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Thursday, July 8th, 2004
2:08 pm
I've seen trees.
I've seen clouds.
I've seen roses.
I've seen oceans.
I've seen airplanes.
I've seen ships.
I've seen cities.
I've seen hills.
I've seen London.
I've seen France.
I've seen countless underpants.
I've seen tigers.
I've seen ants.
I've seen through glasses.
I've seen through tears.
I've seen violence.
I've seen parades.
I've seen fire.
I've seen rain.
I've seen snow.
I've seen fog.
I've seen clocks.
I've seen mirrors.
I've seen forests.
I've seen beaches.
I've seen movie stars.
I've seen children.
I've seen days.
I've seen nights.
I've seen perpetual summers.
I've seen seasons change.
I've seen mountains.
I've seen rivers.
I've seen eagles.
I've seen swans.
I've seen factories.
I've seen Disneyland.
I've seen the sun.
I've seen the moon.
I've seen actors.
I've seen deceit.
I've seen friendship.
I've seen kindness.
I've seen families.
I've seen love.

current mood: mellow

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Tuesday, July 6th, 2004
5:16 pm - Label-maker!!
Ok. It's official. I am . . .
*drum roll*
A lesbian!

I'm happy now. Cuz I'm pretty damned sure that's what I am. I've given it a lot of time. A lot of thought. I've dated around. And there it is.

Well, now that that spit is out of the way, I can stop pretending to swoon over people like Brad Pitt and Taye Diggs. NOT that Taye Diggs is not a perfect specimen. I could look at that boy forever. I just don't wanna touch.

And here is the beginnings of a list of people (famous ones) that I am attracted to. This is not a typical list. You will not find Britney or Scarlett on here. While I agree that they are hotties, they are just like Taye Diggs to me. I'm not attracted. But I appreciate the beauty. So here she blows. These are just the ones I could think of today (on a piece of scrap paper that was in my bag. If I thought of one, I'd scribble it on there.)

Megan Mullally (my number one.)
Angelina Jolie (my number two.)
Ashley Judd (Ya Ya!)
Lauren Graham
Portia de Rossi
Lucy Liu
Jennifer Garner (but not in the sexy leather jumpsuits and things. I don't think it suits her. She needs to be cute.)
Jena Malone (The kiss in the shower in Life as a House. Looked nice.)
Lindsay Lohan (ack! She's all young! I feel dirty.)
Michelle Pfeiffer (Man, she is aging beautifully)
Kate Winslet (and she's got that accent. . .)
Lauren Ambrose
Joey Lauren Adams (she's just so cute. She's like a sexy toddler. Ew, that sounded reeeally wrong.)
Kyra Sedgewick (something about that hair. I don't tend to go for the blondes, but that hair is real purty.)

Now, tell me. Do I have a type? Baed on that little list? I don't really go for hottie hottersons. No Jessicas. No Pamelas. Ew. And the average age of those folks is at least in the 30s.
So yeah. Obviously, none of those are "butch", so we can rule that out. Oi.

current mood: contemplative
current music: clickety clack

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Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
2:02 pm - comptine d'un autre ete: l'apres
So my hair's all spiffy diffy. I got it trimmed all healthy-like, and I got my highlites redone, but with more red this time, and it really makes the color of my eyes pop (they have a little red in them), so I'm happy. And I bought myself a lovely black eyeliner pencil and sharpener from MAC.

For some reason, my computer wants to play Natalie Cole's rendition of Smile over and over, even though there are like 300 songs to pick from on shuffle. It keeps going back and forth between that and Without Love from Hairspray.

I just ordered 60 bucks of sheet music from - cuz I'm a big weak dork like that. But I loves me piano playing. It's my therapy. I got 3 books. Well, it came to 60 after shipping and handling and the damned 7.75% sales tax we Californians must pay on EVERYTHING. I miss Massachusetts. The idea of no sales tax on clothing and things like that is absolutely brilliant. A wonderful new experience.
So, the music I got was:
Starting Here, Starting Now - I have to get at least one obligatory book of showtunes on the rare occasion that I splurge on more than one book.
The Hours - Philip Glass. You know I love it, and now I get to play it for. . . hours!
Yann Tiersen - Music from Amelie - same thing. Me likey! Me likey a lot!

I just ate a shitload of buffalo mozzarella with balsamic vinegar. Can't get enough of that damned cheese. It gooood.

Today I really have to totally clean the house. Tomorrow marks the start of the Invasion of the Eastern Relatives. My house will be full of people who say "wooter" and "ahrange" and "kwaufee" and everything must be spic and span. What the hell does spic and span actually mean? I never thought about that. What a stupid phrase. I'll no more of it.

Mostly it's laundry and sweeping. And putting my old shit in the attic. But the attic stuff'll have to wait till the Mater gets home from el worko catholico. Cuz getting the shit up the ladder is a two-person undertaking.

Oh, good Lord. Dan Fogelberg. Hahaha.

I've decided my walls shall be pink. But not pansy-ass pink. More of a natural antique-y looking pink. My mother said there's a color called Ashes of Roses. That sounds sad. I like it. And I'll paint my desk the same green as my bed, along with the mirror frame. The bookcases, I shall repaint white, cuz they look old and shitty. Then a new set of bedding, and BAM. My room will perfect and lovely. Of course, by the time all that is done with, I'll have like 5 days to live in it before I go back to school.

A- Alligators All Around
B- Bursting Balloons
C- Catching Colds
D- Doing Dishes
E- Entertaining Elephants
F- Forever Fooling
G- Getting Giggles
H- Having Headaches
I- Imitating Indians
J- Juggling Jellybeans
K- Keeping Kangaroos
L- Looking Like Lions
M- Making Macaroni
N- Never Nothing
O- Ordering Oatmeal
P- Pushing People
Q- Quite Quarrelsome
R- Riding Reindeer
S- Shockingly Spoiled
T- Throwing Tantrums
U- Usually Uspide-down
V- Very Vain
W- Wearing Wigs
X- X-ing X's
Y- Yakkety Yakking
Z- Zippity Zy

Name that cartoon. Ok, I'll tell you. Really Rosie. Remember that? The one with Chicken Soup with Rice? Shut up, you suck. Alright. I'm procrastinating. Off I go. Slave to the grind.

JESUS! Natalie Cole's Smile is on AGAIN!

current music: Smile, though your heart is aching. . .

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Tuesday, June 29th, 2004
12:34 am - Zetsy Lemon Peel.
[Current Clothes] - Jeans, metal belt, green shirt
[Current Mood] - sleepy but amused
[Current Music] - none
[Current Taste] - spearmint starbucks gum
[Current Hair] - downa nds traight - i had it done today. whee.
[Current Bestfriend] - Meg
[Current Annoyance] - my lips are dry
[Current Smell ] - nothin much
[Current thing I ought to be doing] - sleeping or cleaning
[Current Favorite Artist] - Tori
[Current Favorite Group] - Maroon 5?
[Current Book you're reading] - Good Woman of Setzuan
[Current DVD in player] - none
[Current Color Of Toenails] - like the inside of a pink seashell
[Current Refreshment] - nothing...
[Current Worry] - my room. blasted company taking over. . .

