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Wow i need something/someone to do.. [20 Mar 2004|01:27pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Absolutely (Story of a Girl) - 9 Days ]

well guys you dont have to read this i just need something to do so i'm gonna fill it out.. all 308 questions..

1 Full name: Brianna Rae McDonald
2 Birthdate: 2-5
3 Birth state: New York
4 Birth town: I never understand this question.. the hospital wasn't really near where i lived when i was born so which do i say? oh well.. i was born in glens falls
5 What hospital? Glens Falls hospital... go fucking figure.
6 Last 4 digits of cell: psh i dont have one yet
7 House number (last 4): 1027
8 Weight at birth: Umm.. 6lbs13oz
9 And Height at birth: 17 inches? I dont exactly remember.. it was a little while ago
10 Time of birth: 9:35 PM
11 Height: 4'10.. and damn proud..
12 Eye color: Blue
13 Tan/pale/black/mixed: Pale
14 Race: white?
15 Parents' names: Mom and Dad.. heh
16 Pets: dog, cat, birds (yes the ones that everyone wants to kill)
17 How many rooms in your house: idk.. 9?
18 Kind of car you have: wish i had one
19 Kind of car your parents have: idk
20 School: BSMS
21 Class of: 2008
22 Sports: Softball, Soccer, Bball
23 Sports played: ^^^, baseball, teeball..
24 Grade: 8
25 Age: 14
26 Sex: sure
27 3 words to describe you: Short, sensitive, caring
28 Siblings-age/name: Sister: Colette - 9 years old
29 Live with: My mom, dad, and sister
30 Piercings: ears
31 Tattoos: nada
32 Grade school: Wood Road
33 Color of room: Green + blue?
34 Color of carpet: blue
35 Room size: somewhat small
36 Bed size: twin
37 Sheet colors: penguins
38 How many pillows: 2
39 Shoe size: 6 or 7
40 Pant size: umm
41 Shirt size: dont know
42 Bra size (girls):you want to know this because..
43 Whats in your room: my bed... old notes n stuff.. (MY BOX)
44 Kinda computer: hp pavilion mx70 (thats what it says on my moniter)
45 Color computer: blue and silver :-)
46 Color car: Dont have a car
47 Money in bank account: idk?
48 Posters in room: not many.. one that says Dream big.. with a kitten dreaming of a tiger on it.. i like that
49 Hair color: Broownnnnn.. with a little redishness to it
50 Kinda hair(curly, straight): wavy and thick and annoying

51 Girl names: Alyson
52 Guy names: Owen
53 Song: Dont really have one
54 Cd: my mix
55 Scent: Sweet Pea
56 Emotion: loving
57 Texture: silky
58 Thing to do: talk to my friends
59 Place: somewhere with my *girls*
60 Cartoon: Spongebob? I dunno.
61 Book: Traveling Pants.. or anything else sexualism-promoting..hah
62 Subject: Health!
63 Shampoo: Dunno something that smells good
64 Sport: Softball maybe?
65 Color: Blue, green
66 Food: pizza
67 Drink: soda
68 Alcohol: dont happen to have one.. unlike some people
69 Number: 69.. hah no just kidding.. i dont really have one
70 Basketball team: uhh
71 Baseball team: umm
72 Football team: uhhm
73 Hockey team: ummmhh
74 Underwear: hmm
75 Store: Best buy
76 Fast food: Wendy's
77 Eat in: dunno
78 Breakfast place: who knows
79 Breakfast food: bagel
80 Sound: music
81 Car: some corvette-ish
82 Show: Degrassi and Boy Meets World
83 Animal: Penguin
84 Snack: Hmm
85 Thing to do with friends: have deep convos
86 Thing to do with crush/bf/gf: Cuddle i think.. i dont know.. its been so long :-[
87 Brand of clothes: not sure
88 Brand of shoes: vans
89 Sport to watch: bball?
90 Gum: bubble yum cotton candy
91 Candy: not sure
92 Flavor of Ice Cream: strawberry maybe?
93 Skittles: Red
94 Starburst: Pink
95 Koolaid: Blue
96 Pop: ya mean soda? Dr. Pepper is good.. or Cream Soda
97 Jolly rancher: Watermelon
98 Person: nicole marie meczywor..
99 Actor: Ashton Kutcher.. oh baby
100 Actress: Julia Roberts
101 Female singer: Amy Lee I guess
102 Male singer: Hmm.. Not sure.. theres a lotta good ones
103 Rapper: dont have one
104 Do you have a bf/gf?: nope
105 If so whats their name: la la la
106 How long have you been together: doo doo dooo
107 Are you in love?: Not really
108 Have you ever been in love?: I'm not sure
109 If you dont have a bf/gf who's your crush: Dont know
110 How long have u liked them?: la de da
111 Would u go out with them right now?: bsjad;fjalsdf;a
112 Longest relationship: 10 months
113 Shortest: 10 months
114 Are you a playa?: sure
115 Whats the furthest you have gone?: not very
116 Who was your best kiss: well..
117 First kiss?: evan
118 Grossest kiss: idk
119 Who do you think is the best looking guy/girl you have ever talked to? uhmmmm
121 Who would you kiss if u could kiss anyone in the world? I am not sure!
122 Whats your fav sexual thing to do?: hmm
123 If you have been in love (with who): I dont know if i have been in love
124 Still in love?: no
125 Miss them?: not really
126 Regret being with them?: umm..
127 Still friends?: no

