnmower housings, gear

    * · Alloy A380.0 - Streetlamps housings, typewriter frames, dental equipment

    * · Alloy 360.0 - Frying skillets, cover plates, instrument cases, parts requiring corrosion resistance.

    * · Alloy 413.0 - Outboard motor parts such as pistons, connecting rods, and housings

    * Alloy 518.1 - Escalator parts, conveyor components, aircraft and marine hardware and lit tings.

    With die casting, it is possible to maintain close tolerances and produce good surface finishes. Die castings are made by injection of molten metal into metal molds under substantial pressure. Rapid injection and rapid solidification under high pressure combine to produce a dense, fine-grain surface structure, which results in excellent wear and fatigue properties. Our factory have Large spectrum of die casting machines (280T - 1600T),it can produce Variety of alloys available to meet in house production requirements and to provide quality custom-made die-casting parts for other industries

    Aluminum Die Castings Aluminum Die Castings Aluminum Die Castings Aluminum Die Castings Aluminum Die Castings Aluminum Die Castings Aluminum Die Castings Aluminum Die Castings Aluminum Die Castings Aluminum Die Castings

    Customer-orientation, Professional Quality, Excellence pursue , one stop, full service manufacturer, supplier, exporter

    Click here to get Quick Quote or Free Consultant

    Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
    1:34 pm
    Brass Sand Casting

    Brass sang casting, as the name suggests, involves the use of brass as the molten metal. Brass casting can be carried out by the way of brass sand casting only. Sand casting can be defined as a ‘casting part’ produced by formation of a mold from a mixture of sand and pouring the casting liquid (mostly molten metal) into mold.

    Brass is a great metal to cast with as it can provide some really great looking results.  Many believe that brass, an alloy of zinc and copper, has been around since our prehistoric ancestors. Today brass is used for a multitude of products from coins to trumpets not to mention a whole bunch of other musical instruments.

    • C26800;C27000;C27200;C27400,ECT.

      Process: Brass sand castingMaterial: C26800;C27000;C27200;C27400,ECT.Used for: Engine blocks and manifolds, machine bases, gears, pulleys, agriculture parts,marine parts, medical parts,lifting machine ...

    • C26800;C27000;C27200;C27400,ECT.

      Process: Brass sand castingMaterial: C26800;C27000;C27200;C27400,ECT.Used for: Engine blocks and manifolds, machine bases, gears, pulleys, agriculture parts,marine parts, medical parts,lifting machine ...

    • C26800;C27000;C27200;C27400,ECT.

      Process: Brass sand castingMaterial: C26800;C27000;C27200;C27400,ECT.Used for: Engine blocks and manifolds, machine bases, gears, pulleys, agriculture parts,marine parts, medical parts,lifting machine ...

    • C26800;C27000;C27200;C27400,ECT.

      Process: Brass sand castingMaterial: C26800;C27000;C27200;C27400,ECT.Used for: Engine blocks and manifolds, machine bases, gears, pulleys, agriculture parts,marine parts, medical parts,lifting machine ...

    • Windy She

    • Ningbo Ruican Machinery Company

    • Yulong Town,Yinzhou District,Ningbo City,Zhejiang Province,China

    • Ningbo , Zhejiang

    • 315010

    • 0086-574-88060400

    • 0086-574-88060200



    Friend Link: Aluminum Die Castings, Die Casting, Forging Parts, Sand Casting, Precision Casting, Bucket Teeth, Load Cell,

    Friday, November 6th, 2009
    10:01 am
    Aluminum Sand Casting

    Aluminum casting Process are classified as Ingot casting or Mould casting. During the first process, primary or secondary aluminium is cast into rolling ingot (slab), extrusion ingot (billet) and wire bar ingot which are subsequently transformed in semi- and finished products.

    The second process is used in the foundries for producing cast products. This is the oldest and simplest (in theory but not in practice) means of manufacturing shaped components.

    • Aluminum Sand Casting parts 020

      For most of the current products, the processes we use are: sand casting (green sand & dry sand), die casting, permanent casting...

    • Aluminum Sand Casting parts 019

      We can supply aluminum and ductile iron products in permanent mold casting process, sand casting process and green sand casting...

    • AlSi9Cu3

      ocess : Aluminium sand castingMaterial : AlSi9Cu3Used for : Engine blocks and manifolds, machine bases, gears, pulleys, agriculture parts,marine parts, medical parts,lifting machine parts; hardware, ...