First best friend- Katia Maguire
First real girlfriend/boyfriend- no comment. Well, I guess it was Joe. Whoa. i forgot about that one.
First real memory of something- sticking my legs in the air to have my diaper changed. No, really!
First date- didn't physically DATE much. I do remember going to see Scooby Doo the movie though. Bleh!

First break- like a bone? Nevah! Like a break-up? Alex in 1st Grade, lol.
First job- Payed? I think it was musical assistant for Sweeney Todd at the Fritz. Aaaaawesome.
First sn- cnilfaerie!
First pets- 2 Cats - Odie and Ralph. And a shitload of pet rats that kept having babies.
First piercing/tattoo- my ears. I think I was 15 or 16.
First true love- theatre. or paula abdul in 1st grade. hey first grade was quite a year.
First big trip- don't remember. I've travelled a lot. maybe the first time I went to Hawaii? That was 5 Hawaiis ago though.
First play/musical/performance- Alice in Wonderland when I was 4. I was the Dormouse.

=Last time you smoked=? uh, like 2 weeks ago.
=Last big car ride= Yesterday driving from Las Vegas to San Diego.
=Last good cry= In the car a few hours ago. A friend may have cancer.
=Last library book checked out= Good Woman of Setzuan and the Bell Jar
=Last movie seen= French Kiss
=Last beverage drank= Water with lemon
=Last food consumed= Mud Pie ice cream
=Last crush= no comment
=Last kiss= on the mouth? The surfer boy. Friendly? Meg or Grace.
=Last moment= wtf?
=Last phone call= Grace beckoning me uptown
=Last tv show watched= hmmm. i don't know. no wait. Jeopardy, haha.
=Last time showered= 9am
=Last shoes worn= my trusty flips
=Last cd played= A mix.
=Last soda drank= Don't really drink it anymore. I had a little Diet Coke last week at dad's house.
=Last time wanting to die= Seriously? I guess Junior year.
=Last time scolded= This afternoon *blushes*
=Last shirt worn= My bright green one. with the blue lady on it.
=Last website visited= This one right here. retardo.

*h a v e y o u e v e r*
Fallen for a friend* yes
Made out with JUST a friend* yes
Crushed on a friend never telling them* yes.
Rejected someone* yes. and i feel bad, but dude, honesty, it's just where it's at.
Been in love* nopes
Been in lust* hells yes.
Used someone* not really sexually. well maybe, but not in the traditional sense. more for an exploration. or a double-checking, if you will.
Been used* For sure. Bastards!
Cheated on someone* No, that's fucked up.
Been cheated on* that's hard to answer, because I think yes, and they think no. I mean, it HAPPENED. but we had different opinions of how one should behave in a relationship. shut up, go away.
Been kissed* hmmmm. YES
Done something you regret* Yes and no.

Thought About for more than an hour. . .
boyz: no not really. what's there to think about?
school: yeah...
yourself: who hasn't/ i'm stuck in me 24/7.
your friends: fo sho
sex: hi, yeah
drama/problems: not drama. i try to stay away from that shit. problems, though, yes. real ones.
music: yeah
boredom: THOUGHT about boredom? that's damn sad. Probably yes when I was little
candy: no.

w h o w a s t h e l a s t p e r s o n
-You touched: Meg - hug g'bye
-You talked to: physically, mom. online, Carolyn.
-You hugged: Meg
-You instant messaged: uh, Carolyn!
-You yelled at: Noah. But that was more of a mumble. He makes me mad.
-You laughed with: Meg and Grace and Matt. And probably Carolyn, though we couldn't hear each other, so maybe not. Wait, did I laugh out loud?

current mood: complacent
current music: Gum Chewing

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Monday, June 28th, 2004
2:00 pm - Today I saw that little girl who used to hug my leg and sit on my lap. And she's taller than me.
So. . . Vegas was a helluva a lot of fun. Hot and gross. But fun. That is one weird city man, I'd never want to live there or go there very often. It's very fake. It's just a theme park calling itself a city. But the point is, we were all very very drunk a lot. And we all let loose and had a great time. At least the girls did. And we had fake names. Let's see. Meghan was Lexi. Lexi Taylor. Erica was Charlie. Tiffany was Dottie. I think Kelly was Kayla. I was Tyler. Tyler Grey. I think that's really hot name, and I think I look like I could pass for a Tyler. Not that I think I'm hot, but I mean I like it, and it kind of suits me.

And now I'm teaching again. Musical Theatre for Middle Schoolers. It's just Nicole and me teaching the workshop and it's the biggest group we've ever had, but they've got great energy, and I don't think we have any loose cannons in there *knocks on wood*. It's only 3 hours a day. We just play theatre games, and do warmups and then we teach them the songs and I play piano, and both of us choreograph. It'll be really cute. I forgot how easy this is. I love kids.

And here we go again.

13 random things you like:

01) Tamales - (hey, it said to be random)
02) Tickies
03) Having my hair played with
04) Kids
05) Cellos
06) Movies
07) The song from Shrek 2
08) Chapstick
09) Laughing
10) Rollercoasters
11) Sleeping
12) Nostalgia
13) Tulips

12 movies:

01) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
02) So, I Married an Axe Murderer
03) Silence of the Lambs
04) Red Dragon
05) Mean Girls
06) A League of Their Own
07) Now and Then
08) French Kiss
09) Finding Nemo
10) The Emperor's New Groove
11) Girl, Interrupted
12) The My Little Pony Movie (with the Smooze!)

11 good bands/artists:

01) Elton John
02) Carly Simon
03) The Carpenters
04) Carole King
05) Queen
06) Jenn Grinels
07) Tori Amos
08) Ben Folds
09) Elliot Smith
10) Ella Fitzgerald
11) Bette Midler

10 good friends (in no specific order)

01) Meg
02) Meghan
03) Nathan
04) Craig
05) Erin
06) Allison
07) Nicole
08) Jennie
09) Courtney
10) Logan
If you're angry that you're not on here, it's not cuz I forgot you. I just put whoever popped into my head.

9 things about you physically:

01) My hair is naturally thick and curly.
02) My eyes are brown.
03) My mouth is very expressive.
04) I'm kinda short.
05) I have bare feet right now.
06) I have a killer rack, lol.
07) I'm tannish.
08) I'm Irish.
09) I have a mole on my left knee.

eight favorite foods/drinks:

01) Japanese
02) Indian
03) Buffalo Chicken Strips. Not wings.
04) Huevos Rancheros
05) Arnold Palmers
06) Profiterolls
07) D*Lush Root Beer Floats
08) Nathan's Chai

7 things you wear daily:

01) Chapstick
02) A hairband around my wrist
03) Mascara
04) My belly button ring
05) Deodorant
06) Moisturizer

6 things that annoy you:

01) Ignorance
02) Money, or lack thereof
03) My body
04) Hiccups
05) Gas Prices
06) The Low-Carb craze!