::Do You believe in::
128 Aliens: sure
129 Ghosts: yup
130 God: ehh
131 Satan: ehh
132 Heaven: ehh
133 Hell: ehh
134 Afterlife: i think so
135 Love at first sight: dunno.. hasn't happened to me
136 Santa: 'course.. who doesnt .. heh.. no just kidding.
137 What comes around goes around: yup

::Which is Better?::
138 Sneakers/sandals: sneakers
139 Dvd/vcr: DvD
140 Thong/panties: "panties"... ha
141 Boxer/briefs: boxers
142 Summer/winter: summer
143 Spring/fall: spring
144 Make love/cuddle: tough decision.. cuddle probably
145 Kiss/hug: hmm
146 Chocolate/vanilla: vanilla
147 Juice/soda: soda
148 Chill/party: Depends on who its with
149 Draw/write: I can't really do either
150 Night/day: night
151 Capris/shorts: shorts?
152 Make-up/none: none i guess? i dont know
153 Shower/bath: shower
154 Food/drink: food
155 Drive/walk: drive
156 *N sync/BSB: who are these guys again?.. no j/k.. uhh *n sync?
157 98 Degrees/O'Town: o town
58 Christina/Britney: christina
159 lly/Ludacris: huh?
160 Ja Rule/50 Cent: no preference
161 Pizza/spaghetti: pizza
162 Chise/mexican(food): mexican
163 Pink/purple: purple
164 Red/blue: blue
165 Scared/nervous: nervous.. i hate being afraid
166 Mad/sad: mad

167 Best memory: not quite sure
168 Worst memory: who knows
169 Do you regret anything you ever did?: too many to count
170 Best childhood memory?: I do not know.
171 What were you scared of as a child?: the dark.. someone dying
172 What was your favorite cartoon growing up?: rugrats
173 Favorite stuffed animal/blankie/etc: my pengi.. and my red blanket
174 Did you suck your thumb?: yup
175 Do you still have any of the same friends u did when u were 7 and under?: my gracie loo

176 What are you doing right now?: typing this
177 Are you listenin to music?: nope! :-O
178 If so what song?: ^^
179 What is in your cd player?: new found glory - sticks and stones
180 Who are you talking to?: no one.. but i'm waiting for my babe *nicole* to call or get online
181 If you're a girl are you wearing nail polish?: nope i'm not
182 What color? la la la la
183 What are you wearing?: sweatshirt.. pj pants
184 What are you thinking right now? if i've done this survey before.. and if its gonna be ok for me to go to my *heRo's* tonight
185 What did you do today?: Girl scout lock-in thing.. and i came home and did nada

::The FutuRe::
186 What do you wanna be?: taller
187 Where do you wanna live?: near some of my friends
188 Who do you want to marry?: my true love
189 Do you wanna get married?: yes
190 Do you wanna have kids?: sure
191 If so how many?: 2 maybe
192 If you could marry anyone who would it be?: hmm who knows

::Last time you::
193 Kissed: July 1st 2003.
194 Cried: oh wow.. i think it was like 3 days ago!! I'm doing good!
195 Said something: a few minutes ago
196 Ate: an hour ago or so
197 Drank: earlier this morning
198 Exercised: heh.. gym last period yesterday
199 Made love: about 3 minutes ago. hah just kidding.
200 Read a book on your own time: Not that long ago
201 Had a bf/gf: June
202 Danced: slow dance? oh man.. spring formal maybe?
203 Showered: Last night
204 Brushed your teeth? Yesterday
205 Smoked a cigarette? Never