    Sand Casting, Investment Casting, Die Casting, Green Sand Casting, Aluminum Sand Casting
    Saturday, October 17th, 2009
    4:36 pm
    Green Sand Casting

    These Green Sand Casting molds are made of wet sands that are used to make the mold&#039;s shape. The name comes from the fact that wet sands are used in the molding process.

    For a simple object—flat on one side—the lower portion of the box, closed at the bottom, will be filled with prepared casting sand or green sand—a slightly moist mixture of sand and clay。

    forms a "green" mold which must be dried to receive the hot metal. If
    the mold is not sufficiently dried a steam explosion can occur that can
    throw molten metal about. In some cases, the sand may be oiled instead
    of moistened, which makes possible casting without waiting for the sand to dry. Sand may also be bonded by chemical binders, such as furane resins or amine-hardened resins.

    • Green sand casting

      Green sand casting

      Process:Green sand
      castingMaterial: Ductile Iron-GGG50Used for: Engine blocks and
      manifolds, machine bases, gears, pulleys, agriculture parts,marine
      parts, medical parts,lifting machine parts; ha ...

      Ductile Iron-GGG40


      : Green sand castingMaterial: Ductile Iron-GGG40Used for: Engine blocks
      and manifolds, machine bases, gears, pulleys, agriculture parts,marine
      parts, medical parts,lifting machine parts; hardw ...

      Grey Iron-GG20


      Green sand castingMaterial: Grey Iron-GG20Used for: Engine blocks and
      manifolds, machine bases, gears, pulleys, agriculture parts,marine
      parts, medical parts,lifting machine parts; hardware, ...
    Thursday, October 8th, 2009
    10:09 am
    Metal Casting Processes

    There are various casting processes being implemented now days. The oldest amongst them is sand casting. Spin casting is also widely used. They can be described as follows:

    Sand Casting
    : Sand casting involves formation of mold from a mixture of sand and to pour a casting liquid, most probably, a molten metal into mold. The metal is then allowed to solidify and the removal of mold, takes place. Sand molding consists of two types: green sand method and air set method. The first one consists of mixture of clay, moisture, silica, and many other additives. The second one consists of mixture of dry sand and other materials, not moist clay. They are mixed with the help of a quick curing adhesive. The collective use of these materials is called 'air set'.

    At times, there is temporary plug placed to pour the fluid which is to be molded. Air-set molds usually form molds consisting of two parts-the bottom and the top. The mixture of sand gets tamped down after its addition. It does not generate any by-product. After the solidification and cooling of metal, the mold gets usually destroyed. This is because its removal involves a lot of breaking and cracking. The casting accuracy depends a great deal on the sand and the process of molding used. Castings composed of green sand result into formation of rough texture on casting surface, and this characteristic makes them easily recognizable. Air-set molds produce smoother castings.

    Many a times, the casting process results in losing of components of sand mixture. It is possible to reuse green sand by the way of adjusting the composition to get the lost additives and moisture replenished. The entire pattern itself is eligible to be reused for producing novel sand molds. The method of reuse can be continued for an indefinite period. In 1950, casting process got automated partially. They have been in great demand for developing production lines since then.

    Spin Casting: Spin Casting is better known as Centrifugal Rubber Mold Casting (CRMC). It implies utilization of centrifugal force for producing castings out of rubber mold. As a customary practice, a mold having shape of a disc gets spun through its 'central axis' at a pre-decided speed. The material used for casting is usually thermoset plastic in the liquid form or a molten metal. It gets poured into the mold through the opening at its centre. Corresponding to the solidification of metal, or the setting of thermoset plastic, the spinning of the filled mold takes place.

    Normally, organic rubber or vulcanized silicone is used as a mold-making substrate in spin casting. Vulcanization takes place in the middle of process of mold-making. After the successful completion of vulcanization process, venting and gating must be undergone by the mold. This implies carving of channels for ensuring proper material flow and air during the course of casting. A scalpel or knife is used to carry out the above two processes. The mold complexity is directly proportional to the time required in implementation of venting and gating.

    Sand Casting, Investment Casting, Die Casting, Green Sand Casting, Aluminum Sand Casting, Grey Iron Casting, Aluminum gravity casting, Sand Casting Process Manufacturer, Turbocharger Parts, Gravity Die Casting , Die Casting, Sand casting Blog, Sand Casting Parts, Sand Casting Moulds.

    Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
    9:57 am
    Sand Casting
    Sand Casting is a process, which is used to make or manufacture large components and equipment made out of brass, aluminum, iron and bronze. The metal is first melted and then gently poured into a mould, which is made up of sand. In other words, sand casting, the most widely used forging process, utilizes expendable sand molds to form complex metal parts that can be made of nearly any alloy.
    Because the sand mold must be destroyed in order to remove the part, called the casting, sand casting typically has a low production rate. The sand casting process involves the use of a furnace, metal, pattern, and sand mold. The metal is melted in the furnace and then ladled and poured into the cavity of the sand mold, which is formed by the pattern. The sand mold separates along a parting line and the solidified casting can be removed. The steps in this process are described in greater detail in the next section.

    Sand casting is used to produce a wide variety of metal components with complex geometries. Sand casting is also common in producing automobile components, such as engine blocks, engine manifolds, cylinder heads, and transmission cases.
    NINGBO RUICAN MACHINERY COMPANY main produce a wide range of sand casting. We produce green sand casting, aluminum sand casting, brass sand casting and so on.
    Saturday, August 15th, 2009
    1:36 pm
    Sand Casting for Valves

    We are a cast iron manufacturer specializing in Gray Iron and Ductile Iron Casting. We make casting using common sand and furan resin sand.

    Sand casting is used to produce a wide variety of metal components with complex geometries. These parts can vary greatly in size and weight, ranging from a couple ounces to several tons. Some smaller sand cast parts include components as gears, pulleys, crankshafts, connecting rods, and propellers. Larger applications include housings for large equipment and heavy machine bases. Sand casting is also common in producing automobile components, such as engine blocks, engine manifolds, cylinder heads, and transmission cases.

    Sand Casting & Investment Casting for Valves: Ball valves

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    Commercial Forms of Aluminum Alloys: Part One

    Mill products of aluminum vary from foil thinner than tissue paper to plate 6 in. thick, and from wrist-thick stranded electrical power transmission conductor to magnet wire finer than human hair.


    Ingot, from which all other aluminum products are made, is generally supplied in one of seven commercial forms.

    Unalloyed Ingot. Unalloyed aluminum ingot is furnished in sizes ranging from small-notched bars weighing a pound or less to large ingots weighing a ton or more. Unalloyed ingot may vary from about 98 to 99.999% Al; 99.5% Al is the most common grade. Electrical conductor (EC) ingot and rotor ingot for motors are special grades in which impurities objectionable for these applications are controlled.

    Rich Alloy Ingot. Although unalloyed ingot is often used as produced, it is more often necessary to alloy it with other elements such as chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, nickel, silicon, titanium, and zinc. To accomplish this easily in production, rich alloy ingot, or "hardener", is employed; hardeners contain from less than 1% to as much as 50% of alloying elements.

    Casting Alloy Ingot. Large quantities of scrap are consumed in the production of casting alloy ingot. When the impurity limitations on such alloys permit the introduction of large amounts of scrap, the resulting product is referred to as secondary casting alloy ingot. When the composition limits restrict the use of scrap, the product is designated as primary or virgin casting alloy ingot. There are many areas of overlap between primary and secondary.

    Extrusion ingot. Extrusion ingot is usually furnished in cylindrical form, both solid and hollow. It varies in outside diameter from 75 to 800 mm. This product is most often made by the direct chill (DC) casting process or by some modification thereof. It is sawed to lengths varying, conforming to the requirements of the press in which it will be extruded. With certain alloys, extrusion ingots are often soaked or preheated before shipment to the extruder. This treatment, sometimes called homogenizing, permits higher extrusion speeds, improved surface finish on the extrusions, and longer die life. When extrusions of the highest quality are required, as in strong alloy aircraft parts, extrusion billets may be scalped before shipment to remove surface liquation. Hollow ingots are used to extrude tube and other hollow shapes. These ingots are normally cast to the required dimensions in the direct chill casting machine, but manufacturing limitations often require machining of the inside diameter.

    Forging Ingot. Although most small forgings are produced from rolled or extruded stock, cast ingots are often used for large forgings. To prevent irregularities in the cast surface from affecting the quality of the forgings, these ingots are always scalped before shipment. Forging ingot is generally supplied in cylindrical form.