5 things you touch everyday:

01) My piano
02) The fridge (unfortunately)
03) Myself, lol. You know what I mean. No, not that! The other thing! Ooh, you're lost now.
04) My dog
05) The hearts of all who are graced with my presence! Ha. Yeah. . .

4 shows you watch:

01) Will and Grace
02) SNL
03) Friends
04) Sex and the City

3 celebrities you have a crush on:

01) Megan Mullally
02) Angelina Jolie
03) Portia de Rossi

2 people you have kissed:

01) Robbie
02) Maria

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with

01) I hope to be able to live with myself.

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Thursday, June 24th, 2004
6:18 pm - Cuz you love me.
Using band names, spell out your name:

Carpenters, The
Ani DiFranco
Tori Amos
Lennon, John
Indigo Girls
No Doubt

Carly Simon
Olivia Newton John?
LL Cool J, hehe.
Lauryn Hill
Evanescence, or however you spell that crap.
Elton John
Norah Jones

Green Day
Audra McDonald
Dave Matthews Band
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The

2) Have you ever had a song written about you?
Nope. I've had limericks, though.

3) What song makes you cry?
Children and Art.

4) What song makes you happy?
Children and Art.

5) What do you like to listen to before bed?
Ruby's Arms - Megan Mullally


a p p e a r a n c e
HEIGHT: 5'3 ft
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown with a little red and honey.
SKIN COLOR: Kinda Tan. I'm Irish, but have a little teensy bit of an Olive tone.
EYE COLOR: Brown. Blah Blah Brown.
PIERCINGS: One per ear, plus a belly.
TATTOOS: Yes. One. Small. If you're lucky, I'll show ya!

r i g h t n o w
WHAT TASTE IS IN YOUR MOUTH?: Hmmm. . . mouth taste. I haven't eaten in a while. But I'm about to go to sushi deli with Logan!
WHAT'S THE WEATHER LIKE?: It was hot today and kinda cloudy. A little sticky for Coronado.
HOW ARE YOU? Tired, but excited for my sushi. And for Vegas tomorrow!
GET MOTION SICKNESS?: Only on spinning carnival rides. Bring on the serious roller coasters and stuff though!
HAVE A BAD HABIT?: Sho thing. I procrastinate, among other things.
GET ALONG WITH YOUR PARENTS?: Yup. I've never NOT gotten along with them. How freakish is that?
LIKE TO DRIVE?: Yes, it is rather enjoyable. If only gas weren't rounding on $2.50 a fucking gallon!!

f a v o r i t e s
TV SHOW: Will & Grace, Friends, Select Inside the Actors' Studios, Sex and the City.
CONDITIONER: Fekkai. If only I could afford him.
BOOK: Peter Pan.
MAGAZINE: People, for the normies. I also like anything with really cool photos in it, so I can cut em up.
NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINK: Water, Diet Air, Arnold Palmers.
ALCOHOLIC DRINK: Vodka. High-end. Mixer optional. Please drink responsibly.
THING TO DO ON THE WEEKEND: Be with my friends. Anything, long as we're (for the most part) safe. And laughing.
BAND OR GROUP or SINGER or RAPPER: Tori Amos, Jenn Grinels, Ben Folds (Five optional), Elton John (the old stuff), Queen, Lisa Loeb (the first cd. After that, it went downhill), Indigo Girls, Maroon 5 (eh, mainstream.), Bette Midler.

h a v e y o u
BROKEN THE LAW: Most assuredly.
RAN AWAY FROM HOME: Only when I was little, and it took some convincing from my older sister. She also packed for me, and wrote the "By the time you read this, I will be gone" letter. All I had to do was sign at the X.
SNUCK OUT OF THE HOUSE: (yea, but i never HAD to really, my parents are pretty CHILL!) - Yeah, what Sasha said!
MADE A PRANK PHONE CALL: Many moons ago.
EVER TIPPED OVER A PORTA POTTY: That question should be "Ever voluntarily touched a porta potty". NO!
ditched scHOOL BEFORE: Please, we went to the "library" on a regular basis!
FELL ASLEEP IN THE SHOWER/BATH: Don't think so. Sounds nice, though.
BEEN IN A SCHOOL PLAY: Hmmmm. In high school I was in at least a dozen school plays.
LET A FRIEND CRY ON YOUR SHOULDER: Yes, my shoulder has been moistened by a select few.

l o v e
GIRLFRIEND: Not at the mo.
SEXUALITY: Bi, leaning towards the lesbian end of the spectrum.
CURRENT CRUSH: Hmmm. I haven't thought about that in a while. I guess no one really right now.
HAD A HARD TIME GETTING OVER SOMEONE: Not really. Hope I haven't hurt any feelings. Like any of those people would be reading this.
BEEN HURT?: Does a monkey bounce when you drop it?
YOUR GREATEST REGRET: Losing my virginity meaninglessly. I don't regret that I am not a virgin. Ummm, it's hard to explain. I didn't want to wait for love or anything, I really did want to get it out of the way. But it should have been different. With a different person. (no hard feelings). Probably should've been with a girl, too.

r a n d o m
DO YOU HAVE A JOB: I finished summer job numero uno today (whoo-ha!), and start my piano gig on Monday. (Job numero dos).
YOUR CD PLAYER HAS IN IT RIGHT NOW: Which one? In my car, it has Tori Amos's Under the Pink. In my little portable, it has The Hours. Which is Audrey's, and I forgot it was in there when we came home. In my bathroom stereo, it has Floyd Collins. In my room stereo, it has an old mix.
WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?: My friends, dreaming, music, my family, my love bucket. . .
WHO MAKES YOU THE HAPPIEST?: I don't know. Awful!
WHO DO YOU CONSIDER GOOD FRIENDS?: Meg, Nathan, Craig, Grace, Courtney, Allison, my sisters. I'm not gonna go into East Coast for now.
WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO?: What I want to do.

w h e n / w h a t w a s t h e l a s t
TIME YOU CRIED?: Today. But it was for no reason. I just like to. Ah, reveries.
YOU GOT A REAL LETTER?: (if an invitation counts then like a week ago.) - Yeah, what Sasha said.
YOU GOT E-MAIL: a few times today.
THING YOU PURCHASED: Sushi and cheapo slutty earrings.
TV PROGRAM YOU WATCHED: I don't know. Probably some episode of Friends or Will and Grace.

y o u r t h o u g h t s o n
ABORTION: pro life, for the most part. There are exceptions, but I know I'd never be able to forgive myself. Ok. Let's put it this way: I am pro life for me, but I'm not gonna go plant a pipe bomb at Planned Parenthood. I guess I'm really half and half. I would never do it. You do what you think you have to. I won't hate you.
TEENAGE SMOKING: Whatever floats your boat. Just don't blow it towards me, please.
SPICE GIRLS: What a fucked up last question. Heh. I think they kick ass. Very entertaining. Haha.