206 Cigar? never
207 Black? white? lol
208 Drugs? no drugs.
209 Alcohol? no alcohol.
210 Had sex? no sex. (god damn)
211 Said i hope you die to someone? Not those exact words
212 Tried to kill someone? never
213 Tried to kill yourself? never
214 Got in a fist fight? never
215 Lied to your parents? never.. hah.. yeah right.. uhhh YEAH
216 If so about what? too many things
217 Lied to your friends? sometimes you have to
218 If so about what? protecting another friend
219 Bungee jumped? nope
220 Skydived? nope
221 Been drunk? nah
222 Been totally smashed? nope
223 Farted loud in public? nope
224 Skinny-dipped? nope
225 Driven illegally? nope
226 Ditched someone? yes i probably have done this
227 Freak danced? probably
228 Stole something? who, me??? never!
229 If so what? prolly money from my friends stuff
230 Skipped school? never
231 Hung up on someone? on accident
232 If so who? dont remember
233 Why? because i'm dumb
234 Wore something revealing (girls): nope
235 Wore something thuggish (guys):
236 Kissed someone of the same sex? nope
237 Do anything sexually with the same sex? nope
238 Snuck out? yeah
239 Been to a school dance? yup
240 If so now many: most of them

::First thing that comes to mind::
241 Lotion: lubrication
242 Rubber:condoms
243 Cd: Music
244 Bed: Perfect place
245 Paper: trees
246 Run: walk
247 Candle: ouch hot
248 Mouse pad: blue
249 Sweatshirt: yay
250 Door: eh
251 Pictures: of me? ew
252 Larosas: bryan larosa?
253 Deodorant: shmells good
254 Pencil: eraser
255 Sex: ooh baby
256 Radio: music

257 Best girl friends: *Nihk*Grace*Kate*Maggie*
258 Best guy friends: Dan, adam, dustin, mike (on my bus in 10th grade)
249 Prettiest: Grace, nikki, jo
250 Shortest: emily?
251 Tallest: kaitlyn
252 Best eyes: Grace
253 Most inside jokes: Nikki or grace
254 Best advice giver: *Nihk*
255 Comes to you for anything: a lot of them do... and i'm glad..
256 Chill with the most: grace if you count in school
257 Laugh with the most: Nihk, Grace
258 What friend would you date if they were the opposite sex: Nikki and grace
259 Best hair: Dan
260 Best hair do-er: Kaitlyn
261 Best make up do-er: Dunno
262 Funniest: They're all funny
263 Blondest: Sara.. no doubt about that one
264 Most serious: Idk
265 Most opinionated: nikki or sara
266 Most organized: Not sure
267 Smartest: Nikki or grace... (sorry bout the repetetive answers :-P )
268 Most athletic: maybe maggie
269 Silliest: Nikki?

::What Do you think about...::
270 Ja rule: eh
271 Eminem: eh
272 Disturbed: cool
273 Boy Bands:eh
274 War: not cool
274 9-11: even less cool
275 50 Cent: eh
276 Elton John: cool guy.. nice sunglasses
277 Homosexuality: what are ya gonna do about it.. its not fair to make fun of them, they cant help it
278 Rape: bad
279 Abortion: bad
280 Aaliyah: didn't she die?
281 Ludacris: eh
282 Concerts: cool
283 Love/lust: whats the diff.. i forgot..
284 Long relationships: cool
285 Obsessions: i have many of them
286 Smoking: bad
287 Drinking: alright.. to a certain point.
288 These surveys: fun
289 Marilyn Manson: cool guy.. a little creepy
290 Ghosts: scurry
291 The dark: scurry
292 Things that make you happy: they're cool
293 Nelly's band-aid: it represents some guy.. i read that somewhere
294 Britney: eh
295 Justin: eh
296 J-Lo: nice ass.. haha
297 Boxers/briefs: boxerrrs
298 Hat/no hat: depends on their hair
299 Blonde/brown: depends on looks
300 Tall/short: not too tall but taller than me.. which can still be short
301 Sensative/tough: a little bit in between
302 Jock/smart: both
303 Tan/pale: doesn't matter
304 Good stomach/good arms (only 1): Arms.. so i know i wont fall from them
305 Ugly feet/ugly teeth: ugly feet. socks are cool
306 Blue eyes/brown eyes: blue eyes
307 Perfume/Colonge: well.. for guys.. cologne.. for girls perfume?
308 A little over weight/way too skinny: a little overweight..we'd match :-)

yeah sorry i had to get that outta my system... ehh I'll update later.. nada to say..


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