    Hot Metal. Molten metal is sometimes transferred directly in insulated ladles from the smelter to the customer’s plant, occasionally at distances up to several hundred miles.


    In order of commercial importance, the three major forms of aluminum castings are: die, permanent mold, and sand.

    Die casting. Die-casting is inherently suited to large-quantity production of both ornamental and structural aluminum parts. If the quantity permits investment in a die, if wall thickness can be reduced as much as the casting process permits, and if objectionable undercuts are not present in the design, aluminum castings can usually be produced by this process at a lower cost than by any other method.

    Permanent Mold Castings. In the permanent mold process, cast iron molds and cores are generally used; less frequently, steel and inlays of other metals are employed. Molten aluminum is poured into the mold cavity under a normal gravity head. In special cases, a small amount of pressure is applied to the mold through the application of vacuum, by pumping the molten metal, or by centrifugal force. In the semi permanent mold process, cores of dry sand or other expendable material are employed, overcoming many of the design limitations imposed by metal cores. Permanent mold castings are metallurgically superior to die or sand castings, having greater soundness, pressure tightness, higher strength, greater speed of production, and thinner walls.

    Sand Castings. The sand casting process is the most versatile method of producing a cast aluminum shape and is characterized by universal adaptability. It is employed to produce small quantities of identical castings, parts requiring intricate coring, and very large castings. Modern high-speed molding equipment and methods produce sand castings relatively cheaply.

    Other Cast Forms. Direct chill castings -- both solid and hollow, having round, rectangular or odd-shaped sections -- are used because of their outstanding mechanical properties after heat treatment and their sound structure. Mechanical properties approach those of wrought products except that the elongation is lower. Cast tool and jig plate and large sizes of cast bus bar are commonly made by this process. When thin walls and close dimensional tolerances are required, and if the quantity does not warrant die-casting, shell mold casting, plaster mold casting, or investment casting are often employed. The last two processes are also used where difficult undercuts and intricate coring are required. The centrifugal casting process is used for the production of large aluminum alloy tubes and rings.

    Forgings and Pressings

    Aluminum alloy forgings and pressings are produced commercially in conventional hammer equipment, on hydraulic and mechanical presses, in ring rollers, and on upsetters. They may be classified as die forgings, hand forgings, and rolled rings.

    Die Forgings. Depending upon the amount of machining necessary to obtain a finished part, aluminum die forgings and pressings are categorized as (a) blocker, requiring the most machining; (b) conventional, providing a good balance between die cost and machining cost; or (c) precision forgings and pressings. Precision forgings are of advantage where it is desirable to obtain thin web sections and thin, accurate ribs with a minimum of machining. Draft angles are controlled to less than 10 if desired; corner fillets can be held to a minimum.

    Hand forgings are produced by working aluminum stock between flat dies or other simple tools that shape the piece roughly to the required contour. Prototypes are frequently made as hand forgings to reduce delivery time. Slabs as large as 7 in. thick by 120 in. wide and 450 in. long, weighing over 35,000 lb, are available in the form of hand forgings.

    Rolled Ring Forgings. Precision ring rolling equipment is available to produce rolled rings in a wide range of diameters up to 150 in., in any wall thickness and alloy. Larger rings can be fabricated by forging over a mandrel.

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    Green Sand Mold process
    The Sand Casting process - aka Green Sand Mold process - is commonly used in the casting of aluminum, brass/bronze, and iron products.

    The term “green sand” is known principally because of the moisture content within the sand. The sand undergoes a “mulling” process in which various clay and chemical additives that act as binders are blended with the sand, which results in a compound which is suitable for the sand molding process.

    This prepared sand mixture is then compressed around the pattern at specific pressures and temperatures, to ensure it will maintain its shape throughout the remainder of the casting process. The blended sand and binders are compacted around the pattern, taking on the shape of the desired casting.

    Sometimes the design of the casting entails internal passageways being formed into the mold. This is done by using sand cores which are made of a similar sand mixture. The cores are strategically placed to form the necessary passageways in the casting. The two halves of the mold are subsequently closed and metal is poured into the cavity and left to solidify.

    After solidification has taken place, the sand is vibrated until it is released from the casting. The finishing process can then be completed by grinding, machining, plating and painting.

    Green Sand Mold casting process used in alloy castings    Green Sand Mold casting process used in alloy castings

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