Full Name: Caitlin Colleen Grady
2) Nick Names: Caitie, Caitie Grady, Toast, Cait, Catina, Catina Weena Beena, Roberta, Caitie-did, Petunia, Cait of all Lins, CaaahtLeeeehn
3) IM Screen Names: cnilfaerie, MissPicksey (though I never use that one)
4) Age: 21
5) Birthday: October 18.
6) Sex: Fffemale.
7) Where Do You Live: San Diego and Boston.
8) Description of Yourself: You tell me.
9) Straight/Gay/Bi?: We've gone through this. Don't get me started.
10) Shoe Size: 8
11) Are You Tall or Short?: shortish.
12) Siblings: Two sisters, 25 and 28.
13) Pets: Cat - Black - Stormy. Dog - Australian Shepherd - Shelby. Fish - Beta - Ross.
14) Friends Online: I'm not listing all that, asshole.
15) Eye/Hair Color: Pretty much brown. With little glints of other, here and there.
16) Religion: by birth: Catholic, and I even went to plaid skirt school, if you can choice: I call myself a Kierkegaardian Existentialist Agnostic.
1) Sport to Play: Uh. I never liked playing sports. I liked to play pretend. Hell yes, pretend.
2) Sport to Watch: Baseball, Olympic gymnastics.
3) Colors: Lots of greens and pinks and sometimes red. and black and white.
4) Subject: I prefered the artsy ones, but academically speaking, I enjoyed writing. I won lots of spelling bees, lol. Looking back, I was really good at Algebra and Calc, and Physics. Whoda thunkit? Can't remember a damned thing, now. Well, I'm sure I could still do decent algebra.
5) Clothing Brand: Urban, AE, Jasmine Sola, Arden B, BR.
6) Singer/ Group: Not doing that again.
7) Radio Station: The only one I ever listen to (and that's not often at all) is 94.1. Which is useless info to most of you, since you don't live here.
8) Ice Cream: Vanilla Rose gelato at Parallel 33. And Straciatella at Mootime. Other than that, Haagen Dazs.
9) Movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Hours, Now and Then, Almost Famous, Girl Interrupted, So I Married an Axe Murderer, But I'm a Cheerleader. . . I'm gonna stop there.
10) Scary Movie: Dead Alive! Hahaha, with the Demon Rat Monkeys!!! Oh, sixth grade. We scared the shit out of ourselves.
11) Favorite Day: Any day that it doesn't matter what time I wake up.
12) Food: Japanese, Mexican, and Indian. And lots of fruit and salad. I gotta say, the buffalo chicken strips at Hennessy's are also surprisingly tastey. Not too fried.
13) Month: I don't really know. Winter is nifty at home. Spring is nifty at the other home. Which home is which, you ask? Here's a hint: Winter isn't totally shitty at home.
14) Holiday: National Bacon Day! Haha, not really, though that IS my unfortunate birthday. I guess Christmas. Or the Drag Show!
*~Do You...~*
1) Have a Crush: Not really right now, no.
2) Would you bring someone from the dead?: That wouldn't be wise.
3) Would you go back in Time?: Maybe. Hmmm. Yes.
*~Miscellaneous Questions~*
1) Do you like school: Love it.
2) Do you like to talk on the phone: Not a whole lot.
3) Do you have your own line: No, but I've got a cell. So yes.
4) Do you like to Dance: Not like clubbing. That's retarded. Bring me choreography.
5) Have you ever gone Skinny dipping: Have you ever been redundant?
6) Have you ever thought you were going to die:
7) Have you ever been high or drunk: Yes.
8) Do you sleep with stuffed animals: Sometimes. Not presently.
9) Do you have any piercings: ears, and belly button.
10) Have you ever fractured/broken a bone: no
11) Do you wear braces: no
13) Do you sing in the shower: yes and in the car
14) Have you ever stolen anything: a jelly bean when I was 4.
15) What's on your ceiling: nothing... a peak? paint?
16) What's your worst injury: I'm missing some of the inside of my face, now. Does that count? My sister dislocated my elbow when I was 4. That hurt like a bitch, I remember it all. Not the "run away!" sister. The other one. Aren't I lucky?
17) Hardest thing about growing up: Letting go. Of things.
18) Do you believe in love at first sight: Lust, interest, intuition. Not love.
19) Define love: Pull a Mustang out your peehole.
20) Are you a Virgin: No. Though I haven't gone all the way with a girl yet.
21) What do you wear to bed: At home, maybe underwear. Otherwise, sweats and a tank or something.
22) What's the best feeling in the world: Longing. It's so bittersweet. Also, having your hair played with. Ahhhh.
23) Do you think looks are important: In the beginning. But then, no, I contradict myself. I have gotten very attached to people I haven't found to be particularly attractive.
24) Are you happy: I'm tired.
25) Tell me about your crush: No.
26) How many kids do you want: I'm open. I guess 0 or 2.
27) What's your least favorite food: Red meat, fish, pork products.
28) What are you wearing now: Haha. A short blue and green plaid skirt, flip flops, and a striped lavendar button-down shirt, but only 2 buttons are done. With those mediumy sleeves. I'm a loon.
29) What school do you go to: The Boston Conservatory. Or, the BozCon, as I like to call it.
30) Does it have good sports teams: Does it have sports teams at all?
31) Did you have a homecoming: Fweh?
32) Are you spirited: Sometimes.
33) Who is the funniest person you know: Lots of people, in very different ways.
34) What is your fav. stuff to do: Right now, I'm gonna say sleep. Cuz I'm about to do that, and it sounds lovely.
35) Where do you like to hang out: Where I'm comfortable.

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6:04 pm - Aw, I liked em both so much.
Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...mysterious
Your hugs are...friendly
Your eyes...burn into my heart
Your touch is...heart warming
Your smell is...amazing
Your smile is...hypnotising
Your love is...everlasting
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...mysterious
Your hugs are...gentle
Your eyes...sparkle like the stars
Your touch is...awakening my heart
Your smell is...refreshing
Your smile is...entrancing
Your love is...everlasting
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

The second one is probably more accurate.

I want japanese. Tonight, I shall have Japanese.

The other night, I went to Hennessy's with Courtney, Grace, and Reagan. There, I discovered the magic of buffalo chicken strips, the adorability of little old men singing Sinatra tunes on karaoke, and the total craziness of being sent a drink by the tall dark stranger across the room. I thought that was only a movie thing. And why me? Courtney is way prettier than I am, and Reagan is all tall and confidently attractive. I just sit there and be myself. He must be skewed, this man.

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Thursday, June 17th, 2004
10:59 pm - Some longer than others.
My night turned out to be fantastic. Why? I got a surprise! Jennie's home from Spain!!! I was so happy to see her! You know, she and I go way back. She was my best friend, growing up, and she's just amazing to hang out with. I just love that girl. I also got to see Erica and Napes and Angela and Neil and Sara and Nathan and Courtney and Logan so I was just surrounded by friends. And at 1134 with Meg, we met these two really awesome girls, Katie and Juliette, and we talked for a while, and they were really cool, and we'll probably all hang out some. Katie has a haircut like Clea Duvall in But I'm a Cheerleader, and has freckles and everything. The slightly punked-out look really works for her. She's one of those people who I envy because they can really carry that look off. Juliette is totally JT's type, thin with choppy hair and fair skin and a cigarette and really pretty. They were just really cool. So the night was filled with good people, old and new. Our waitress and McP's was even really cool. I have a joke from high school for you. It's a thinker, but it's great.

Why is a mouse when it spins?
The fewer the higher.

And here's a limerick for you.

Da da-da da da-da da da,
Da da-da da da-da da da.
Da da-da-da-da,
Da da-da-da-da,
Da da-da da fucking cunt.

Ain't life grand?

And now for some actual serious stuff. I'm going to put down some lyrics that have struck me in some way. They're from assorted genres of music. I think they're beautiful. Some have great meaning to me, and some are just poignant and interesting.

"We all go somewhere.
And that's how we get along.
If folks just don't understand it,
Why, that ain't nothing wrong.
You and me, we follow a sound
that is whistling around in the air. . .
And it's kinda restful
When you see that you're not alone.
We're finally together,
Here in the unknown.
We are always wondering
And wanting to know
Why we are what we are.
We always have that whistling question.
And there ain't an answer,
But only the asking forever."

"In my heart a riddle lives,
And by the amber light, it gives.
I will ask until I know
Who I am
the outside
that I show.
From where I sit, it doesn't seem
That life is but a dream.
It seems like there's a world out there."

"I know a girl who cries
When she practices violin.
Cuz each note sounds so pure,
It just cuts into her,
And the melody comes pouring out her eyes."

"I am no nightingale,
But my song of her
Could outsing the sea. . .
I love her like the leaves,
Changing green to pink to gold,
And the change is everything."

"It's the fragment, not the day.
It's the pebble, not the stream.
It's the ripple, not the sea
That is happening."

"She drank so hard, the bottle ached."

"Studying a face,
Stepping back to look at a face
Leaves a little space in the way like a window,
But to see -
It's the only way to see.
And when the woman that you wanted goes,
You can say to yourself, 'Well, I give what I give.'
But the woman who won't wait for you knows
That, however you live,
There's a part of you always standing by,
Mapping out a sky,
Finishing a hat. . .
Starting on a hat. . .
Finishing a hat. . .
Look, I made a hat. . .
Where there never was a hat. . ."

"I'm changing.
You're changing.
I'll draw us now before we fade. . .
You watch while I revise the world."

"I want to make things that count,
Things that will be new. . .
What am I to do?"

"Stop worrying if your vision is new.
Let others make that decision -
They usually do.
You keep moving on."

"Anything you do,
Let it come from you.
Then it will be new.
Give us more to see. . ."

"Was I embracing you,
Or did I embrace desire?"

"Only heaven knows how Glory goes,
What each of us was meant to be.
In the starlight, that is what we are.
I can see so far. . ."

"I'm gonna be like an eagle.
Wings as wide as an airplane.
I'm gonna stand on a treetop,
And fly far away.
I'm gonna never feel frightened.
I'm gonna always feel safe,
And live in a kind place,
Where no one can find me,
And stay there forever.
I'm not like an eagle.
But someday, I'll fly."

"Thoughts that we would blush to say
Come easily in song."

"I never wanted to love you.
I only wanted to see my face in yours."

"Out of wine comes truth,
Out of truth the vision clears,
And with vision soon appears
A grand design.
From the grand design
We can understand the world.
And when you understand the world,
You need a lot more wine."

"I've been so many places in my life and times.
I've sung a lot of songs. I've made some bad rhymes.
I've acted out my love on stages
With ten thousand people watching.
But we're alone now.
And I'm singing this song to you. . .
I love you in a place where there's no space or time.
I love you for my life.
You're a friend of mine.
And when my life is over,
Remember when we were together,
We were alone.
And I was singing this song to you."

"Next door, there's an old man who lived to his nineties,
And one day, passed away in his sleep.
And his wife,
She stayed for a couple of days,
And passed away.
I'm sorry.
I know that's a strange way to tell you
That I know we belong,
That I am
The luckiest."

"I'm not living.
I'm just killing time."

"I want to kiss the back of your neck,
The top of your spine where your hair hits,
And gnaw on your fingertips and fall asleep.
I'll talk you to sleep. . .
She can't tell me that allof the love songs have been written,
'Cause she's never been in love with you before."

"The second star to the right
Shines with a light that's rare.
And if it's Neverland you need,
Its light will lead you there.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
So I'll know where you are."

"Care-a-lot is a place we all can go,
Whenever we choose it.
Care-a-lot is a feeling we all know.
We never do lose it."

"I know you have a little life in you yet.
I know you have a lot of strength left."

"Years go by, will I still be waiting
For somebody else to understand?
Years go by, if I'm stripped of my beauty
And the orange clouds raining in my head.
Years go by, will I choke on my tears
Till finally there is nothing left?"

"Now I know Spanish Harlem are not just pretty words to say.
I thought I knew, but now I know that rose trees never grow in New York City."

"Once, I can't remember,
I was long ago, someone strange.
I was innocent and wise,
And full of pain.
Now that I'm a woman,
everything is strange."

"Maybe she's pieces of me you've never seen."

"We're neither pure, nor wise, nor good.
We'll do the best we know."

"I didn't choose you, and you didn't choose me.
I didn't choose you.
Who would guess we're from the same family?
But what will you do when the nights get cold,
When the stars grow dim and your dreams seem old?
Whatcha gonna do when Winter calls,
And your flowers fall from the garden walls?
I'll come home to you.
You'll come home to me.
My love will be your remedy.
I'll choose you and you'll choose me.
We'll be two daughters dancing by the edge of the sea."

Me alone
is just mi.
But me
with Soul,
Mi Sol,
Means a song is beginning,
Is beginning to grow."

current mood: happy
current music: Peter Allen - Everything Old is New Again

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6:58 pm - "I feel so useless sitting on a toilet for that long. I feel that I should be making a dress."
That came out of the mouth of an 80-something-year-old British woman.

You are Cassandra, the soothsayer princess. You
You are Cassandra, the soothsayer princess. You
were cursed by the god Apollo, so no one
believed in your profecies After the war, you
became the slave of Agamemnon and you were
killed by his wife Clitemnestra.You didn't
appear in the movie ''Troy'', and neither in
the Iliad, but you appeared in some important
plays such as Aeschillus' ''Agamemnon''.My
ideal cast for your role would have been Rachel
Weisz (The Mummy)

Which of the Trojan women are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are Troilus
You are Troilus, prince of Troy. You went with
Polyxena, your sister, to a fountain where you
watered your horse. You saw that Achilles was
spying you, and you ran with your sister into
the temple of Apollo, but Achilles killed you
by shooting an arrow throught your throat. You
didnt appear in the movie ''Troy'', but you
appeared in Shakespeare's ''Troilus and
My ideal cast for your role would have been Scott
Speedman ( Underworld)

Which of the Trojan men are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I didn't used to like Rachel Weisz, but now I find her appealing. I don't know what changed my mind. I suddenly want to watch Shakespeare in Love. It's been years since I watched that, and it's just so pretty. I should put that on NetFlix. I haven't seen the third Lord of the Rings movie yet. How awful is that? Right. Back to it.


What quote describes you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hey! I have a whole bunch of friends! Screw you! Screw you aaaaaaaalll!!!

Your Husband Generator by Lady_Galadriel
Your Husband Is
You Metat a cheap café
You Have6 children
You Livejapan
Ina flat
You And Your Partner Are Best Known Forthat one porno you did for some extra cash
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Aw, I loooooove him!! I would never have sex with him, but he's such a good actor!

Which Legendary Actress are you?

Which Legendary Actress are you?

I decided to take it twice, hehe, cuz I usually had more than one equal answer for everything.

Your Personality
Favourite Colour
School Label
Current Mood
Do You Like Kitties?
You are this COOL... - 55%
You are this SMART... - 39%
You are this ADMIRED - 92%
You are this FUN to be around... - 78%
You are this EVIL... - 8%
This is the percentage of KITTIES in the world that love you... - 22%
This quiz by LiselleDeFontaine - Taken 6819 Times.
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Oh my God, that's kind of stupid.

How crazy are YOU?
where do you hang out?
You are an under age alcoholic
Your crazyness - 33%
This quiz by Sabredragogashi - Taken 185 Times.
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Under-age, my sweet patootie! Bah!

My japanese name is 藤原 Fujiwara (wisteria fields) 美晴 Miharu (beautiful clear sky).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Well now, that's just pretty. At least I'm not "Tail of a Pine Tree"

What is your Goth Super Model Name? by october_jackie
Your Name
MiddleDiva of
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Ooh it sounds like I'm a musical dominatrix! Who wants to be my bitch?

I'm going to McP's tonight. I thought you might be getting tired of looking at my fucking quizzes, so I'd stick in a little bit of an entry. I got real drunk with Nathan the other night. That's something I had never done before. I only have to work at the Diva Lounge 4 more days! They're not consecutive, but hey. I do enjoy the paycheck though, not that I can spend it on anything that doesn't have to do with my sister's wedding. . .

Love - You are romantic and feel strongly for
people. You enjoy others company and hate to be

What emotion are you? {With pictures!}
brought to you by Quizilla

I took that one twice. The other time, I got sadness. I didn't change much. This quiz is schizo. Or maybe that rumor at the BosCon about me was true. Mayeb I'M the schizo.

Going to 1134. Ta~

current mood: contemplative
current music: Shoop!

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Tuesday, June 15th, 2004
3:03 pm
I've pilfered a bunch of pictures off of Maria and Sasha's journals. So Now some of you who are from home can see a few of my peeps at the BosCon. I'll try to do this right.

Wait, I don't know how to do this. You can't just copy and paste can you. Someone show me how and then I'll stick em up.

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Monday, June 14th, 2004
9:32 pm - That was some kick-ass food and decor.
You may have noticed I've been posting a whole lot of these retarded quizzes. That's because not much happens here worth talking about. Who wants to go back to school? *raises hand*

You should live in London, England.

What City Should You Be Living In?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are an Elementalist. Your magic stems from the
forces of nature. You might be a forest
nuturing Druid, a storm-creating Weather-Wizard
or any of the many Elementals, but one thing is
sure-- your bond with nature is strong. You can
rely heavily on nature to support yourself
aesthetically or physically for it lends you
both comfort and strength. Your instincts
rarely fail you. You are vibrantly passionate
but are sometimes carried away by your own

Which Magical Order Are You In?
brought to you by Quizilla

(comment on this)

5:54 pm - I hope he dies of ghonorrea and is reincarnated as a portapotty.
I just surprised myself, and Meg. I do not usually voice my opinion of things. But today, a few minutes ago, I could not contain my rage.
So Meg and I are sitting on a park bench near the library just off Orange Avenue, and we're talking, and this black pickup truck goes by. The dude driving the car has his dog in the back of the truck, which is something that actually always makes me angry, as it's illegal and very dangerous, and animal cruelty in general. If any of you do this, my friends, we're having words.
So I'm just looking at this, and the dog suddenly falls over the side and is dragged a few feet. I jump to my feet in concern (this is exactly the reason it is illegal, y'all). And the guy stops the car, and gets out, and scoops up his dog, THROWS him back in to the back of the pick-up, yells, and HITS THE DOG! Like it's the dog's fault he has shit for brains, and an abusive personality. And I do something I've never done in my life. I SHRIEK at him in public, in the middle of town for all to hear,
Mind you, Coronado is a pretty conservative wealthy resort town, and no one does that in public here. I was ready to pull out my little fist and shove it up his urethra. But he drove away before I could do anything. Meg was like, "Holy shit, Caitie! I can't believe you just said that! Dude, if he's willing to do that to a dog in public, he's probably willing to beat up a girl." And I was like, "Bring it on! We're standing right outside the police station. Let him try! I'll take his ass DOWN!" I was shaking and tearing up. It really hit a nerve. I have no tolerance for that kind of behaviour. I'm so angry, and I'm late for dinner, late again, late for dinner, late late late late late. Name that musical.
Jesus Christ.

current mood: infuriated
current music: My heart is beating in my ears.

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Sunday, June 13th, 2004
3:37 pm - Make me!

current mood: lazy
current music: There's buffalo mozzarella in my teeth.
How to make a Caitie Grady

3 parts pride

1 part humour

1 part energy
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add emotion to taste! Do not overindulge!


Personality cocktail

Which member of The Breakfast Club are you?

Claire Standish

The self-proclaimed princess played by Molly Ringwald. The one trick, she is proud of most, involves how she can creatively put on her lipstick without using her hands.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
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Eh, at least I'm a girl.

(Ladies) Which celebrity should you end up with?

Kevin Spacey

You like older men it seems, the smart, funny, charismatic men...

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

Captain Quack Rubber Duck Quiz

A Fairytale staring you! Part 1
You are- a fairy queen/king
You go- on a cruise
You get there by- you don't know
You end up- falling in love
You have- wings
People who like your fairytale- - 52%
This Quiz by Midnight_Sunrise - Taken 724 Times.
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Your True Sign Is Aries




Risk Taking

Dynamic Daredevil

Always on an Adventure

Without a Care in the World

Quick-Witted and Quick-Tempered

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Your Sexual Power Animal is a Penguin!

Choosy, selective, and monogamous.

Not only are you picky when it comes to sex.

You tend to stick with the same partner for a long time

And since you're so picky, it takes a lot to get you

Once you're impressed, then you'll put out

What's Your Sexual Power Animal?

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You Are a Like Eyes!

Sly, mysterious, and very sexy.

You have a deep stare and lure people in with your gaze.

Anyone would be lucky to get with you.

Why? Because your big on doing things all the way...

And making sure the pleasure is distributed evenly.

And if not fifty/ fifty, your lover will get even more.

You're sweet, kind, and love to be a tease at times.

Congrats! You've got it all.

What Body Part Are You Most Like?

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I think I may have already done this one a while back.

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Thursday, June 10th, 2004
7:31 pm - Go on a cruise with Megan Mullally?? Me??
At work (yes, I work) we play 94.1 on the radio aaaaall day. So basically it's 80s hits, intermixed with the same 5 contemporary pop songs over and over (Maroon 5, Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne. . .) and we don't sell anything. We sit there and stuff mesh into plastic bags and put little price stickers on stuff. Well, I do that. Laura does computer stuff in the back. So, basically, I'm alone in the little Diva Craft Lounge, labelling shit, and hearing the same music over and over. I'm getting paid just over minimum wage (by 25 cents, mind you). And I don't have a lunch break. I think my oh-so-fabulous voice teacher (who owns the store) may be taking a little advantage of me, no? I mean I'm there from 10-6. Oh well. It may be boring and stupid and dorky as hell, but it's ridiculously easy, and I'm getting paid.

I made out, and more, with someone last weekend. Male. Very very good looking. Surfer, dark and handsomely puppy-faced. Really good body. Funny and sweet and chivalrous. One of those insanely goreous guys who can have anyone they want, but they don't because they're too nice to take advantage. His dad is a cameraman for Will and Grace. We sat in his car at the best surfing beach in North County from 1-4am. We had ticklefights and laughed and got "cozy." He loves my mouth.
I'm a total lesbo.

Tonight we will perhaps (we, being Meg and Grace and me, yes, we changed the subject) go to Sinbad's in Pacific Beach, and smoke a new flavor. I'm the only one that gets high on that stuff. I get soooo stoned, and it's legal, and it's cuz I never smoke otherwise, so it hits me really hard, and I get all light-headed and floopy. I can blow wicked smoke rings. Typical Thursday with my little posse.

I'm very full. I made pasta with garlic, basil, olive oil, sliced cherry tomatoes, and fresh buffalo mozzarella. It was v.v. good. I ate the crap out of it. And now I must get ready to go out. I must wash my face. I'm kinda grubby-feeling. My hair is in a ponytail with a blue ribbon, and I'm wearing jeans from Urban, and a tanktop with birdies and a little dragon child, also from Urban, and flip flops. I'm very casual today, and I don't feel like spiffing myself up much. Ta.

current mood: tired
current music: My crotch. What?

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Sunday, June 6th, 2004
11:04 pm - THIS is my Christmas.
I am so happy right now, I can't even tell you. Avenue Q beat the CRAP out of Wicked at the Tonys tonight!!! For once, the Tony Awards were not ruled by the almighty dollar. Tonight, content prevailed over Spectacle. Henry IV and Avenue Q. The two best shows I've seen all year. I stood on the couch and screamed. I expected Wicked to win. Sets, you know. Sets have dominated decisions for a long time on Broadway. My faith in the continuing quality of commercial theatre has officially been restored.
Some of you are very upset that Wicked didn't win. Well, you know I love you very much, but.
I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!! This is such a happy night for me!!
I mean, I was up for Kate Monster! I Loooooove this show.
Ok. I need to settle down. I'm gonna go downstairs and fix myself a stiff drink. Now, where does Mom keep the legitimate liquor? Sweet dreams, and if tonight was not your night, just remember:
Everything in life is only for now.

current mood: ecstatic
current music: If you can't get it in ONE GUESS, it sucks to be you.

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Saturday, June 5th, 2004
8:38 pm - Scrappy. That's what they'll call me. . .
I am in Core 3, and my grades were good. Whoo-hoo! So far I know of eleven people in my new boco fam, including myself. They are, in no particular order:

Dan Micciche (YAYAYAY!! I love my little Danny-boy.)
Lane (High approval, fine young lady.)
Nikki (Good. I didn't get to know her very well, and now I can.)
Mandy (Good. I didn't get to know her very well, and now I can.)
Ryan Malyar (I apologize if that's spelled incorrectly. For more comments, please see Lane or Nikki's comments above. Or some more down below.)
Becca Zuresky (See Ryan's comments about spelling. This girl's a sweet little kook.)
JT Ross (Come to San Diego.)
Carolyn Scanlon (Didn't get to know her very well either. Things turn out well, don't they.)
Chris Ruth (Hey, ditto.)
Aaron Jackson (Once again.)
Mind you, I do know these people. Just some much better than others. Hopefully no one hates me. Don't know why they would. I certainly don't hate them. In fact, I'm quite fond of all of them. I think this core's gonna kick some crazy ass.)
Oh yeah, I'm in my core, too.

I've been invited to a party. This party, I just found out, is taking place precisely one block from my house. I think I'll skip on the drunk driving that usually takes place on Saturdays.
Just kidding.
Of course I'll be driving!

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Thursday, June 3rd, 2004
2:46 pm - AAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!
AAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! Everyone knows what core they're in BUT MEEEEEEEEEEE.... I'm Dying! Dying, I tell you!! I just wanna know who. What. I know when and where. I DON'T want to know my grades. . . ACK!!

current mood: distressed
current music: The dog is breathing stinkily

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Tuesday, June 1st, 2004
1:16 am - Never ends, does it?
Westley / The Dread Pirate Roberts

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

Which Classic Book Are You?
Book: Lady Murasaki Shikibu's The Tale of Genji.
Synopsis: Widely acknowledged as the world's first novel, this astonishingly lovely book was written by a court lady in Heian Japan and offers a window into that formal, mannered world. Genji, a man of passionate impulses and a lover of beauty, is the favorite son of the Emperor, though his position at court is not entirely stable. He follows his wayward longings through moonlight-soaked gardens and jeweled pavilions, with mysterious women such as the Lady of the Orange Blossoms, the Akashi lady, and his own father's Empress.
Excerpt: Next day Genji wrote a note to Tamakatsura in which he said: 'How did you get on yesterday? Were you able to see the procession properly? I am sure that, if you were, you now take a very different view about my recent proposal...' She was at first amused by the notion that a fleeting glimpse through the window of a palanquin could have altered her decision about serving at the Palace. But after a moment's reflection she realized that this was precisely what had happened. How clever he always was at guessing what went on in other people's heads!
Amazon: The Tale of Genji
Which Classic Book Are You?

A repressed gay blockbuster star. Don't get many of those these days, do we, Tom?
Which Famous Homosexual Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

Which Kevin Smith Movie Are You? by jennablue! textarea>

Surprise, Surprise. . .

I'm Take to the Sky

Which Tori Amos B-Side are you?

This quiz made while Angel was procrastinating her ass off.

Hey, Child. There's more than one Tori Quiz on here. Go way down South. You know. On this page.

Which chicago Character Are You?

Brought to you by Faytrial

Which era in time are you?

Colin Mochrie

Which 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' actor are you!?
brought to you by Quizilla

Which Ani DiFranco Album Are You?

Brought to you by Tracie

Which Character from The Last Unicorn Are YOU?

Find out now! Only from the Quiz Junkie

Which Empire Records character would YOU be? Hmmm?

This quiz made while Angel was procrastinating her ass off.

Take the Which Sopranos Character Are You? test!

Take the Which Python member are you? Test @ Oh, You're No Fun Anymore!

Which are you?

made by Jen

Hey, I got the one that I like to eat! No fish and stuff!! That's damn cool.

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Monday, May 31st, 2004
11:11 pm - I know things.

You are Arwen from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.

You are very noble and brave. You would do anything for

the one you love. You are a deep and thoughtful person.
I'm a Margarita, discover your ALcoHoLiC personality!

You should be dating an Aries.
21 March - 19 April
This person is a leader, very energetic, always
helping others to achieve their dreams. Though
at times, Aries can be be bossy, jealous, and
selfish, this ram enjoys sexy new challenges in

What Zodiac Sign Are You Attracted To?
brought to you by Quizilla

You're chocolate. You're the old soul type, people
feel that they have known you their entire
life. Many often open up to you for they view
you as thoughtful and trustworthy. Although
people trust you, you have a hard time trusting
them. You prefer to keep your feelings bottled
up inside, or display them very quietly. It is
alright to open up every once in a while.

Which kind of candy are you?
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Which Disney Movie Do You Belong In?
Pick One:
Movie You Belong In:
The Amount Of Money You'll Bring In: $947,752,312.77
This cool quiz by jump5fan - Taken 603 Times.
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Earth Element Fairy
You are a Earth Fairy. You enjoy nature and simple
thing in life will make you happy. Sometimes
your a little shy, but when you do talk you
make friends fast becuase of your sweet
personality. When your mad you try to focus on
something else of just ignore the person. You
like to go hiking or just be around nature.

Which element fairy are you? (beautiful Pics)
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Congrats! Your a Pure Angel! Angels, as far as most
of them go, are all compatabile creatures, but
Pure ones simply are symbols of God. Pure
Angels always appear when a child is born, when
a rainbow is seen, or when someone shares their
first kiss. They never grow old, an can appear
in the shape of a naked woman with white, bold
wings. Pure angels are the carriers of god, and
show their love to everyone in the world.

What Kind of ANGEL are you? (For Girls only) This Quiz has amazingly Beautiful Pictures!
brought to you by Quizilla
Alright then... somehow I doubt this. It's pretty though?

tree shadow
You are a forest shadow. Your essence is that of
the tree or beast that casts you upon the
earth. You feel a purpose to be in balance
with the cycles of life and are wise and
beautiful in your submission to the justice of
Mother Nature. You are peaceful in temperament
and, though you feel small, your spirit is
precious, strong, and mighty as the
(green)forces with which it is affiliated.
(please rate my quiz cuz it took me for
freaking ever to create)

What Kind of Shadow Are You? (with gorgeous pics)
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You have a Calm Soul! Being calm and cool is what
you do best. You collected thoughts and always
positive attitude make you very bright and
logical. When theres a problem, you know how to
approach it, and solve it. Your friends rely on
you on their problems, and your shoulder for
their crying. You are peaceful, and enjoy
nature and freedom. You rarely get angry and
hardly scream, which makes you good with kids.
You seem to be in tune with the world and if
anything goes wrong, you always bounce back.

What Kind of SOUL do you posses? (For Girls only) Incredible Anime Pictures!
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I'm so like Lisa!

I'm Lisa, who are you? by Lexi


You are Satine.
Well-tunned and provacative, you are a
turn-of-the-20th-century prostetute in France.
You dance and sing at the Moulin Rouge, then
court old men for money to help pay for the
shows you perform in order to please a little
Bohemian midget.

Which Incarnation of Nicole Kidman Are You?
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I think that is not true.

What Pulp Fiction Character Are You?.

You're sweet, but not naive - though you like to be babied like a child at times. You prefer to have a bad boy by your side, but sometimes have problems understanding why he has to run off to take care of business. You want to settle down, yet deep down inside, you are excited by the surprises life throws your way.

Take the What Pulp Fiction Character Are You? quiz.

which art movement are you?

this quiz was made by Caitlin

I tied on this next one. It actually lets you tie.

See what Care Bear you are.

Absolutely agree. That's the one I had a stuffed bear of when I was little and everything.

See what Care Bear you are.

Not so much, but the picture is cute, huh?

Which Animaniacs Character are You?
"You are inquisitive to the point of getting trampled, run over, and blinded, on a daily basis. "


"It could be due to your scientific nature. You long to learn how things work."


"Because you really like to know things, but are prone to getting hurt."


"Because, if it wasn't for others generally taking the fall for you, you might well be dead by now! Remember, curiosity is great, but it also killed the cat. Well, in this case, the dog, Buttons, would probably be more appropriate."

"Okay, lady, I love you, bu-bye!"

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I am Little Red Riding Hood!

Find your fairy tale character

Click here to take the quiz!

You are Dolores Haze a.k.a. Lolita, the seductive and playful nymphet of Lolita. You like sex and are willing to show people your 12-year-old skills! You are attracted to debonari and handsome men because you are in love with many movie stars. You're not completely pure pedophiliac dream girl, though. You are power-hungry, greedy, and you throw tantrums easily but because you eminate an irrestible charm, most people give in to your every whim.

by wavy @

I'm Weekend Update Jimmy!

Take the Jimmy Fallon recurring SNL character quiz here.

created by stomps.

I'm Strange Little Girl

"One day you'll see a strange little girl feeling blue..."

Which Strange Little Girl would you be?

This quiz made while Angel was procrastinating her ass off.

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4:21 pm
Went to Craig's house in Del Cerro last night at around 9:30, for a little hot tub and party party. Fun times, crashed there. Woke up at noon, swam in the pool for a couple hours, and got a cancer-worthy tan. Good times. Happy Memorial Day.

I shall now quote drunken Craig:
"I know our relationship. I know my limits. I know you won't let me do anything. So I'm just gonna stare at your tits."
Ladies and gentlemen, My Best Friend.

I need to go de-chlorinate.

current mood: rejuvenated
current music: Whoooooooo!!

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